Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 16

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Episode 16

Banseondan (半仙丹)

Jeong Gwang went to Unhu’s residence with Jang Mun-in. Unyeon, who was watching the sleeping Unhu, looked at Jeong Gwang with a hint of anger on his face.

“You put so much effort into it and end up stuck in the library again. “Take care of your body.”


“Huh. You’re answering half-heartedly again. “This is the way to go.”

Although the words were scolding, his voice was so soft that even Jang Mun-in smiled.

“Priest, how about an ambassadorial punishment?”

“He’s still only awake for one hour a day. The ambassador said that Jeonggwang temporarily attached the broken danjeon and planted flags. “I can’t believe it’s possible to operate Jingi in such detail.”

Unyeon’s eyes turned to Jeong Gwang.

Anyone who saw it looked like they were about to bombard him with questions.

Jeong Gwang quickly struck the bow.

“I found a way by reading medical books.”

“method? no way… … .”

“yes. “A way to save Sajo.”

“Huh. “Hehehe.”

Unyeon laughed and looked at Jeong Gwang. If someone else had said something like that, I would have scolded them and told them not to joke around, but I couldn’t do that to Jeong Gwang.

“… … okay. “What should I do?”

“I need an elixir.”

“… … “Elixir?”


Was it too obvious an answer?

Unyeon’s expression darkened.

“Are you talking about Daehwandan (大還丹) of Shaolin, Taechungdan (太淸dan) of shamans, and Jasodan (紫小丹) of Hwasan? But there’s no way they would give away the treasure of a recluse, right?”

“no. Anything other than those.”

Unyeon’s brow furrowed.

After thinking for a while, he asked in surprise.

“Are you sure you’re talking about something from the Demonic Cult? An elixir that reverses the life and death of a living and dead magician, a life and death magic pill?”

Jeong Gwang was dumbfounded.

That’s the elixir that turns life and death upside down?

Don’t turn it over.

Because it revives the dead as a jiangshi.

But who would want to live as a Jiangshi?

Jang Moon-in’s next words were even more absurd.

“You’re not talking about one tenth of fourteen lives, right? “I heard that it is a treasure that even the demonic cult leaders can obtain only when teenagers change.”

Jeong Gwang realized that the members of the Jeong Sect had a ridiculous misunderstanding about the Heavenly Demon Church.

One-tenth was not that great, but it was a drug with such poor odds that if ten people took it, one would barely survive.

Among the past religious leaders, some greedy old men ate it, but only two survived.

Still, two people survived, so you might be wondering what happened, but they didn’t just survive.

One became a madman, went on a rampage, and was beaten to death by those below him. The other one also went crazy and made a fuss and was chased out by the guys below.

I don’t know what happened after that, but he probably didn’t die a nice death.

Is there any way that people who have been quacks for generations, like Saengsamma, Saengsam, and Saengseo, can make a proper elixir?

In short, both were trash.

Even Jeong Gwang’s father, who was extremely obsessed with life, didn’t even eat it, so isn’t everything said?

When Jeong Gwang shook his head, Un Yeon and Jang Mun In’s faces were filled with relief and doubt.

“There’s no way they would give it to me, but I’m glad they didn’t.”

“Then what are you talking about?”

Well, whatever.

“I have to make it myself.”

“… … ?”

Jeong Gwang turned his gaze away from them with their mouths wide open and looked at Unhu who was sleeping.

Even while sleeping, he has a benevolent expression on his face.

A name that suited him perfectly came to mind.

“First of all, it’s called Banseondan.”

* * *

Kunlun’s entire disciples, except for Unhu and his caregiver Yunyeon, gathered in the training hall.

Jeong Gwang declared to them as they looked grim at the intense training that was about to begin.

“There will be no training for the time being.”

If they had been completely pure and clean before Zheng Guang came to Kunlun, this would have been something to cheer about.

However, they, who had been suffering for seventeen years, were nervous and swallowed their saliva at the next words.

just as expected.

Jeong Gwang’s words were unusual.

“You should do something else instead.”

“… … .”

“Do you have any questions?”

Is that possible?

I was just too scared to ask.

I feel like I’ll have to poop if I ask first.


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In fact, they all had to be packed, Jeong Gwang explained kindly.

“Did you know that Sajo, who was about to ascend the mountain, woke up not long ago?”

Everyone nodded.

As Taoists, they were not supposed to be concerned about life and death, but they were also people.

Their eyes as they looked at Jeonggwang contained feelings of gratitude.

“But at most it’s a year.”

The shocked Taoist monks began to mutter. Some people looked at Jang Mun-in, and when he said it was true, their expressions became sad.

“He sacrificed himself for the world to the extent that he was called a virtuous saint.”

“Are you saying you have to go without even enjoying heavenly life because of the wicked Daimadu?”

