Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 596

I turned around with a sigh. I could see the advancing destruction entwined in a messy color, and the light and ash scattered from the oxidized silver ore.

in front of it. There is Raphael riding the Pegasus and the flying corps. On the ground, the new army advances, using evil to forget fear.

I saw Eugene, who couldn’t move. The demon king of confinement understood the situation in which Eugene had no choice but to harden. The power of the demon king of confinement did not bring Eugene to despair in the end, but the situation ‘now’ will make Eugene despair.

‘That’ could not but give Eugene enough despair.

“I despair because what I have been pursuing has become futile.”

The demon king of confinement opened his mouth. He sighed again and smiled bitterly.

“Do you despair that those who looked up to you will sacrifice their lives in front of you and become futile?”

Iron gruck. The demon king of confinement began to walk. Chains appeared before I knew it and dragged along the floor.

“In the face of destruction that can never be overcome and cannot be resisted… … In the end, do you despair too?”

In the war between Helmud and the demon king of confinement, Eugene won. However, in the current battle, he will not be able to win. The demon king of confinement was able to foresee and be sure of the outcome of this battle so easily. Eugene and his colleagues now do not have the strength to fight anymore.

“iced coffee… … .”

I thought so.

The demon king of confinement stopped walking. He let out a groan, not a sigh. Eugene would have despaired now. The moment he and his colleagues hoped for so much was in vain, he had no choice but to despair.

The demon king of the distant past was also like that. I wanted to defeat the Demon King. I wanted to save the world. I really had it right in front of me, but I collapsed at the last moment. A trusted colleague became the Demon King, and the world he wanted to save perished.

Just because he was a demon king of confinement, it wasn’t that he was obsessed from the beginning, not now. Many times, as I greeted the next one, I thought, “This time is for sure.”

I hoped for a different ending this time. Rather than submitting to destruction and moving on to the next one, he longed to end destruction now.

failed several times. Losing a lot, filling up a lot again, seeing a lot, having a lot, and losing it again. I’ve been alone several times. Despairing and despairing, he confined even that despair to his own abyss.

The feeling of despair when the longing you pursued collapsed in vain. The demon king of confinement knows such despair all too well. I know very well that it is something that cannot be easily shaken off.

Wouldn’t I give up and choose death here? I thought so. Or would he run away in fear? In the latter case, I saw little chance, but I thought that being stubborn, spiteful, and tackling the impossible was something that the man would do.

But look.

Blood is flowing from his chewed lips. The eyes that had been clouded with despair were shining again. Her trembling fingers clenched her fists.

However, Eugene’s feet did not go forward. While staring straight ahead without averting his bloodshot eyes, Yujin took a step back. Rather, Eugene grabbed Cenya as she screamed and tried to move forward, forcing Cristina to pull back behind her. And he raised the fallen Moron and helped him up.

“Ahhh… … .”

The demon king of confinement exclaimed again. There is no more despair in the eyes. With his anger barely under control, he chose to retreat instead of moving forward.

He didn’t choose to lose. He chose to live up to the wishes of all those who chose to die for him, who went on their own without orders.

If you die now, everything will be over. Eugene clearly understood that. The confined demon king couldn’t help but admire it.

Eugene Lionhart. He still did not give up and rose from despair. He did not give up his longing to open up the present future, not the next one. He faced countless lives oxidizing for himself, and he vowed never to be as vain as those deaths.

If Eugene couldn’t shake off his despair. If he had chosen to flee in terror rather than back down in hatred and determination.

I can’t help it… … would have come to a conclusion. Although it is different from the form that the demon king of confinement drew, in the end, this world was also abandoned. After judging that, the demon king of confinement must have prepared the ‘next’.

But now I don’t think so. The present world should not be discarded. Rather, the demon king of confinement thought so.

purple. How dazzling is the light that oxidizes without fear of death. Even in the face of irreversible destruction and death, they are united. He does not place even his own life on an equal scale, and is willing to risk his life for greater value and glory.

The demon king of confinement doesn’t like fanatics very much. In the eons he lived, most of the gods were incompetent, and in that he opened the beginning of the world, the demon king himself in captivity was more like a god than the authors of the god.

But now. The demon king of confinement felt the tenacity and light that even the fanatics at the forefront had not paid attention to before.

“That’s great.”

That’s why the demon king in captivity had no choice but to sincerely admire.

