Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 611

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I thought so even though he was right next to me. That flame was born in the white flame ceremony, but now it has become something completely different. That flame that burns vividly and fiercely is the myth that proves Agaroth, Hamel Diners, and Eugene Lionheart.

Sensing a shiver in his body, Vermouth looked at Eugene. Eugene, who was glaring at destruction with eyes burning like sparks, turned his head as he felt the gaze from his side.

“Why, kid.”

Eugene grinned.

“Do you think you can do better than now?”

Vermouth blinked a few times at the returned question. I couldn’t understand that sudden statement.

But that’s only for a moment. Vermouth laughed briefly as he recalled what he had said a long time ago.

“What do you mean? Did those words hurt you that much?”

“I don’t remember the bastard I hit in the first place. Only the one who got hit hurts so I remember it for a long time.”

“I was speaking for you.”

Thinking about it now, it was a statement that had no choice but to be so, but Hamel at the time had no idea why. So Eugene snorted and smirked.

“For me, Mr. X. It comes right out of the blue and slaps you on the back of the head, let’s do it well bastard, it’s something like this.”

“I thought that kind of advice was right for you.”

This time, it was Eugene’s turn to blink.

surely. When I heard those words at the time, I felt very, very f*cked-up, but because I heard those words, the blood came to my head and I was able to push myself to the limit.

But is it because of the ondang vermouth? Didn’t Hamel do a good job when he was hit in the back of the head, but instead of sitting down, he decided that he would die someday?


Of course, Eugene knew very well that saying such thoughts out of his mouth would only make him ugly. So, Eugene put on a serious face and glared at destruction. Looking at that determined profile, Vermouth unknowingly smiled. It was because it was good just to chat with his colleagues.

“Go first.”

Vermouth patted Morron on the shoulder and stepped forward. He looked back at Eugene and continued.

“Now you will be able to follow me immediately even if I go much earlier.”

Moron laughed at that too. The three of them laughed together in the face of the destruction that radiated vicious magic.

Morron kicked the ground. Morron ran forward and laid his ax aside. The arm of destruction and magic immediately flew towards Moron. But there was no need to wield an axe.

It was because Senya, who was standing still and not collapsing, fired her magic. A thick beam of light completely blew away his magic power and arms. Thanks to this, Moron was able to get all the way down to the doom’s body without swinging her axe.

Kwakjik! The ax he wielded there cut off the thick legs of destruction, as if cutting down a giant tree with one blow. Moron turned his body around in the fluttering magic power and color. The ax he swung one after another cut off the bridge of destruction.

Vermouth also moved. In an instant he traversed the air and reached the heads of perdition. Now, Vermouth’s sword can slash the head of perdition without backlash, but even if it is cut dozens or hundreds of times, perdition will not die.

‘A weakened heart.’

What Vermouth thought, Eugene thought the same. But he doesn’t mean he can pierce and break just because he aims.

It was like that before. The spear forged in Shinhwa perfectly penetrated the body of destruction, but did not reach the heart. Even though the vermouth has been torn apart and weakened, that ominous and ferocious mana does not give up and protects the heart.


It’s just a matter of continuing to cut. While continuing to cut through the thick magical power, the new sword must be driven into the hidden heart.

It wasn’t long. Eugene’s longing for ‘victory’ was intuitively felt. With the vermouth coming out, the seemingly unreachable heart got closer.

What is not far is not only the demon king of destruction.

This is the belly of destruction. It is impossible to wage a long-term battle in the first place. If you simply hold on to it, you will be able to endure it for a long time, but as long as you attack with ‘thoughts to kill’, your spiritual power will be consumed quickly. Right now, Senya behind her is already at her limit. He forcibly holds on to his body, which wants to collapse, and fires magic, but it’s not strange if he collapses anytime.

“yet… … hey.”

Senya gasped and exhaled. My eyes are dizzy and the taste of blood is in my mouth. The inside seems empty. I can’t even feel the hand holding Mary.

