Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 17

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Episode 17

The owner of clear and clean eyes

It was the same no matter where I went.

The sandy horizon continued endlessly.

Baek Jin-hwan sighed inwardly.

‘This is something I really can’t do.’

I guess I just didn’t feel that way.

His wife, Heo Yeo-min, who was walking next to him, made a joke.

“I didn’t know that if you keep walking in the desert, you’ll get motion sickness.”

“Oh my. “Can you at least pat me on the back?”

“I’ve already vomited a few times.”

“haha. “Seeing you farming, I guess you still have energy.”

“oh. “It’s true.”

As Baek Jin-hwan, who was surprised, urgently tried to check his condition, Heo Yeo-min laughed softly.

“haha. “It’s Nong, Nong.”

“Whew. You were surprised. Are you really okay?”

“Sure. “It’s actually better, isn’t it?”

“Huh. “A desert like this?”

Heo Yeo-min’s eyes rounded at Baek Jin-hwan’s absurd question.

“It means I like going with you.”

“you… … .”

Baek Jin-hwan trailed off and looked at his wife.

Because of the sandstorm, all but her eyes were covered with cloth, but I could see the smile she was making.

That made my heart hurt even more.

“I’m sorry. “I can’t make you happy, but I made you come to a place like this.”

“What are you saying? “They made a fuss about me coming.”

“haha. What a bunch. “Everyone knows that your martial arts skills are no different from mine and are of great help.”

“Hmm. Why are you floating like this? “Did I do something wrong?”

“I’m sorry for not being nice to you.”

Heo Yeo-min frowned at Baek Jin-hwan’s repeated self-blame.




She hit her husband’s back with her palm.

“Why do you keep breaking the mood? “It feels good to travel together after a long time.”

“Woah, travel?”

“In times like this, try saying something sweet. “He’s usually good, but I don’t know why he doesn’t come out.”

Baek Jin-hwan’s eyes trembled.

I was so grateful to my wife who told me that the trip that lasted almost a year was a trip.

He made up his mind.

“Yes, it was a trip. “I was mistaken for a moment.”

Her eyes were round again.

“Now you’re back to your original self.”

The two people stopped the camel they were riding and smiled.

And they held each other’s hands tightly.

The subordinates who followed behind had no choice but to stop.

They were whistling and telling practical jokes, but they were irritated.

“Well, let’s go quickly!”

“This is it. “Is it possible to live in sorrow for an unmarried person?”

“Can’t you see that our morale is plummeting right now?”

Unlike Baek Jin-hwan, who smiled humbly, Heo Yeo-min turned her head and glared at them.

“I beg your pardon?”

The tall men shrugged their shoulders.

As she continued to glare, a few courageous people barely responded.

“hmm. hmm. “There’s not much left, so take your time.”

“thank you. “Thanks to you two, I decided that I must get married.”

“Urararat! “I feel strangely energized!”

Heo Yeo-min, laughing, turned her gaze to Baek Jin-hwan.

“That’s right.”

“ha ha ha. “I heard it too.”

“So, don’t you ever say that again. “Rather, I want to go on trips like this more often.”

“I will take care.”

“I mean. “It’s only my second time.”

“… … The first one refers to the time you went to Kunlun seventeen years ago?”

“oh. “Is there more to it than that?”

Baek Jin-hwan smiled bitterly under the cloth covering his face.

It was because I remembered what happened back then.

The thing about going to Kunlun to become an umbrella at the top.


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‘It was a pointless hardship.’

My wife was with us as she had just given birth to our second child.

The rough road from Xining to Kunlun Mountain.

Of course, I was against it at first.

‘No. ‘Where are you going with that body?’

‘I know my body well. And I want to see you too.’

Is there anything you can say about wanting to meet your brother, who became a monk a long time ago and became a Buddhist monk?

Still, I stopped her.

‘If I go in person, my brother might be able to move the hearts of the Kunlun faction even a little.’

Baekga Sangdan (白家商團), which was growing at its peak, needed strength.

He hugged her tightly without saying a word.

And then headed to Kunlun.


It was rejected outright.

And that too to my brother-in-law, whom I trusted.

‘Do you want to be a force at the top? I’m sorry, but this text does not interfere with the personal affairs of Tao Mun (道門) and Kang Ho.’

‘Dojang, what are you saying? Even if we are members of the same Daoist community, don’t we raise lay disciples and take care of business?’

‘Baek family head. It has been over a hundred years since the main text stopped receiving lay disciples. ‘Don’t you know why?’

‘I know. I heard that in the past, when the Demonic Cult invaded under the orders of that evil enemy, Kunlun’s lay disciples rushed to the aid of the recluse and suffered misfortune.’

‘exactly. ‘We were all attacked by demonic cultists before we even climbed the mountain.’

‘But isn’t that a thing of the past? Now that Jincheonma is dead, the Demonic Cult is in a state of self-destruction and unable to do anything… … .’

