Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 144

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Episode 144

Killing three birds with one stone

“Jang Sohyeop.”

Everyone was surprised when Jang Yi’s name came out of Jeong Gwang’s mouth.

In particular, Jang-i was so shocked that her eyes seemed to pop out.

‘Me, me? why?’

Five of the nine dragons peaks, the head of the Four Heavenly Tang Dynasties, and three disciples of Kunlun, a famous sect of the political faction.

In addition, it is a bloodless group led by Zhao, who is evaluated as being close to the best in the world in terms of his ability to hold his tongue for a long time.

No matter how much you think about it, there is no reason for you to become a vice-owner.


Jang put aside his doubts and quickly looked around.

The Bloodless members were looking at him with their eyes wide open.

Fortunately, no one seemed jealous, jealous, or angry, but the curiosity in their eyes was clearly visible.

‘Bah, you have to reject it quickly!’

Jang Yi knew his identity well.

Bloodless members have the excellent character of the best political faction leader, but they also have strong pride.

Right now, he’s just confused and wondering.

Shouldn’t we be hateful toward those who have treated us well so far?

“All right, sober. It’s not possible.”


“Absolutely not. “Please reconsider.”

Jeong Gwang looked regretful at Jang Yi’s plea.

“Jang So-hyeop, can’t I go to your mother’s place?”

“… … yes?”

“I was planning to go there and talk while filling my stomach.”

Jang’s complexion brightened, and humble smiles appeared on the members’ faces.

“Oh, no. Of course not. Uh, please go quickly.”

The bloodless group left the Murim Alliance and arrived at Banjeom.

Jang-i’s mother, who was leading the dinner preparations, came running out with an emotional look on her face.

“Eun-gong! “Are you here?”

“hello. “How are you?”

“Of course. “It’s all thanks to Eunkong.”

She, who was so moved that she couldn’t speak, barely opened her mouth.

“We are working hard on preparing beef jerky. “I hope this will be of some help to Eungong.”

“haha. thank you. “Don’t worry about Zhang Yi’s small cooperative.”

“thank you! thank you! Oh my gosh. It shouldn’t be like this. Please come in. “I will do my best to serve you the food.”

“Please make it a meat dish if possible. ah. Please give me alcohol in moderation.”

“Would it be possible?”

The bloodless group entered the banjeom and sat around a large table.

The members all just looked at Jeong Gwang’s mouth.

I was curious about who he was constantly thinking about.

Jeong Gwang, who noticed that expression, chuckled.

“I was going to tell you while we were eating, but I think it would be better to do it now.”

Everyone nodded and Jeongwoo came forward.

“Priests. “You’re not planning on having the youngest priest or chief take over as the small cooperative tomorrow, right?”

It was such a ridiculous statement that everyone was taken aback.

Jeonggwang also looked like that.

“Haha, Ambassador. “You seem to be feeling a lot of pain.”

“You haven’t answered yet.”

“I’m going to use it without anyone knowing, can’t I?”

“Of course not.”


Jeong Gwang clicked his tongue softly and then spoke as if he had no choice.

“Then, tomorrow’s meeting will be conducted by the party leader.”

Tang Yeji’s eyes widened slightly.

So did others.

“hmm? why? “Is this surprising?”

When Jeong Gwang looked puzzled, Jeong Woo said.

“Priests. I trust your judgment and the abilities of the members. I’m not surprised no matter who it is. But it is also true that everyone is amazing, no matter who they are. “Can you tell me why you chose Tang Sojeo?”


“okay. “Please wait a moment.”

Jeongwoo got up from his seat and handed Dang Yeji a handshake.

“Dang sojeo. It’s not because I don’t trust Sojeo’s abilities. However, I just want to know clearly why the priest chose Sojeo in a situation where there are five of the Guryong Sabongs. “Only then will the members be able to properly understand the organization’s operating policy and eliminate the unnecessary comments of the extravagant people, so please forgive my rudeness.”

Jeongwoo’s expression and tone were polite yet confident.