And Mary is heavy. It is really dangerous for a wizard to feel that his wand is heavy. But Senya didn’t stop. The weight of the cane, I felt it several times even 300 years ago.

Is this the worst of your entire life? no. Senya chewed her lips and forced Mary to move. The voice of the sage is no longer heard. The spiritual power transmitted from the World Tree is gradually fading, and the magic power received from Noir and Senya’s own mana are showing the bottom.

But not the worst. Senya thought again. Now it is by no means a predicament. It is an ordeal that can be overcome. Behold, the strength is exhausted, the body is slow and heavy,

The mind is clear. Thinking expands infinitely. There is no dizziness in the head at any moment.

Kwurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! The magic sent by Senya poured down like rain from a place higher than destruction. Thousands of arms soared from the back of destruction to resist the rain of magic, but the magic that permeated the body of destruction caused a series of explosions.

Cool. Senya staggered, coughing up her blood, but managed to lift her head to look in front of her. Her eyes blur a bit more. But even though she is crushed and shaken, the spark is still clear.

“are you okay.”

Feeling Anis and Cristina coming closer, Senya shook her head and smiled. It’s not the kind of injury that can be treated, even if you try.

What’s more, the saints also lacked energy. They are overwhelmed just by adjusting the divine power that Eugene has run amok.

“I want to see more and help.”

I didn’t want to collapse just yet, but now it really seems like there’s nothing I can do about it.


Senya looked ahead with a faint smile.

I saw a fierce flame that seemed to burn everything. At the same time, it shone brilliantly as if it would light up everything. Eugene moved later than Vermouth and Moron, but he was already standing in the same place as Vermouth, cutting off the head of destruction.

“Okay, I know.”

I saw flames and flames mingling. Vermouth slashed first, and Eugene threw Shinhwa into the open road. Sometimes Eugene cut first, followed by Vermouth.

Senya- knows those things all too well. Always, she had my back.


I know that now Eugene and Vermouth can do it.

Hasn’t it always been like that since before? An enemy you will never be able to defeat. Even if it was the demon king, if ‘Hamel’ and ‘Vermut’ fought together, they could win. It will still be. Senya’s divinity wasn’t victory, but she was just as sure of victory as Eugene.

So, I scraped all the remaining mana and focused it on Merry. The last magic that can be used in battle now. Senya held Mary up in front of her.

I lowered the merry while slowly kneeling down. earth prison. Mary stood upright on her ground, full of her futility. The vines around her wand tumbled down and the petals fell.

Things that could not exist here were born. Grass, flowers, and trees that could be called symbols of life soared around Senya. A forest was born in the belly of destruction where only nothingness exists.

A magic that even the goddess of magic, Senya Merdein, could never use. However, the ‘miracle’ that only she can do has dyed the belly of destruction not an ominous color, but the color of life.


A faint but clear will became a voice and started the magic.

Whoa! Countless buds and flowers of trees were in full bloom. Feeling the full scent, Senya closed her blurry eyes.


All the legs of destruction were broken in the fullness of life. Moron, who retreated from the sinking destruction, did not look back. This magic is a miracle caused by Senya. All flowers, grasses, and trees are withering, swallowing the magic of destruction.

This is the final magic. Senya can no longer use magic and cannot fight.

“Not enough.”



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Moron laughed and murmured. The end of her is not far, and so is Moron. Her severed arm isn’t the problem. Moron was exposed at the forefront of the magical power of destruction that was no different from deadly poison.

did my best. It was desperate.

but. Did you fight to your satisfaction? The question that came to mind, Moron chuckled.

It cut through the wounds and opened the way to the deep. That’s it. The heart could not be destroyed directly. I cut off the limbs of destruction several times, but I didn’t think it was a big deal.

Up there, Hamel and Vermouth are fighting together.

‘What can I do now?’


‘What should I do?’

He recalled what he had done in the battle he fought with his comrades.

