Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 115

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Episode 115

‘You’re bothering me.’

Helmut raised his eyebrows. This is the type that Area told me to watch out for. Approaching someone by pretending to be interested in them. It was even more suspicious that he was so proactive.

Helmut didn’t think of himself as the type to be popular with women his age. He could not be mistaken, because the situations he experienced in Baden were not easy.

Teresa was still smiling.

“There’s no need to turn away so coldly. Right, don’t you want to eat that? cotton candy.”

I took a quick look and saw that the price was quite expensive. I was already curious about the taste and was about to buy it.

“I want to eat, but I will eat with my own money.”

“How cold is it? “That’s your charm!”

She made a fuss.

‘What is this old man talking about?’

Helmut looked wary. Teresa smiled cutely.

“Is it strange that I’m interested in you?”

“I don’t think that’s what you’re interested in.”

“Oh my, I guess you’ve suffered a lot because of Area. But I’m not like that… … ”

“Helmut, what are you doing there?”

Suddenly I heard a familiar voice. Helmut immediately turned around. Area was standing with a cold face, holding a thick booklet at his side.

It’s a look of criticism. As if asking where my advice had been sold.

“This senior here is from the magic department. Do you know each other?”

Speaking of being a senior, I don’t know what he can do even if it’s Alea, but Helmut decided to hand her over to the person in charge for now. Area’s gaze fell on Teresa.

“You are Teresa, the third-year senior at the Faculty of Magic. “What are you doing here?”

The other person was an excellent student that Area would remember. Plus it’s pretty. Alea’s eyes became sharp.

“Oh my, Area.”

Immediately after Area appeared, Teresa’s eyes automatically fell on him. This is her problem.

If you were interested in Helmut, you would have to show an indifferent attitude towards Area, but you couldn’t.

Area’s magical power was powerful. Because Area is a strong wizard, the effect was even stronger.

If Area were ugly, you might wonder why she reacts to him as if she were possessed, but when you look at his face that embodies perfect beauty, you automatically understand.

“Do you have something to do with me?”

“No, that’s… … .”

For a moment, Teresa was caught in confusion. Did he have anything to do with Leah?

Teresa noticed Helmut, the handsome boy she had been eyeing in class, and spoke to him with joy. Her target was Helmut.

But when he faced Area, he forgot what he had done so far.

“It seems like a useless reason. “I hope you never bother my roommate again.”

Area, who spoke coldly, stretched out her hand. He grabbed Helmut’s arm and left the spot.

After a while, Area entered the alley and let Helmut go. The atmosphere is somehow unusual.

“What are you doing here?”

“Why didn’t you shake it off right away?”

The questions were asked at the same time, but Area glared at him as if demanding an answer. It’s an accusatory look.

‘What did I do wrong?’

Although I didn’t understand, Helmut answered roughly.

“He said he was a senior and that he was interested in me… … .”

That’s what he said, but it seems like it was for the purpose of approaching Area. She crossed her arms as if Area were being interrogated.

“So you liked that senior too?”

“That’s not true. A senior at the academy is talking to you, but shouldn’t you just ignore it?”

He is also a senior who is taking the same class. I was planning to just shake it off, but I thought it would be polite to exchange a few words.

“If you hadn’t dealt with me, I wouldn’t have been bothered.”

“You can just pretend not to know.”

“How could I… … !”

Area, who was about to get angry for some reason, quickly controlled her emotions. I feel bad, but there is no good reason to argue about it.

Area sighed and asked.

“Where are Sian and Asuka?”

“To the store. “Aren’t you here to buy something too?”

“It would be better if we move together.”

“… … okay.”

‘I don’t know what the whim is, but it doesn’t matter.’

When I returned to the shopping district, I saw Xian and Asuka coming out after finishing shopping. Both had faces full of color. Both hands were full of luggage.

Asuka blinked.

“Huh, Area? “There you are too.”

“We’re only going to camp for five days, so what’s with all that stuff? Are you trying to do business?”

When Area asked as if she was shocked, Xian let out an exclamation.

“Oh, is that okay? “Carry a lot, and if you have any leftover, sell it to someone who needs it for money.”

“I think there’s someone out there who would like to buy some bug-repelling scented candles. There’s no way those in the swordsmanship department would prepare so thoroughly for everything.”

“How about buying more?”

“stop. “If you load more, the horse won’t be able to run.”

Helmut stopped him. Asuka had already purchased enough luggage for Helmut’s horse. Taking on more is a requirement.

They soon hurried towards the dormitory. This is because when Area joined, attention began to gather.



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‘Are the preparations somehow completed?’

Xian and Asuka were noisy even though they were carrying full luggage.

On the way back to the dormitory, Helmut suddenly looked back. A sharp sensation running down my spine.

‘Is it an illusion?’

It was a street full of people. Helmut scanned the street with his eyes. But I couldn’t find anything strange.

“what’s the matter?”

When Area, who was ahead, asked, Helmut turned to him again.


‘It’s a hunting picnic… … .’

Somehow my heart is pounding. I had a bad feeling.

‘I can only hope that nothing bad happens.’

