Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 116

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Episode 116

“This guy’s name doesn’t seem to be from a commoner. Is he a noble or a royal? Who is his teacher?”

“The video extracted from the Earth’s memory, just as it was handed over to headquarters, is everything about this guy’s skills. He was known to the public as a commoner, and according to those who met him, he did not behave like a nobleman.”

“There’s not much you can tell from that video. What was tracked separately?”

“I tracked down the Butan Company and the Face Mercenary Group that had entrusted the request to him, and according to what I found out, I happened to run into him while he was on his way to receive a request from the Face Mercenary Group and joined him. “Other than that, nothing is known about his past or his identity.”

The Face Mercenaries did not go around talking about Helmut. All that is known is the fragmentary facts conveyed to Butan Corporation.

Everyone was silent about Helmut being injured and lying down, and about where they had encountered him.

It was also due to the mercenary’s habit of keeping a distance from dangerous opponents.

The unusual guy named Helmut will definitely be involved in something dangerous in some way.

That’s why they also noticed that Helmut left without telling them where he was going.

“Is this a monster that fell from the sky? “If that’s the case, I’ll ask you directly.”

“Are you here to deal with this guy?”

“Okay, we’ll have to talk first.”

As if it was nothing more than a formality, an eerie smile peeked through the cracks in the mask.

“A guy like that is bound to have power. “If he appeared in the world alone, he wouldn’t be someone you shouldn’t mess with.”

“What if it was someone you shouldn’t touch?”

That’s why Anton waited for instructions from superiors.

If the opponent belongs to some hidden force, is a descendant of a great swordsman, or has a great swordsman as a teacher.

There wasn’t too much information.

“I’ll have to kill him and shut his mouth. “The dead don’t speak.”

There are ways to elicit words from the dead. But that also requires a corpse to be used. What good is it if you kill them and don’t even let them find their bodies?

“If you need anything, please let me know.”

Now it’s out of his hands. Anton bowed his head. This time, the relationship between Helmut and Black Hawk will definitely come to an end.


“Is everyone gathered?”

On the morning when the hunting outing began, the campus was unusually full of horses. This is because each student brought their own horse. The horse was heavily loaded.

About a dozen people, including instructors Alan and Patricia, unpacked the luggage and inspected it for prohibited items.

Some of the dogs were deprived of food and drink and were in tears.

“Oh, that drink is expensive!”

“Instructor, please!”

“Who brought something like this? Good. “Our employees will enjoy luxury.”

Neither instructor raised an eyebrow despite the students’ appeals.

Confiscated items were piled up on one side. It was literally confiscated. It looks like they will keep it and not return it.

Instructor Patricia looked at the luggage of Asuka, a person of interest, and made a bewildered expression.

“Asuka, we are going on a hunting outing, not a commercial trip.”

“i know. But you never know, right? “Maybe it would be useful to buy this or that?”

“Yes, it’s good to be motivated, Asuka. I hope you go and stay quietly. “Don’t get into an accident.”

If Asuka had decided to stay at Greta Academy due to circumstances, either Instructor Patricia or Alan would have welcomed her with open arms.

But Asuka didn’t do that. Her expectant face is as if she didn’t like it at first.

Instructor Patricia’s nagging changed her expression. The guy said bluntly.

“I am the second year student of the swordsmanship department. “What are you talking about to an honor student like me?”

“There is no law that says honor students are not troublemakers. “If you’re hunting, don’t shoot arrows at your classmates!”

“Oh, that’s not true.”

“Yes, Helmut. I’m counting on you.”


Taking on problem children was something I had now become accustomed to. Helmut looked at Asuka’s grumbling head and then turned his attention to his horse.

It was a white horse that I had not seen in a long time. The one I received in return for a request from Cheringen. He seemed happy, purring and snorting.

Even though he was enjoying the luxury of the Kudrow Mansion, if it were a horse, he would prefer to run outside.

“What is this guy’s name?”

When Asuka asked, Helmut hesitated for a moment. Did you name it? I don’t remember anything like that.

“What would be better?”

“What, isn’t that what you said?”

“I guess you’re right, but I didn’t name it.”

“What an indifferent guy. “Build it now.”

“It’s a name.”

It was a difficult task for Helmut, who had never given a name to anything in his life.

Asuka smiled crookedly at him as he pondered.

“Why don’t you name it Area?”

It was calculated that Area would dislike it immensely. Helmut stared intently at the white horse.

It doesn’t look much like Area. There was a more suitable name for a white horse with a ferocious personality that was not easily tamed.

“What do you call Asuka?”

Asuka distorted her face and got angry.

“Why are you naming it after me? Creepy!”

“Why are you giving me goosebumps? “They told me to name it after Area.”

Helmut learned one thing after hearing Asuka criticize him for not having common sense.

The reason you name someone or the name of your pet is only when you have a special relationship with that person. Lovers, family. Hearing that story gave me goosebumps.



