Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 124

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Episode 124

What Bruce, the winner, caught was a fox with clean, white fur. Her skin was barely damaged, and she died with a single blow to the nape of the neck. Asuka protested loudly.

“No, why is that guy the winner! I caught a bear! “What on earth is that little fox saying?”

Instructor Patricia raised her eyebrows.

“Didn’t you hear about the ranking criteria earlier? The white fox is a very rare animal. I didn’t know there would be a student who catches something like that. “It’s quite a winning feeling.”

Instructor Alan added.

“You were lucky to find such prey. But luck is also a skill.”

After saying that, I couldn’t refute it anymore. Bruce grinned, as if he was happy to get first place. Asuka saw him and kicked a stone on the floor. puck!

“No, where is this! Damn it! It’s like winning an award not for your archery skills but for your sheer luck. “It’s not fair!”

However, he was not in a position to talk about luck. In fact, Asuka’s hunting skills were poor. I don’t know if he would have caught anything if she had left him alone.

No, could I have caught it? Even if you chase it and shoot an arrow with your hand, the hunt is successful.

Instead of pointing out that fact, Helmut said something else.

“But you can use the personal training center from now on. Second place is given a private training center. “You wanted that, right?”

“… … “Is that so?”

Asuka looked pleased.

“Now that I think about it, didn’t something happen to you too? “What rank were you in?”

“5th place.”

The ranking was lower than I thought. I wondered where the award came from. I was pushed down in ranking because there was a guy who caught a wild boar or a handsome stag.

“What was the prize for 5th place?”

“10 meal tickets.”

“It’s practical.”

Simple Asuka seemed to be in a completely better mood now.

“It’s nice to have a personal training center. “If I play there, will my skills improve faster?”

“Maybe so.”


That evening, a barbecue party was held following the previous day with the game caught.

Since the number of animals they hunted was quite large, each group selected a few people with good skills.

Under the leadership of the camp manager, the fur was removed and the meat was prepared. We decided to take care of the by-products and return them on the last day.

Right now, I’m going to taste meat today.

This is where the gap between rich and poor appeared. A group with relatively good hunting skills was able to throw a rich party. On the other hand, in groups where there is almost no harvest, people end up roasting and eating things like sweet potatoes or potatoes that are commonly distributed.

Helmut’s meal had a lot of meat. Enough to overflow.

“We have a bear, a deer, a rabbit, and even a bird. There are four types of meat. But there are five of us. “Who is the one person who didn’t succeed in the hunt?”

Asuka asked as if she was pitiful, and James scratched his cheek sheepishly.

“No, you didn’t have much time.”

“The two guys you went with have been hunting. “I’ll at least catch a fish from the water.”

“I didn’t think of that.”

“At least do some work.”

Asuka glared at James and started cooking the prepared meat. We decided to grill the fatty parts, roast small animals such as birds and rabbits whole, and boil the tougher parts to make soup.

The temperature is cool so it won’t spoil, but it’s food that will last for a few days.

When doing group activities, they said they could take the food they got here. At that time, there was no guarantee that I would be as lucky and successful as I was this time. I had to take care of what was left.

With that logic, Asuka flatly refused to barter from the next group, which had not hunted any animals.

“If you can’t hunt, you have to starve!”

Excluding the three people who left, the five remaining members of group 9 enjoyed a rich meal. I patted my stomach until late that night.

Since we had to leave tomorrow morning for group activities, we had to eat well tonight.

The atmosphere was pretty good. Even though Asuka was tickling, she managed to accept the words of her group members, probably because she felt good about taking second place.

Although something unpleasant had happened in the morning, the barbecue party was enjoyable and there seemed to be no problem with them.

However, the two people who left with Basil that day, Mitchell and Wesley, never returned.


The next morning, the team members were in a shaky mood after confirming that the team members who had left had not returned.

Usually there are 8 people in a group. The number of people was reduced so much that the empty seats felt even more real.

“What happened to these guys? “Still, Basil, aren’t these guys intentionally not coming back?”

“No way. “I don’t know the other guys, but Wesley was really looking forward to the group activities.”

“After all the time spent getting bitten by mosquitoes, you might have changed your mind, right?”

“He even brought alcohol with him. “I said I would deliver Basil to the academy staff and come back, but that’s strange.”

“I’ll ask the instructor and then come back.”

Andro went out of the tent and soon returned again.

“It looks like there’s a problem. “The two instructors and Professor Dwayne were already discussing the issue together.”

“What problem?”

“Wesley and Mitchell can’t come. An accident occurred. “Do you remember that there was a bridge over a rather large stream on our way?”

“Ah, I remember.”

“The railing there is a bit flimsy. As they were passing the bridge, the horse suddenly went crazy and Mitchell and Wesley fell off the bridge and got hurt. In particular, Mitchell hit her head on a rock, causing some bleeding. “I guess her condition was a bit bad so she decided to go back to the academy for now.”

“What about Basil?”

“Basil was following, but luckily he was fine. “After seeing Mitchell and Wesley’s situation, he called the academy staff.”

