Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 127

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Episode 127

“So who is our opponent? “I don’t think you should make me pay for what I did.”

Asuka’s fingertips pointed to a mess of food on the ground. Murderous intent spread in his eyes. Helmut answered in a calm tone.

“The opponent is an assassin with skills equivalent to a first-class mercenary. “I only saw one person, but there could be more than one.”

Considering presence, traces, and other things, the number of enemies will not be large. He might have been the only one. At best, there are more small children who play the role of helpers.

If there were several first-class mercenaries, they would have no hesitation in targeting Helmut. He wouldn’t have gone out of his way to target his classmates.

Cumbersome methods are the methods of the weak. A choice made because you are not confident of winning head on.

When they heard that they were level 1 mercenaries, the group members looked at each other with nervous expressions.

“If you are a level 1 mercenary… … “To what extent?”

“It is recognized at a level even by the Imperial Knights. “Wouldn’t he be one of the strongest among the academy instructors?”

“Like Instructor Ethan Kudrow?”


“So that means he’s a very strong guy.”

“Of course he’s a strong guy. “Why are you saying you’re going to capture and kill us all for no reason?”

“Are you saying this to make fun of us?”

“It’s not like a surprise task given by the instructor, is it?”

Dino and James looked suspicious. However, their doubts were soon alleviated by Helmut’s short answer.

“If you don’t want to believe it, you can do whatever you want.”

I don’t have the power to persuade and take care of a guy who doesn’t listen.

Helmut recognized his line. The only guy in his line was Asuka. Other guys can be thrown away if they get in trouble.

The team members instinctively sensed that fact.

“Damn, this is my first time in a situation like this.”

“Who is it? “I thought it would be fun because it was a hunting outing, but being targeted by an assassin, what is this?”

Asuka suddenly asked.

“If you’re a noble, don’t you ever experience an assassination attempt or something like that because of a fight over your successor?”

“I get along well with my brother, right?”

“My little brother is 3 years old. Are you going to try to take my life? “I’m still at the age where I can’t even use the toilet.”

“Our family secures the position of successor through fair competition.”

“okay? “It’s surprisingly peaceful.”

Asuka nodded. He had a leisurely expression.

In their own way, this group is composed of the 2nd year student of the swordsmanship department, the valedictorian, the second valedictorian, and the second vice-minister.

However, except for Helmut, there is almost no actual combat experience. And in a forest like this, against an assassin.

However, the reason they were able to suppress their anxiety even while hearing a noise that came out of nowhere was because the head and second heads were calm.

Helmut and Asuka were calm. Helmut was confident that he would win no matter what these guys were, but Asuka was just a guy with a swollen liver.

Fear is contagious. However, these two guys had a presence that could overwhelm the group’s fears.

No one blamed Helmut out of fear. That was unbecoming of a prosecutor.

Andro, James, Dino. All three are from a sword family. Although I was young, I wasn’t weak enough to whine about something like this.

Andro asked with a stern face.

“What should I do now?”

“Oh right. Crystal ball! Take out the crystal ball. “You can contact them over there.”

“Let’s contact the instructors. Crystal ball, who has it?”


Asuka raised her hand. He rummaged through his arms.

“uh? Why isn’t there one? “I definitely put it in my pocket!”

He fumbled around with his body and ran towards his luggage. But nothing came out of his messy luggage.

“doesn’t exist! Where did it go? Mr. A, why aren’t you there?”

“Hey, you stupid bastard!”

“Where on earth did you spill it?”

“If you’re not confident in storing it, you shouldn’t have taken it on!”

This time, the group members also lost their temper. However, Asuka was not the kind of person who would be angry in a situation like this.

Asuka shouted with shameless confidence.

“Noisy! How do you know if the assassin stole it secretly? “They wouldn’t even know if he was standing behind their backs!”

No matter how you looked at it, it seemed clear that Asuka had spilled it, but everyone closed their mouths in dissatisfaction. Her insides were boiling, but what could she do? I didn’t have the stamina to waste on something like this. She had to coax this crazy dog ​​out of the forest.

They started discussing right away.

“What should I do now? Should we go back to camp right away?”

“What should I do with my luggage?”

“Now, what’s the burden? “They say an assassin is targeting us.”

Asuka’s expression twitched. He had a lot of baggage. To prepare for camp, he bought quite a few things. He had a huge burden on him. It wasn’t something that could be thrown away because of an assassin who couldn’t even see his face.

‘How much money is that! ‘I guess they’re rich people.’

However, he was in no position to say anything after losing his crystal ball. Asuka pursed his lips.

“How far is it?”

“far. It took almost 4 hours. “Run without stopping.”

“If it takes literally 4 hours, if we run without stopping, it will take more than 12 hours.”

“Assuming he has a horse, he could easily chase us. “He’ll be fine compared to us, who are exhausted.”

“But you can’t stay here. “There’s nothing to eat today.”

“It would be crazy to go get food when an assassin is after you.”



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“But if you leave now, it will be dark while you go. “I’m just following the path, but I have to stay up all night. Are you confident you can deal with him in the dark?”

“Then what are you saying?”

Everyone was silent at that question. I can’t believe I’m ready to face an assassin in the forest at night. There’s no way something like that exists.