– Kwakjik! The Demon King kicked off the ground and jumped up. He jumped over the street in an instant and fell between the flying corps led by Raphael and the demon king of destruction.

“The Demon King of Confinement… … ?!”

Raphael, who had been crying out for martyrdom, shouted in surprise. The demon king in captivity did not hear the next cry and moved his hand.

Kirik, Kiririk… … ! Countless chains protruded from the arms of the demon king of confinement.

Cheer up! The sky parted greatly. The chain sent by the demon king of confinement opened the door to space. It was impossible to open the door that far away, but that should be enough for now. His head was spinning and he was out of breath, but the demon king of confinement ignored the existence’s scream and swung another chain.

“What are you doing?!”

Raphael screamed and hurriedly pulled the reins of Apollo, but he couldn’t resist the storm caused by the demon king of confinement. All the airborne troops who were facing the erosion of the spreading color of destruction were sucked into the other side of the door opened by the chain.


The demon king of confinement gasped and turned his head. Even though it snatched the prey right in front of his nose, ‘that’ did not pay attention to the demon king in confinement. In the first place, it was unaware of any existence other than Eugene from the beginning.

He just erased the fire moths flying toward him.

“You’re not even interested in me.”

The demon king of confinement fell down with a bitter smile on his face.

Whoa… … The demon king of confinement took a long breath and crouched down. thump, thump. The abused body collapsed and screamed, but the demon king of confinement did not stop. The demon king of confinement who fell to the ground raised both hands high.

Quarrrrr! Both hands of the demon king of confinement touched the ground. Then countless chains rose from the earth. The chains intertwined and became a great barrier. The demon king of confinement staggered to his feet, gasped for breath, and spurted blood.

“you… … .”

Eugene, who was stepping back, saw the back of the demon king of confinement that had fallen right in front of him. The demon king of confinement coughed up blood in succession and raised his head with a long breath.

“you… … You know what that is.”

The voice I heard was weak, as if it would cut off at any moment. The demon king of confinement gasped for breath and looked back.

“… … Vermouth.”

Eugene answered in a low voice. At that answer, Senya and her saints were startled and looked at Eugene.

A human figure with dizzying colors. The demon king of destruction standing in front of the wall of chains looks like that. But Eugene felt vermouth in that. I was sure it was vermouth.


The demon king of confinement spoke while wiping the blood flowing down his lips with the back of his hand.

“Why did the seal break without even me feeling it? Why did you appear here?”

Kirik, Kirik… … The demon king of destruction, no, Vermouth started moving again. As the distance with Vermouth, who led the ominous color, narrowed, the chains erected by the demon king in confinement trembled.

“The ego of vermouth… … I don’t know if it was eventually eaten. ‘That’ is drawn to you.”

“… … .”

“It’s not something you should feel guilty about. Rather, it is something to be proud of. Hamel. When you were Agaroth, you carved a wound inside the demon lord of destruction. The existence of you is imprinted at the center of destruction.”

Kirik, Kirik. The sound of chains began to resonate even in the body of the demon king who was in captivity. The demon king of confinement took a long breath, conscious of the sound echoing in his body.

“Through that imprint, destruction felt you. I came here because I can’t tolerate the existence of you. So you can be proud of yourself, Hamel. The demon lord of destruction must have intuitively sensed that your sword would reach him.”

The advance of the new army has stopped. They were wary of the sudden intrusion of the Demon King of Confinement, which blew away the flying troops, and the sudden erection of a wall of chains to block the Demon King of destruction. At such hostility, the confined demon king smiled.

“So I am.”

In the midst of the pouring hostility, the demon king of confinement opened his mouth.

“Hamel, let me admit you again. Your sword is sharp enough to lead the demon lord of destruction to this place. And your will will not waver even in the foreboding madness of destruction, and your allies will never betray you.”

The demon king of confinement chuckled and raised both hands. Kirik, Kirik. A newly appeared chain bound the arms of the demon king of confinement.

“you… … What are you going to do?”

The one who doesn’t have enough energy must be the same as the demon king of confinement. Even so, to extract that much power- Eugene’s expression stiffened.

is to squeeze The soul to move on to the ‘next’, which the demon king of confinement never gave up. It oxidizes and transforms its own soul, which cannot die by the curse, into magic.

“If the seal is broken, you just have to do it again.”

The demon king of confinement answered.

