Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 595

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It was the demon king of confinement who said that. He couldn’t smile any longer and his face was filled with amazement. He forcibly pulled his motionless body and stood up from his staggering position.

“Well, why… … ?”

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with my own eyes. Disturbing color. There is only one phenomenon in this world that appears in that form.

why? Why, the devil of destruction appears here? For 300 years, the demon lord of destruction was sealed in La Vista along with Vermouth.

This is not La Vista. There was no reason why the demon king of destruction could appear.

However, the demon king of confinement had no choice but to be convinced that the feast of dizzying colors spreading in the sky was a harbinger of the demon king of destruction. It is because the chain connected to the demon king of confinement is connected to the center of that color. That fact even more shocked the demon king of confinement.

The ‘shake’ in the chain is always felt. Whenever there was any influence on the demon lord of destruction and vermouth, the demon lord of confinement could always be noticed first through the chain.

I didn’t notice that the demon king of destruction was descending here.

Concentrating on the battle? Imperfect and weak? No, not because of that. No matter what situation the demon king of confinement was in, the chain did not break.

‘I descended here before I even felt the shaking.’

The demon king of destruction is everywhere in the world and is nowhere to be found. It is called the demon king, but it is a phenomenon and disaster that brings about destruction. Without the seal, that could appear anywhere.

‘Is the seal broken?’

That made the demon king in captivity even more flustered. There should be some margin left in the seal. At least I had to hold on for the next few months.

But suddenly, without a sign, the seal was broken. … … symptom? The demon king of confinement chewed his lips.

If that seal had been purely tied to the demon king of confinement, such a sudden confrontation and astonishment would not have happened.

‘Vermouth lion heart.’

The demon king of confinement let out a sigh without panicking any more.

Sitting on the chained throne is Vermouth. He bound his limbs with shackles, but the subject of the seal was Vermouth after all. The fact that the seal was broken and the demon king of destruction descended… … Vermouth couldn’t stand it after all.

“… … what.”

Eugene barely opened his mouth. Why did the demon king of destruction appear here? Aside from that fact, we have to think about something else.

can’t fight The same goes for Eugene, Senya, Moron, and the saints. It was just a moment ago that the battle with the demon king of confinement ended.

Following the rampage in the dream, it seems that I will pass out at any moment due to the recoil of using the ignition in reality. Somehow I managed to hold on without fainting, but it was impossible to fight. Eugene right now can’t even use divine power.

The illusionary eyes closed. She is barely holding Mary, and Senya’s mental strength is almost exhausted due to the successive miracles and magic. Even so, magic can be used, but it is impossible for Senya alone to suppress the demon lord of destruction.

Moron. He has gone into battle several times. Every time he did that, his life was preserved and his wounds were treated, but in reality Moron’s body is as good as dead. I need a little more time to get into a state where I can fight.

Christina and Anise? In fact, the saints are the ones in the worst condition among their companions. During the fierce battle, they poured miracles to keep their comrades from dying, and at the same time, they shouldered the enormous load that was pouring down on Eugene.

‘I can’t fight.’

I came to a conclusion in an instant. It is impossible to fight the demon lord of destruction now. If you go out to fight, you will be annihilated within seconds.

– All troops, follow me.

Memories from long ago came to mind. Agaroth’s memories, not Eugene’s. In the face of sudden destruction, Agaroth ordered the new army to advance. He ordered Shingun to die, and Agaroth himself was prepared to die.

Should I do that now? does it mean Even if the new army is marched forward, the demon king of destruction cannot be stopped. The executives are strong, but their strength will be weak in the face of destruction.

Yujin’s eyes trembled. I couldn’t imagine meeting the demon king of destruction today, so I couldn’t help but feel confused by this hopeless and terrible encounter.

Black darkness collects in the center of the complexly mixed and spread colors. The darkness spreads louder and louder. At the center of that darkness, I felt a sinister and sinister presence more than anything else in the world.

ㅡoh oh oh… … .

The air shakes. The ground shakes. All the mana is sucked in and becomes part of the color. The world screams. Darkness gradually spread in the dizzyingly intertwined colors. Insanity that cannot be understood even by looking at it with the naked eye, and pollutes the mind the moment you see it directly.

Shin-kun couldn’t sing anymore. Most of the Shingun, who had been silent in fear and astonishment, were already sitting in their seats, covering their heads or screaming. Even the executives, led by Lionheart, are frozen on the spot and unable to move.

