Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 117

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Episode 117

The reaction of the noble children of the swordsmanship department who would hire Asuka was not very positive.

“Isn’t it obvious? Who will treat you and how? “He even talks to the instructors.”

“It must be difficult to belong to the Knights because everyone disobeys orders.”

“You’re the kind of guy who would grab a royal by the collar if you don’t suit up.”

A cool-headed evaluation followed. This is an honest statement from the perspective of the employer, excluding the housemaster.

Except for Helmut and Asuka, everyone in Group 9 was from a noble family.

Although there are differences in family power, they all have knights. It was not uncommon for people of commoner background to be accepted as knights.

It is difficult for a commoner to have the skills of a knight, but being a commoner does not mean that one cannot become a knight.

Asuka was no match for those so-called commoner knights. He lost his temper again this time.

“I don’t grab the instructor by the collar, right? “I recognize someone as a human horse!”

“Is that really true? “Even if Instructor Patricia catches you like a rat, you don’t dare attack him.”

“It’s a strange thing. Maybe you secretly like Instructor Patricia? “She is a beauty.”

“Are you saying you want to fall off the horse? “Please drop it for me.”

Asuka rolled her eyes and tilted her head, causing the opponent to wave her hand.

“No, it’s a joke, a joke!”

“Were we supposed to share a joke or something?”

Asuka’s molars were filled with strength. After Helmut appeared, I didn’t like how the guys who were busy averting their eyes whenever they saw me started to touch me subtly.

It’s as if it’s okay because there’s a safety device called Helmut.

I had to let them know that life doesn’t go as expected. There was a very strong passion for education.


Helmut called his name. Fortunately, there was Helmut between him and Asuka.

Helmut had to avoid losing his team before reaching the camp.

If another fight breaks out here, it will clearly and clearly be his fault. That was the fate of the owner of a crazy dog.

Asuka turned her head.

“Okay, I have plenty of time anyway.”

The forest is a place where you never know what might happen, so you just have to avoid killing.

A bloody glow passed through Asuka’s eyes as she promised group activities to be held in a few days.

However, the team members riding horses around them did not notice.

‘what? After all, if this guy Helmut is around, you can’t do much.’

‘Asuka’s personality has died a lot.’

With a pouting grin, James, a second-year student in the swordsmanship department, ranked 12th, opened his mouth. He is a courageous guy who has been talking to Helmut before.

“You, don’t go around beating up guys from other academies than ours. “That becomes a cause for dispute between academies.”

“There are no people like you who fight with me, right?”

“But it looks like you’re not going anywhere else and getting into fights?”

“Am I a gangster? “Go anywhere and fight.”

“Well, if that were the case, I wouldn’t have been able to come back to Baden during vacation. “I would have been caught or locked up on the way there.”

“What, then it only happened in our department?”

“Are you secretly watching me?”

“I’m not very confident in archery, but I wonder if I might accidentally hit someone?”

Asuka, who was blocked by Helmut, only made threats.

“No murder.”

Helmut stopped with an indifferent voice. It’s not that murder is bad, but the tone is that it would be difficult to do so.

While the guys who felt somewhat sad were silent, one guy proudly spoke.

“Anyway, unlike the others, I have the intention of hiring you after graduation. If you don’t have a seat, come see me. “There are many positions in our family.”

Asuka glanced at the guy’s face and snorted.

“What is your name?”

“Weh, Wesley.”

Wesley, who didn’t know that Asuka wouldn’t remember her name until she was in second grade, was taken aback.

‘How come you don’t know me?’

Nobles from notable families are generally proud. Pride in knowing that you will be remembered.

Even at the academy, where one’s identity and family cannot be revealed, such pride was implicitly reflected in one’s attitude.

Among the nobles, those with particularly good families are naturally distinguished without having to say anything.

For that reason, Wesley is secretly rumored in the swordsmanship department to come from a good family.

But Asuka didn’t know. Even though she knew, she was the type of person who didn’t consider such things.

Guys who showed off their family background usually looked bad on him.

“I didn’t know your name, but I know one thing. Are you in the top 50?”

What was important to Asuka was not her opponent’s status or family. He was closer to the academy spirit than anyone else in the swordsmanship department. Asuka only discriminated against her opponents based on their skills or grades.

“… … no.”

Wesley felt a little unfair. He was 52nd. He only narrowly missed out on top 50.

Asuka snorted.

“If a child doesn’t even make it to the top 50, who will make him the knight? Be cheeky! “Worry about your immediate academy life rather than my distant future, okay?”

Asuka waved her fist in the air as if she was about to cast a dark cloud over the future.

“If you meet me in Dalian, you won’t even be able to make eye contact. Just because you’re on a horse, you’ll think you’re at the same eye level as me! “I’m so ridiculous.”

“Hey, you’re being harsh.”

“I’m naturally very talkative. “If you find out, don’t talk to me!”