Moron is always at the forefront. You can attack directly if you can, but basically Moron’s role is to ‘receive’ the attack. Hamel and Vermouth can only focus on attacking because Moron can take the attack.

To be attacked is to immobilize the ‘enemy’. To help Hamel and Vermouth cut comfortably.

—-I understood. Morron smiled brightly and raised her axe. Crackle! The fallen leg of destruction was severely severed. Previously, it should have been instantaneously regenerated, but now even regeneration is slow.

That’s why Moron was able to enforce what he had decided to do. remaining power. He unleashed all the power he could unleash.

Puffed up, puffed up. Moron’s whole body was red hot and trembled with concentrated power. Quick! The force even shattered the ax in his hand.

Does not matter. What is needed now is not an ax to break and cut. Shinhwa, who formed the ax, responded to such a will. Moron’s body was covered with the divine power he drew as an incarnation.

cooong. Moron’s foot stamped the ground. He raised his head and looked above him. Eyes met with Eugene and Vermouth cutting off the hair of destruction. Morone grinned at the two.

“I am.”

Morone did what he had to do. Right now, only one arm. It would have been nice if it was just the two of them, but I can’t help it now that they’re like this.

Morron raised his right arm high as he approached the slanting doom.

thump… … A bent finger grasped the body of perdition. What Morron caught was only a small part of the body of destruction that was too gigantic even if it was huge. However, the ‘power’ transmitted from his grasped hand held onto the entire destruction.

Deuk deuk… … ! The tightly clenched teeth were shattered. Blood spurted from Moron’s eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. But Morone did not stop. Numerous legs that had collapsed were shattered by the force of pulling them down.

ㅡCoooooung! Moron’s hand pushed the body of destruction to the ground.

“Moron Ruharda.”

I poured all my strength into it. No, it generated ‘power’ beyond the strength that was poured out. Is this also a miracle? Morron raised his head again. But it’s not the stomach that needs to be seen. Moron felt it and looked behind him.

Now, this miracle didn’t just happen with Eugene’s divinity.

“is it.”

Moron smiled and nodded.

In battle- I took on a role that could not be knocked down first. For the sake of his comrades, for the sake of defeating the enemy, for the sake of victory, Moron always had to stand still, covered in blood.


Every time Moron was forced to hold on, Hamel approached and called him a ‘dummy’. She forcibly tossed Sun Moron behind her and took over her role. He didn’t say anything harsh like Hamel, but sometimes Vermouth did.

However, after returning from the Demonic Realm, he lived a life in which he could never collapse. In the aftermath of the war, the harsh snowfields, which were originally scarce, were virtually nothing left. As a chieftain and hero, Moron had to rebuild the tribe and the snowfield.

So he became king. He said that it was difficult even for all the people who worshiped him, so he could not fall, and it was the same in Le Hein Yar.

But now.

“It’s okay.”

Moron laughed and murmured.

It would be okay to fall down now. Moron alone Moron thought so and knelt down on her knees.

[iced coffee… … .]

Senya fell, Moron fell.

Christina and Anise. The two saints saw everything with the wings of Eugene.

Colleagues falling. The saintess’ role is to prevent that from happening, but she can’t do that in this battle. The two are thoroughly supporting Eugene’s strength.

[Sister, Eugene-sama, I… … .]

Christina’s voice was full of panting breath. She was also crying at the same time. She whispered as she pushed Eugene on the back.

[I believe that this temple today will be a victory for everyone.]


Anise’s voice was the same. She smiled brightly and held Christina with one hand, while the other held Vermouth.


different rhymes. But even wishing is no different. The saints listened to the world’s prayers for victory. I heard a hymn full of worship. The flames burned even more. there was light Eugene’s gaze turned to Vermouth. Vermouth looked at Eugene in the same way.

Destruction, whose legs were broken, couldn’t stand up anymore, but the numerous arms and heads on its back attacked Eugene and Vermouth all at once.

I’m hearing it.