It felt like I was stepping into darkness, unable to see an inch in front of me.

Everyone hesitated about the decision. In moments like these, you need one person to make the decision. One person who will overcome this fear and show the way.

“I have an idea.”

It was Helmut!

“We will stay here tonight and leave early tomorrow morning. “There might be some traps along the way, so that would be better.”

“Aside from the food, there is no water. “Is it okay?”

“I have something to eat. “Let’s eat some grilled mushrooms that guy picked.”

The quantity of mushrooms was small enough for five people to eat one at a time. But for now, that was all I could eat. I don’t think they even applied poison to the mushrooms.

“Good job.”

Andro muttered. Helmut came up with a solution.

“I’ll look down the road we came from. There’s a stream there. I’ll get some water from there. The flowing water wouldn’t have been poisoned. You guys stick together and clean up this place. “If anything happens, shout out and don’t let down your guard.”

Helmut glanced around at the team members. Asuka has good instincts. Even if she is a fascist, it would be difficult for her to get close to him. As soon as they attack, Asuka will react.

If they work together, these guys will be able to take on the assassins until Helmut returns.

Helmut picked up two water containers. All I needed was to quench my thirst.

Dino suddenly asked.

“But Helmut, are you confident that you can take on that assassin alone?”

“So he will be targeting you. “To steal my attention.”

“So you have the skills of a first-class mercenary?”


Helmut was calm. The team members looked at each other’s faces as the truth was suddenly thrown out.

Any normal person would be suspicious of his excessive pride, but his opponent is Helmut. He has never lied even once.

“Well, then… … “Can you even beat Instructor Ethan?”

“I don’t know because I’ve never been together.”

I knew it when I faced the assassin. He knows he has the upper hand.

He said he was going to hunt Helmut, but that was the same as saying he was going to hunt a wild beast that could attack me at any time and bite off my neck. It’s a life-threatening hunt.

But for Ethan Kudrow, that feeling wasn’t as evident. He was superior in skill to the assassin.


Helmut turned his back.

The sword family’s pride does not allow crying. They cleaned up the messed up camp with stern faces.

Everyone does their job without going too far from each other.

Their ability to act was surprising to Helmut. Finn would have been whining in this situation and holding on to the leg of Helmut’s pants. They seemed to be around that age, but they were different.

‘They’re pretty useful guys.’

As Helmut walked along the road, he thought about saving them. It will be more difficult that way, but it doesn’t matter.

Because you will be the one who wins anyway.

After about 20 minutes, Helmut reached the city. I had to hurry on the way back, but I was careful on the way back. To make sure there are no problems on the road.

There were no bridges to collapse on the way, and although there were trees cut down to block the path, it was possible to jump over them unless you were with a horse. There won’t be much trouble going back.

The water was flowing calmly in the darkening stream. Helmut wiped the water bottle clean and scooped up the water. When I smelled it, there seemed to be nothing wrong.

Suddenly, I heard a rustling sound from the other side. Helmut lowered his posture and held his breath.

It was a rabbit. It is running towards the water with its ears perking up. If you have feelings, you might find it cute, but Helmut thought that the food street appeared on its own.

Isn’t there a law that says you can’t be unlucky all day long? They wouldn’t have poisoned a live rabbit.

‘The bow… … .’

brought it. Because I was carrying it on my back. But there were no arrows.

Helmut placed the water bottle next to him, felt his back, and grabbed the bow. He stretched out his hand and caught a tree branch lying on the floor. It was thin, but long enough to hang on a bow.

Helmut hung a branch on the bowstring.

Passat! The arrow was fired with a sharp sound and pierced the back of the rabbit’s neck.

The rabbit died on the spot without even knowing how he died.

‘It’s simple.’

Helmut, carrying his bow again, took a water bottle and the rabbit he had hunted. There was little time wasted. If I return home with this harvest, everyone will be happy.

However, what greeted him at the campsite he had rushed to was an unexpected sight.

“What are you doing?”

“What are you doing, you idiot! Did you turn? What are you going to do with me? “I need to understand the topic.”

James slumped down in his seat, clutching one side of his face as if he had been punched, and Asuka glared at him with her arms crossed. And Andro looks at them with a stern face.

There was not one person. Helmut immediately saw what was going on.

“D-Dino has been captured, so stay still! Andro you!”

Andro shook his head.

“If I chase you and you get caught, then there really is no solution.”

Only then did Helmut realize that he was killing someone and made a sound. At the sound of footsteps, three people turned to look at him at once.


“What happened? “How did Dino get captured?”

That short bird, did you forget his words to stick together? Helmut’s eyes became sharp.

Asuka explained dissatisfiedly.

“No, Dino suddenly needs to urinate. I said I would see you in front of you and left right away. “It was really brief.”

It was a bit urgent to wait for Helmut to return. Since I couldn’t urinate in the campsite, I was going to walk out and pee on a tree.

The distance is only about ten steps away. It was a bit like following a guy who was pulling his pants.

However, the moment Dino went about his business and adjusted his pants dance, two long hands came down from above and snatched Dino’s body like lightning. It was a terrifying sight, like a spider snatching its prey.

Everyone widened their eyes in shock.

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