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Helmut realized one thing. It’s true that he doesn’t have good speaking habits, but Asuka hits the nail on the head when it comes to speaking.

“And Wesleyan, I guess you forgot that according to the school rules, you are not allowed to show any signs of aristocracy. “You little brat, I know I’ll report you to that witch after a while.”

A stricken Wesley closed his mouth. A look of sympathy fell on him.

Instructor Patricia especially treated Asuka, a troublemaker, with disdain, but even in these cases, she was strict. She won’t get over it if nothing happens to her.

Asuka grinned at Helmut.

“Like you said, you can win without having to beat him up. But it doesn’t suit my personality.”

“There’s no need to write a reflection paper instead.”

“That’s right.”

Asuka confirmed. Helmut slightly raised his evaluation of him.

Asuka wasn’t helpless either. It also changes. He was a guy who had more room for rehabilitation than I thought.


After riding for several hours, we found a suitable rest area and were given time to rest. Instructor Alan shouted.

“Everyone rest here for 40 minutes!”

It takes more than 7 hours to drive from Greta Academy to the campsite.

Although it is a hunting picnic, it is definitely a picnic and the swordsmanship department is not the military. They do not push students away without giving them a chance.

Now it was time for lunch, so I decided to take a short break and fill my hunger.

I also had to take a break from talking. Helmut tied up his horse in a grassy area and sat down on one side of the clearing.

The tree stump I was sitting on, which I was told was a luxury I enjoyed at the Academy, is quite uncomfortable. My body became cunning.

“Oh, are you okay there?”

It was enough space for several people to sit. Asuka soon followed and sat down.

Since there were so many people, it would have been a hassle to check each one to make sure no one was left behind, but the presence of Dwayne, a professor in the Department of Magic, made the job a little easier.

Professor Dwayne, who finished checking the number of people by using magic, clapped his hands. match!

“Okay, there’s everything. “Let’s eat now.”

There were three large carriages leading the students. These are all wagons loaded with food and supplies.

It was my first day at Greta Academy, so I was able to eat fresh food for lunch.

The menu includes fruit juice and sandwiches. It was in familiar packaging. This is a store that Area frequently visits.

“Everyone, please come forward and take one at a time.”

The guys in the swordsmanship department ate a lot in proportion to their size. Because of this, the amount of prepared meals was considerable.

A sandwich almost the size of a human head, with two thick layers of meat, eggs, cheese, and plenty of vegetables. It will be enough to appease your hunger.

The guys who stabbed Asuka earlier took care of it and brought meals for Asuka and Helmut.

The nobles are also learning tact through Asuka, so it is a good interaction.

But Asuka had a long back end. As he accepted the sandwich, he added a word while glaring at James, who was especially loud with Wesley.

“If you think that giving something like this will make group activities more comfortable, you are very mistaken.”

Making others suffer and suffer. That was what Asuka was most confident about. Because of that comment, her mealtimes were very quiet.

Helmut ate his sandwich while feeling the cool breeze.

Suddenly, I heard a horse neighing from over there. A horse was moving away from its spot. It was a white horse.

“Huh? “Isn’t that what you said?”

When someone noticed and asked, Helmut immediately stood up.

“that’s right.”

“Did you tie the string loosely? “Go ahead.”

Since it is a trained horse, it would not normally leave even if the leash was not tied, but this is strange.

However, White is a temperamental guy, so it was natural for him to leave. Asuka waved her hand without even looking at Helmut.

“Welcome back.”

Helmut quickly walked towards where White had disappeared. Next to it was a thick forest.

As we got further and further away from Baden, the forest became thicker. In Baden, an academic city, forests were left untouched, so hunting was limited.

Unauthorized hunting was illegal and therefore punishable. It was difficult to find poachers in the Pedica Forest.

Baden is a city with many wizards because of the academy. This is because poachers also know that it is difficult to avoid being tracked by wizards.


Helmut called loudly to his white horse. I wonder if they will understand my new name.

It is difficult for horses to run fast in this lush forest. It probably couldn’t have gone far, so it’s probably nearby. I saw a whitish figure beyond the trees.

‘You’re bothering me.’

I finished my sandwich, but I haven’t finished my juice yet. As she was picking up her trash, it occurred to her that Asuka might just throw it away.

The moment I hurriedly took a step toward that direction out of a sense of crisis, a chilling sensation arose.

As soon as I took the step I instinctively took, it hit me hard! A loud metal sound rang out.

Helmut took a step back and looked into the bushes. It was a large trap with sharp, saw-toothed blades.

His mouth is closed and he is trembling. This means that the biting force is strong. If I had caught it wrong, half of my ankle would have been cut off.

“Why is there a trap in a place like this?”

It was a natural question. Poaching is illegal in the Pedica Forest. Therefore, traps like this should not be set here.

Above all, this place is close to the road, so animals won’t come close. Even if it was installed by a poacher, it is not an appropriate place to install it.

Just because you go into the forest doesn’t mean monsters will come out.

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