‘It’s the past. I don’t know when the seeds of evil spread by Jincheonma will germinate again. If they call again, what happened then will happen again, so the text must prepare for that. ‘I don’t have time to worry about personal matters, so you know that.’

My brother-in-law was as rambunctious as he looked.

Even talking to a piece of wood would have felt better than this.

‘Brother! Why is it more clogged than before? Look me straight in the eye and say it! hurry!’

The angry wife joined in and fired, but the brother-in-law did not back down even though his face turned white.

‘… … Uh, not anyway!’

I stayed a few more days and tried to persuade him, but the point was unwavering. Instead, she passed away after acting as a nanny for her wife, who was not even in her care.

In short, it was a pointless step.

But looking back, it was also a good thing.

Unlike other merchants who grow their power in the shadow of a large clan, they were able to grit their teeth and grow their business with their own family power.

Eventually, the Baekga Merchant Marine Company even opened a trade route with the West.

Not Cheonsan North Road or Cheonsan South Road, where you have to worry about being attacked by magic bandits even after paying a lot of toll, but West Yeoknamdo, which disappeared a long time ago.

‘It was hard work.’

It was a trade route that passed through the desert.

Tapgeukrabmagan Desert means ‘an abandoned place, a place where you can’t go in and get out’ in the Hoehle language, and dozens of clans lived there, meaningless.

This was possible because there were rare places where springs gush and plants grow, and Baek Jin-hwan wanted to travel to and from the West and Central Plains through those places.

So, we retraced the route based on past records and information passed down orally from the natives.

And in the end, it was possible to recreate the West Yeoknamdo Island.

‘They say there was a ferocious monster that ate people without leaving any bones behind… … .’

It’s just a legend, nothing like that has happened in nearly 70 years.

This road I am currently walking on was safer than any other road.

‘After passing through Hwajeon, Wuzhen, and Nia, Yakgang is just around the corner. Now that the first flight was successful, future work will be easier. now… … .’

He will be able to support the eldest son, who has already reached a government position due to his natural intelligence.

A good warrior teacher to the second son who is interested in martial arts… … No, whether you become a Shaolin or a shaman, you will be able to make a generous donation and be accepted as a lay disciple.


More than anything, he will be able to strengthen his wife.

“oh. “You imagined something crazy again, right?”

“… … hmm? “What do you mean?”

“Isn’t that just the way the corners of your eyes fold? Be honest. what?”

“ha ha ha!”

“Just say it and don’t laugh.”

They fought each other again and built up affection.

Naturally, the subordinates’ faces were distorted.

at that time,



Baek Jin-hwan and Heo Yeo-min turned their heads at the same time.

They shouted the same thing regardless of who went first.

“Ready for battle!”

The subordinates reflexively drew their weapons. Then he turned his gaze to where the couple was watching.

Their eyes were distorted.

A huge cloud of sand was rising in the distance.

“Shit! “Probably not!”

“please! please!”

Unfortunately, it was correct.

I saw numerous camels running, making earth-shaking noises.

On top of it were people holding huge half-moon swords.

“Blood-and-blood wind!”

“Damn it! “Why are the guys active in the North and South Cheonsan Roads here?”

Baek Jin-hwan calmed down the confused subordinates.

“quiet! “Let’s form a circle with the loaded camel in the middle!”

Heo Yeo-min shouted next.

“Everyone, take out your short spears and assemble them! “You must protect yourself and not move on!”

The subordinates immediately followed orders.

They formed a circle and connected bamboo single spears to make long spears that were longer than one long spear. He stuck the handle into the ground and aimed forward with the tip of the spear.

Although some people shook their hands in fear, no one ran away.

That’s because the couple’s name was so solemn.

Anyway, I couldn’t run away from the blood and death wind in the desert once I had encountered it.

The wind that got closer did not slow down and just attacked.



The Hyeolsa-pung bandit, who was impaled on a bamboo pole with a camel, screamed.


The head of the Baekga Sangdan warrior who had been cut by the Banwoldo floated in the air.

A horrendous scream cut through the wind, and copious amounts of blood soaked the sand.

Baekga Sangdan gritted its teeth and resisted.

However, Hyeolsa-pung was a skilled hunter.

Unlike the momentum with which it was initially pushed in, it came in without haste.

And figured it out.

The head of the Baekga Sangdan.


The commander of the Blood Death Wind, who had been watching for a while, held out his half-moon sword and pointed at the two people.

“There are those who use swords and those who wield swords.”


The thieves responded immediately and then rushed at Baek Jin-hwan and Heo Yeo-min.

Several swords were struck at once.





The couple struggled, but the wounds continued to increase.

The situation is such that it is difficult for the warriors of Baekga Sangdan to save their own lives, let alone help.

Soon, Heo Yeo-min cut her face.