“This is against the will of heaven.”

Words of lament flowed here and there, but became quiet due to Jeong Gwang’s next words.

“So I did some research and found a way to treat it.”

“… … !”

It was clearly called ‘treatment’.

Doesn’t that mean it’s completely saved?

No matter how concentrated it is, is that possible?

Jang Mun-in, who noticed their doubts, explained what had happened a little while ago.

How did Jeong Gwang convince Unyeon, who was as distrustful as them?

Unyeon, who had the best medical skills in Kunlun, was so surprised by Jeong Gwang’s vast medical knowledge that he was even dumbfounded.

As Jang Mun-in finished speaking, the training hall became noisy.

“Then yes!”

“Jeong-gwang, I believed it!”

“haha! “I’m saying that I can always see Sabaek’s smile!”

“Thank you so much!”

Jeong Ja-bae and Heo Ja-bae cheered, but Unja-bae, an old ginger, was happy but mentally prepared.

From what I’ve experienced so far, none of the methods of concentration are easy.

It was as they expected.

“We’ll split into groups from now on.”

“… … ?”

Jeong Gwang divided the personnel in a single order.

There were five groups in total.

Of course, the leader was appointed immediately.

“The first group is led by Unseong Sasukjo, the second group is led by Unsu Sasukjo, the third group is led by Unbi Sasukjo, the fourth group is led by Unjin Sasukjo, and the fifth group is led by Unhyang Sasukjo.”

“… … .”

The old monks who were called looked at each other.

Among them, Unseong, the youngest, was pushed by the looks in the eyes of the executioners and asked as a representative.

“… … “Why are you sharing the food?”

“I have a lot of places to go.”

“… … Are you going? “Where?”

“The first dynasty is the Sidalmok Basin, the 2nd dynasty is the Yellow River, the 3rd dynasty is the Cheonghae Lake, and the 4th dynasty is the Dangolab Mountains… … uh? “Why do you look like that?”

“… … “I was surprised because it was a little far away.”

“It’s far. “It will be soon.”

It wasn’t right away.

These were places that took months just to get there.


What big deal would it be if we could save Unhu?

A light of determination began to appear in the Taoists’ eyes.

Iljojang Unseong, whose curiosity was soaring, asked in a lively voice.

“What should I do when I go?”

“You need to get the ingredients for the elixir.”

The atmosphere became a little cold.

“… … Surely you don’t want to retrieve legendary elixirs and spiritual objects such as Gongcheongseokyu (空淸石乳), Sunhwari (太陽火鯉), Thousand Years Three Emperors (萬年蔘皇), and Thousand Years of Water Five (千年何首烏)?”

“yes? haha. No way. “How do you get something like that within a year?”

The atmosphere was lightened by words of extremely common sense.

“haha. I thought so. So, what can I ask for?”

“Blue blood flowers and wet rock bacteria. About one colander each?”

“… … Blue blood flower? “This is my first time hearing it.”

“It is a flower that is blue on the outside and red on the inside. Don’t worry, I’ll give you the picture that’s in the medical book… … ah. It seems so common that it probably won’t be of much help? “I think it would be quicker to pick all the blue flowers and squeeze them.”

There are so many blue flowers in the world, so you want to pick them all and weave them?

“… … What about wet rock bacteria? I don’t think it’s anything out of the ordinary, a damp rock mushroom… … .”

“ah. That requires digging more than one piece of moist ground. And if you’re lucky, it comes out.”

Are there a lot of wet floors in the Sidalmok Basin? You have to dig deeper than a person is tall.

Plus, you need some luck.

“… … Are these things that exist in the world?”

In his previous life, Jeong Gwang had the experience of dragging Saengsammaui and Saengsangsib4 and saving them himself.

They were the ones who picked the flowers, squeezed the juice, and sold the land.


“… … okay. “Don’t believe it.”

It was a situation where he wanted to believe the beans even if they were red beans, and because of what Jeong-gwang had shown him so far, Un-seong did not complain anymore.

So did others.

But the more they said things that needed attention, the more their mouths opened and their jaws fell off.

“For this bird, you can catch a pair of male and female dragonfish. “Alive.”

“Yo, Yonglin? “The name itself is unusual.”

“Yes, it is a fish.”

“Well, isn’t that something that’s easy to get?”

“They say one or two are caught every ten years, so something will happen.”

“… … “Ten years?”

“ah. That’s when fishermen caught it by fishing or netting. “We are martial arts people.”

“… … What do you mean?”

“You can go into the river and catch it.”

“… … “On the Yellow River?”

“This group only selected people whose hometowns are adjacent to lakes and rivers, so there shouldn’t be any problem in judging them.”

Unsoo, who had become Captain Lee, and the team members looked at each other.

Come to think of it, weren’t only people from those places gathered there?

