Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 18

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Episode 18

It’s not like it used to be

This wasn’t a fight.

It was a one-sided slaughter.

Every time Jeonggwang moved, his limbs flew off and blood spurted out.

The Baekga Sangdan people thought this way.

Hyeolsa-pung, it’s a name that’s perfect for now.

Their blood dyed the yellow sand red.

The concentrate swept over it like the wind.

It would be less horrifying if the killings were carried out with a smile.

Jeong Gwang’s expression was calm.

It seemed like he was just doing his job.

That sight became even more frightening.

“Ugh! “Run away!”

“huh. no.”


Those who were still alive scattered in all directions and fled.

The half-moon swords of those who had already died flew and pierced or broke them.

These were all things Jeong Gwang threw.

“what? “Is it over already?”

Jeong Gwang approached the head of the Hyeolsapoong unit, who had broken his limbs into pieces.

“Wow. “Please save me.”

“why me?”

“Che, thousand… … “Ugh!”

Jeong Gwang clicked his tongue and crushed the unit leader’s heart with his foot.

‘How on earth are you supposed to manage it, making me talk like this?’

Judging by the fact that the unit leader brought them in, the people we just killed must have been less than one-fifth of the total number of people in Blood Death Pung.

So, even if we do a rough calculation, the total number of members is over four hundred.

There were too many.

It was obvious that even if we swept them all out, new ones would creep in, so we reduced the number from time to time, but there were this many?

‘It looks like something is going on at the school.’

The thought was short.

‘Well, I don’t know anything.’

It was the first time in a while that I had tasted it, so that was enough.

Jeong Gwang shook the blood off the sword and cleaned it carefully.

‘If Master sees the blood stains… … .’

A storm of nagging would continue, and just thinking about it made my body tremble.

“Ugh. “It’s creepy.”

Jeong Gwang put his sword in its sheath and approached Heo Yeo-min.

As he got closer, she stepped back.

“What’s wrong?”

“… … .”

“ah. Are you afraid I’ll hurt the nanny? Don’t worry. “I don’t do that to my people.”

my person.

If a member of the True Jade Dragon Guard had heard these words, they would have been worthless, but not her.

Still, I felt a little relieved.

“… … Jeonggwang Sohyeop, thank you.”

“Ugh. “What is a small cooperative?”

The sight of him scratching his arms made her feel strangely at ease.

at that time.

Jeong Gwang grabbed the neck of Jang Han, who was supporting her.


“Oh, no!”

“Let go!”

“He is ours!”

Jeong Gwang spoke to the people who cried out in surprise.

“It’s three pieces.”

“… … !”

They were in shock for a moment, but soon came to their senses.

“On what basis?”

“It must be solid fact, not speculation.”

Jeong Gwang shrugged his shoulders.

“no way. “Do you really think I would do that?”

“… … .”

Everyone looked with suspicion at Jang Han, whom Jeong Gwang had pointed out as Sejak.

As he said this so confidently, I couldn’t help but feel shaken.

Jeong Gwang explained confidently.

“This guy smells like Sejak.”


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“… … .”

“huh? Why is your expression like that? “It really flies.”

“… … .”

Baek Jin-Hwan took a deep breath, gathered his emotions, and asked.

“… … “Isn’t that the feeling?”

“It’s not a feeling, it’s a smell.”

“… … I know yeah! “That’s not persimmon!”

“Oh really.”

Persimmon and smell are completely different.

If sense is a judgment made by combining various circumstances and instincts, smell is a feeling of the characteristics of another person.

It was a concentrate that had been wandering around in the Heavenly Demon God Church, the temple of many demons, for over a hundred years, catching countless evildoers and traitors.

And yet you don’t believe it?

“Let’s just take the fast route.”

Jeong Gwang stabbed Jang Han in the head with his finger.

His eyes bulged and he let out a piercing scream.


Everyone’s eyes widened.

It’s all torture.

How could you do this!

They say that Jeonggwang is a benefactor and is powerful beyond measure, but isn’t this true?

At that time, Jang Han’s colleagues who had been through hardships together were trying to draw their weapons, and Baek Jin-hwan and his wife were also trying to stop him by shouting.

“Ugh! Okay, stop! I’m right! please! Please stop!”

“Look. Right?”

“… … .”

The soldiers at the top quietly pushed in the weapon they were trying to pull out. Baek Jin-hwan and his wife could barely close his open mouth.

“money! I needed money! Argh! However, a person with blood pressure came to visit… … .”

Jang Han spoke on his own without being asked.

What bad things have you done?

What do you want to have?

