Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 4

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Episode 4

Can’t a Taoist be cool?

Jeongwoo (精羽) was dumbfounded.

How dare you get beaten up by the youngest priest, Jeong Gwang! That too in a cold region that is clearly known!


I shook my head.

This was my first time experiencing such cold weather.

Isn’t it so flashy that it doesn’t suit Kunlun?

‘This is not it.’

So, as I pointed out, even if it’s flashy, you can still hit it well.

Absurdly, it went exactly as he said.


The temperature soared.

“… … “Let’s do it one more time.”

“Of course.”

Repeated several times.

Still the result was the same.

Jeong Gwang’s small hands patted Jeong Woo’s sturdy body.

I thought I could stop it because I was familiar with it, but Jeong Gwang’s cold fist was so flashy that it was dazzling.

Jeongwoo was astonished.

‘I knew it was a monster, but I never thought it would transform Gwon like this.’

It is a cold fist that has been refined by numerous ancestors over a long period of time since it was created by Gaepajosa (開派祖師).

A thirteen-year-old kid can change that on his own terms.

I suddenly got goosebumps.

This wasn’t a question of talent.

I didn’t even know if I had gone down a strange path.

‘It can’t be like this. ‘The youngest is in danger.’

Depending on the viewer, it could be considered a serious crime, like the death of a knight.

While I was wondering what to do, I heard Jeong Gwang’s voice.

“The ambassador type. “I will unfold it from beginning to end, so please watch carefully.”

Before I could reply, Jeonggwang started to move.

It is a cold fist.

It was a cold, concentrated experience, very different from anything I had ever known.

“ah… … .”

Jeongwoo’s mouth opened.

Seeing it from a distance and with the eyes of a third party was different.

It is so mysterious and splendid that, as the name suggests, it is like chasing clouds.

‘It was clearly a martial arts method that emphasized speed and steadfastness.’

That’s what I learned from my master, Heo Jik.

Sajo also taught that way.

Everyone in Kunlun Mundo unfolded it like that.

Except for this guy, Jeong Gwang.

‘I have to hurry up and meet Sabaek Heo and tell him this…’ … .’

At that time, Jeong Gwang smiled and asked.

“Isn’t it cool?”

“okay. It’s really cool… … “Wow!”

Jeongwoo, who had been answering as if he were possessed, came to his senses.

“This is not the time. hurry… … .”

“yes. “I will teach you in detail.”

A moment later, Jeong-woo was asking Jeong-gwang while standing in a hesitant position.

“Is it okay to do it this way?”

“yes. It’s just right. But there is shame in it.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“It means that the great master type is embarrassed to show off his herbivorous diet in a flashy way.”

“Huh. Was it like that?”

“Empty your mind. “We are gurus.”

“okay. You are right. “I learned a lot today.”

Jeongwoo emptied his mind like a Taoist monk and performed a splendid fighting technique that was not typical of a Taoist monk.

“great. “That’s it.”

“haha! Wahahaha!”

Jeongwoo burst out laughing.

His body was also moving smoothly.

Looking at him like that, Jeong Gwang shook his head.

It was okay.

Isn’t it following along better than expected?

Is it because he is still young that he has less of an old-fashioned temperament?

Maybe it’s because it fits his original personality.

“It feels so good!”


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Jeong Gwang muttered as Jeong Woo continued to raise his fist and shout.

“That’s right.”

That way, you will train harder.

Only then will Kunlun become stronger.

That way, you can leave with peace of mind.

In the future, when Zheng Guang goes out into the world, Kun Lun must be able to stand firm.

In the meantime, we need to hit the heads and bodies of the Taoists with the real martial arts of Kunlun… … .


Jeong Gwang quenched his appetite.

When I thought about it, it was a very cumbersome task.

Like Jeongja Baeya Jeongwoo, you can coax him to follow you appropriately.

But hey, they’re just old guys with stuffy stomachs, front and back… … .

“Yes you bastard! “What are you doing!”

Just then one of the old guys appeared.

It was Heo Jik, Jeong Woo’s master.

“omg! “Yes, Master!”

“Hurry up and answer! “Aren’t you asking me what I’m doing?”

“Well, my student is just a cold fist…” … .”

“what? That’s the cold zone? Huh. How could this happen to Kunlun? … .”

Looking at Heojik shaking his head and lamenting, Jeonggwang also shook his head inwardly.

What happened to Kunlun?

It’s a process to become a Great Kunlun, but it’s frustrating.

