Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 5

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Episode 5

I prepared it for you

What kind of being is an unmanned person?

Holding a sword, he runs across Fengjin River Lake.

Most people die before they can even bloom, but it never stops.

In short, they are people who know romance.

The same was true for the Kunlun faction.

Although they are Taoist monks, they are also martial people. How could there not be romance?

Their long-suppressed nature was awakened by the concentration.

“Cool is a good thing? haha.”

“ha ha ha. “There’s no reason why a Taoist shouldn’t be cool.”

“Besides, it’s stronger? Infinite Buddha. “I don’t think Taesangno will agree.”

Even those who expressed negative opinions let out laughter and Unhu, who was looking for an opportunity, joined in.

“Isn’t it natural for a man to want to look cool?”

Unhu, who is more of a guru than anyone else, is discussing fashion.

An old monk smiled.

“haha. “I didn’t know your brother would say something like that.”

“why? Am I not a man? Be honest. I joined because the seniors in the text looked cool. “Aren’t you like that?”

The Kunlun Sect is located at the end of Qinghai Province, the remotest of remote areas.

Although he suffered from a chronic shortage of talent, he did not pick his students carelessly, as was the case with the old school.

Only those who are talented and have good character can become disciples.

It is the same for other sects as well.

Therefore, there were many people who went to the splendid Central Plains sect if they could get into it, but most of those who dared to enter Kunlun were those who admired Kunlun’s martial arts and martial arts.

“It’s cool… … .”

Jang Mun-in, the leader of the group, muttered quietly.

“Can’t a Taoist be cool?”

He looked around the audience and looked at Jeong Gwang.

“When I was young, I wanted to look cool too.”

A faint smile appeared on Jang Mun-in’s solemn face.

“Honestly, I still feel that way.”

The old monks murmured at his honest words.

“It’s a bit unfair for Jang Moon-in to say something like that.”

“Huh. “I’m worried that outsiders will laugh at me if they hear it.”

Jang Mun-in smiled.

“I’m still holding on to my weight to look cool. “Isn’t this a fact that even the executioners and priests know well?”

The old monks recalled the long story of Unjeok’s past.

He was right.

He had never been a serious person, but now he was giving off a heavier atmosphere than anyone else.

Since when?

Since becoming a long-time writer?

It wasn’t.

As I got older, I changed to fit that age.

Now that I look at it, it may not have changed, but it may have looked like it had changed.

The old monks smiled sheepishly.

“Huh. I realized something big today. Not much has changed since I was young. “I was just pretending it wasn’t happening.”

“I may be hot-faced, but so am I. haha. “It seems like it was all in vain.”

The old monks were filled with a faint sense of nostalgia, recalling the past of themselves and their executioners.

Although they escaped the world and pursued the Tao, weren’t memories something that couldn’t be thrown away?

Jeong Gwang, who was watching, was impressed.

To show such an honest side in front of Sason, they were truly guru-like people.

Kunlun is also Kunlun.

Is this the true face of the prestigious political faction?

‘No way.’

Human nature is not that good.

The Kunlun Taoists were something special.

In my past life, I felt a little, very, very sorry for criticizing the old group and calling them hypocrites.

Jeong Gwang looks around at them and smiles happily… … .

An old monk who was soaked in nostalgia suddenly lifted his sleeve and wiped away his tears.

“I had a bad memory. Jincheonma, because of your evil actions, Master… … “Huh.”

“iced coffee. “How many people died miserably because of those hemp beans?”

“Even the sky is indifferent! “To live for a hundred or ten years and then die!”

“It’s all because of him that Kunlun has become so difficult!”

Heavenly Demon Church here and there. No, words criticizing the Demonic Cult and Jeonggwang poured out.

Jeong Gwang’s face, which had a happy smile on it just a moment ago, began to rot.

Unhu, who misunderstood his appearance, consoled Jeong Gwang.

“Didn’t I say you did nothing wrong? “Don’t worry.”

Although these words were spoken to Jeong Gwang in his current life, they sounded as if he was comforting him in his past life.

Jeong Gwang’s face straightened slightly.


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okay. What did I do wrong?

I should be thankful just for not letting me go to extinction.

However, Jeong Gwang’s face crumpled again as Unhu muttered to himself.

