Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 145

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Episode 145

a great fight

Dang Ye-ji, who served as the temporary head of the bloodless troupe, was a warrior with a fighting spirit in his cool heart.

Since the method of operation of this battle was decided, the intention was to end it with an overwhelming victory as quickly as possible.

‘To do that… … .’

The first order she gave her members was to attack.



The members shouted in unison and rushed towards the Earth Dragon.

Then, Zegalin, the wise bird of the Earth Dragon Order, gave an order.

“Shut up!”

“Good luck!”

The Earth Dragon members placed both feet firmly on the ground and greeted the Bloodless Troupe.

The first to clash were Peng Kang-hwi and Blue Dragon Do-jin.


The wooden sword and the wooden sword clashed and a loud noise erupted.

Do-jin frowned as he felt his grip throbbing.

‘I’m afraid someone might say it’s Pang. ‘He seems like an ignorant guy.’

Still, there was no problem.

Because that was all he knew of Paeng Ganghwi.

But soon I changed my mind.

Isn’t Peng Kang-hwi using his divine power to violently swing the wooden sword that bounced away after the collision?

‘You’ve become more ignorant!’

In that case, you just have to deal with it in a way that suits you.

Immediately, he stepped on the seryupyo (細柳飄), turned to the side, and unfolded the blue cloud red sword (blue cloud red sword).

It was an amazing move that combined soft and delicate footwork with majestic swordsmanship.

Peng Kang-hwi, who instantly allowed himself a gap, instead of being embarrassed, smiled deeply.

The already grim face became even more grim.

‘You’re doing something out of character.’

The Cheongseong school’s martial arts emphasizes speed and sharpness.

Of course, there were martial arts that were not, and the ones that Dojin was performing were representative examples.

‘You should use something that matches your crooked personality.’

If it doesn’t open, just open it.

The veins in Peng Kang-hwi’s hand, which was clutching the wooden sword, bulged.

The hand exerted tremendous strength and drew a diagonal line on the wooden sword.

Pleasure combined with strength and strength.

The wooden sword struck Dojin’s wooden sword with the force of breaking it.


Dojin, surprised by the power, stepped on Biryubo and retreated.

It was a powerful movement, like water flowing backwards.

Admiration flowed from all over the gym, but not from Paeng Kang-Hwi.

He took a long step forward and fired a fierce sword strike.

Do-jin retreated again and avoided it, but he continued to follow and sprayed it.

A truly stormy attack!

The Hebei Feng family’s Jiangon Yeonhwan Talbaekdo (乾坤連環奪魄刀) continued to pour out endless blows of enormous power.

Dojin’s eyes were shining.

‘This guy has grown up a lot!’

Although Guryongsa Peak is grouped together and referred to as one, there was a clear gap.

Paeng Kang-Hwi was young and his skills were also evaluated as low-ranking, but he showed such skills!

Do-jin’s shiny eyes cooled down.

‘Yes, that’s all.’

The power accumulated through Okrohyeonjin Gong (玉露玄眞功) for over twenty years surged.

That power was contained in the wooden sword he was holding and produced a sharp sword.

It was the seventy-two swords of the seventy-two waves of the seasons that Cheongseong was proud of.

‘okay. It has to come out like that.’

Peng Kang-hwi glared at the wooden sword approaching at blinding speed.

The sharp force contained in the wooden sword made my skin tingle.

I felt that sensation pleasantly and cried out to myself.

‘Crush it!’

His wooden sword cut the air in half.

Dojin’s wooden sword, which is just a line in the air, is in danger of being cut in two!

Dojin turned his wrist over and pulled his elbow.

Then he twisted his wrist again and spread his elbow.

The wooden sword, which was pulled back and avoided the wooden sword, made a sharp arc and cut into Peng Kang-hwi’s shoulder.

‘It’s over!’

At that moment, Peng Kang-hwi’s huge new model fell down.


Paeng Kang-hwi, who was crouching low on the ground, raised his wooden sword backwards.


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A mindless strike using only the strength of the upper body!

Dojin, whose heart was wide open, gritted his teeth.



Dojin let out a suppressed groan and took a step back.

