Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 613

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I felt the chains that bound my soul tightly. Before long, Vermouth was able to fully understand.

The body born as an alter ego of destruction perishes with the demon king of destruction.

However, the existence of ‘Vermouth Lionheart’ does not disappear. That soul ceased to be an alter ego of destruction. Originally, it should have been destroyed along with the body, but due to the ‘contract’, the soul was chained.

“From the beginning… … .”

Vermouth barely opened his trembling lips.

“Did you aim for this from the beginning?”


Eugene answered honestly.

“At first, I had no idea. I just didn’t want to let you die… … I wondered if there would be a way if I longed for it.”

Not everything was arranged. Eugene couldn’t figure out exactly what the situation was like in Vermouth, and he couldn’t guess how the battle would go.

“In the end, that earnest wish created a method. I wished, and you wished… … Everyone wanted it.”

Yujin turned her head and looked at the far side.

The ‘everyone’ he was talking about was all who were fighting against the demon king of destruction. Those who do not forget the name ‘Vermut Lionheart’. Those who have always regarded him as a warrior. Vermouth, who had been listening to the story with a blank face, burst into laughter without realizing it.

“… … What a miracle.”

miracle, miracle Vermouth lowered his head, repeating the words he had uttered.

For Vermouth, ‘miracle’ has always been an object of love and hatred. It could be said that it was a miracle that he was born into the world, but repeated failures and 300 years of solitude- made me sick of the word ‘miracle’.

So Vermouth could not regard miracles as hope or salvation. No matter how much I wished for it, I couldn’t make a miracle myself.

“The Demon King of Confinement.”

Vermouth raised his lowered head. The demon king of confinement was standing nearby and staring at Vermouth.

“I am… … Now, what’s going on? Will I live with your family?”

Of course, I couldn’t help but wonder. It was because Vermouth knew very well what it meant to sign a contract with the demon lord and hand over his soul. The soul can be stuffed until the demon king liberates it, or it can be reborn as a follower depending on the demon king’s status.

There is no freedom for such a soul.


The demon king of confinement shook his head.

“Vermouth Lionheart. I don’t make you a friend There is no need for that.”

“… … then?”

“All along.”

The demon king of confinement raised his head with a faint smile. He stared at the collapsing empty sky and continued.

“What I always wanted. It’s vermouth, you know it well.”

“… … .”


The demon king of confinement could not continue his speech. Even the demon king in confinement, who had been worn out from despair several times, couldn’t help but feel the rushing emotions at this moment.

Because I have longed for it. Because I thought I would never be able to reach it even though I wanted it so much. So the demon king of confinement was silent for a moment and closed his eyes.

“… … today… … In this world, the demon king of destruction and the demon king of confinement die.”


I lived in anticipation that one day the demon king of destruction would die. Hoping for that, I turned the world over to the next several times. Because he himself could never defeat the demon lord of destruction. So he became the Great Demon King who will test the world before its destruction.

“The world has no reason to move on any more. I have no reason to do that.”

After muttering, the demon king of confinement chuckled and lowered his head. He whispered while looking at Vermouth who was looking at him.

“I wished death all my life. and… … now i can die Vermouth, you don’t have to worry about anything. Because I will not make your soul into a member of my family, and I have no intention of living with you any longer.”

“… … .”

“Today I die, and your soul with whom you made a pact… … dwells in my body.”

The answer returned widened Vermouth’s eyes.

“That is all. Vermut, I don’t mean to leave you the seat of the demon king. My body, with not even a handful of magic power left, is just a vessel for your soul to dwell in.”

The demon king of confinement said so and sat down slowly.

“You may not like my body as a vessel, but you know that this is unavoidable and for the best.”

Even if he is no longer an alter ego of destruction, Vermouth’s soul is special. A decent human being would not even be able to become a vessel.

Then, should I make a new bowl to match the vermouth? There is a precedent. Hamel’s Death Knight created by Amelia Merwin. Even after losing his original body, he created a new body that fits perfectly.

But the size of the soul is different. No matter how special a bowl is prepared, it will not be able to match the spirit of vermouth. The only possibility is to use Lionheart’s body – but I don’t think Vermouth himself would want to take another human’s body.

What about dying altogether and then reincarnating later? It’s not even worth discussing.