“Jincheonma… … Fortunately, he died at the end of his life, but if someone like that is born again, how can we stop him?”

“… … .”

It’s been a long time since I was born again.

How can I stop it?

If you reach the level of martial arts of the past, no one can stop you… … .

“okay. It so happened that the Primordial Heavenly Father sent you. “You can stop it.”

Unhu’s voice had a strong resonance.

Others began to join in as well.

“Even if something like that happens, you can do it with Jeonggwang!”

“It’s cool, but it could be possible with a stronger martial arts skill!”

“cancer. “Of course!”

Everyone looked at Jeong Gwang.

There was firm faith in their eyes.

“Jeong Gwang-ah.”

Jang Moon-in concluded.

There was a mountain of anticipation in his voice.

“I believe in you.”

* * *

Jeong Gwang sighed as he remembered what happened a few days ago.

He was having a hectic day.

It was all because of his ‘wonderful’ Kunlun martial arts skills.

one of the elders surrounding him asked.

“Jeong Gwang-ah. “Why do we have to do this here?”

“Biryongchulhae’s herbivorous food must literally contain the energy rising from the sea, so it must be stretched out vigorously… … .”

“Hmm. “Yin and yang (陰陽) are inherently one, but they are also divided into positive and negative, so the sea is yin and the dragon is yang, so they must spread strongly as if they are pushing each other.”

“… … yes.”

“Jeong Gwang-ah. “Please see if this posture is correct.”

“That’s true, but you need to bend your right foot more and be soft…” … .”

“Is that right? “The principles of hand (巽) among the eight trigrams (八卦) are incorporated, so you have to bend more and be more flexible!”

“… … yes.”

“Jeong Gwang-ah. “How about trying it like this?”

“That’s not true. Let me show you a demonstration. Quite the contrary… … “This is how we do it.”

“iced coffee! They are wood-born fire, fire-born earth, earth-born gold, gold-born water, and water-born wood. Here, they are opposites, limiting and suppressing each other. Wood-like earth, earth-like water, water-like fire, fire-like metal, gold-like wood! haha. “Now I understand!”

“… … yes. thank god.”

Jeong Gwang was tired of the old Taoists who organized everything according to Taoist ideology.

Yes, I understand.

Only by establishing the theory in that way will it be easy for the noisy gurus to accept it. It’s also good to leave behind for posterity.

It was also helpful to Jeong Gwang as he was able to systematically organize the things he instinctively thought should be done.

So far so good.

Jeong Gwang-ah.

Jeong Gwang-ah.

Jeong Gwang-ah.

There was no end.

I could almost hear auditory hallucinations in my head.

He took it upon himself to return Kunlun to its proper martial arts status.

But isn’t this the case?

I tried to hurry so I could leave quickly, but I had no intention of going through this much hardship.

He was called by terrifying nicknames such as Ilsu Cheonhyeol or Jincheonma, and a weak sound could be heard from his mouth.

“… … “That’s all for today.”

“Huh. already?”

“this. “It gained momentum for a while.”

“haha. Are you saying this out of consideration for our health? “Don’t worry, let’s continue.”

The old monks, who were said to be afraid of theft that they had learned late in life, but who found style in their old age, were tireless.

On the contrary, a shadow fell on Jeong Gwang’s youthful face.

My teeth were ground.

If I continued like this, I might not even be able to enjoy heavenly life and die from overwork.

It wasn’t a good idea to beat up the old monks because of something he had done in his past life, but he felt sorry for the people who were the source of the problem.

Church of the Heavenly Demon… … Protestantism is a mess, it’s just a demonic religion. Anyway, should we just push them all out?


To do that, no matter how concentrated it is, it takes a lot of time.

It would be better to raise Kunlun as originally planned and then leave.

But it’s tiring if it’s like this.

He was the one who insisted on the wonderful Kunlun, the wonderful Taoist, and the strong and wonderful martial arts, so I can’t flaunt it… … .

‘wait for a sec… … .’

Since when did you start caring for others like this?

You have to accept what you have to accept, right?

The next morning, Jeong Gwang spoke to the monks with wide eyes.

“I thought about it carefully.”

The old Taoist masters raised their brushes with dazzling speed.

“okay. “Go ahead and say it.”

“What is it this time? Thirteen cloud dragon swords? Sangcheongin (上淸印)?”

