Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 612

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I felt a hand pushing my back. Yujin, who was slowly pushing forward, looked back at her.

I saw Christina and Anise, who became wings and supported me so that I wouldn’t fall.

I saw Vermouth smiling brightly like a burning flame.

It wasn’t what it looked like. Moron, who had fallen holding on to destruction, was down there, but Eugene felt that Moron was behind him. She could feel it even in Senya, who sat down from a distance.

I heard the call, thinking of everyone here. I felt the people who were blocking the destruction itself, the disaster itself. I felt the will to not want the world to end.

“Now it is your turn.”

I heard that from Vermouth.

There was no need to ask for meaning. I understood the moment I heard it. If Vermouth saved the world 300 years ago, this time it’s only Eugene’s turn. Everything so far was there to hand the turn over to ‘Eugene Ryanhart’.

Agaroth wounds Perish and dies. Because Agaroth held on to destruction, the sage became the world tree, and the giants and goblins became light. Thus, a different world began. Vermouth was born from the wound, and gathered his comrades. He was eventually defeated, but it was by no means a failure.

300 years was not meaningless. The world has grown to the point of coming together to prevent destruction. That’s how the ‘turn’ continued to Eugene.


Eugene no longer looked back. Even if she didn’t see it, she felt countless hands pushing on her back. She no longer had to listen. Prayer had already become a huge will and filled Eugene’s insides.

Destruction raised its head and looked at Eugene. Even after he had been cut down, he still had dozens of heads and hundreds of arms on his back. Cheer up! Hundreds of arms jumped out at Eugene.

Eugene’s eyes lit up with a golden light. Hundreds of thrashing arms each had enough power to destroy existence. Destruction stood in the way of Eugene, who led the will of the world. Eugene chewed his lips and grabbed his new sword.


In the distant past, Agaroth knelt before destruction. Hamel 300 years ago felt despair at the destruction he saw from afar. Just a week ago, Eugene felt the fear of destruction.

But not now.

“I can’t stop.”

everything is in the past Agaroth, Hamel, and Eugene. even destruction. It did not disappear then and reached now. The destruction that has swallowed up the times many times cannot be swallowed up now. Eugene was absolutely sure of him. Such absolute and certainty burned the myth even more.

Pooh! One slash burned half of his arm. Destruction twisted its body as it let out a scream-like cry. His instincts wanted him to back off, but he couldn’t.

The magic left by the fallen Senya prevented destruction from raising its legs. The outstretched hand of the fallen Moron is still holding on to destruction. Outside, the sound of knocking on the main body of destruction resonated in the heart. The great will that all prayers aroused made destruction not destruction.


Eugene gasped for breath and grabbed the new sword with both hands.

The universe, which has been run over by ignition, puts a huge burden on Eugene himself. If necessary, it will explode several times. Eugene has the determination and will to do so.

“What is there?”

Quarrrrr! The hand of destruction that was still left moved toward Eugene again, but all the hands were burnt to ashes by the flames of the new sword that he swung again. At that moment, dozens of heads opened their mouths. The attack that made Eugene’s legs and Moron’s arms disappear.

Senya, who would block the attack, collapsed. However, Senya’s will is clearly embedded in Eugene. The emitted light did not even reach Eugene and was blocked by the barrier.

“You have nothing.”

There is a will to follow everyone. Such a will is bound to become a belief. Even the specter who was born as a being full of lies died with conviction. Even the demon king in captivity who crossed the world many times had faith.

Does the demon lord of destruction have such a belief?

does not exist. A monster with no will to achieve anything after being born. He doesn’t even have his own convictions about destroying the world. He only destroys the world because it exists, and because he cannot perish, he just repeats the destruction.

“That you.”

Born to the demon king of destruction, Vermouth had the will to save the world. The demon lord of destruction couldn’t even swallow such a vermouth completely. No resolution, no will. A monster with only a simple and obvious instinct to eat something when it is hungry.

In that moment, Eugene understood the nature of the bastard. That is not the existence with the grandiose name of ‘Demon Lord of Destruction’.


It is a monster born of ugliest envy and narrow desire. A monster who may have wanted to become a demon king at first, but was devoured by a force he could not control. It is that accidental disaster that the world repeats and grows out of control.


That has always failed. I tried to become the demon king as I wished, but I couldn’t. Hungry, he tried to destroy the world, but he couldn’t even do it properly. He tried to swallow back the vermouth that split into him, but failed.

And now. He’s trying to kill Eugene right in front of him.

Even that will fail.

“There is no way you can stop it.”

He raised his sword high.