What everyone wants is to return ‘together’.

“Is that enough?”

Vermouth, who was silent for a moment, asked with a dejected smile. I know it can’t be helped. I am not in a position to give up. Even so, Vermouth had no choice but to question the demon king in captivity.

“The Demon King of Confinement. you now… … I know how much you’ve been looking forward to it, but can you really die satisfied?”

“Do you think there will be any lingering feelings?”

The demon king of confinement replied with a snort.

“To me, life was boring. I have no intention of enjoying a new life in a lighter situation now. Maybe, no, definitely the world… … It will be different from what I saw. But do I really need to see such a world?”

The demon king of confinement chuckled and looked at Yujin.

“You have different beliefs than I do. I chose a different future. Through that, he defeated me and killed the Demon King of Destruction. So, you, the winners, should enjoy all of this, and I, the losers… … .”

Iron gruck. The chain connected to Vermouth was drawn towards the demon king of confinement.

“I won’t let you die here.”

Vermouth no longer asked the will of the demon king of confinement. He, who was the first hero and became the Great Demon King for the sake of the world, is satisfied with all of this and wishes for rest. There is no lie in that will. There is no deceit in the answer of the demon king of confinement.

“I get it.”

Vermouth nodded and grabbed the chain.

“The Demon King of Confinement. I will abandon that name, dwell in your body, and live as Vermouth Lionheart.”

There was no hesitation in that answer. The demon king of confinement saw Vermouth’s bright golden eyes and smiled lightly.

far… … .

A face I knew in the far, distant past… … did not substitute The man whom the imprisoned demon king once cherished and kept as a friend died and disappeared as an accidental disaster. The one in front of me now is Vermouth Lionheart, who saved the world 300 years ago and defeated the demon lord of destruction with his friends today.




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The demon king of confinement smiled and opened his mouth.

“I hope you live the life you want.”

I never thought I would hear a good word from that demon king of confinement. Vermouth was dumbfounded and laughed. He wanted to answer something, but he couldn’t. This is because the body that died with destruction was completely destroyed.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The demon king of confinement still stared at Eugene with a smile on his face. He continued, guiding Vermouth’s soul, which had passed through the chain, into the vessel called the body.

“The demon lord of destruction… … for killing me.”

Eugene silently stared at the demon king of Yufe. He hadn’t come this far and thought that the demon king of confinement would do something stupid. There is no reason to betray the demon king now in captivity. If at the end of the day something lingers and obsesses over life, that in itself is an insult to the eternity of life and the belief pursued by the demon king in captivity.

That’s why the demon king of confinement would never do such a thing. Eugene was sure of that.

“Thank you for allowing me to die.”

The demon king of confinement said with a satisfied smile. It was an answer without regret or obsession.


Yujin smiled and opened her mouth.

“… … no. Go to Hell.”

The great demon king who has lived for an eternity. He hoped to save the world. Despairing at his impossibility, he repeated: He has seen many, many, many lives die. It’s not comparable to the demon lord of destruction, but the beings killed by the demon lord of confinement deserve to fill the world.

So Eugene didn’t want to rest. The only place the demon king can lie down is hell.

“I hope so.”

The demon king of confinement also responded with a smile.

ㅡKoo-gu-gu-gung… … .

There was silence at the end of the answer. The demon king of confinement with his head bowed down did not feel any vitality. Eugene sat down and waited quietly, with Moron, Senya, and her saints nearby.

Desolation is crumbling. Before long, the place disappears completely, and Eugene and his companions go outside.

“I don’t really look good when I stand alone.”

Yujin grumbled and glanced at her leg. Fortunately, the leg was regenerated thanks to the death of the demon king of destruction.

Perhaps the appearance when he went outside would become a myth and a legend and be handed down for a long time. At that moment, if he stood sloppy on one leg, the statue that would remain in the future would be made of a single leg. He might be called by the bizarre name of Eugene.

“Hey, wake up.”

Eugene slapped the cheek of Moron, who was lying nearby.

Wouldn’t it be okay to support three fainting people and stand alone? no, i don’t like it I don’t want to. It’s a childish stubbornness, but Eugene sincerely thought so.

“… … ugh… … .”