“Follow me now!”

“Master, Master… … .”

“Uh-huh! hurry!”

Heo Jik was ready to grab Jeong Woo by the ear and drag him away.

Jeong Gwang raised his hand and stepped forward.


“Yes, it is concentrate. I’m in a hurry right now, so I’ll talk later… … .”

“A great type of cold fist. “I told you this.”

Heojik opened his eyes wide.

* * *

Heo Jik’s shout came out from Heo Cheong’s place.

“execution! “What are we going to do with this?”

“… … .”

“Go ahead and say it! “This is not something that can go on like this!”

Heo Jik went on a rampage, but Heo Cheong remained steadfast.

Unlike the calm Heo Cheong, Heo Jik’s expression was becoming more and more rotten as time passed.

“this… … this… … !”

The moment he couldn’t hold back any longer and was about to explode, He Qing’s mouth opened.


“… … yes?”

“What do you mean?”

“… … .”

Heojik opened his mouth.

“Are you going to charge me with the crime of being a knight-errant?”

“No, when did I say let’s make things bigger like that…” … .”

“Then let’s just move on, right?”

“That’s not it… … .”

“That’s why I’m asking. whatever?”

“… … .”

The reactions of the other two death penalty criminals looking at the two death penalty victims were different.

Unlike Jeongwoo, who was frozen, Jeonggwang was smiling.

I couldn’t bear to see the master’s snarky appearance.

Although Heo Cheong had the serious nature of a Taoist monk, he was also a man with a fair amount of worldliness.

It was almost impossible for Heo Jik, a stubborn Taoist master, to defeat him.

“I understand what you said.”

“… … “What are you going to do?”

“What should I do? “Wouldn’t I be able to judge for myself when I see it in person?”

Heo Cheong got up from his seat and spoke to Jeong Gwang.

“Go out and show me your cold fist.”

“Yes, Master.”

Jeong Gwang unfolded his fist.

It was the raw material created by the founder of the faction.

Heo Qing’s face, who was leisurely looking at the scene, turned white.

I thought Heo Jik’s words were exaggerated, but aren’t they insufficient?

Such a splendid cold fist, such a powerful cold fist!

After all, his student was a genius!

‘however… … .’

This is a pretty big problem.

Suddenly my head started pounding.

‘What should I do about this?’

At that time, Jeong Gwang was tilting his head as he unfolded his food.

As I moved my hands and feet, the cold area was changing little by little.

This wasn’t what he told Jungwoo about.



I found out why.

The more I unfolded the cold circle of the open-wave investigation, the more the color of the concentrated light was added.

This is a bit difficult.

He scratched his head and opened his fist again.

As original.


As expected, it was a little lacking.

The ones with his colors were cooler and more powerful.


Eh, I don’t know.

Let’s put it on properly.

Is there anything I can do that is worse than splitting factions?

It’s clear that I’m better at beating people up.


Jeong Gwang’s body moved again.

The newly born herbivore of the cold region came out like a skein of thread.

Jeong Gwang fell into a trance.

hmm? Trance?


I was talking to the founder of the faction.

– Inspiration, how about this here?

-That’s not true, you idiot.

-Oh, don’t do this or that. I too have lived for well over a hundred years.

-Anyway, that’s too blatant.

-is it? Then how about this?

-Hoo. That’s cool! You are quite good!

-What is the method? I’m better.

-Oh, this guy is real!

“ha ha ha.”

Laughter burst out of Jeong Gwang’s mouth.

Isn’t this guy, the leader of the faction, a really cute and pretentious guy!

Jeong Gwang fully understood his feelings as he performed his martial arts skills.

That inspiration, I didn’t know this.

You will like it more this way.

okay. Almost done.

I did it, but is it really useful?


Jeong Gwang took a deep breath and straightened his body.

Then he looked at Heo Cheong and said with a smile on his face.

“It’s over, Master.”

“… … .”


“Uh, uh! Yeah, yeah! Good work.”

Heo Cheong, who had barely come to his senses, looked at Heo Jik.

His complexion was dark and dead.

“Yes, priest. Huh, isn’t it a great cold roll?”

“… … Oh my… … this… … .”

Heojik could only stutter and could not speak.

Isn’t he at the peak of his splendor, incomparable to the Jungwoo we saw earlier? What about the power!

While I was thinking about it, I glared at Jeongwoo and saw that he was looking at his youngest priest with an ecstatic look on his face.

Heo Jik was furious and hit Jeong Woo on the back of the head.


