Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 3

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Episode 3

Even if you’re flashy, you can hit well

It was a natural thing for Jeonggwang.

It is the law that all flows end in one.

Although there is a difference between Kunlun martial arts and magic arts, isn’t it martial arts anyway?

I’m going back down the path I already took, so don’t make a fuss.

I liked Kunlun’s martial arts because it was stylish, unlike the deadly magic arts. It was a lot of fun to learn.

Of course, not everything was good.

All you have to do is know how to strike properly. What is benevolence, wisdom, wisdom, and righteousness?

Why are there so many twists and turns to make it look like there is something there?

It was bearable because I only understood the true meaning and filtered it out.


‘Cheonjangjigucheonjiseosimyeongjangchagujaigibuljasaeng high performance long life (天長地久天地所以能長且久者以其不自生故能長生)… … .’

Just thinking about a single passage from the Tao Sutra, which is mandatory for Taoists to learn, gave me a headache.

After all, he is the one who has to leave.

That’s why I asked you to teach me the vision method quickly.

“iced coffee. “O primordial heavenly being.”

Unhu muttered something strange with watery eyes.

“Thank you for sending the concentrate.”

Although he is a member of the Gupa Ilbang group, Kunryun is evaluated as being inferior to Shaolin and shamans.

A divine dragon appeared in Kunlun.

The best in the world!

If a child like this doesn’t become the best person in the world, who will?

Even though he was called a true man, he could not hide his excitement as the glory of being a monk flashed before his eyes.

Even my body trembled.

“Kunlun… … Daekunlun… … .”

Jeong Gwang looked at Unhu and clicked his tongue.

Tsk tsk. Did you get hit by the wind?

What happened to a young and virtuous man… … uh?

Jeong Gwang was shocked.

Isn’t this the sympathy we only heard about?

Was he influenced by Kunlun’s teachings?

It was a huge step forward for him, who had been stomping on the guys who had begged him to kill them with a single blow for three days and nights.

Well, that’s it.

I guess it was useless sympathy.

Looking closely, I saw that the clown of Unhu was ascending to heaven.

Isn’t that a look that makes anyone happy to die?

“… … Sajo?”

“iced coffee. Never thought a day like this would come… … .”


“ah! okay! “Why are you doing that?”

“Sangcheong free spiritual work.”

You talk about Kunlun’s secret season as if you were asking for a cookie.

It was something to be admired, but Unhu’s reaction was different.

“It did! “Just wait a moment!”

He disappeared like the wind, uncharacteristic of someone who has lost his inner strength.

The person he visited was Jang Mun-in.

“I have something important to say to the elders.”

“execution. “What are you doing?”

“The text has a twist. “I’ll tell you when everyone gets together.”

The old monks gathered together.

Unhu declared, trying to keep a calm expression.

“Zheng Guang realized Tai Qing by awakening Xiao Qing Qigong.”

“… … .”

No one answered.

Is that even possible?

Unhu understood like a real person.

“Instead of doing this, you should go and check for yourself.”

The old monks rushed in.

They surrounded the concentrate and observed it with sharp eyes.

A situation that suddenly became a spectacle.

Let Jeong Gwang cry with a sad face… … .

“Immense Buddha!”

“iced coffee! “It’s Taesangno!”

“Isn’t it really Taicheong!”

There was an uproar.

“You learned Tai Qing Qigong by yourself! “I have to pass on the Oksimgwiil technique!”

“Didn’t you hear what Jeong Gwang said? “Let’s teach Sangcheong Free Spiritual Art so that we can go cleanly in one go!”


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There were some who opposed it.

“I don’t think everyone will like it.”

Although they are members of a prestigious political faction and believers who have escaped the world, they are still human. There is bound to be envy and jealousy.

It was organized by Jang Moon-in.

“The case of concentrate is different. “Let’s do that.”

It is a Sangcheong free spiritual skill that only an elder level person can learn.

That was passed down to Jeong Gwang.

What Jang Moon-in said was right.

At first, there was some noise, but it disappeared like a rat due to Jeong Gwang’s amazing achievement.

All negative reactions faded away due to his overwhelming talent.

It wasn’t just about internal strength.

Almost all schools teach martial arts to new students. By doing so, you learn how to move your limbs, train your body, and use it.

The same was true for Kunlun. Through the most basic exercise, the Four Paths, we learn the basic principles of karate by advancing and retreating in all directions.