Tang Ye-ji, who had known his fair and fair nature while living together, agreed with a faint smile.

“You’re welcome. “That’s what I wanted to hear too.”

“Thank you for your understanding. Priests. Sojeo says the same thing. “Can you tell me?”

“Sure, whatever. “It’s not that difficult.”


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Jeong Gwang explained it as if it was no big deal.

“The difference in martial arts skills among members is not that big. So I looked at other things.”

Not all Guryongsabong peaks are the same.

There was a clear difference in skill, but in Jeong Gwang’s eyes, that person was the one.

“Dang Soje is cool-headed and quick to judge the situation. Since it uses poison and memorization, it is good to monitor the situation from the rear and lead. “The problem is that I have compassion on one side of my heart, so I chose him.”

While everyone was looking confused, Jeong Hyeon, who was curious, asked as the representative.

“It’s a problem because you have compassion, but that’s why you were chosen? “What does that mean?”

“The Earth Dragon is also part of the Murim Alliance. “It has to be destroyed, but not completely destroyed, so Dang Sojeo is perfect.”


The members who understood the meaning of Jeonggwang nodded their heads.

“Priests. “Then the group’s operating policy is to put mercy in one’s hands, is this?”

“no. “That’s only tomorrow.”

“what? “Then why did you select Tang Xiaoje as the Vice Minister?”

“Incessant drinking? When will I?”

“… … ?”

“Only tomorrow’s fight will be led by the party leader. “Usually, the party’s small and medium-sized cooperatives take charge of the situation.”

This time, Tang Oh asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“cadet. “Why me?”

“You have all the strengths of Sojeo, but you also have no mercy.”

“… … “Thank you for the compliment.”

“What. “It’s true.”

The members who were watching couldn’t help but laugh to themselves.

‘What kind of unique review is this?’

Naturally, one question came to mind.

‘How do I evaluate this?’

Jeonghyeon, who was curious, was the first to ask.

“I am?”

“The death penalty is a trivial matter… … .”

“Not just thinking, but improvising!”

“That’s right. “You like that, but you’re too playful, so you’re not suited to be a conductor.”

“Ugh. It hurts. “I asked for no reason.”

As Jeong Hyeon acted harshly, the members laughed softly.

“cadet. “What about me?”

“Yoo Sohyeop? “I’m full of energy, so it’s both good and bad.”

“What does it mean?”

“He is a warrior who will fight without fear of death, but if given command, he will lead all members to death.”

“Wow. “I can’t deny it.”

As Yoo Jeong-pung scratched his head and muttered, the laughter of the members grew a little louder.

“Now that we’re out, shall I tell you everything?”

The members looked at each other, smiled and nodded.

It was normal for people to be displeased when their shortcomings were pointed out, but none of the Bloodless members were that narrow-minded.

“The ambassador is very fair. “I think it will be a volunteer corps, not a military corps.”

“Eon Soje is similar to Yu Sohyeop. “It’s perfect for leading the way, but it’s not suitable for commanding.”

“Do you know Monk Gongwu? “You may have improved a lot, but you are overly merciful.”

“As soon as the fight begins, the Pang Little League will rush at the strongest enemy, so commanding it will be impossible.”

“Priest and Zhao are excluded because we have to make a list of successful candidates.”

“Jang Sohyeop must lead the cooking. “Is it all over now?”

Even after the explanation was over, the members burst into laughter.

‘What’s so funny about doing that?’

Jeong Gwang, who was puzzled, smiled when Jang Yi’s mother and Jeom Soi came in with food and alcohol.

“Come on, let’s eat and drink to our heart’s content.”

Everyone ate and drank happily.

Jeong Gwang openly enjoyed meat and alcohol, but no one blamed him except for Jeong Woo who gave him a word of warning.

In this way, the Bloodless members became a little closer.

* * *

The next morning.

Jeong Gwang, who arrived at the main training camp with the bloodless group, made an absurd expression.

‘Why are there so many?’

