Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 114

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Episode 114

“This is my first time holding a bow. I’m sure I’m good at it, right?”

“I guess so.”

Beginners can barely hit a stationary target. If you guessed it right after a few times, it was pretty good.

“what? That insincere answer. “You can do better than this, right?”

“Say the obvious.”

Normally he would have thought this to himself, but Helmut also started talking more. Naturally, Asuka did not take his change well.

“Are you starting to resemble Area?”

“Is this a compliment?”

“Do you hear that as a compliment?”

Asuka made a shocked expression.

“Is something written in my roommate’s eyes? How is it a compliment that she looks like Ah Leah?”

“I didn’t say I was going to resemble you.”

“Are you arguing now?”

The moment Asuka’s eyes went up, a voice was heard from the side.

“There, be quiet.”

They were seniors who were about a head or two taller than Helmut and Asuka, and had the appearance of almost adults. It seemed like they didn’t know these two people who were famous in their own right.

“Being noisy like kids in the training center.”

“It looks like I’m in a lower grade. I’m thinking about practicing while I’m talking and hitting more arrows!”

If Asuka had known to back off after seeing her seniors, she wouldn’t have been called a crazy dog.

Helmut immediately grabbed his shoulder, which he was clenching with his fist.


When Asuka is alone, it doesn’t matter whether I get into an accident or not. But she shouldn’t have been like that when she was with Helmut.

At any rate, arrows will come back at him, asking why he didn’t take good care of Asuka. It was a fate that was decided from the moment she placed Asuka by her side.

‘I can’t help it.’

Originally, it was the honor student’s duty to take responsibility for the bastards. This was true in the novel about academy life he borrowed from the library and read.

Helmut planned to stick to his role as an honor student. It is human duty for good guys to take care of bad guys.

“You can’t make a fuss over just hitting an arrow on the edge of a target. “Look at this.”

One of the seniors clicked his tongue and raised his bow.

He carefully aimed at the target and released the bowstring. Piyung! I could see an arrow being struck in the distance, almost in the center.

“Who saw it?”

He shrugged his shoulders while looking at Helmut and Asuka.

“As expected, Brad, your skills are amazing.”

“Shooter, sharpshooter! “There’s no comparison to kids.”

“Tsk, I can do that with just a few practices, so what’s that?”

Leaving Asuka grumbling, Helmut quietly raised his bow.

For someone who used blunt tree branches as arrows, the practice arrows were very smooth and thin.

If you shoot an arrow like this, it seems impossible not to pierce the target.

He was the one who pierced the vital points of a living target beyond the lush tree branches, a target running quickly through the dark forest. It only took a split second to aim.

ping! The bowstring loosened with a sharp sound.

The arrow shot out like a flash and hit the target. It was right in the middle, to the point where it gave me goosebumps.

Helmut nodded lightly toward the quivering arrow tail.

“Who saw it?”

No one could answer his words.

They completed their training after consuming all 50 arrows in the silent training ground. Asuka tapped Helmut on the shoulder as they came out of the training hall.

“You were cool a while ago.”

“You don’t have to clench your fists and rush in to repay them.”

“Does that sound like you’re saying something to me?”

“You can win without having to beat him up. All you have to do is crush it with your skills.”

Helmut said in a pitiful tone. No, you can fight. That is, if they attack first.

The opponent is a senior, and even if you beat him and knocked him out, it would be enough to be considered self-defense.

But Asuka is a problem because I try to attack her first.

“Why are you so selfish? What if we fight over something? There are times in life when we fight. “If you endure it like that, you will get sick and become sick.”

Helmut stared at Asuka. This guy was more aggressive than the monsters of Pahe Forest.

It was his first time seeing a guy like this. He has a personality that would not survive in the Forest of Pahe.

‘If you fearlessly attack guys like Elaga and Naho, your life will be cut off.’

Monsters recognize monsters stronger than me. However, Asuka seemed to attack me even if she knew that her opponent was stronger than me.

is not it? Even though she owed him a debt, Asuka never attacked Helmut.

“And in times like these, it’s okay to fight. The other person is a senior. “How can you possibly feel embarrassed if you go around getting beaten up by lower graders?”

‘You didn’t know this, did you?’Asuka said triumphantly.

“You speak as if you have experienced this before.”

“Of course, I’ve gotten into fights a few times since I was in first grade. Even after all this, when I was a freshman, I fought a 5th grader 3 to 1 and won.”

Helmut was neither the age nor the temperament to look at me like, “Wow,” when I heard him spit it out like an alley leader.

“If you want to fight, fight hard alone. “Don’t drag me into it.”

“You’re talking nonsense. “If we fight, we fight together.”

I was well aware that Asuka couldn’t communicate, but at this point, I had nothing to say.



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I am determined to show it with action from now on. Asuka will grumble bitterly at you, asking if you are just pretending not to notice.

“Well, you have Instructor Ethan as your sponsor. If you go around fighting for no reason and your support is cut off, you might be in trouble. “Why do you have to accept the instructor’s support to give me a headache?”

That wouldn’t have cut off support, but Helmut didn’t bother to refute it.

‘My head hurts.’