It is said that words can enlighten one’s body, but Jeong Gwang has truly enlightened oneself.


Little feet step on the ground.


The fern-like regime stabs a point in the air.

Sigh. wickedness.

The two short legs move back and forth, left and right, and take a steady step.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Unhu and Heo Qing could only watch and say nothing else.

Jeong Gwang also had nothing to say.

Because it was so easy.

But as the silence got longer, I couldn’t bear it anymore and opened my mouth.

“Sajo. Master. “It’s over.”

The two people just shook their heads.

“What’s next?”

What’s next? How important are the basics, but are we already talking about the next step?

It was something that would be frowned upon, but it couldn’t happen to Jeong Gwang, who did it perfectly.

That wasn’t all.

It was revealed that his astonishing talent was applicable to all martial arts.

Whether it was boxing, longing, swordsmanship, footwork, or gyeonshinsul, there was no way to miss the five principles.

The near future was pictured in Unhu’s mind.

‘This child will become a dragon.’

It is said that a long time ago, when Gaepajosa (開派祖師) attained the Way, a dragon flew to Kunlun Mountain.

In his opinion, Jeong Gwang was the child who could become that dragon.

* * *

Years passed.

At the age of thirteen, Jeong Gwang was no longer a cute child, but a beautiful boy.

People who came and went to Kunlun all said this.

‘There is a jade dragon in Kunlun Mountain.’

There are more people climbing the mountain. Cheonghae Castle was an area where Lamaism was prevalent, and its followers began to come little by little.

“Kyaaa! Master Jeonggwang!”

“Eat some of this! “I worked hard to make it!”

“It was cold, so I prepared a sable fur coat! “Wear this!”

The handsome young Taoist Jeong Gwang gave a short answer as always.

“Infinite Buddha. thank you.”

Cheers rang out through Kunlun.


The monks looked at him with smiling faces.

Kunlun’s life was getting better thanks to the concentration.

That’s how much the concentration grew day by day.

The body as well as the martial arts were like that.

So I found out.

This is Kunlun martial arts. It’s a bit strange.

If you look at the true meaning behind Naegongsimbeop or Chosik, it is not unfolding in this way. It should be more flashy and elegant, but why has it changed like this?

While he was pondering, the conversation between the dormitories came into his ears.

“execution. I’m glad that the Demonic Cult is quiet, but I’m worried. “Don’t you feel more anxious?”

“Is that the case for you too? “Me too.”

“Sometimes I get scared because I don’t know when I’ll get angry again.”

“But since the True Heavenly Demon is dead, won’t it be quiet for a while?”

“I see. “It seems like the world has finally become more livable without the man who is the source of all evil.”

“Whew. When I look at the record of the invasion of the main gate while he was a minor sect leader, my heart trembles. “When I think of those who have fallen, tears come to my eyes.”

“That’s right.”

The two Taoists were truly tearful.

Jeong Gwang, who was watching, was dumbfounded.

The source of all evil?


My back was bent trying to control the crazy kids, but what kind of bullshit are you talking about? … .


I remembered whining to my subordinates for permission to play Kunlun.

‘Lord Sogyo! Kunlun Malko Taoist bastards, you need to take care of them!’


‘I left it there and it grew too big.’

‘What are you doing when you’re no match for me?’

‘In order to show off the dignity of our school, shouldn’t we step on it a bit?’

‘Tell the old man.’

‘The leader said you should ask the leader of the small church?’

He was a little annoyed by his father who put everything on him.

Did you say that because it was annoying?

Still, I was afraid that my subordinates would prey on Kunlun and gain momentum, so I stopped him at an appropriate point.


That’s enough.

But what is the source of all evil? … .

“They attacked seven times in a hundred years! “Aren’t they bloodthirsty murderers?”

“Whoa. “Isn’t this something that can’t be helped as the main text is at the forefront of fighting against demonic religions?”

Jeong Gwang scratched the back of his head.

Did it happen seven times?

Crazy guys. Just do it in moderation.

I should have just beaten them all up because they were noisy.

If you resisted, they would have beaten you more.

If you want to attack, do it.

I am… … .

“They say that because of Jincheonma, the source of all evil, the martial arts of the text have been including life skills for nearly a hundred years.”

“Whew. It has to be that way. “It would have to be practical and efficient.”

“It is a pity that there are those who criticize him as a martial artist not worthy of a Taoist master.”