It seemed like all the people who had nothing to do in the Murim League had left.

Of course, the people who had nothing to do included Maengju, soldiers, Heocheong, and even elders.

Jeong Gwang looked around at the elders and clicked his tongue.

‘I don’t like fighting directly, but I like watching it?’

The only thing they knew how to do was use their mouths.

I wanted to make them fight, even if it was because I didn’t want to see them.

‘The younger ones are better.’

Just as Jeong Gwang thought, the Jiryongdan across from him were showing their fighting spirit.

In particular, the spirit of one person was unusual.

‘I guess that guy is a blue dragon.’

A small, young-looking Taoist monk was smiling and glaring at the sight.

‘If you want to laugh, laugh, if you want to shoot, shoot.’

Seeing them both do this must be a black guy on the inside.

‘good. Let’s go for more than a month with this guy.’

Heo Cheong may nag, but it’s just an unfortunate accident.

The problem was the Namgung calendar next to it.

Even though he has quite harsh eyes, he also seems to be showing just the right amount of speculation.

Has there been significant progress so far?

I wanted to beat up more.

‘I have to pull it out somehow.’

As I was nodding my head, the leader, Peng Su-gwan, shouted with all his energy.

“Bloodless Danju and Earth Dragon Danju come this way!”

Jeong Gwang and Nam Gung-ryeok took a step forward and stood in front of Peng Su-gwan.

Peng Shuguan looked at the two people in turn and spoke in a heavy voice.

“Both sides are one family fighting for martial justice. “Compete as best you can, but try not to get discouraged.”

Contrary to their true feelings, the two answered that they would do so.

Peng Su-gwan glared at them one more time with a menacing look in his eyes, then pointed his finger.

“Let’s see.” There are eleven people in the bloodless group, excluding Danju. Eleven of the Earth Dragons, excluding Danju, will step forward.”

Namgung-ryeok was about to answer that he knew, but Jeong-gwang was faster.

“Lord. “I just want to compete with the entire Earth Dragon.”

“… … “What?”

“Because there are only a small number of bloodless groups. I almost always end up fighting the majority. “Before fighting Sima Lian, I want to do something helpful.”

Peng Su-gwan glanced at Jeong-gwang and then looked away.

Namgung-ryeok was seen clenching his fists and glaring at Jeong-gwang.

“… … Still, I think the difference in the number of people is too big… … Earth Dragon Master, what do you think?”

Namgung-ryeok quickly thought about it.

‘If we fight for everything, we will win, but it is obvious that we will be criticized.’

There is an appropriate line in everything.

If you cross that line, you will be worse off than not doing anything.

‘then… … .’

After completing the calculations, Namgung-ryeok came up with a plausible answer.

“I feel ashamed that I only thought about the Earth Dragon’s reputation. What you say about bloodlessness is correct. “We should provide some help to those who are going to fight Sima Lian.”

Peng Shuguan asked with interest in his eyes.

“How much do you want to do?”

“Hmm. There are many renowned masters in the Bloodless Order, including Guryongsabong… … What about twenty-two people, twice their number?”

Jeong Gwang suddenly intervened.

“Twice as much and twice as much.”

“… … !”


Namgungryeok, who could barely hold back, warned in a low voice.

“Jin Yuryong, you are so mad.”

“uh? “I called it humbly.”

“… … !”

A spark flew out of Namgung-ryeok’s eyes.

Jeong Gwang completely ignored him and asked Peng Su-gwan.

“Are you okay, Lord?”

“Hmm. “It seems like you are overdoing it.”

“Not at all.”

“Wow. “What is it?”

Peng Su-gwan looked at Nangong-rye with a troubled face.

‘Four-fold attack. Aren’t you embarrassed?’ It was a look in his eyes.

Namgung-ryeok made an appropriate compromise between respectability and practicality.

“… … Since the Bloodless Danju is requesting so earnestly, I will triple the number to 33.”

“uh? Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“… … Okay.”

“I have no regrets.”