I managed to protect the wooden sword by infusing it with energy, but it wasn’t my body.

After taking four steps back, he stabilized Shinhyeong and raised his eyes.

‘This guy was this strong!’

He wasn’t the only one surprised by his opponent’s skills at this moment.

This was the case for all the Earth Dragon members who stood against the Bloodless Order’s offensive.

Among them, Jegalin, who was commanding the Earth Dragon, was very surprised.

‘It’s not just a lunge!’

Peng Kang-hwi, like a warrior from the Hebei Peng family, charged in with only Taojin in his sights, but not the rest.

The Bloodless members were working in pairs to deal with the Earth Dragon members.

The leaders were Yoo Jeong-pung and Eon Eui-jin.


Yu Jeong-pung shakes off a powerful blow with the baton.

As the startled Jiryong members hurriedly dodge, Eon Ui-jin takes advantage of the opportunity.


Eongakwon, the martial arts fighter who marches forward on a powerful step!



An Earth Dragon member with a broken arm screams and steps back.

It would have been better if it ended there.



He gets hit like a dog by Yoo Jeong-pung’s batting stick and then collapses.

‘It all adds up well.’

There were people who got along better than those two.

Zhao moved around the small space, leaving behind a blurry afterimage.

Unlike his tongue, the double stick held in both hands struck the surroundings in a short and concise trajectory.



The Earth Dragon member who lost sight of the wooden sword let out a surprised voice.

Not only because he missed the weapon, but also because the wooden sword was falling on his head.

Baek Seung-moo’s wooden sword struck the Earth Dragon member’s head in an elegant curve.



The Earth Dragon member, whose eyes were opened, sat down.

Zhao jumped on his shoulder and attacked the Earth Dragon member behind him.

“Shallow water!”

The Earth Dragon member stabbed the wooden baton at Zhao’s solar plexus.

It was a difficult move for Zhao, who was floating in the air, to avoid.

It sure looked that way… … .

Zhao twisted the new type in the air.

He puts the wooden baton that passes by his chest under his arm and releases the single stick.



The Earth Dragon member who was hit in the shoulder takes a step back.

Baek Seung-moo’s wooden sword flew towards the opposite shoulder.



The Earth Dragon member, who received a strong blow to both shoulders, is no longer able to fight.

Zhao and Baek Seung-moo fired their new weapons at their next prey.

Zhugelin, who was watching the series of situations, narrowed his brows.

‘Everyone is strong.’

There was a clear difference in the inaction of each individual on both sides.

Bloodless members were rampaging everywhere.

Gong Yu unfolds his powerful Shaolin Quan, and Tang Wujun throws Luo Han Zhen.

Jeongwoo and Jeonghyeon’s death penalty simultaneously depicts the cool and elegant Kunlun sword technique.

‘As expected, actual combat is different.’

Even in the Zhuge Dynasty, which is famous for its many brilliant minds, it was Zhuge Lin who was called a genius.

However, this only applied in normal times, and with little practical experience, she was unable to respond quickly.

Her father, Zhuge Mun, acknowledged her qualifications and said that time would tell… … .

She didn’t want to wait.

That’s why I didn’t object to this meeting.

‘If quality doesn’t work, quantity can do the trick!’

She soon regained her composure and cried out.

“We deploy in all directions and engage in wheel-to-wheel combat!”

“Good luck!”

The Earth Dragon members responded.

They were also talented people from the martial arts faction.

They immediately spread out their positions in all directions and strengthened their defenses.

The bloodless group could not easily break their defense.

Dang Ye-ji, who was watching the scene from afar, shouted sharply.

“Get rid of it!”


Zhugelin looked puzzled.

‘Escape? What are you taking off?’

I found out right away.

Isn’t the Bloodless Group throwing off the banner of political faction and carrying out all kinds of despicable tricks?

Paeng Kang-hwi, who was still pushing Do-jin, raised his wooden sword in reverse.

Do-jin, whose groin felt dizzy, turned over the new model with a pale face.



He, who managed to maintain his balance by a narrow margin, shouted in an angry voice.

“Such a mean thing!”

“Isn’t it useless anyway?”