“Huh. “People who have never had trouble with demonic cultists shouldn’t say that.”

Jeong Gwang started scratching his neck with the same hand that had been scratching the back of his head.

It is said that it is his fault that Mu-gong has turned into this way.

“Don’t be too upset. But isn’t Kunlun still Kunlun?”

“ha ha ha. of course. “Kunlun is tall and wide and embraces everything, so why should you worry?”

Sasook, who was laughing, stroked the head of Jeonggwang who was next to her.

“That’s probably why Zheng Guang also came to Kunlun.”

Other dormitories also helped.

“haha. Jeong Gwang-ah. We believe in you, and we believe in your executioners.”

Well-wishes poured in.

“You will become a charlatan who punishes evil enemies like Jincheonma.”

“haha. Is it just that? “If it’s a concentrate, it might save the world.”

Jincheonma tells you to become a charlatan who punishes you. Save the world too.

The parties had no intention of doing so. I just wanted to quickly go out to midfield and have fun.

It was definitely like that.

It was inevitable that he felt a little uncomfortable, so Jeong Gwang went into the library and looked through the annotations of the martial arts level.

With his distribution, he could only skim the basic martial arts, but what the Taoists said earlier was true.

Looking at the notes written on the secret list, the interpretation of martial arts has changed subtly over the past hundred years.

It was a perfect match for when he was the leader of the Heavenly Demon Church.

“I’m going to be amazed.”

The thoughts in my head came out in a voice.

Kunlun was that frustrated.

Making things simple and rough doesn’t make you stronger in real life, so what kind of foolish thing is this?

Kunlun was a monk who took him in and raised him.

Jeong Gwang received everyone’s expectations and love.

Jeong Ja-bae’s older brothers were cheering on him, projecting themselves onto him as he grew up too quickly to be jealous.

Heo Ja Bae was the same way. In Kunlun, he considered his youngest son, Zheng Guang, like a son, so he spared no effort in supporting him.

Lastly, in the case of the crying pear, although it was an old-fashioned nag, it was so sparing with the concentrate that it didn’t seem to hurt even if I put it in my eyes.

Thinking of them made me sigh.

Although they are good-natured, they are stubborn gurus.

How should I tell you that your martial arts skills are wrong?

There was only one answer.

Just like in my previous life, I have no choice but to let my body tell me.

You can overcome practical herbivores with flashy and elegant herbivores.

“for a moment.”

If you do that in a sparring match with your brother-in-law, it would be nice to hear that you are conceited or disrespectful.

Then, in sparring with the private quarters?

It’s even more stupid.

It was obvious that the crime of knight annihilation would cause an uproar.

However, Jeong Gwang was not the type to question such things.

“Oh, I don’t know.”

I decided to finish off the one that was easiest.

“Great ambassador!”

It was Jeong Woo, the ambassadorial brother of Jeong Ja Bae, who was trusted for his dependable personality and sincerity.

“oh! The youngest has arrived. “What’s going on?”

“Please spar.”

“haha. good! “Would you like to see how much it has increased?”

After a while. Jeongwoo opened his mouth.

Not long after the sparring began, he was hit in the stomach.

Because he was the cute youngest priest, I let my guard down and only dealt with herbivorous skills without any internal skills… … .

Isn’t Jeong Gwang a 13-year-old who has short limbs and has difficulty practicing martial arts properly?

“ha. ha ha ha.”

It was so absurd that I burst out laughing.

“You guy. “This is truly amazing.”


“But you are displaying your herbivorous food too extravagantly. Didn’t the Four Hundred or Four Hundred Patriarchs scold you?”

“This is my first time doing something like this.”

“As expected. It was great, but it shouldn’t be. “I will pay great respect to my elders.”

“You were sentenced to death?”

“… … hmm. “That’s true.”

“Then I’ll do it the same way.”

Unlike before, which was flashy, Jeong Gwang presented a simpler and more crude version of Chosik.

It was currently the herbivore of Kunlun.

“yes! “That’s it!”

Jeongwoo praised Jeonggwang and blocked it without difficulty.

“The ambassador type. “You can easily block it.”

“haha. That’s it… … uh?”

“I’ll do it again like before.”

In less than ten seconds, Jeongwoo was hit again.

“What the hell is this… … .”

Jeong Gwang smiled at Jeong Woo, who looked dumbfounded.

“Look. Even if it’s flashy, you can still hit it well.”

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