“Of course, since I am not Vermouth, I cannot hold on to destruction for hundreds of years. Even if I say the seal that I dedicate myself to, in the end it’s just an unstable temporary measure. But that will be enough to save you right now.”

Low laughter mingled with the sound of chains. The demon king of confinement scanned his chest once, pulled out a part of the old chain from the beginning, and handed it to Eugene.

“Like I said before, I can no longer lead directly. But this is it. That chain will lead you into the depths of destruction.”

Eugene couldn’t answer anything and looked at the demon king in captivity.

He couldn’t fully understand why the demon king now in captivity made such a choice and blocked his way. Because you admitted defeat? It won’t be just because of that. Something moved the heart of the demon king in captivity.

“I am.”

After biting his lip, he grabbed the chain.

“I won’t say thank you, and I won’t change my mind about killing you.”

“of course.”

The demon king of confinement smiled and nodded.

“All I long for is death. It’s okay if it’s not a rest. Disappearance is good… … You can’t die forever, and you can suffer. After the end of destruction, just the fact that I don’t have to go to the ‘next’ thing is what I consider to be rest.”

The demon king of confinement wrapped the chain that flowed from his chest around his hand.

ㅡKiririk. The space distorted, and the same chain appeared at the center of the approaching destruction in front of the wall of chains. The demon king of confinement wrapped the chain that connected him and the demon king of destruction several times around his hand and continued.


Eugene took a step back.

“Don’t waste your life that was oxidized for you.”

“… … okay.”

Eugene pushed the back of Senya, who was at a loss for what to do, and carried Morron’s huge body on his shoulder. Whoops! The passage of chains that opened in the sky fell to the ground.

Eugene raised his hand and pointed to the door on the chain.

“We retreat now.”

A low voice reached Shin-kun. Gil Reid, who was leading the new army, hesitated for a moment and then nodded. As Gilreid raised his hand, Shingun, who had been buzzing, advanced toward the door.

“How long can you hold on?”

Eugene asked without looking back. The trembling chain tightly wrapped around his hand, the demon king of confinement vomited blood once more before replying.

“I’ll hold on to you until you come back.”


I wasn’t told the exact deadline, but I thought it didn’t matter. Now, the demon king of confinement is holding on to destruction by giving his all.

Having fought against the demon king of confinement, I know how heavy and tough that existence is. Besides, Eugene didn’t need a long time either. I plan to return here as soon as my mind and body recover.

So back off now. Eugene leaped to the door of the chain without asking further. The demon king of confinement moved his hand without checking his appearance. Quarrrrr! All demons remaining on the battlefield were brought to the demon king in captivity.


“Lungs, Your Majesty!”

The demons screamed and struggled, but they couldn’t shake off the chains wrapped around their waists. As they got closer, the demons poured out swear words and curses instead of screaming. They instinctively knew what the demon king of confinement was going to do now.


The demon king of confinement nodded his head in satisfaction at the pouring swear words and curses.

“This doesn’t suit me.”

The forcibly dragged demons crossed the wall of chains and were thrown to the demon king of destruction.

Puck, puck! The demons, who were barely breathing, were immediately annihilated by the color spreading from the demon king of destruction. The souls that died like that returned to the demon king in captivity, adding to the power to hold the chain.

ㅡuuuuuuuu… … !

The world howled around the demon king of destruction. Kirik, Kirik… … The wall of the chain shook as if it were going to collapse, and blood dripped from the hand of the Demon King of Confinement that held the chain.

“This… … It’s a feeling.”

The demon king of confinement smiled and approached the demon king of destruction. As the demon king of confinement got closer, the wall of the chain gradually narrowed to the demon king of destruction. The demon lord of destruction raised his hand and spread it toward the chain.

coo… … ! The heavy sound shook the chain and the demon king of confinement, but the demon king of confinement did not stop.

“Vermouth, is it your feelings?”

The demon king of confinement passed through the wall of chains and stood before the demon king of destruction. The tangled color was so deep that the vermouth was not visible.

However, the demon king of confinement felt certain gaze and emotion from it. Because Eugene passed through the chain door and left this space, the demon king of destruction could no longer see Eugene. The demon king of confinement was holding on tightly to the chain, so it was impossible to follow.

“is it.”

The demon king of confinement whispered while clutching the chain with both hands.

“You are still there.”

The broken wall of chains wrapped around the demon lord of confinement and the demon lord of destruction.

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