But if something happens, there is nothing you can do about it. Helmut looked down at the sword on his belt. Because his sword is meant to be used when necessary.

‘He’s a guy with good sense.’

The man hiding in the alley let out the breath he had been holding only after Helmut disappeared.

The man was excellent at hiding. He can be counted on one hand as someone who is better at hiding than him.

Even now, it was just an alley a few steps away from the crowds, and no one had noticed his presence.

It was truly bizarre. Because the man had an appearance that stood out to anyone.

He is a head taller than most adult men and has particularly long arms and legs.

He wore a dark gray cloak and a hood pulled over his head. All that was visible beneath the hood was a white mask. A mask in the form of a creepy clown face with a pointed nose, eyes and a sharp smile.

Anyone with a weak heart who encounters him in the dark will fall behind.

The man was just measuring how close he could get without the target noticing.

In such a crowded street, people followed from a distance that made them look as big as a finger.

However, the other person was surprisingly sensitive to his presence. You shouldn’t expect anything by chance from someone with that level of skill.

The man decided to step away. Identifying the target was enough. Baden is not the place to do business.

“It’s difficult prey. “I need to prepare thoroughly.”

The man’s thin lips curled upward. It’s been a while since something exciting happened.

Wild animals do their best to chase rabbits. The man will not let down his guard. Even if the other person is only a 15-year-old boy.

Without letting down your guard, you do your best to kill yourself in one go.

The man was a human hunter and assassin who was very skilled at such things.

“I wonder where a guy like that came from.”

A genius who only happens once in a hundred years. A swordsman who was trained from the ground up by a great teacher. Sharp senses and cool head.

Even a guy like that can’t help but be arrogant if he knows his skills. Because you have never experienced defeat.

At that age, he probably doesn’t have a lot of experience, so he’s never been targeted by a vicious eagle that will do whatever it takes to take his life.

“I hope you make a wise choice.”

He was a man who brought death to countless people, regardless of whether they were strong or weak, but this target did not seem to be particularly easy. That made his heart flutter. Just like a child about to go on a picnic.

‘A hunting picnic? ‘Which side will be the one being hunted?’

The man smiled, showing his teeth beneath his mask. The moment the target leaves Baden, his plan will begin.


That was only three days ago. A mansion in a village adjacent to Baden.

Anton, the head of the Kinnen Kingdom’s Black Hawk branch, welcomed the guest with his hands folded politely.

“Welcome, how could such a precious person come to a place like this?”

Although the guild leader is keeping an eye on him because he is smart and resourceful, Anton is only a branch leader in Black Hawk.

Of course, being a branch manager was not a low position, but Anton did not dare to stand upright against the person in front of him who had been dispatched from headquarters.

An opponent that no one can criticize even if he hits Anton’s head. A military group comprised of only the powerful and mysterious, whose power is unknown even to Black Hawk. The man was a member of Hawkeye.

‘I never thought Hawkeye would take part in this.’

Anton, the branch manager, had picked up something about Hawkeye.

The name of the man in front of me wearing a strange mask is Fasho. His nickname is the Clown of Darkness. An assassin with skills equivalent to a first-class platinum mercenary.

The person targeted by him loses his or her head as soon as he or she witnesses the clown’s strange appearance emerging from the darkness.

‘Are you saying you thought that guy was that important?’

A guy named Helmut clearly has unusual skills at such a young age. It will become stronger in the future.

It was a problem that needed to be resolved as quickly as possible, either amicably or negatively.

However, I did not expect that important personnel from the headquarters would show up right away like this.

“Did you say Anton? I have received the report sent to headquarters. “He had a pretty good sense of vision.”

A weak tone of voice. It was a thin yet androgynous voice that made it sound even more strange. The mask with the clown’s smiling face on it was extremely creepy.

“It’s an honor, Master Fasho.”

“About his identity.”

“Yes, I am here.”

Hawkeye migrations are rarely reported. I was not prepared to face Fasho who came without any contact.

Fortunately, there was a brief report on the conflict with Helmut.

Fasho, who was handed the report that Anton politely handed over, read the contents slowly. Soon his eyes brightened.

“Greta Academy Swordsmanship Department 2nd year, Helmuttra. The guy who single-handedly killed two second-rate mercenaries was a student at Greta Academy, right? “Is there an instructor skilled enough to teach this guy?”

The opponent has skills equivalent to a first-class mercenary. Even if he were to be considered a level 1 mercenary, there would be only a few people with that level of skill among those scheduled to graduate from Greta Academy.

Among the instructors, there were probably very few of them with higher level skills, so it was strange that someone like this would attend the academy.

“My skills are at a level where there is no reason to go to the academy. I transferred this time. “He was lost on the way to Baden, and it seems he was in disguise.”

“The sponsor is Greta Academy instructor Ethan Kudrow.”

“He is a nobleman from historical Baden. It has not been confirmed how the kite was reached. As you know, Baden is difficult for us to touch. “Because the incident occurred recently, there were limitations in our investigation.”

In Baden, they were hunting down Black Hawk’s spies with their eyes turned on.

The prison escape of the Black Hawk gang raised awareness.

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