Baek Jin-hwan, surprised, turned around. Fortunately, she only got cuts covering her face, but instead, he looked away and hit her with a knife on the shoulder.

“Wow! “These guys!”

Enraged, he wielded his sword at blinding speed.

It was the secret weapon of the family, the Hundred Flowers and Eighteen Swords.


“You bastard!”

“Oh my! “My arm!”

He hurt three people, but that was it.

The angry thieves attacked Baek Jin-hwan.


Heo Yeo-min, whose bare face was exposed, was harassed.

“Hoo. It was a bitch, not a guy. “It’s a bit old, but is it worth looking at?”

“haha. Shall we capture him alive?”

“okay. Have a taste tonight… … “Wow!”

The sword struck the face of a guy who was talking obscenities.

It was a sword thrown by Heo Yeo-min.

“Hey, you bitch!”

“why? “Would you like me to plug it in for you too?”

Heo Yeo-min chuckled and grabbed the other sword she was carrying on her back.

“Come. hurry. Oh, what are you doing? “Are you scared?”

“… … “Kill me!”

Four half-moon swords attacked Heo Yeo-min.

She was frantically trying to block, but soon her spirit ran out.

‘Is this the end?’

Her husband, who had always cared for her, was also turning into a bloody mess.

I thought of my first son who passed the civil service examination and obtained a government position, but was ignored because he came from a Korean-American family.

Even at this very moment, I thought of my second son, who was wielding a sword and pursuing his dream of becoming a great leader.

‘I wanted to get together and have a meal once this was over.’

I was afraid.

The fact that I no longer see them is more important than the impending death.

‘Everyone, please come slowly… … .’

She opened her eyes wide and looked at the slashing blades.

at that time,


Dazzling beams of light exploded along with a strange sound of energy.


Her eyes were dazzling, so she closed them for a moment and opened them to see someone standing in front of her.


It was a man wearing shabby clothes that were battered by the sandstorm.

“long time no see. “What are you doing here?”

“… … yes?”

“what? “What kind of respect?”

“Who, who… … ?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

He lifted the cloth covering his face.

A dazzlingly beautiful face was revealed.

A handsome boy I’ve never seen before… … No, her young man asked her.

“You understand now, right?”

“… … Wow, who on earth are you? … ?”

The young man made a bewildered expression.

“Wow. “You’re not that old, but you don’t remember me?”

“Are you getting old?”

“Still, I’m glad I’ve grown old gracefully. “Chunyang’s older sister has aged dramatically.”

“What on earth are you saying…?” … .”

Confused, she looked around and was astonished.

The chopped up corpses of the thieves formed a semicircle around her.

“Oh no! how!”

“I cut it with a sword.”

“Ah, is that light from before a sword light?”


“… … haha. Ahaha.”

She wasn’t the only one confused.

Everyone was staring at the sword hanging at the young man’s side.

‘What nonsense!’

‘I’ve never seen you put anything in, let alone draw it!’

When he felt that his subordinates were agitated, the commander of the Blood Death Wind gritted his teeth.

‘It’s a witchcraft! No matter how great a technique is, it is meaningless in front of numbers. We need to pick up the momentum!’

After organizing his thoughts, he shouted with all his heart.

“Who are you! How dare you do something like this, knowing who we are!”

“Who are you?”

“It’s blood poisoning! If you knew by now, you would just walk away… … .”

“ah. Those petty thieves?”

Are you calling the infamous Blood Death Wind that sweeps through Tapgeukrabmagan a petty thief?

While everyone gaped, the young American grumbled.

“Why so many? “I don’t think they even organize numbers these days.”

The eyes of the commander of the Blood Death Wind grew so big that they seemed to pop out.

‘Numbers, organizing numbers? No way… … ?’

The young man clicked his tongue for a moment and then looked at Heo Yeo-min.

“nurse. What should I do?”

“U, Nanny? “Me, me?”

“yes. “She is a nanny because she gave me milk.”

Heo Yeo-min was shocked and Baek Jin-hwan was angry.

“Um, milk? Me, me?”

“Look! “No matter how much you are a benefactor, how can you molest someone else’s wife!”

“ah. “It’s been a while, too, uncle.”

“… … Oh, uncle? Do you know me?”

“Oh really. “What is people’s memory?”

The young man sighed.

“Whew. “You saw it in Kunlun.”

After searching their memories for a while, the couple remembered one person’s face, no matter who came first.


Baby Dosa was so small and cute.

Memories of breastfeeding at the request of the Taoists.

The eyes stared at their faces as if they would never forget them throughout the feeding process.

The owner of those clear and clean eyes was standing in front of them.

If I remember correctly, the name is… … .

“… … Concentrate?”

The handsome young man Jeong Gwang nodded.

“Now you remember. But, I’m a bit busy right now.”

Jeong Gwang smiled and asked for understanding.

“I’ll just kill them all. “Are you okay?”

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