“I’m so unlucky, there are all sorts of things going on.”

Asuka intervened.

“So you’re saying they won’t come at all?”



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“yes. “It took us quite a while to get to this camp on horseback.”

“If you go back to the academy, it’s a bit far to come back here. We can’t send students who have been through misfortune that long way. Even if an academy employee were to guide you, they would only arrive this evening, so that would be almost meaningless, right?”

“Okay, whatever.”

Asuka shrugged. As 8 people became 5, it felt a little empty, but it wasn’t a bad thing. Andro opened her mouth again.

“Our number of people has decreased significantly, right? “The instructor was thinking about mixing up a few groups and remaking them. He told me to ask the group members’ opinions and then come back.”

“Is that really the case? Above all, if that happens, it doesn’t mean we have to share our millet harvest with useless people.”

Asuka seemed reluctant to share the food I had worked so hard to cook. He did the cooking, but the ingredients came from different people. If the groups were divided, how to distribute them was also a problem.

“Well, the other group members probably have already decided something among themselves, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to mix people up for no reason. Above all, since we have only a small number of members, isn’t there a high probability that we will be separated?”

The preference for being around close friends was the same wherever I went. The conclusion was reached quickly. Andro said.

“Then I tell you that it would be best to proceed as is.”

As he left the tent to convey the team members’ opinions to the instructor, James muttered with a dark look on his face.

“The guys who came back should be okay.”

Asuka immediately scolded him.

“I’m thinking such useless things. They must have been recuperating or something, lying on a soft bed and enjoying the luxury of a place with their backs covered. “Don’t worry about your situation as you camp in the forest for the next two days!”

“You heartless bastard.”

“what? You know that starting today, we have to spend two nights and three days alone, right? “In a place without an instructor.”

Asuka raised her fist and made a threat. The fox is king in a place where there are no lions, and Asuka seems to be the king.

James looked at Helmut as if he were pleading. However, Helmut did not notice because he was immersed in a strange premonition.

‘Now it’s finally group activity.’

My heart was pounding. Something exciting, perhaps even dangerous, is about to happen. Helmut anticipated the danger.

Since leaving the Forest of Pahe, he had never once experienced danger that seemed like a sword looming before his eyes.

It was peaceful to the point of being boring, and I met a series of easy opponents.

This time, I had a feeling it wouldn’t be easy. Helmut liked that very much.

Helmut’s black eyes flashed for a moment. Now was the start of a full-fledged fight.


“Okay then, let’s go! “Everyone, be careful, and if anyone is injured or something happens, be sure to contact the camp!”

Immediately after Instructor Patricia’s sonorous shout rang out, each group led their horses and began to leave the camp.

Helmut looked down at the leather map in his hand.

A map of Pedica Forest, with destination indicated. The terrain, including places with water, caves, and cliffs, was marked in quite detailed detail.

Because hunting is restricted in the Pedica Forest, this map was confidential. I have to give it back.

Only two maps were given to each group. Helmut had one and Andro had one.

Asuka patted the crystal ball in her hand and then put it in her pocket.

One item given to each group is an object that can transmit voices over a long distance using magic. In this case, I was connected to Professor Dwayne.

The members of Group 9 had a conversation before leaving.

“I just have to come back here before noon in two days, right?”

“that’s right.”

“Where should we go? Is it very far?”

“According to the map, it’s further away from the Academy. “You have to ride diligently for about four hours from here.”

“What, it’s too far. So, on the last day, do I have to ride from there to the campsite and then go from here to the academy?”

When someone asked, Andro answered in the affirmative.

“that’s right. Well, it’s a forced march.”

My butt hurt when I rode a horse for a long time. That was a separate issue from training. Because you’re not training to strengthen your buttocks.

“No matter how much it’s a swordsmanship department, it’s still harsh.”

Asuka grumbled.

“For now, we have food, so we can take our time. “If you go and sit down and complain, you won’t have anything to do today.”

“I think I came to have fun.”

The other guys appropriately brightened the mood. Asuka looked at my words and Helmut’s words in turn and became positive.

“I brought a lot of stuff, so I need to use it up a bit.”

Asuka bought a lot of things just because she was here. I don’t know if there would be anything to use it all, but there would be no shortage.

They finished their conversation and left immediately.

The number of people decreased by three. The biggest advantage of reducing the number of people was that there were fewer people holding oars, so the boat would not go into the mountains. Unification of opinion was quick and easy.

Of course, most opinions will be carried out by Asuka, who is the loudest.

Instead, as the number of people decreased, the number of conversations also decreased. This is because Wesley and Mitchell, who were the loudest, disappeared. Their group became increasingly quiet.

Helmut did not relax as he walked away from the camp. Now anything could happen.

I had high expectations for what could happen. To the point where I feel sad if nothing happens.

The members of Group 9 were able to reach their destination in less than 4 hours than expected.

This is because everyone was in a hurry and ran without stopping. There was no need to get lost as the road continued to the destination.

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