“More than that, I have some doubts about the structure of the dragon-shaped bow you explained yesterday. Can I ask you a question?”

Jeong Gwang spoke strongly to the old monks who rushed towards him with their eyes flashing.

“If this continues, I think I’m going to die.”

“… … why?”

Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded.


I don’t know?


Looking closely, it looks like he really doesn’t know.

“I’m thirteen now.”


“It’s time to grow up.”

“of course.”

“But look now. I can’t sleep and I’m just practicing martial arts. “How can I live up to my name like this?”

Only then did the old monks come to their senses.

“Huh. “What on earth have we done?”

“That’s right. “You’re so drunk with greed that you’re bullying young Jeong-gwang.”

“It’s a shame. “It’s truly a shame.”

“Jeong Gwang-ah. sorry. “We were wrong.”

It was an undeniable mistake to overwork young Jeong-gwang.

Still, normal circumstances are taken into account, and martial arts is more important than life to a warrior.

What martial artist wouldn’t rush forward when given the opportunity to develop the martial arts they have practiced for decades?

Even if he was a Taoist monk, it was inevitable because he was a warrior.

So they comforted themselves and continued talking.

“Then, should we shorten the sermon time by about half an hour from now on?”

“I think the bed is uncomfortable. Let me move you to a better room.”

“You look weak. that… … hmm. hmm. know? Do some of that too. Kunlun is not a very congested place.”

Jeong Gwang asked this gently.

What changes if we shorten the time by half?

dragonfly? Isn’t Kunlun’s room over there?

Eating meat is something that young people like Jeong and Bae have secretly been doing since ancient times.

These weren’t what he wanted.

Jeong Gwang spoke confidently.

“Please give me the elixir.”

“… … what?”

“It’s an elixir. My health is healthy, but my martial arts skills are so weak that I cannot use them. “At what point will we be able to repair all the martial artists like this?”

“… … .”

The old monks looked at each other.

Then he turned his attention to Jeong Gwang again.

One of them opened his mouth with a downcast expression.

“I’m sorry.”

“… … yes?”

“There is no elixir in the text.”

“… … yes?”

Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded.

Isn’t this Kunlun?

Kunryun proudly occupies one of the seats in the old group.

a little… … No, I live a very frugal life, but I don’t have any elixirs?

Aren’t you cheating because you don’t want to give this away?

or not… … .

“Are you kidding?”

“… … I am so sorry.”

The old Taoists’ eyes looked really sad.

They left with weak steps.

Jeong Gwang felt an uneasy feeling for some reason.

Doesn’t it seem like an immature kid from a poor family made unreasonable demands on his poor grandfather?

“Eh, I don’t know.”

Jeong Gwang lay down flat.

My eyes closed automatically.

I felt like I could sleep well for the first time in a long time.

* * *

-Jeong Gwang-ah!

-Jeong Gwang-ah!

-Jeong Gwang-ah!

Sleep is a mess.

Even in his dreams, he could hear the old monks calling him.

“Jeong Gwang-ah!”

“Jeong Gwang-ah!”

“Jeong Gwang-ah!”

It wasn’t.

It was reality.

When he finally opened his eyes, he saw the old monks surrounding him.

“ha… … yes. “Let’s begin.”

An old monk picked him up and carried him with a feeling of desperation.

“okay! Let’s begin!”


The old Taoist monks carried out Kunlun’s all-out cloud-and-sea battle and arrived at Samcheongjeon in an instant.

There, many old monks were waiting with determined expressions.

“… … “What are you doing?”

When Jeong Gwang couldn’t hide his absurd feelings, he asked, and Unhu answered.

“We were too indifferent.”

“… … yes?”

“I placed a huge burden on you and was only thinking about getting it.”

Jeong Gwang was embarrassed.

That’s true, but isn’t the atmosphere too solemn?

Unhu continued speaking heavily.

“I prepared it for you.”

“… … yes?”

“It’s better than the elixir, so don’t be too gloomy.”

“… … yes?”

Unhu looked at Jang Mun-in.

Jang Moon-in nodded.

“Please begin.”

Unhu made Jeong Gwang sit up straight and cross-legged.

And he spoke emphatically one by one.

“Get your mind straight. “You must never open your mouth or speak.”

Wow, this can’t be… … .

Is that it?

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