It is not limited to ‘I’. All of this exists because ‘we’ exist. That’s why the new sword that Eugene was holding now wasn’t just his own. All the will to deny destruction at this moment, which had collapsed in front of it, and which had endured without collapse, dwelled in the sword.

Dozens of heads meant nothing. It put all its heads together to make a fuss. The mouth seemed like it would swallow the world in one bite, like a black abyss.

But now, to Eugene, that black abyss seemed transparent beyond thinness. That gigantic mouth felt useless, a bluff that nothing could swallow. Even the endlessly deep abyss was shallower than a ditch to Eugene now.

On the other hand, what about the black new sword that Eugene was holding? It is bright enough to light up the whole world and as big as the sun. That absolutely can’t stop this divine sword.

Eugene was so sure, and to decide that, he cut down his sword.

The huge head parted in vain. Even though he cut like that, the power of the new sword did not decrease in the slightest. His severed head became enchanted and colored and crumbled and scattered everywhere. Eugene leaned forward with his new sword.


Anise whispered. Hwaaak! In the vanishing wings, Anise pushed Eugene on the back.

Salvation is the word that has always been on the lips like a habit since 300 years ago. Anis, who once resented her light and despised her own existence, turned into a saint for the first time by going to her Demonic Realm and prayed for her salvation.

Salvation was closer now than any moment Anise had ever seen. Anise smiled brightly at Eugene’s back as she walked away.

At the end of the day, what remained by Eugene’s side was Christina, who was purely saved by Eugene. But it was hard for her to hold on any longer. It was sad and there was no regret left. Cristina knew what would happen next.


Christina wished for it as a saint.

always, always… … to his god who has won. Just as her holy woman gave her future, which should belong to her destiny, her hero, God, will give the world a future as well. Believing that, Cristina pushed Eugene’s back.

It no longer has wings, but it has not crashed. In the midst of her fluttering magical power and color, Eugene moved forward as she wished. Having lost everything, the monster could no longer produce his head. Only the ugly body trembled.

I knew where to cut from that huge body. A heart that has not yet stopped and is making an intermittent pounding sound. Despite being so damaged, the heart continued to radiate magic power.

insignificant Why was I so afraid of a heart that only tried to live without belief or purpose? Why did I shudder in madness every time I saw it, thinking it was ominous? Eugene laughed and raised his new sword.

The new sword that slid down slashed both magic and color. The trembling body of the monster could not resist the new sword at all. So was the heart.

Shinhwa swallowed my heart first. As if in a last-ditch effort, it released all of its magic power and color, but nothing could break through the flames and come out. In the flames burning in layers, magic power and color were extinguished.

And the new sword cut through the heart.

Whoaaaaagh! At the moment of the split, a large spark rose. Eugene jumped into the flames without backing down. She didn’t think it was necessary, but it was to see the end clearly.

The disaster that had the unsuitable name of ‘The Demon King of Destruction’ disappeared. As the heart turned to ashes, so did the huge body. Eugene contemplated everything from the center.

The pounding sound was no longer heard. Not even a scream was heard. Instead, another sound came louder and louder. thump, thump, thump. A knocking sound that reaches this place from the outside.

“… … .”

Yu-jin, standing in the dark and watching the extinction of destruction, slowly turned around. He couldn’t see any more. This was an existence that was ‘nothing’ until the very end. No dying words, no wills. The end of the futile guy was equally futile.

It had to be. The only part of him that wasn’t ’emptiness’ was because it no longer existed in him.



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Eugene, who emerged from the scattering flames, first supported Moron, who was kneeling nearby and lowered his head. He also lifted Christina, who had fallen to the floor, and put her on her shoulder.

“Are you alive?”

It’s nothing to ask, but Yujin smiled and asked. But no answer came back. Moron, Cristina, and the anise inside her all lost consciousness.

“Everyone passed out, so it won’t look good after we leave.”

Yujin shook her head and stretched out her hand. Senya, who had been losing her mind at a distance, was moved towards Eugene.

After taking care of all my colleagues like that.

“is not it?”

I asked Vermouth, who hadn’t lost his mind.

Vermouth didn’t answer.

The heart of perdition was burned to ashes. With that, the demon king of destruction ‘died’. The outer body still remains. However, it will also disappear soon after, along with the endless pouring out of Noor.

Vermouth could feel it all. He himself is not long… … He felt equally dissipated. The heart of destruction that was burnt to ashes was, in the end, also the heart of Vermouth.

“… … Hamel.”

Vermouth opened his mouth. It feels like his chest has been pierced. Because there is nothing where the heart should be. end soon. But Vermouth felt satisfied.

All my life, what I wished for… … achieved Killed the demon lord of destruction. Ended repeated destruction.