“… … I will not!”

When the two sides reached an agreement, Peng Su-gwan declared with a solemn expression.

“Then let’s begin!”

“Hey, Lord.”

“… … Why do you do that again?”

Jeong Gwang proposed with a serious face.

“We fight thinking that we are each other’s enemies. “It’s also good to fight while thinking that you are Sima-ryan.”

“… … “Let’s go like a real fight?”

“yes. Instead, it will be a match made with wooden swords rather than real swords.”

“Huh. “I am very surprised that you would say such a thing.”

“Because these are late-stage indices that have not yet matured, there will be many cases where they cannot stop at dangerous moments.”

“I guess so. Still, isn’t this something that an unmanned person has to endure?”

“As you said earlier, it’s a bit like that when both sides are discouraged.”


“Infinite Buddha. Life is precious. “You make a decision.”

“… … .”

The pendulum’s eyes narrowed.

I had no idea what Jeonggwang was up to.

‘I can’t help it.’

His answer was fixed anyway.

‘It is as Jinokryong said. It’s good to fight like a real battle, but it’s not good to see blood between people on the same side.’

At that moment, when I had made up my mind, Namgung-ryeok made a counterargument.

He couldn’t miss the opportunity to harm the bloodless group.

“But leader. Using a wooden sword in a combat-like dance… … .”

The water pipe raised its hand and blocked it.

“This will be decided at the leader’s discretion. “Let’s treat each other with respect, but fight with wooden swords.”

“… … .”

“It’s better than seeing blood between factional leaders. “What do the elders think?”

The elders also agreed.

Why would you object when your students or sons or daughters might get hurt?

You can risk your life with a single sword, but… … No, their wish was that their disciples and children would be safe as their stomachs were so greasy that they did not want to fight.

“good! “Bring the training weapons!”

Ordinary warriors ran to the armory and brought back various weapons made of wood.

The Bloodless and Earth Dragons gathered their respective weapons and stood facing each other at a certain distance.

Jeong Gwang and Namgung Ryok sat side by side on chairs provided near Maengju.

Jeong Gwang reflexively tried to strike Namgungryeok, but barely held back.

‘Should I just hit it?’

While I was thinking a bit, I felt someone’s gaze.

When he turned his head, He Qing and Zhuge Mun were looking at him with faces of trust.

‘Master, even so. Are you worried about your daughter when something happens to the military?’

Either way.

When Jeong Gwang turned his head and pretended not to see, the two people’s complexions turned white.

‘That’s not important right now.’

Jeong Gwang spread a multi-layered sound to the members who were far away.

-Everyone be happy.

-… … ?

-Now that you have a training weapon, you can wield it as much as you like.

-… … !

-Instead, pay attention to one thing. They beat you up by making you stay in bed for just a month. Ah, Blue Dragon, that person lasts more than two months.

The members looked at each other and began to chuckle.

The opponents were young warriors.

Even if a bone breaks, it will heal in just a month.

‘What you’re saying is let’s break it in a few places.’

‘The blue dragon lasts two months. I guess that means inflicting internal injuries as well?’

I was wondering if it might be a bit too much, but Jeong Gwang’s multi-layered voice continued.

-Don’t pity them. If you deal with him moderately, it’s obvious that he’ll get so arrogant and make a fuss that he’s going to fight Sima Lian. Leading them to their beds is the way to save them.

It’s radical, but it’s true in every detail.

The members implicitly agreed.

In addition, I was able to see the effects of six days of hard training, and I was able to beat up an ugly guy to my heart’s content, so it was like killing three birds with one stone.

The Bloodless members were not afraid even when faced with an opponent three times their size.

Instead, he asked with a small smile.

At that time, Peng Su-gwan’s shout rang through the training hall.

“The Bloodless Order and the Earth Dragon Order start fighting!”

At the same time, Jeong Gwang’s Dajeon sound pierced the ears of the bloodless members.

-Let’s go!

The members shouted in their hearts in unison.

‘yes! Sober!’

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