Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 118

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Episode 118

“That’s strange.”

Helmut tilted his head. It’s strange, but it’s not a threat anyway.

Even if you were caught in a trap, if you had used vis, the trap teeth would not have dug into your leg.

It was fortunate that White didn’t get caught in the trap. Professor Dwayne will use healing magic to avoid any disruption to your schedule, but the professor probably won’t like having to use magic on animals rather than students.


His white horse looked fine. He was eagerly digging to see if there was any tasty grass there, and when Helmut came closer, he raised his head.

As expected, he doesn’t seem to know that White is his name. To criticize her for being stupid, she is the name given to her today.

Helmut, who had not even looked into it properly, let alone cared for it, did not deserve it.

“I guess I should call you often. “So that I can remember.”

This is my first time raising him. Unlike monsters, they are gentle beasts.

Just as Elaga had Helmut under her, Helmut also placed this guy under him for the first time. I became a little attached.

“Come on.”

Helmut tugged on White’s reins. White, who must have eaten his fill of grass, was obediently dragged to him.

Helmut inadvertently pulled the string that tied White up. I was thinking of finding out why it was released.

At that moment, a chilling sensation arose. The ends of the string were cut cleanly. As if it had been cut with something sharp.


Helmut returned with White in tow, tied him up properly, and returned to where he had been sitting before without any incident.

Fortunately, his juices remained. But Helmut didn’t even touch it.

“Helmut, did you see a body in the forest? what’s the matter.”

Helmut almost always had an expressionless expression, but that’s not why he stuck around for so long. Asuka quickly noticed Helmut’s changed mood.

Helmut was a bit stiff. He seemed surprised.

“… … no.”

Helmut was about to speak, but closed his mouth again. Even if I told Asuka, it would only cause an uproar.

I might have grabbed the horse owner who was near White by the collar to find the culprit. Then only this side’s head hurts.

Helmut needed time to think.

‘Who, why, how.’

That’s what’s important. As she brought White back, she noticed nothing suspicious.

Helmut sat down and looked closely at the side where White was tied up. About fifty paces. It’s quite a distance.

Since there are many words overlapping, White cannot be seen here.

There was nothing special until I left that place after tying up White and arrived here.

‘The reason I cut the string was to make White escape.’

I was concerned about the moment when White, who had been still, suddenly began to move.

If the string that tied it had been cut, it might have moved a long time ago, but White remained motionless until then. So it couldn’t have been the students’ fault.

‘Who lured White? If you cut the string in advance and lured it in. That said, there was no sign of him in the forest.’

But a trap was waiting. A trap that could cut off your ankle. Even if you are injured there, if you scream, there is a wizard within reach. Helmut’s ankle would have healed quickly.

Considering the magic of Area, a magic professor would not have difficulty healing such wounds.

‘It would have hurt if I caught it.’

Just to make trouble? When I was distracted by eating, was there anyone who approached the horse?

Helmut traced a vague memory. If he had been there he would have been in sight.

No matter how good your memory is, it is difficult to remember facts that you were not conscious of.

But one thing was clear. If the criminal who set up the trap and the criminal who cut the string are the same, the criminal would not be a swordsman student.

Because they arrived here not long ago. It is difficult to secretly carry such a large trap into the forest and set it.

‘If it wasn’t done by the guy from the swordsmanship department, who was the culprit?’

The answer came out easier than I thought. Black Hawk. Killed one of their members and ruined their plan. It wouldn’t be strange to say that Helmut waited for the moment when he came out of Baden to do his trick.

No, is it strange? They know how strong Helmut is. You know there’s no way doing something like this will work.

Unless you set a thorough trap, this method only makes the enemy wary.

‘There’s nothing to be overly sensitive about.’

The trap was set by a poacher, and someone with a grudge against Helmut tied a horse nearby and quietly cut White’s string.

White later got on a whim and moved to the forest. It was convenient to organize it that way.

However, I feel uncomfortable and unable to understand that summary.

There was one more assumption.

What if a strong person whose presence Helmut couldn’t read secretly cut the strings and lured White out? If that’s why you brought Helmut there.

‘But if you get caught in a trap, you can cure it anyway. If I were caught in a trap, would you have planned to attack me then?’

I couldn’t figure it out. It is clear that Helmut did not sense anyone’s presence.

A strangely eerie feeling. An ominous premonition that stimulates one’s instincts. But Helmut soon shook it off.

It is the mindset of the weak to worry about trivial things like this. Helmut was a strong man. No matter what someone is planning, just destroy them when they show up.

Once I became more certain, I was going to tell someone at that time.

When I finished thinking and got up, Asuka persistently asked.

“So what happened in the forest and what was going on?”

While wondering what to say, Helmut answered lightly.

“Someone set a trap so I almost got caught.”

“What, this is a no hunting zone? “Shouldn’t I report it?”

“There was a trap?”

Someone suddenly stuck out his head. It was instructor Patricia.

“Some kids are dangerous. This is near a shelter, so it would be dangerous to install something like that. Previously, an academy student was injured in a trap while wandering the forest to collect food. Can you guide me where it is? “I guess I’ll have to take a look.”