After a few more slaps, Moron opened his mouth and let out a pained sound. After Eugene forced Moron to sit with a bright smile, she started slapping Senya.

“Oh, it hurts… … .”

After about ten beatings, Senya also came to his senses. Thanks to the demon king of destruction disappearing along with magic, it was quick for everyone to come to their senses. Eugene seated Senya, who blinked her blurry eyes, and raised her hand to Cristina’s cheek for the last time.

“Hey, wake up.”

There was no need to slap him this time. Cristina quickly opened her eyes and blocked her Eugene’s hand.

“ah… … Anis-nim is also in me. So Eugene, you don’t have to hit me on the cheek.”

“My jaw hurts… … .”

Whoops, whoops. Moron murmured as she clamped her creaking jaw together.

“… … Vermouth!”

Senya, who was caressing her swollen cheek with her hand, let out a squeal.

“Vermouth, where are you?!”

“Isn’t there anything else you want to ask? What happened to the demon king of destruction… … .”

“Seeing you do this, you must have killed it well! So vermouth?!”

“Are you more worried about vermouth than me, who fought hard and defeated destruction?”

“If anyone hears it, they’ll know you fought hard.”

Senya shook her head with a look of exasperation.

“hey! If we just fought, we would have fought right away, so why did we buy more high school students?! I wasn’t trying to save Vermouth! you! He said he wanted to save Vermouth! But what’s wrong with asking where the vermouth is?”

“I’m just annoyed because I’m looking for vermouth first before my regards right in front of me… … .”

Kaak, twi. Eugene grumbled as he turned his head and spat.

“That’s because you’re right in front of me… … no, you can’t… … .”

The corners of Senya’s mouth twitched and went up.

“Are you jealous?”

“It’s not like friends are jealous of each other.”

“Do you think it’s okay to be jealous?”

“Why am I f*cking jealous? Do you like vermouth?”

“I like you as a friend.”

“i like you? do you like it this dog… … .”

“hey! Then you hate me as a friend? Then you don’t like vermouth?”

“I don’t like it, I hate it. If I go out here, he’ll grab me and beat me up… … .”

Yujin stopped talking and looked away. It was because she felt breathing from the ‘Devil of Confinement’ who was silent with her head bowed. Eugene was not the only one who felt the breath.

“But why is the demon king of confinement sitting in front of us like this?”

“why. At this point, are you even pretending to be friendly because you don’t want to die, what is it?”

Anis and Senya exchanged words and smirked.

-Slowly… … The hair color of the demon king of confinement changed in front of everyone. Seeing their black hair turn gray, Senya and Anis jumped back in fright.

“hemp cloth… … Vermouth?”

Morron stuttered and called the name.

thump… … The body of the demon king of confinement has been transformed to fit the newly inhabited soul. Raising his head, Vermouth blinked his eyes a few times before looking down at his hand.

“… … haha… … .”

A smile came out involuntarily. Even that voice belonged to Vermouth everyone knew.


Moron smiled and hugged Vermouth.

“Where did you hear that?”

He grinned for joy, but Eugene asked about it for now.

“I heard it from the beginning.”

“Well, I didn’t say anything I couldn’t.”

“How much do you want to beat me?”

Vermouth asked with a smile, and instead of answering, Eugene raised his middle finger.

“how… … What the hell happened?”

“Why did Vermut-sama become the demon king of confinement? Oh no, did the demon king of confinement become Vermut-sama?”

Senya and Anis stuttered and asked, not understanding the situation. But instead of answering, Eugene stood up on his knees.

“Let’s talk later, stand still.”


“It would be disgraceful to go outside while sitting down.”

“Is that important now?”

“Of course it matters.”

Eugene, without hesitation, threatened Senya and Anise.

“Anis, first hand that body over to Cristina. And you stand behind as an angel.”


“Are you sure you’re hiding in Cristina until the end?”

“that… … What’s wrong with that? I really want to be known to the world… … .”

“you hate me.”

[I don’t like it either.]

Eugene and Christina answered at the same time.

“You suffered as well as we suffered, shouldn’t the world know that too?”

[I wouldn’t have been able to do anything by myself. It is all thanks to Anis-nim that I can be here.]

“under… … but… … .”

