Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 143

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Episode 143

A man with no good father

One of the many training halls in the Murim Alliance.

A handsome young man was looking up at the night sky with his back to me with fierce eyes.

‘… … It’s bright.’

It wasn’t just bright.

The huge full moon filled his eyes with a brightness that overwhelmed countless stars.

‘… … It’s like that.’

A person’s face overlapped with the full moon.

It was a face so beautiful that it could erase the full moon.

‘… … ‘Are you looking down at me from on high at this very moment?’

Namgung-ryeok, a handsome young man, quickly shook his head.

It was because I acknowledged that my sense of entitlement came from a sense of inferiority.

‘He doesn’t care about me at all. No, he might have completely forgotten.’

A self-mocking smile appeared on Namgung-ryeok’s lips.

I felt so pathetic and miserable that I couldn’t bear it.

I’m about to sigh… … .

“Brother Namgung, are you still here?”

Namgung-ryeok turned his gaze to the words he heard from afar.

The Taojin of the Cheongseong faction, known as the Blue Dragon among the nine dragon peaks, was approaching.

“I will ask. “The whole training has been over for a long time, so why did you come back?”

“Now that I think about it, we’re asking each other things that don’t need to be asked. ha ha ha.”

Do-jin’s voice was very thin to match his short stature and young-looking face.

“Namgoong hyung. I will be honest with you. “I couldn’t sleep, so I came to dance the sword dance one more time.”

“Why don’t you do it at the Qingcheng Sect’s training hall?”

“Isn’t it the same for me and Namgung? “I have to report the matter to the elders of the shrine when the sun rises, but wouldn’t it be a shame to show my anxiety the night before?”

“… … .”

Namgung-ryeok was like that too, so he silently agreed.

Then Dojin’s eyes widened slightly.

“hmm? “Brother Namgung, you are not denying it?”

“That’s because it’s true.”

“Huh. I didn’t know that you, who are so proud, would come out like this. People change like this… … .”

Do-jin shook his head and muttered while looking at the sky.

“I came to my Murim Alliance late and only heard about him, but he seems to be amazing. “To transform the world’s sword dragon like this.”

“… … .”

“but. It’s only natural that he subdued him not with a sword but with poison… … .”


“… … hmm?”

Dojin lowered his head and looked at Namgungryeok.

Namgung-ryeok was glaring at him with an arrogant face.

“The one I lost was the True Jade Dragon, not you.”

“… … .”

“why. “Would you like to prove it?”

Do-jin’s eyes sparkled, but it was only a fleeting moment.

He answered with his eyes rounded.

“How could a single member of the Earth Dragon Order fight Dan Zhou?”

“… … .”

“Well, anyway, he’s back to being the Namgung hyung I knew. Thanks to you, I have more strength. “Please do the same tomorrow.”

Dojin lightly put his hands together and then disappeared.

Namgung-ryeok stared at his back with mocking eyes.

‘You fool. ‘It’s obvious what’s going to happen.’

If you go out without knowing the topic, you will end up making a mess.

Just like what happened to me that day.

A bitter smile appeared on Namgung-ryeok’s face.

‘but… … .’

That will last until today.

Tomorrow things will change.

I will definitely make it like that.

He went into his room and went to sleep, and as soon as the day dawned he went to see his uncle, Namgung Shin-geon.

“What’s going on so early?”

“I came because I have something to ask my uncle.”

“A favor? “Okay, tell me.”

Namgung Shingeon answered softly.

My nephew, who had barely said anything after being humiliated by Jeong Gwang, said he had a favor to ask, and I wanted to do whatever it took to do so.

But it wasn’t anything tolerable.

“I want to compete against the true jade dragon.”

“… … !”

“However, private fights between sects are prohibited. “I hope you will give me permission.”


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“… … .”

Anger appeared on Namgung Shin-geon’s face.

“… … “You’re going to attack me again after being humiliated?”

“That’s right.”

“… … “Are you really sane?”

“That’s right.”

“… … Whoa… … .”

Namgung Shingeon sighed deeply.

“I’m glad your brother returned home. “If you were here, you would be shocked.”

“I guess so.”

“You’re good at giving one answer. “Why on earth are you doing that?”

Namgung-ryeok answered calmly.

“After I was attacked by Jinokryong, my father whipped me. “Raise your head up, and instead of shrinking down, be more arrogant than before.”

“… … .”

“He said that I was born with Namgung’s seed, and that as long as I have that seed, I must move up. That is the way to fight against the ridicule of the world. He said that as I gain more power and the power of my family increases, no one will be able to mock me again.”