After admiring Jeong Gwang, who knew everything about each person’s hometown, they felt their eyesight turn dark for a moment.

‘How wide and long is the Yellow River?’

‘You want me to search all over there?’

‘It’s so cloudy you can’t even see it?’

Before we knew it, Jeong Gwang had passed through the three ancestors and was informing the four ancestors of what they needed.

As Sajojang Unjin, whose complexion was becoming increasingly white as he continued speaking, forced his lips that would not part to part and bit down.

“… … One hundred pounds of Okbong honey, one hundred roots of Seolginseng, and… … Phew. Even though there are many types, why do we have to get everything in hundreds? “It seems like there are too many and it would take a long time.”

“Do not worry. “I made a group with only people with strong patience.”

Sajo’s face distorted.

Are you patient?

Just listening to it makes me explode?

The last remaining Ojo tensed up and glared at Jeong Gwang’s lips.

“You can stay in Kunlun.”

The training ground was shaking.

Isn’t this such a sweet mission?

However, Ojojang Unhyang was a skilled swordsman.

“… … Is it real?”

“yes? of course. “Why am I lying?”

The Ojo members smiled as their tension eased, but Unhyang did not let down his guard.

“… … “Tell me exactly what needs to be done.”

“You must keep the text. Welcoming the helpers and holding a ancestral rite.”

Only then did a sigh of relief flow from Unhyang’s mouth.

There weren’t enough people to protect and manage the vast Kunlun faction, but it was still worth the effort.

Up to this point, it really was like that.

“And there is something to look for in the Kunlun Mountains. first of all… … .”

Then yes.

It’s not even Kunlun Mountain, it’s the Kunlun Mountains.

‘With this number of people?’

‘Wow. I’m already feeling nauseous… … .’

Not only Ojo but everyone else’s mind went blank.

‘They say there are pictures and they tell you where you can get them, but… … .’

‘I have to wander around looking for things I’ve never heard or seen before?’

‘I think training would be much easier.’

Everyone’s expressions darkened.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do it because I thought it would be too hard.

I was afraid of failing.

‘Can we do it?’

‘If I can’t get it… … .’

‘iced coffee. ‘Unhu Sabaeknim.’

Jeong Gwang looked at them and inwardly shook his head.

‘That’s such a big deal.’

Although they are rare, they are not something you cannot find if you die to find them.

They were only auxiliary ingredients, and the main ingredients had to be obtained from Jeonggwang.

Since it is the main ingredient, it is natural that it is difficult to obtain.

Luckily I knew exactly where it was… … .

‘Oh really.’

Wrinkles appeared on Jeong Gwang’s forehead.

I remembered going there once in my previous life and leaving school.

But what can I do? I don’t have any talent to send, so I have no choice but to go myself.

‘When this is over, everyone will be foaming at the mouth.’

A force arose in his body.

The Taoists who felt it understood it in a different way.

‘Such momentum!’

‘okay! ‘If Jeong Gwang, the youngest, has such determination, what on earth am I thinking?’

‘I will do it! I will definitely do it!’

A deep determination covered the training ground.

So they became one.

* * *

Three days later.

The Kunlun Taoist monks, fully prepared, formed a group and left the mountain gate.

And that evening.

“Do you really have to go alone?”

“I don’t feel safe. “Think again.”

Unyeon and Jang Mun-in tried to dissuade him with worried faces, but Jeong Gwang showed them why they should do so.

His body soared into the air.

Unyeon and Jang Mun-in’s admiration followed.

“Huh! “Cloud Dragon Great Eight Styles!”

“I can’t believe it was like this!”

That wasn’t all.

Zheng Guang constantly unraveled Kunlun’s Buddhist scriptures.

It was a faster and more brilliant light technique than anyone else in Kunlun.

Unyeon and Jang Mun-in looked at the scene blankly.

And then I found out.

If someone else goes with you, it will only be a burden.

‘Concentration will definitely become a dragon.’

‘A dragon so huge and strong that Kunlun cannot contain it all.’

After a while, Jeong Gwang, who had landed on the ground, opened his mouth.

“Are you relieved now?”

No way.

No matter how divine he seemed, to them, Jeong Gwang was just a worried master son.


I had to send it away.

“… … “Be careful.”

“… … “I don’t believe it will be too much.”

Jeong Gwang slightly avoided their gaze.

Eyes like that.

Isn’t it like Unhu?

Jeong Gwang scratched his head and said hello briefly.

“I’ll be back.”

I quickly left the mountain gate.

Their gaze tickled the back of my head, but I didn’t look back.

Instead, he performed light engineering techniques.

His body was shot down the mountain through the wind.

‘I should come back quickly and get some rest.’

First outing after reincarnation.

The destination was Xinjiang Province, where the Heavenly Demon Church is located.

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