The reason Anise couldn’t readily answer was simple. Up until now, I had done something that would be considered ugly by borrowing Christina’s body, but now, if it were known that I was actually living in Christina’s body as an angel… … Isn’t it a stain on the name ‘Faithful Anise’, which has been passed down well for 300 years?

“Quickly before I force you out!”

“Why are you in such a hurry!”

“It’s already collapsed!”

Eugene pointed to the open ceiling and squealed. It is true that there is not much time. As the main body of the Demon Lord of Destruction disappears, the scenery outside blurs and overlaps. At a glance, all of Nooru had already disappeared, and everyone was waiting around this place for the return of the heroes.

“Unlike our days, technology is good these days. Our appearances will be extracted by magic and known to the world. Become a photograph, whether it be a newspaper or a relay, whatever.”

“Come all the way here and get sympathy… … !”

“hey! Are you saying that I want only me? All of us together! back! You want to leave it behind!”

I’m not going to tell you so openly! Her face flushed with shame and embarrassment.

“I will say that right away… … !”

[Ah, Eugene-nim, how can you have such a beautiful heart… … !]

Anis couldn’t help but sympathize with Christina’s joy. Anis sincerely thought that Hamel was cute and lovable. After she passed control of her body to Christina, she took angelic form and flew after it.

“… … Uhm… … .”

Senya sighed and quietly clung to Eugene’s side. Cristina, who naturally wanted to stand on the other side, let out a short laugh and stood next to Senya.


Anise smiled brightly and called Vermouth’s name.

[Stand by Hamel’s side.]

“Why are you by my side?”

[I worked so hard to save Vermut, shouldn’t I show it to everyone? That we defeated the demon lord of destruction, saved the world, and even saved Vermut.]

“That’s right.”

Eugene raised the body of Vermouth, who was still sitting down.

“Should I pick up an axe?”

Moron, standing next to Vermouth, asked with a serious face.

“But now I don’t have an axe.”

“What is the ax for? I’m not going to kill anyone.”

“So, Hamel, you’re not going to kill anyone, so why are you holding the new sword out?”

“I am in the middle. You have to hold your sword high… … .”

“Hamel, I haven’t seen it myself. I’ve seen pictures of the personal statues you left at Simuin.”

“… … so?”

“To be honest, I thought it was really tacky.”

Pudeuk. A sound bounced between Eugene’s teeth.

“Then don’t you think the stone statues you left behind in the kingdom’s capital aren’t outlandish? Cx Why did I put it in?”

“To honor your sacrifice, the capital city was also named after you.”

“Four statues in Luhar! Raising an ax! That’s too f*cking corny!”

“That’s it, so why don’t you keep quiet?”

“I know you’re not losing, hey! Senya, that green square. You’re holding up your cane there too!”

“I have never been a model! Why would they blame me for something they made on their own… … .”


Cristina, who hadn’t heard, spat out. She smiled brightly as she gazed at the increasingly dark landscape outside.

“Everyone does a shoulder strap.”

“… … A shoulder strap?”

“yes. Didn’t you come back together as you hoped?”

Christina demonstrated herself. Her arm, which slung over Senya’s shoulder, gently brushed her on Eugene’s back. Feeling her body tremble, Eugene raised her hand and wrapped it around Senya’s shoulder.

[We need to stick together a little longer.]

Anise leaned over and stood behind Senya. Instead of putting her arms around her, she put her hands on Eugene and Christa’s shoulders. In her sleep, Senya was caught in the middle of her, and she was immobilized.

“hmm… … .”

Vermouth also contemplated whether to go over Eugene’s neck and cover his shoulders, or to place his hand lightly on his left shoulder as he stood. Contemplating that, I glanced at the other side of Eugene, and her eyes met Christina’s.

“is it.”

Vermouth nodded with a calm expression. He understood perfectly. He put his hand lightly on Yujin’s shoulder without saying anything. Moron was the same.


Cristina nodded.

‘Is it really perfect?’

Only Senya, who was sandwiched between Eugene and Cristina, with Anise behind her back, felt suspicious.

‘This is ruined.’

great cheers. came out completely Eugene thought while receiving numerous gazes.

If this look remains as a picture.

name is… … They will be the most awkward warriors and colleagues in the world.

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