Namgung Shingeon, who had been listening quietly, added with a stern expression.

“What you said is right, brother. Everyone experiences frustration, and shame is only momentary. “Those who laugh at you have no choice but to end up living under you.”

“So, as the first step, you made me the Earth Dragon Master.”

“You deserve it.”

“There was a lot of talk.”

“It was absolutely not unreasonable. “It was something the leader wanted too.”

“Since the Heavenly Dragon Order was shared between Kunlun and the Peng family, it would have been good for the leader to also give up the Earth Dragon Order.”

“Why are you doing this when you know so well?”

Nangungryeok’s eyes sank deeply.

“As soon as I became sober, I received treatment I had never received in my life. Quite a few members either openly or implicitly ignored it.”

The Jiryongdan is a place where the best late-stage exponents of the martial arts faction gathered together, and those who showed off their own qualities began to take Nangungryeok lightly and ignore his instructions.

“It was refreshing. I can’t believe people who were originally considered below and have become below in public come out like that. “My blood came to my head when I saw even ordinary warriors whispering about it.”

Namgung Shingeon forced his lips that would not part.

“… … so?”

Are you perhaps frustrated?

Out of desperation, are you going to challenge Jinokryong, the culprit behind everything, again?

‘I might be broken enough to try to do such a ridiculous thing.’

Contrary to his worries, Namgung-ryeok was a strong man.

“I finally realized why my father got me sober. “You showed me reality.”

“… … reality?”

Namgung-ryeok’s voice was powerful.

“Look. There are so many people who will try to bite you just because you made a mistake. Never give in and step on them all to climb up. Then you will eventually be able to return to your original position.”

“… … !”

“And even if you make another mistake, you can climb back up. If only you came to your senses. “I’m talking about something like this.”

“… … “Did you step on everyone?”

“I looked longer. “He embraced most people with his skills and virtue.”

Namgung Shingeon looked at his nephew and nodded sharply.

“It’s great. “Okay, what about those who aren’t tolerable?”

“Those who went to the Bloodless Order not long ago and Ji-bong (知鳳) couldn’t touch each other because they kept the line in the first place, and that friend of Cheongryong was just looking for an opportunity to step on it when Jinokryong came back.”

“… … so?”

Namgung-ryeok’s eyes became harsh.

“I can’t stand on the True Jade Dragon without martial arts. But the power is different.”

“… … “You are trying to compete group-to-level, not individual-to-individual.”

“That’s right.”

“… … “What is the justification?”

“I’m trying to show off my youthful blood. “I lit a spark, and the members also started boiling over.”

I cannot accept that only the Bloodless Dan leaves to fight Sima Lian. What does the Earth Dragon Corps lack? Give us a chance to prove our skills.

This is what it meant.

The Earth Dragon members actually thought so.

“Jibong, didn’t that kid have any doubts?”

“It seems like you know but you’re pretending not to know. Jin Ok-ryong’s pride must have been hurt because he selected other Guryong Sabongs but left him out. “You might want to check it out for yourself.”

“He’s a smart kid. “There must be another meaning.”

“I don’t know what you want, but I think I can give you the money as long as you cooperate with this.”

“Hmm… … “You’re not the only one doing this to me, right?”

“By now, everyone is probably advocating this cause to the adults of the recluse.”

Everyone is rising up and I can’t just suppress it.

If you win, you can increase your reputation, and even if you lose, you can consider it as a good experience, so there is nothing bad about it.

Namgung Shingeon nodded and then quietly asked.

“you… … No, what do you plan to do if the Earth Dragon loses?”

“I plan to use the True Jade Dragon to abandon those who will be abandoned and to rally those who need to be dragged under me. “It’s a good business because it can incite resentment over defeat and help us unite more tightly.”

“… … .”

Even though I had roughly guessed and asked the question, I got goosebumps all over my body when I heard the answer.

“… … “It’s changed a lot.”

“Is that so? “I should express my gratitude to that friend, Jin Ok-ryong.”

“… … .”

Namgung Shingeon sighed inwardly.

‘They say he is a man of great wealth and ignorance.’ … Did you break the shell and reveal your true self?’

As a collateral, he is the legitimate son of the Namgung family whom he has feared and respected throughout his life.

Namgunghwain, who became the head of the Namgung family thanks to his natural blood and ability.

The son who looked exactly like Ganwoong (奸雄), not just in face but in heart, was shining in front of him with his eyes shining.

* * *

Heo Qing became even more frightened when he saw the disciple with shining eyes in front of him.