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‘Asuka, you almost got into big trouble.’

This is also an absolute specification. If I had found out later, I would have wanted to kill either Asuka or Mal.

After some deliberation, the horse’s name was decided on White. Because it’s a white horse, white. Asuka grumbled that the naming sense was incredibly simple.

“What is your horse’s name?”


“… … “The name of the drink?”

“Right, cool, right?”

Asuka shrugged her shoulders.

‘Cool? Where.’

Although he thought it was no different from his own, Helmut nodded vaguely.

As soon as the baggage inspection was over, a briefing followed. Immediately everyone got on the horse. The schedule had to be rushed.

“Now, let’s go! “You have to run diligently today to get to the campsite, so make sure you follow me in time!”

The schedule wasn’t that complicated. The swordsmanship department’s events have a rough feel. It is neither luxurious nor noisy. First of all, the instructors had no motivation to come up with a grand plan.

On the first day, we ride horses all day and enter the campsite in the Pedica Forest, adjacent to Baden.

The total number of second graders is about 100. A campsite that could accommodate this many people was not common.

The campsite in the Pedica Forest, where students from Baden often flock for experiential learning at the academy, was quite well-equipped.

On the first day, we move and enter the campsite by afternoon. Then you are given some free time.

After preparing for camp, we have a barbecue party in the evening. Until the first day, it really felt like a picnic.

But the trouble began on the second day. On the second day, a hunting competition is held.

The winner is the one who catches the best game. He said that separate awards are given depending on rank.

The third and fourth days are group activities. The groups were divided into a total of 12 groups with about 8 people.

Second-year students in the Department of Swordsmanship each group move to a specific area of ​​the Pedica Forest and have a camping experience for three days and two nights from the third to the fifth day.

Helmut’s group was Group 9, and before departure, each member was given a piece of paper with their names written on it.

Helmut, Aska, Andro, Mitchell, James, Basil, Dino, Wesley.

They knew half of them and didn’t know half of them.

Since there are so many people in the swordsmanship department, most of them are people who have never even spoken to each other.

Of course, Helmut and Asuka knew that.

The members of Group 9 had to accept being in the same group as Asuka as fate.

On the fifth and final day of group activities, you must return to this campsite by noon to join the group. When everyone is reunited, they return to Greta Academy.

A total of three managers are dispatched from the academy. Patricia, Instructor Alan, and Professor Dwayne of the Faculty of Magic.

It is known that monsters do not live in the Pedica Forest adjacent to Baden. But it was not an absolute fact. You can also climb over the mountain range.

First of all, a forest is a wild place. Although there are many students in the department who are trained in swordsmanship, the wizard Professor Dwayne has been dispatched to prepare for any dangerous situation.

The start was smooth. The sky was clear and the sun shone brightly.

The hunting excursion procession did not have to pass through Baden, but went directly to the road through the gate inside the Greta Academy, which was adjacent to the forest. The horse ran along the road at a canter.

‘It’s been a while since I left Baden.’

Riding a horse in the cool breeze feels refreshing. It’s a completely different feeling from when you practice swordsmanship alone in a small training hall.

The Forest of Pahe was a huge prison, but it was free, and Helmut could feel freedom as he left Baden and headed to the Pedica Forest.

A life that feels like spinning on a hamster wheel. It’s not that we don’t feel pleasure from time to time, but we constantly repeat the same process, whether to become stronger or to become human.

Attending Greta Academy was more novel than the days in Pahe’s Forest. But as he got out of there and rode his horse, Helmut realized something.

Before coming to Baden, it was a free time even though it was a short trip. That he enjoyed it at that time.

Asuka screamed, probably feeling the same way.

“Wow, I feel like I’m alive now that I’m out of Baden. Damn Greta Academy, I still have to go there for over 4 more years!”

“If I graduate and become a knight, I will have to live a more frustrating life than if I went to the academy. “You better enjoy this moment.”

Andro muttered next to him. Although there was no need to go together as a group yet, the members of Group 9 were somehow following Helmut and Asuka around them.

Asuka had a personality that discriminated based on ranking. He decided that Andro, who was in third place, would be worthy of receiving his words.

“Who will become a knight?”

“So are you going to become a mercenary? “There aren’t many things you can do by learning a sword anyway.”

Andro’s friends added their words.

“Yeah, mercenaries aren’t bad either. “It’s perfect for him to live freely without being tied down anywhere.”

“Anyway, Asuka, even if you graduate, you won’t be able to get a job as an engineer anywhere.”

“Even in our family, it’s a no-no, hey.”

“Why is it difficult for me to write articles? “If your skills are as good as mine, shouldn’t you be grateful?”

Asuka was both excited and curious. When looking at just her skills, Asuka was a talent everyone could covet.

Although she has been somewhat overshadowed since Helmut appeared, by the time Asuka graduates from the academy, she will have reached a level where most knights are looked down upon.

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