Helmut wrote the name together with Asuka. Being assigned to the same group was an unavoidable reality. Because now I couldn’t say I didn’t want to be with Asuka.

Instructors who believe that Helmut can control Asuka will unconditionally put the two together in one group.

Anyway, people in the same grade know Asuka’s personality well. I won’t try my best to touch it, but… … .

‘I hope it doesn’t bother you.’

Helmut sighed inwardly. Friendships were the most difficult issue since entering the academy.


Now, ahead of the holiday and hunting outing, Helmut, Xian, and Asuka stopped by a shopping street in Baden.

They looked around a store selling travel supplies. Helmut, who was used to camping, was careful to only send the essentials, but Asuka and Xian were different.

“What should I buy?”

“This is a scented candle that repels bugs. It would be a good idea to stock up on plenty. “The climate here is mild, so bugs are great.”

Bugs are as instinctive as animals. Anyway, if you emit vis, it won’t even penetrate the skin.

However, it is not easy to fine-tune the vis. There was one more problem.

“If you take out food, there will be a lot of bugs sitting on it. “You have to smoke it all the time.”

Xian solemnly raised his finger.

“Buy a small lamp too. It’s perfect to hang on a tree when you go to urinate at night. “How about this magic scroll that temporarily creates a vacuum in a certain area to prevent forest fires?”

“If you use it on a sleeping person, won’t he suffocate to death?”

“Could it be? “If you’re an obnoxious person, give it a try.”

“Okay, I live. “If I fall, my life is short.”

“Good idea.”

It felt like plotting a murder rather than preparing.

Asuka gave in to Xian’s advice and bought seemingly useless items. Sian suggested various things to him, perhaps to give him vicarious satisfaction.

“This grill plate would also be good for grilling meat or vegetables. “Instead of primitively burning wood, use tools.”

“It’s a bit heavy, can you put it all on the horse?”

“You know, Helmut says. “That guy probably doesn’t have much baggage.”

“Well, I guess we can share it.”

It was already like going out to have fun. Helmut glanced over and left his store.

The purpose was to purchase hand gloves for training. What he is wearing are warm hand gloves with a thermal insulation function.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I had to buy something thin.

At that moment, something suddenly caught Helmut’s eyes.

‘A lump of cotton?’

The lump of cotton on the stick looked white and soft.

Helmut looked next to him. The magical device was whirring and spinning, and the merchant was wrapping white threads sticking out from it around the stick. It is a unique scenery.

I don’t remember seeing anything like that on this street before, so it seemed like a new business. The merchant raised his voice cheerfully.

“Now, buy some cotton candy! cotton candy! “In Baden, we sell it only in our store!”

“What is cotton candy?”

Can you make candy from cotton? Muttering, Helmut wondered if it was common sense that he did not know. Suddenly someone spoke to him.

“If you melt the sugar and collect the very thin threads, it becomes a snack with a fluffy texture. This is a new product developed by the Wizards Association together with the Butan Company. After all, Baden is fast, right? “New products like that are already coming in.”

Maybe one or two years older? She was a beautiful girl with reddish-brown hair who looked mature and seductive for her age. Her white face smiling this way was unfamiliar to her.

Not someone I know. Helmut immediately realized one thing.

‘A wizard.’

I can see that she has a subtle magical power, so I see that she is a female student from the magic department. Male students don’t talk to anyone unless they are from the same department, but she is a female student from another department. It was obvious why she spoke.

‘Is it Area again?’

Now, it’s something I’ve become so used to that I’m sick of it. I thought about ignoring him, but he was the one who told me what I was curious about. Helmut asked out of courtesy.

“Who are you.”

“Well, is there a female senior who is interested in you? “Are you taking the magic understanding class?”

“I’m listening.”

“I took the same class. Doesn’t the face look familiar?”

I carefully looked at the smiling face, but I didn’t feel anything. Helmut tilted his head.

“I’m not sure.”

“okay? This is disappointing. He didn’t look around the barrel. “I’m Teresa, a third year student at the Faculty of Magic.”

“I’m Helmut, a second-year student in the swordsmanship department.”


She closed her eyes and smiled.

‘Are you one year older than me?’

Helmut had no intention of becoming friends with students from other departments, let alone those from the swordsmanship department. There were also a few people who talked to Helmut, who had a somewhat creepy side to him.

Except for a few female students who approach because of Area. Even so, Helmut didn’t talk to me at all, so now that half of the first semester had passed, I barely had to talk to anyone in liberal arts classes.

“You give off such chills during class, but here you seem a bit human. “You’re the top second-year student in the swordsmanship department, right?”

“I’ve only just taken the midterm exam. Rather, what is your business?”

“It’s because I’m glad to see you. “I’m interested in you.”

Helmut did not listen straight away.

“You must be interested in Area.”

“I guess there were many cases like that? Well, you were roommates with Area. “Because that’s how I got to know you at first.”

Pretend not to know till the end. Judging by the fact that he doesn’t show his true colors easily, he is an intelligent type. Helmut quickly concluded.

“I have company, so that’s it.”

“Wait a minute!”

Helmut turned around without pretending to hear. But Teresa did not give up. She almost rushed forward and blocked Helmut.

“I told you to wait!”

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