Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 2

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Episode 2

It simply flows.

I need to master martial arts swiftly and depart from here…

Once I gained the ability to run, I felt invincible.

Yet, now Jeong Gwang found himself ensnared by the embrace of young women, unable to escape, let alone master martial arts.

“””Hey! Young Taoist!”””

“””Oh! How adorable!”””

The female companions from Kunlun, upon visiting, embraced Jeong Gwang, causing quite a commotion.

With an unexpectedly cute visage and a modest attire tailored to fit his small frame, where else could such a combination exist in the world?

His popularity teetered on the brink of soaring, even eclipsing the stature of Kunlun itself.

“””Young Taoist. What is your name?”””

“””… Jeong Gwang.”””

“””Eek! I want to pinch you!”””

There was even a woman who dared to take a nibble.

It didn’t hurt.

In fact, it felt pleasant precisely because it didn’t hurt.

It wasn’t an awakening to some alien realm; it was merely novelty.

Though he had trodden a bloody path in his previous life, he was ignorant of women. No, rather, countless women had worshipped him.

But it was all due to his position. None truly fancied him as these women did.

Upon reincarnation, a world like this unfurled before him.

Wasn’t this the sort of thing that inevitably prompted contemplation on the universe’s origins?

“””Sister, let us cease. He is still a Taoist monk.”””

“””Ugh. Yes, my apologies, Master. Farewell for now.”””

As the women departed, a void settled in. Was this a sensation of loss?

It was a sentiment he had never experienced in his past life, where he had everything, yet when lost, it was swiftly replaced.

Reflecting upon it now, it seemed akin to when the old man passed away.

“””… Alright?”””

Jeong Gwang realized.

That his former life was hardly worthy of the term ‘life’.

All he had done was learn martial arts, engage in combat, and kill to safeguard his father. Nothing was done for himself!

How could it be so unjust?

He grew weary of the stench of remorse. He had contemplated leaving, but for the wrong reasons.

Now was the time to revel in it.

To venture out and enjoy life.

He resolved to set a clear objective for his foray into the world.


There were countless endeavors he had yet to undertake.


He would attempt them all!

Jeong Gwang’s countenance turned resolute.

Mastery of martial arts must come first.

He was confident he would swiftly ascend to the ranks of a master.


Because he was the progeny of the Heavenly Demon Church’s leader.

Wasn’t this position the pinnacle of martial prowess, passed down through generations, second only to his father?

The disciples of Jungwon Moorim might not acknowledge it, but the more they denied it, the more feeble they appeared.

Hadn’t former sect leaders, weaker than Jeong Gwang, toyed with Jungwon’s martial arts sect?

Since fleeing was not an option, why not strive for eminence?

But even that proved unattainable with this frail physique.

He needed to begin with the basics.

If he sought swift mastery, he must lay the groundwork with the Killing Soul and Mind technique, fortify it with the Asura Demon Blood Art, and then apply the Heavenly Demon and Heavenly God techniques…

At that moment, the sight of Kunlun Taoists practicing martial arts caught his gaze.

“””Ha! The essence of skill!”””

With a graceful flourish, akin to a learned scholar, a Taoist split the clouds with his brush strokes.

“””Whoosh. Ascend, Cloud Serpent!”””

A mystical technique that summoned a dragon from the clouds, soaring into the heavens.

Though their skills were rudimentary, their martial prowess exuded grandeur.

Jeong Gwang’s lips parted.


This was it.

He had no desire to be branded by monikers drenched in blood, as in his past life, nor be hailed as a true demon. No, he aspired to conquer formidable opponents with martial skills that embodied such dignity.

He recalled Unhu’s words.

“””This is the will of Taesangno. It was ordained from the outset.”””

Indeed. That’s why Kunlun was the answer.

Among the nine factions, Kunlun stood as the most enigmatic.

Perceived as merely a speck on the map, the reality was quite different.

Mastering Kunlun’s martial arts would spark intrigue, even amidst the central plains.

What a rare spectacle, exuding unmatched charisma.


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His yearning to perfect martial arts surged.

Not merely to escape this place, but to immerse himself in its pursuit.


Had he ever anticipated a day such as this?

In his past life, martial arts were a necessity as the son of a religious leader.

Initially, he displayed talent, hence its pursuit.

When it grew tiresome, he continued to safeguard his father.

Jeong Gwang believed he detested martial arts.

Yet, that wasn’t the case.

His mind may have repelled it, but his body reveled in its practice.

The only disparity from his previous life was the pursuit of martial arts from a prestigious school, adorned with a distinguished name and noble posture.

He needed to commence at once.


Monks regarded him with pity, mistaking his introspection for dejection from his dalliance with female admirers.

“””You’ve endured much.”””

Heo Cheong gently consoled Jeong Gwang, offering a faint smile.


“””…Not yet.”””

“””Sabung. Master, I’m ready to learn.”””

“””They said you were too young. Now is the time to eat well and rest.”””

A reasonable assertion, yet could he truly adhere to it?

Jeong Gwang surveyed his surroundings.

Every motion of those practicing swordsmanship, honing martial arts, and refining light footwork was etched in his mind.

However, cultivating without the Naegongsim method was futile.

Jeong Gwang mimicked Heo Cheong’s breathing, his constant companion.

Inhale, exhale.

While variations existed in rhythm and cadence, these two actions formed the bedrock of Tonap.

As complexity heightened, enhancing efficiency necessitated the Naegongsim method.

Yet, for now, mastering the fundamentals sufficed.

Discovering Danjeon and sensing energy marked the initial stride.

Jeong Gwang promptly delved into Danjeon.