A warm light that pushes your back. Even though it burned so fiercely, it was connected warmly. It was completely different from the agony he suppressed when holding the holy sword in the past. Vermouth felt full of divinity.

A power that felt far away. The movements that could not be followed were perfectly matched without realizing it. Like when they matched countless times in the past, the two swords cut the attack without blocking.

[Can you see?]

The voices of the united saints whispered to Vermouth. Vermouth—she looked back involuntarily. The light I saw in my stomach. A voice that kept me from forgetting ‘me’ even in the rushing current.

– Brilliant Eugene.

– Great vermouth.

never met

However, ‘I know’. They are the descendants of Vermouth. The family that was created only for Hamel, Lionheart, is shouting the names of Eugene and Vermouth together. A quality that has not changed even after hundreds of years have passed. Gray hair and golden eyes. And, and.

Lion print on the left chest.

I saw a woman wielding bloody arms. I saw a man screaming and wielding a sword, followed by knights. The descendant who planted the evil eye shed tears of blood with bloodshot eyes, and the brother next to him leads the young knights by supporting his sister.

A collateral that Vermouth did not pay attention to, rather excluded. Even the collateral, which was thought natural to resent, is now shouting the name of the progenitor.

[Everyone is… … .]

It’s not just Ryan Hart. A man engraved with Kiel’s pattern swung a giant sword. In addition to that, patterns of other kingdoms and mercenary flags were also visible. knights and warriors.

In the past, the natives of the Great Forest who were slaughtered as an example on Mount Uklas. Their young warchief stands on the brink of destruction, leaving countless corpses behind.

Even the wizards who should be behind are fighting in the front without fear. Covered in the color of destruction and screaming, the great spirits continued to stir their limbs toward destruction. The red robed archmage leads other colored mages instead of backing down even though there are no more summons left to command. In the sky, a young dragon that has not yet matured is blowing its breath while carrying wizards and priests.

[They, everyone… … .]

They are not advancing into a world of endless pressure. A cause to prevent destruction. The army gathered to realize it is blocking Noor’s path.

“ah… … .”

Vermouth looked a little farther away.

The end of the world left alone to Moron. That pure white mountain is now dyed red. Compared to the place where the demon king of destruction descended, the army was absurdly small. There, too, noor pours out the same.

But he could not come down the mountain. Many people died so much that their eyes were stained red, but Moron’s descendants lead the army without despair. The tanned knights and mercenaries, more suited to the sea than the snowy land, are the same.

[Vermut, I am your descendant.]

300 years ago the world had to end. All beings in the world would have died, and the demon king of confinement would have moved on to the next one and started anew in an empty world.

The reason the world did not perish at that time was because Vermouth made a pact with the demon king of confinement. It is because he sacrificed himself to seal the demon king of destruction again. Because the world did not perish 300 years ago, it was given a reprieve at that time.

[No, Mr. Vermut.]

Cristina shook her head in denial.

[I did not get a reprieve.]

Vermouth looked up and looked at Christina. A young saintess resembling Anis prayed to Vermouth as a representative of the next generation born 300 years later.

[Vermut. You are the god of the future of the world.]

Everything in the world today would not exist without vermouth.

“is it.”

Vermouth smiled lightly and nodded.

“Me, really.”

– Great vermouth.

“The world… … You, me, really.”

I didn’t wipe the tears running down my cheeks. Vermouth smiled and turned his head.

“You were considered a warrior.”

Dozens of wide open mouths were visible. Vermut first swung the chain sword he had received from the demon king of confinement. After cutting off all of his heads with the sword, Vermouth let go of the sword.

And then he took up his sword again. The newly held sword was not the one received from the demon king of confinement. An uninterrupted chant. The light that gently pushed his back, and the light that leaked from the depths of Vermouth himself, all of that became a sword.


The sword of the warrior who saved the world and opened the future 300 years ago opened the way.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

At the end of the road that opened, Vermouth’s hand pushed Eugene’s back.

“Now it is your turn.”

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