“Anyway, that’s true! “Is it okay for a descendant of a famous family to make moves like this?”

Paeng Kang-hwi responded by continuing to aim for Do-jin’s groin.

“Didn’t you hear what the leader and leader of this group said earlier? He told me to think of the other person as Sima Lian and to think of myself as Sima Lian. What on earth do you think about the actual battle with Sapa?”

“… … profit!”

Similar situations unfolded here and there.

“Oh, ancient dragon! “You noble person would use such a dirty trick!”

“Amitabha Buddha… … .”

With a humble expression on his face, Gongwoo recited his displeasure and spread out his arms.

“crazy! “You must be from Sima Lian!”

“Not necessarily. This is going to be a long story, but I still feel like I should explain it. in fact… … .”

“noisy! Such a despicable… … “Ugh!”

Zhao was so familiar and comfortable that he showed off the talents of a former Sapa.

“What on earth are these guys!”

The Earth Dragon members screamed and fell down one by one.

It wasn’t something that could be said to be large in number.

It was not a tactic that could be prevented by those who lacked experience.

‘This is how it comes out, right?’

Zhugelin looked around and bit his lip.

‘then… … .’

Dang Ye-ji was seen observing the battle situation from the rear and occasionally throwing out memorized remarks.

There is an ordinary warrior named Jang next to him, but he is probably being protected rather than protecting him.

‘… … ‘Let’s catch the head girl first!’

She made a decision right away.

“Switch to the five-line formation!”


Except for Dojin, who was caught by Peng Ganghui and was busy with his hands and feet, and those who had already fallen, all the Earth Dragon members gathered around Jegalin.


They immediately drew a circle.

It was a camp that could respond with uniform numbers no matter where the enemy came from.

The bloodless group saw this and knocked on Wonjin from various places.

“Gokjin (曲陣)!

Zegalin reacted immediately.

The attacked Earth Dragon members retreated and the circle became distorted.

As the enemy enters, it retreats and tightens on the left and right.


The bloodless group was embarrassed.

In an instant, the Earth Dragon members surrounding him from three sides attacked.

There was nothing to think about.

The bloodless group had to deploy the divine law and immediately retreat.

‘It won’t be easy to break!’

That time when everyone is amazed.

Zhugelin gave an order.

“Three trillion! “Hold the poison stick!”


Four Earth Dragon members jumped out of the five marches and ran toward Tang Yeji.

Surprised by the unexpected surprise attack, the bloodless group tried to chase after them, but it was already too late.

‘I’m immature too.’

Tang Yeji briefly reprimanded herself and placed the Luo Hanjeon between the fingers of both hands.

No matter how much skill you have, it cannot make up for lack of experience.

I had to use my regrets as nourishment for the future and do what I could right now.

When she let go of both hands, eight Arhats flew towards the Earth Dragon members.



One person fell after being hit by a swordsman.

However, the other three narrowly avoided it and were attacking at a very short distance.

Tang Yeji was not embarrassed.

Before she knew it, she was holding a dagger made of wood in both hands.


She walked among the three dancers with great walking skills.

The daggers held in both hands were dancing, and the momentum was so sharp that the members of the Jiryong troupe flinched.

At that time, Jang Yi gritted his teeth and jumped at a young man.

The young man was angry.

“Do I look easy!”

Where dare you go to a general unattended topic!

Don’t show me your bitter taste!

The young man’s wooden sword pierced Zhang Yi’s chest with an eerie sound.

Zhang Yi’s eyes lit up.


After receiving teachings from Jeong Gwang, the practice of killing and killing people was practiced without missing a single day.

‘Reverse flow abnormality!’

I twisted my back sharply.

The wooden sword of a young man from the Earth Dragon Corps grazed his chest.

Jang returned his waist and threw down the gun in his hand.

It wasn’t a single second where he devoted all his strength and endurance like when he defeated Seok Yong-cheon, the bastard of Seokgajang.

It was a blow with just the right force at just the right moment.



A young man with broken ribs fell down screaming.

Soon, the other two young men were also knocked down by Tang Yeji.

“Temporary non-maintenance. Are you okay?”

Tang Yeji smiled at Jang Yi’s question.