Left alone amidst the mountains, peril loomed. Kunlun’s elders had harnessed internal energy to heal him, hence his Danjeon was vast and potent from the outset.

A seed was sown within his Danjeon, a kernel of ki discovered.

With the passing of seasons, one became two after the rainy season.

Come the fall of leaves, four sprouted from the ground.

After the snowfall, eight emerged.

As nature dictated, a bud burgeoned into sixteen petals.

Years slipped by.

At five years old, Jeong Gwang’s Danjeon bore fruit.

Achieving such heights with basic Tonap, sans advanced Naegongsim, was unprecedented.

No one in the world adhered so ardently to the fundamentals, and Jeong Gwang found solace in this.

By now, articulating his thoughts came effortlessly

and with crystal-clear pronunciation.

Those around him had grown accustomed to this and took it in stride.

“””It’s nearly time to begin teaching,”” Heo Cheong remarked, sensing the moment arrive. He motioned for Jeong Gwang to sit before him, his tone grave.”

“””I shall initiate your martial arts training. We’ll start by laying the groundwork with the Negongsimbeop.”””

Prepared and eager, Jeong Gwang clenched his fists.

Was it finally commencing?

Good. Let’s skip the trivialities.

If that’s the case, then at least…

“””Is this Taiqing Qigong?”””

“””What? Ha ha ha. We must start with basic Tonap. Learning proper breathing takes precedence.”””

“””I already know how to do that.”””


“””I’ve expanded my Danjeon slightly and cultivated Jingi accordingly.”””

“””That’s… Doesn’t make sense… Let me see.”””

Heo Qing, infused with his true energy, inspected his disciple’s Danjeon and nearly stumbled backward.

What a robust foundation!

It was as vast as a boundless basin! And already brimming with energy!

“””How… How is this…?”””

“””I observed Master’s breathing and emulated it.”””

Jeong Gwang had learned Kunlun’s breathing technique by shadowing Heo Qing.

“””So you’ve reached this level? This is astounding!”””

“””It works.”””

He Qing had no rebuttal.

Hadn’t he verified this himself?

After a moment of bewilderment, realization dawned. And just like before, he clenched his fists in excitement.

“””My disciple is a prodigy!”””

He was proud of his student’s quick wit and intelligence from the start, but to think he was such a prodigy! Not just any prodigy, but a true genius among geniuses!

He had to fulfill his duty as a master.

That’s pride!

He dashed around Kunlun, proclaiming:

“””Brethren! Jeong Gwang is a true genius!”””

“””Indeed! Your disciple is truly remarkable!”””

All smiled and nodded in agreement.

While thinking thus:

“””Have you ever seen such fervor?”””

He Qing wasn’t naive; he sensed their intentions.

But he wasn’t angered.

His disciple wasn’t so feeble-minded… No, his student was a genuine prodigy!

He rushed to the Council Hall, bubbling with excitement.

“””Master! Sasuk!”””

“””Well, what’s all the commotion about?”””

“””Don’t be astounded!”””

“””Huh. What’s on your mind?”””

“””My student is a prodigy!”””

“””… Yeah, yeah. He’s a clever lad.”””

The old monks shook their heads in bemusement.

They all fancied boasting about their disciples; who could blame them?

Though it was somewhat nonsensical, he deemed it akin to a blind affection for his student.

“””Customary teachings won’t suffice for a prodigy. We must provide tailored instruction,”” He Qing asserted.”

“””… Alright. I suppose so.”””

“””It’s not about talent alone; it’s about nurturing it.”””

“””Haha. Understood.”””

Heo Qing smiled confidently.

That smile embodied sheer confidence.

“””Allow me to prove it.”””

Of course, it was Jeong Gwang’s Danjeon that served as proof, not Heo Qing.

The old monks, invigorated, widened their eyes in astonishment.

Wasn’t the magnitude and potency of his Danjeon beyond comprehension? And the sheer volume of energy it contained?

“””Mm, boundless Buddha…”””

“””Huh. How is this possible?”””

“””The Great Emperor is smiling upon Kunlun!”””

The old monks fretted.

Was it wise to impart vision techniques to a mere five-year-old? Regardless of his genius, wasn’t it perilous?

Unhu stepped forth, addressing their concerns.

“””I will oversee this with Heo Cheong.”””

“””Is that so?”””

“””Haha. Even if his Danjeon is damaged, he can still sense energy and learn.”””

“””That’s not what I asked.”””

In the end, the old monks relented.

It was decided to teach Jeong Gwang Socheong Qigong instead of Taicheong Qigong.

Despite his prodigious nature, there were limits, and he must progress step by step to solidify his foundation.

Unhu and Heo Cheong led fervently.

And Jeong Gwang absorbed everything with fervor.


Heo Cheong, observing Unhu’s bright smile, inquired curiously.

“””Why are you doing this, Master?”””

“””Because of your student.”””

“””Even so? Even if something were amiss with his concentration…?”””

“””It’s not. It’d be imprudent to squander my savings every day.”””

“””Haha. Fair point.”””

Unhu and Heo Cheong exchanged knowing glances, chuckling.

They were immensely pleased with Jeong Gwang’s growth, both as a son and a disciple.

Where else could such an extraordinary child be found, achieving such remarkable feats at such a tender age?

But it was precisely three years later…

Jeong Gwang tilted his head and addressed Unhu.


“””Haha. Yes, what is it?”””

“””My request has been fulfilled, but I have a question.”””

“””Haha. Alright, go ahead. Request… What request? Did you achieve your request? How preposterous…”””

“””It works.”””


“””It just works?”””

Jeong Gwang responded innocently as Unhu struggled to comprehend.

“””I can do it.”””

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