Of course, my hobbies and favorite women,

They even said they were worried about their skin getting damaged by the sandstorm.

Soon, the people of Baekga Sangdan learned about Jang Han’s dark history as a child.

“Oh, it’s noisy.”

Jeong Gwang removed his finger from Jang Han’s head.

Jang Han, who was crying and spewing out everything, looked dumbfounded.

Blood dripping from the hole in my head.

“… … uh? Doesn’t it hurt?”

When Jeong Gwang threw him to the warriors of Baekga Sangdan, he became sick again.

This is because he was cornered by warriors.

“I was wondering how the Blood Death Wind knew about it and showed up here!”

“How could you do that!”

Soon he passed out.

“stop! “We need to save him and hear more details!”

At Baek Jin-hwan’s shout, the warriors who were beating Sejak began to sit down one by one.

It was only then that I felt the injuries and depleted stamina I had sustained in the fight against the Blood Death Wind.


“Jeongsam! Open your eyes! please!”

“Ugh. Sinnoh! Shinoyaaa!”

The warriors hugged their dead colleagues and screamed.

Although the battle was fierce, the only casualties occurred in the first assault.

Because Hyeolsa Pung was focused on catching Baek Jin-hwan and his wife, few people were seriously injured. Baek Jin-hwan and his wife’s injuries were the most severe.

“Let me see. hmm. “It’s a little scratched.”

The couple looked bewildered at Jeong Gwang’s words.

‘I can barely see the bones. What?’

‘You really are an unknown person.’

After measuring the blood pressure on the wounds they suffered, Jeong Gwang took out Geumchang medicine and applied it generously.

“iced coffee.”


The two people were amazed.

Surprisingly, as soon as you apply it, the pain subsides and you feel cool.

Jeong Gwang, who examined their complexions and wounds, was satisfied.

‘There are no side effects?’

It was roughly made from herbs collected while traveling through the Kunlun Mountains, and seemed quite useful.

“Thank you.”

“thank you.”

Jeong Gwang, who had been nodding at the couple, frowned.

“Ah, this guy is real.”

The couple is startled by an unexpected comment.


Jeong Gwang’s body disappeared.


“Uh, where?”

Baek Jin-hwan, who was looking around, shouted in surprise.

“Hey, over there!”

Jeonggwang was already running beyond the horizon.

* * *

I already hated the scorching heat and stuffy sandy wind of the desert.

So I tried to finish it quickly and go back, but I never thought this guy would run away for almost a month!

In the end, I finally caught up with the guy who had spread out from exhaustion, and luckily there were some familiar faces there.

I couldn’t watch him die, so I helped him for a while… … .

‘Are you going to jump out in the meantime?’

Jeong Gwang, who was chasing the guy, spat out spit mixed with a lot of rough sand.

“Tsk! “You bastard, aren’t you standing?”

Instead of standing still, the guy changed direction frantically.

“Let’s see this!”

Jeonggwang, who was running with a flying dragon fight, kicked the floor.

“Did you think I couldn’t feel your energy!”

It was a flying horse body method.

He flew through the air like a bird, then changed direction three times and fell.

The sword in his hand was stuck in the sand, up to its handle.


A huge amount of internal energy flowed through the sword body into the ground and exploded.


at the same time,


The sand floor burst open and something huge came out.

“Ah, my eyes sting.”

As Jeong Gwang waved his palm, a strong wind rose up and pushed away the sand dust.

Soon it was revealed.

It is over eight feet long.

A trunk thicker than that of a tree.

Sand-colored scales covering its body.

It was a two-headed snake, a spiritual creature that looked like a legendary dragon.

“How are you?”

Instead of responding to Jeong Gwang’s greeting, it lifted its tail and covered the top of its head.

“What? “Aren’t you going to clean it up?”

“Krrrrr… … .”

“Should I just cut your head off?”

“… … .”

The two-horned dragon was very angry.

A human being makes threats!

Should I just swallow it whole?


The two-headed dragon was a spiritual creature.

Because he did not judge objects with his eyes like humans, he knew the true identity of the concentrate.

That’s why I ran away even more desperately.

The two-horned dragon was captured and tortured by Jeong Gwang a long time ago, and was ordered to wait at a designated location.

The reason I followed his words for a while was because I couldn’t even think of disobeying him.

I thought he was dead because he didn’t come to visit me for about 70 years… … .

Was it a vain wish?

The two-headed dragon lowered its tail helplessly.

The only horn left was revealed, belying its name as a double horn.

The other one had been taken away by Jeong Gwang some time ago.

“It’s a good thing I left half of it behind.”

Jeong Gwang, who was satisfied, frowned.