“… … “Did you understand what I said?”


“… … “Tell me.”

Jeong Gwang quickly answered.

“Byeonryong (便龍)… … .”

“Sword Dragon (劍龍).”

“That’s it.”

“Uh huh.”

Jeong Gwang tilted his head and continued.

“Anyway, what you’re saying is that he, along with the Earth Dragon members, protested to the adults of each temple. The bloodless group goes out to fight, so why can’t they? They made a fuss about wanting to have a dance, and the adults of each faction brought it up at a meeting of elders, and the leader had no choice but to accept it. So, I’m telling you to fix their habits… … .”

“I told you to treat me moderately, but I never said anything like that.”

“Can I finish it within a month?”

He Qing’s complexion turned white.

“… … “Are you saying you’re going to send me to the grave within a month?”

“Infinite Buddha. No way. “I will stay in bed for a month.”

“… … Huh. “You have grown up.”

Heo Qing, who was happy, shook his head.

“no. That can’t be possible. “What kind of plan are you planning?”

Jeong Gwang grinned.

“You said it should be a one-on-one competition. The members already needed practical training. I don’t mind getting hurt a little bit. Let’s fill it up for a full month.”

“We have to compete without you?”


“The Earth Dragon’s request is as follows. The world knows how strong the True Jade Dragon is, so it must be removed from the fight. “This dance will be a dance between the members of both sides, minus the Danju.”

“What a coward!”

“It’s even more cowardly for you to get involved. “Will you be my opponent?”

“hmm. “That’s it again.”

As Jeong Gwang shook his head, Heo Cheong smiled.

“Still, the leader believed that the bloodless group would win.”

“Of course Master will do the same. “What did the military say?”

“It was just like you said. They said it would be good training for the bloodless group. “He asked me to tell you something.”

“Do you want to show them that there is a sky above the sky and give them an opportunity to cheer up?”

“Wow. “I said something that didn’t need to be said.”

Heo Cheong, who was laughing, continued speaking with a serious face.

“Don’t you like it when the Earth Dragon and their monks appear like this? But they are also murimmaeng. “I hope they take a long look and respond appropriately.”


“accordingly. Very appropriately.”

“yes. “Relax.”

“Whew. “I’m worried that won’t work.”

“Then I’ll just leave.”

Jeong Gwang smiled and left the room.

As I walked down the street, Heo Qing’s worried voice came to mind.

‘Of course I’m going to do it appropriately, so why put so much emphasis on it?’

Of course, the level of ‘appropriately’ varies from person to person.

Jeong Gwang planned to practice ‘appropriately’ according to his level.

‘ah. I think the soldier intentionally didn’t mention his daughter. Should I take care of it?’


What can I do when the members are fighting among themselves?

‘hmm. ‘Maybe she trusted her daughter’s skills and didn’t ask for anything.’

If a daughter takes after her father, she will also be smart.

Even while working, he will look at the situation and make his own decision.

‘Well, maybe he’s telling me to come to my senses.’

Well, it doesn’t matter which of the two it is.

The important thing now was to prepare the members.

When we arrived at the training hall, we saw members lying on the floor.

“Have you all had a good rest?”

“Ugh… … .”

“Cough. Cough.”

Moaning and coughing were heard here and there.

Jeong Gwang clapped his hands with a satisfied face.

“You’re in good condition. ruler. ruler. Gather together. “I’ll take a break for today and explain what’s going on tomorrow.”

At the words, ‘Enough rest for today,’ the fallen members stood up with dazzling speed.

“Yes, priest. “Really?”

Jeong Gwang looked puzzled at the words of Ambassador Jeong Woo.

“sure. Get together sooner than that. “After I finish explaining, I have to go fill my stomach.”

Before he finished speaking, the members lined up in front of Jeong Gwang-ui.

“You move so quickly when you practice.”

Jeong Gwang told them, who looked embarrassed, about the meeting that would take place tomorrow.

Among the members who were listening with surprised faces, Eon Eui-jin raised his hand and asked.

“If Dan Ju leaves, who will lead Dan?”

In an instant, the atmosphere in the hall changed.

Except for Zhang Yi, Baek Seung-mu, and Zhao, they are all late-term exponents representing the political faction.

These were people who did not like to lose to anyone other than Jeong Gwang.

Who leads the bloodless group with no concentration?

It is a matter of pride.

Jeong Gwang, who noticed the sign, smiled and said the name of one person.

“… … !”

Everyone was surprised.

Even people who are called by name.

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