“Yes, thanks to Jang Sohyeop.”

For a moment, Jang felt dizzy.

It wasn’t because of Tang Ye-ji’s beautiful smile.

I was so happy that even I, a weak person, could be of help.

Tang Yeji gave Zhang Yi a look of gratitude and then looked at the situation.

After confirming that she was safe, the Bloodless Group launched an onslaught on the Earth Dragon Group.

‘No matter how late-stage indexes are my opponents, I would never have thought that I would achieve this kind of result just with the passing skills I’ve honed over the years.’

There was no need to stage a bloodless campaign.

The bloodless group was strong on its own.

Zhugelin was using the Five Elements with a blood vessel in his neck, but he would not be able to hold out for long.

But Tang Yeji was not satisfied with that.

‘A landslide victory!’

Her lips opened and a few words came out.



The bloodless members who had been fighting here and there in the original camp came together as one.

With Yoo Jeong-pung and Eon Eui-jin at the forefront, they broke through one of the original positions with lightning speed.


Zhugelin let out a surprised voice, but it was already too late.

Eon Eui-jin, who was running wild at the front, was already right in front of her.


Eon Ui-jin greeted him with a cruel smile and thrust his fist.

“oh. “Be rude.”

Zegalin smiled elegantly and swung his wooden sword.

Huh! Whiiing!

The fist and the wooden sword cracked the air, making a horrifying sound.

Zhuge Lin, who knew the original Eon Yi-jin, was impressed without even realizing it.

“what? “Are you doing something?”

“You’re still the same.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Don’t raise your voice. “Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Those fighting around them slowly retreated.

I was scared of fists and wooden swords, but I was even more scared of sharp tongues.

Thanks to this, they were able to fight using all their true body techniques.

It’s truly a close match!

But Eon Ui-jin had a secret trick.


Her hand lowered her body and swept the floor of the training ground, throwing a lump of dirt.

Zhugelin snorted and dodged.

“Are you all done?”

“Not yet.”




Eon Yi-jin’s hands swept up the dirt on the floor and threw it at Jegalin.

Zhugelin, who was barely able to block the attack by swinging his sleeves, suddenly felt a strange feeling.

‘… … ‘Aren’t you going to throw more?’

He quickly lowered his arms that were protecting his face.

Eonui-jin was not visible.

‘Where have you gone?’

At that moment her head fell back.


Before she knew it, Eon Eui-jin had gone behind her, grabbed her hair, and pulled it!

Zhugelin couldn’t stand the dirty number that made his mind dizzy and shouted.

“You mean bitch!”

“Are you going to say that to Sima Lian too?”

Eon Ui-jin waved his fist while giving kind advice.

The fist landed in Zhugelin’s left eyelid.


* * *

The Great Yeonmujang was in deathly silence.

Still, is it different because he is the Murim Lord?

Peng Su-gwan quickly came to his senses and looked around the hall with his mouth wide open.

‘… … What on earth is this… … .’

His proud second son, Paeng Kang-hwi, was seen.

The guy was panting and laughing while holding a broken wooden sword.

“omg. omg. What are you doing that is unbecoming of a blue dragon? Let’s get up and play again.”

It looked like he was the second child he knew.

“… … Rain, you mean bastard… … Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … .”

Blue Dragon Dojin fell to the floor and twitched slightly.

A blow to the groin was ultimately allowed.

“oh. Boy. “What are you doing so undignified?”

“… … .”

“Wake up quickly. “Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“… … .”

Eon Yi-jin was excited to make fun of Zhugelin, who fainted.

Without realizing it, Peng Su-gwan was watching the military officer Zhuge Mun-hyung.

The once clear complexion had turned to an earthy color.

‘haha… … This happens… … .’

That wasn’t all.

The venue was truly a mess.

‘How can I resolve this… … .’

He pressed his throbbing temples with both hands.

I glanced at the elders and saw that they had come to their senses and were accepting the reality.

Of course they were angry.

“What on earth is this… … .”

At that time, a clear voice echoed throughout the hall.

“wow! “It was a great fight!”

It was concentrate.

He stood up alone and even clapped his hands in admiration.

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