“But why does it look like this?”

When I looked at it carefully, I saw that the entire body of the bivalve snake was full of wounds. These were things that looked like they had been around for a long time.

Jeong Gwang immediately understood the situation.

“How dare you try to steal what is mine?”

Aside from him, there were only two people who knew where the two-horned dragon was.

“Are you a life-and-death quack or a life-long undertaker?”

The two-horned dragon recalled the faces of Saengsam Ma-ui and Saengsam-sip4, who were being dragged around like dogs by Jeong-gwang.

And quickly shook his head.

“Then who is it?”

“… … .”

“ha. “You’re not going to tell me?”

“… … !”

Unfortunately, the two-horned dragon could not speak. He shed tears because of how unfair and frustrating he felt.

Are we on the same page?

Jeong Gwang nodded as if he understood.

“It wasn’t those two guys, it was the first time I saw them, so I guess they were the ones doing something?”


“So you ran away?”

The two-horned dragon nodded fiercely.

They said there were extenuating circumstances, and that it wasn’t my will.

I tried to stay in the place designated by Jeong Gwang, but I protested with my eyes that I had no choice but to avoid it.

But the opponent was Jeong Gwang.

“I’ll have to fix it later when I find out. Anyway, I told you to stay there, right?”

“… … .”

It was already seventy years ago.

“Besides, you ran away even though you knew I was coming?”

“… … .”

Isn’t it obvious?

Anyone can agree, but Jeong Gwang was not a very understanding man.

He twirled the sword in his hand.

“For the head.”

“… … .”

“Do you want me to cut your tail again? “If you cut it off, it will grow again, so is it better to cut off its head?”

Double angle… … No, in fact, the guy who had once become a single-legged evil dragon trembled slightly.

Memories of being treated so cruelly came to mind like a flash.

But it’s all in the past.

When I increased my spiritual power and looked closely, the energy of the concentrating light was incomparably smaller than in the past.

Wouldn’t it be worth a try at this point?

No, you can win!

It’s him, but it’s not the guy it used to be!

Just snap!

“Hoo. Let’s try it? good! “I’ve been throwing tantrums because I’ve been chasing him all month, so let’s do it!”

A creepy energy flowed from Jeong Gwang’s body and trembled.

This was what he looked like when he was truly trying to live.

“It’s annoying so you come.”


The poisonous snake stuck its head out at blinding speed.

It was an extremely polite attitude.

“You’re wasting time.”

Jeong Gwang roughly drew his sword.



“uh? “Isn’t it cut?”



“ha. I’m old too… … “You’re too young.”



“Oh sir. “Aren’t you sick of it?”

Jeong Gwang rolled up his sleeves and held the sword with both hands.

And he clawed at the horn of the single-horned snake as if he were cutting with an axe.

Sigh! Kwajak! Kwasik!

“closely! Ouch! “Knock!”

“Hold on a little! “It’s over soon!”

It wasn’t.

It was not until a long time later that the horn of the poisonous snake dragon was cut off.

The guy who was now a headless snake turned around and sobbed.

Jeong Gwang put the horn in the bag and laughed.

“It looks like you’ve been training a bit. “Even though he flinched to attack me, he held back in the end.”

Anyway, Jeong Gwang was in a good mood because he had obtained the main ingredients for Banseondan.

“Shall I save your life?”


“If that happens, I want to kill you again.”

The Shamanless Dragon shook his head desperately. I was shaking so hard that I was worried that my head would fly away.

“hmm. When I think about it, it’s annoying. “I might have something to write about later.”

After thinking for a moment, Jeong Gwang decided to save his life.

“Please wait at the designated location before. “If you run away again, I will twist your torso and squeeze you.”

The faceless dragon hit its head violently on the floor.

Jeong Gwang patted the head of the guy who was bigger than him and then turned around.

In an instant, the faceless dragon’s eyes turned vicious.

It’s now!

Everything I’ve endured so far is an undercover operation to catch the enemy off guard!

It opened its mouth wide and attacked from behind without a sound!


Hehe. This guy isn’t worth a single bite.

The eyes of the Armless Death Dragon, which was trying to swallow the concentrate with a triumphant expression, wavered.

There was nothing in my mouth.

“Are you crazy?”

The shapeless dragon slowly turned around.

I saw Jeong Gwang radiating a creepy, murderous spirit.

The hornless snake is a spiritual creature among spiritual creatures.

I forced myself to steady my trembling body and put on the cutest expression I could.

“… … “Kyuunung.”

But it was a futile effort.

Jeong Gwang was not a man capable of being charming.

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