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“Of course.”

Helmut readily agreed. I thought it was better than it was a bad car.

Helmut led her to the spot where the trap was.

“Over there… … .”

Helmut, who was about to point with his index finger, put down his hand in surprise. A chilling sensation ran down my spine.

The place where the trap was was empty.

“Is this right?”

“… … yes.”

Instructor Patricia looked at the spot.

“I think I saw something wrong? “There is nothing.”

Asuka followed, scratching her nose and muttering.

“A bear could have taken it by now.”

“So would Puck!”

Instructor Patricia, who hit Asuka on the head for no reason, laughed.

“Are you excited? Helmut, that’s not like you. You look at that the wrong way. Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t have any trouble. “I thought we might have discovered a poaching scene.”

Even though I made a fuss, she didn’t feel bad.

“We’ll be leaving in a little while, so please gather as soon as I call you.”

As soon as Instructor Patricia turned her back and disappeared, Asuka grumbled.

“Mr. A, that woman thinks my head is a ball. Keep hitting me. Helmut, what are you doing?”

Helmut was leaning down and looking at the floor. You can see fine marks on the bush.

The stem wasn’t broken, so it wasn’t that noticeable, but the trap was here. clearly. And then disappeared again for that short period of time.

It was not the work of a swordsman undergraduate student. I couldn’t do that.

Helmut had been watching this way all along, and he hadn’t seen a single person go in this way since he came back.

“I heard there is no such thing as a trap. I’ve never heard of such a thing as a trap ghost. Are you not hallucinating? “Someone drugged the sandwich.”

“Let’s go back.”

Asuka quickly followed him, complaining all sorts of things. His complaint was about instructor Patricia’s unreasonable violence.

Helmut accepted Asuka’s words by ear. His attention was focused somewhere else entirely.

‘It’s interesting.’

My heart was pounding. A smile appeared on Helmut’s lips as he walked toward the vacant lot.

A rare smile from him. It’s a smile when you feel the will to fight. Death flashed through his black eyes.

‘Is this a notice?’

About what will happen in the future.

I’m really looking forward to seeing who pulls off such funny pranks. My premonition became more certain.

This time, a formidable enemy has come. She is an enemy so strong that she cannot detect her presence.

After slaughtering two second-class mercenaries, he was itching to not meet a worthy opponent.

Helmut realized that he had been waiting for this moment.

‘I hope it’s someone worth killing.’

There is a penalty for murder. When Helmut killed someone, he felt pain from the sprouts of darkness. It is never a pleasant situation.

However, Helmut hoped that the person targeting him would be someone he had to kill and someone he could not defeat without killing him. Enough to endure the pain.

“Are you laughing just now? Looks like someone really took drugs. But since you’re smiling, it’s a bit scary.”

He couldn’t even hear Asuka talking distractedly next to him.


At sunset, the second year students of Greta Academy’s swordsmanship department finally arrived at the campsite in the Pedica Forest.

A man who appeared to be a manager ran out from the entrance to the campground. The two instructors and Professor Dwayne chatted with him, and the students immediately jumped off the horse and massaged his buttocks and thighs.

It’s been a while since we’ve been horseback riding for a long time, so everyone’s bodies are sore.

“Ah, has it finally arrived?”

“I heard it’s a camping area, so it’s definitely quite spacious?”

The campsite was a large space surrounded by a high wall. There was a place to park horses at the edge, and densely packed tents and camping facilities were visible at a glance.

Although there was no fire lit in the empty space in the middle, there was a large bonfire. It looks like they are grilling a barbecue over there.

“Now, I have to sleep in a place like this while getting bitten by mosquitoes.”

Wesley sighed. He comes from a noble family, even among nobles. He wasn’t even from a sword family.

Living in an academy dormitory isn’t very suitable for your body, but it goes without saying that camping is a must.

“You sound like a master.”

“You’re a master, right?”

“Why did you join the swordsmanship department instead of going to the academic department?”

“What can I do? This is where my talent lies. “If I sit with a book for just 10 minutes, I get a little sore and want to swing my sword for the coolness of it all.”

“I admit that. “I am like that too.”

“You are from a sword family. “I got glares from adults because I never looked at my books.”

“Yes, I feel sorry for you.”

“Are you arguing now?”

“It’s to comfort you. “In the style of a swordsmanship school.”


Their eyes, which were bickering, suddenly turned towards Helmut and Asuka.

We ended up being in the same group, so we came here to hang out, but we didn’t want to share the same tent.

Of course, the one in question was Asuka. Because I don’t know what kind of evil he might do.

“Still, I’m glad I’m not sleeping in the rain.”

“How do we use the tent here?”

At that moment, I heard Instructor Alan’s voice.

“Each group uses a tent. I’ll be staying here for two days, so unpack and rest for a while. “Each tent will have a number attached to it.”

The tent actually had a number attached to it. The other guys went to their tents without any complaints, but the guys in Group 9 had particularly dark expressions.

Asuka gestured to Helmut without paying any attention to the others.

“For now, let’s tie up the horses over there and unload only the things we need right away. Let’s get rid of him quickly and rest in the tent.”


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