“100 million!”

“Yes, this guy! “What are you saying that you did well!”


“Why do you do something so sorry!”

“S-sorry… … Oh no… … .”

Heojik barely swallowed his anger.

Okay, what is wrong with this guy?

I turned my head and questioned Heo Qing.

“execution! Did you see it? A disciple of capital punishment could commit such a heinous act… … uh?”

There was no hesitation.

There was no concentrate.

Heo Cheong was running far away, holding Jeong Gwang.


It jumps out!

Heojik gritted his teeth for a while and started chasing after him.

It was obvious where the death penalty would go.

Where Unhu is located around this time, it must be a small flower garden that he is cultivating in his later years.

It was like that too.

There were three people in the garden, including Unhu.

‘That’s it!’


It was Unhu, Heo Cheong, and a young dragon.

Soryong danced in the flower garden.

Guided by the wind, the flower petals floated and became clouds.

The small dragon chased the cloud, and the cloud surrounded the dragon.


Tears formed in Unhu’s eyes.

‘There is no special energy. This may be what suits Kunlun.’

I could see Kunlun being reborn as the true Great Kunlun before my eyes.

Soryong asked with a grin.

“Isn’t it cool?”

A suppressed voice flowed from Unhu’s mouth.

“… … okay. “That’s really cool.”

Unhu made up his mind.

This is something that cannot be overlooked.

He had to protect the young dragon.

“Don’t worry, you all. This is the blessing of the text.”

Unhu immediately went to Jang Mun-in and requested that a meeting of elders be held.

At the gathering where everyone gathered, Jeong Gwang unfolded his fist.

Shock erupted from everywhere.

“Huh! “Oh, that!”

“How could this happen!”

“can not believe it!”

Even Jang Mun-in trembled and looked at Jeong Gwang.

Finally, when Jeonggwang laid out all the food, the elders began to talk like market traders.

There was a lot of debate.

“It’s not a cold area! “It’s something completely different!”

“That’s not it! “Isn’t it full of pure energy?”

“It’s not our Kunlun’s martial arts that are so flashy and strong!”

“Stale! Martial arts are developed by descendants!”

As time passed, more negative opinions began to emerge.

“Abandoning the true intention and exaggerating formalities is something we cannot just sit by and ignore!”

“I think so too! Kunlun must remain Kunlun!”

Unhu, who was watching, came forward.

“Please be quiet for a moment.”

He continued speaking after the excitement in the room subsided.

“Shouldn’t we listen to the person involved first? Jeong Gwang-ah. Why did you spread your cold fist like that?”

After eliciting an answer from Jeong Gwang, Unhu tried to resolve the situation himself.

But has Jeong Gwang ever hid behind anyone?

I asked the old monks again.

“Is this wrong?”

Shouting broke out here and there at the bold question that came out instead of an answer.

“Sounds obvious!”

“Kunlun’s martial arts skills are not like that!”

Unhu started yelling and tried to calm him down, but Jeonggwang struck back first.

“I guess that’s right?”

“… … what?”

Jeong Gwang confidently spoke to the bewildered monks.

“Kunlun’s martial arts skills are wonderful.”

“… … .”

Jeong Gwang continued speaking to those people who were too shocked to respond.

“I heard that when the founder of the Gae faction attained the Tao, he gave birth to the title of Changryonghu (蒼龍吼) and flew up into the sky.”

The old monks nodded.

But Jeong Gwang’s next words stopped the movement.

“But why did you make such a fuss about Changryonghu?”

“… … .”

As Jeong Gwang urged with his eyes, an old monk came forward.

“… … “He did so because he was filled with wonder because of enlightenment.”

Jeong Gwang immediately denied it.

“no. “I think he wanted to show off so everyone could see this.”

“What kind of nonsense… … .”

“I’ve never heard of an explosion of energy due to enlightenment.”

“… … .”

I know?

The old Taoists had never experienced or heard of anything like that.

Enlightenment is a spiritual thing.

Through it, martial arts is improved, but true energy cannot explode or anything like that.

Jeong Gwang spoke to the old monks who remained silent like honey-drinking mutes.

“Cool things are good things.”

“… … ?”

“Can’t a Taoist monk be cool?”

“… … !”

“The martial arts skills in the text are all elegant and cool, from their names to their initials. Why do I have to express it simply and concisely?”

“Well, that’s for the actual battle… … .”

Jeong Gwang drove a wedge.

“Is it stronger this way?”

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