Vermouth chuckled. He wanted to die like this. There will be no more joyous death than this. At the end of the last, he was able to fight alongside his comrades. The world let the world know that the life he lived as Vermouth Lionheart was not meaningless. He denied that he was a hero, but everyone regarded him as one.

“with you… … Because of everyone, I… … I, as a human at last… … I can die as a hero.”

Eugene didn’t answer and came in front of Vermouth. He carefully laid down Moron, who was supporting him, followed by Senya and Cristina.

“It’s a pity that I can’t talk to them more, but it can’t be helped. I have no more time left… … .”

“I would have told you.”

Eugene frowned and glared at Vermouth.

“We said we would save you.”

“It has been done. I was saved by everyone… … .”

“I also said we deserve to be happy.”

“Can there be more happiness than this?”

Vermouth smiled bitterly and asked.

“I have achieved everything I wished for. I was able to fight alongside you, and I defeated the demon lord of destruction. My existence was acknowledged by the world. I… … .”

“What’s the point of dying?”

Eugene sat down in front of Vermouth.

ㅡKoo-gu-gu-gung… … The futility is shaking. Because the demon king of destruction is dead, even this space is about to disappear. But Eugene ignored that and looked straight into Vermouth’s face.

“Don’t talk like a will saying it’s over. We, you, are not over yet.”

“… … You are always ridiculously stubborn.”

Thank you. But this is impossible. Vermouth smiled faintly as he looked down at his body that was slowly turning to ashes.

“What’s the point of dying… … . okay. It must be so for you who died once and had many regrets. But I have no regrets.”


Yujin tilted her head and asked.

“You’re asking a nasty question.”

Vermouth let out a long sigh and raised his head. He stared at the collapsing emptiness for a while before continuing.

“There can be no regrets… … no Even if you want to be detached, in the end you will have regrets.”


“… … I want to see the world that existed because of me with my own eyes.”

I didn’t want to say Just talking about it makes me feel lingering. In the end, he regrets not being able to go with his colleagues.

“I want to hear the voices calling my name. and… … .”

“And what?”

Yujin’s cheeks twitched at the words he muttered.

Is it a forced smile to shake off sadness? I thought even that mischievous urge was Hamel, but… … Do you really need to do that until the last minute? For a moment, Vermouth sincerely felt that question. At least Vermouth mourned Hamel the moment he died.

“… … In the past, we used to talk in the Devil’s Realm… … I want to do things that I wanted to do ‘later’. Traveling peacefully, going to a hot spring in the snowy field… … .”

“Things you can’t do when you die.”


finally said it

“I don’t want to die.”

Eugene wanted to hear that. He grinned and suddenly reached out and grabbed Vermouth’s right hand.

“It is.”

Those words were not directed at Vermouth. Vermouth was startled and looked at his right hand.

An old chain was clutched in his hand before he knew it.

“It was a contract.”

A voice came from behind.

“I asked you. Vermouth Lionheart.”

The sound of chains clanking was heard.

“Do you still want to die with destruction?”

Vermouth looked back in surprise. The demon king of confinement, who had not been seen since before, was walking towards this direction. After being defeated by Eugene and his comrades, he held on to destruction for several days.

As a result, the demon king of confinement was so tired that he couldn’t control his body. But now, the demon king in captivity was less like that.

he walked himself There was no chain cloak behind his back, but the demon king of confinement held a chain in his hand.

“You answered ‘no’. He replied that he wished to kill perdition with everyone.”

Whispering in a low voice, the demon king of confinement laughed.

“I asked what you need.”

The demon king of confinement slowly pulled the chain. The chain was connected to the chain Vermouth held in her hand.

“You answered the sword, and I gave you the sword.”

The heart does not exist in Vermouth’s body. His body died with destruction and is passing away.

“As God does, the demon king makes wishes come true. If you pay the price.”

There is only one price the demon king wants. only the soul

“Your body, born as an alter ego, dies with the demon king of destruction. However, the hero the world was talking about. The soul of Vermut Lionheart, who you decided to be ‘different’, is possessed by me, the demon lord of confinement, in exchange for the contract.”

This contract depended on Vermouth’s will.

If Vermouth thought of his existence only as an alter ego of destruction until the end. If he wished to die with the Demon King of Destruction. If so, Vermouth’s soul would not have been completely independent, and the chain of contract would never have bound Vermouth’s soul.

Now, the chain of contracts.

Not the alter ego of destruction, but tied to the soul of Vermouth Lionheart.

“If you don’t want to die, live.”

Eugene laughed while pushing Vermouth’s chest.

“You were supposed to go back together, right?”

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