“… … uh… … ?”

It was Moron who gave the voice. Moron’s bright eyes saw a being rising from the darkness. Soon, Eugene, Senya, and the saints also saw the existence. However, Eugene could not raise his voice like Moron. She was so shocked that she couldn’t even speak out.

The one that quietly stood up in the dark had a ‘human’ figure, albeit distorted.

They had seen the Demon King of Destruction once from afar 300 years ago. At that time, the demon king of destruction was a mixture of all colors. It didn’t look like a human or a demon.

It was the same in Agaroth’s memory. Even at that time, the demon king of destruction did not look like that. Even at the center of destruction, where Agaroth had barely reached, there was no such figure.

Then what the heck is that?

ㅡoh oh oh… … .

The thing that stood up slowly moved more. It staggered forward and was unstable as if it would collapse on the floor, but it did not collapse and moved staggeringly.

The color went crazy. The intertwined and spreading colors seemed to erode the world. All of those colors are connected to the bizarre being that appears in the center. It looked like a messy color applied to human skin.


Very slowly, it moved ‘more’. The colors are so messy that you can’t see the movement very well.

But everyone knew instinctively. It’s looking this way. He raised his finger and pointed in this direction.

Know. But Eugene couldn’t move. Because of the recoil of battle? No, it’s not like that. It’s true that the recoil is heavy and serious, but Eugene couldn’t move right now.

It’s because when I met eyes with ‘that’, my thoughts stopped.


It was Moron who moved instinctively. My body, which seemed unable to move at all, moved on its own.

It was clear that something terrible would happen if he didn’t move with that lethal murder. As always, Moron did not hesitate. Moron said he was glad that now he was hugging his comrades.

Moron’s thick arms hugged Eugene, Senya, and Christina tightly. He chewed his teeth and turned around. Moron’s broad back was a shield sufficient to protect those held in his arms.


A great sound of destruction. Moron’s body, hugging her companions, flew through the sky. Blood spurted out and scattered in the air. Yujin, who came to her senses belatedly, raised her head and looked at Moron. Her horribly distorted face, her upturned eyes proved the pain her mother felt.

“Moron… … !”

Senya screamed. Cristina, freed from her delirium, chanted her prayers instead of screaming and hugged Moron’s back, and Anise also hurriedly added her miracle.

reached by groping, etc. No skin or blood was touched. What touched his fingertips were lumpy bones, and even that was gradually turning to ash and crumbling.


Eugene also shouted. Pooh! The sparks barely raised enveloped everyone. Senya also spread her magic and leaped through space. That’s how everyone distanced themselves from ‘that’.

‘I’m not dead.’

However, it is so powerful that even that strong Moron can be put to death in one blow. Despite losing consciousness, Moron did not relax his arms, so Eugene forced his arms open and held Moron.

“What is that… … ?!”

Senya stopped jumping and gasped.

I put enough distance, but the eerie ominous feeling doesn’t go away. Wrapped in a dizzying color, it slowly descended. Standing on the ground, it moved toward the demon king of confinement standing right in front of it.

“… … .”



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The demon king of confinement stared at it without saying anything. But it did not see the demon king of confinement. Its gaze was still fixed only on Eugene. Sensing his gaze, the confined demon lord let out a long sigh, and it passed the confined demon lord without doing anything.

“Moron, Moron… … !”

I feel an unacceptable and unbelievable gaze from that being. But right now, Eugene couldn’t possibly meet that gaze. I had to check the wounds of Morron, who wrapped everyone up and was hit directly.

… … Back blown off. The bones are barely sticking together, but they are getting blacker and crumbling, and the same goes for the intestines.

Breathing so thin you can’t believe it’s Morron’s. Eugene, whose divine power was sealed, could not heal Moron, but the saints desperately took care of Moron’s wounds.

“uh… … oh my god?”

Senya stuttered.

can’t fight now Senya made the same decision. You must step back now. But can I back off? I don’t know why, but the demon king of destruction has descended and is now approaching this way.


A cry was heard from the sky. Lymilia, who was flying in the sky, charged.

Bang, bang, bang! Mais’s signature, battleship’s battery, which was wrapped in Lymilia, continuously spewed fire. And Raimir Ah also opened her mouth. A large amount of mana gathered at one point and then a breath was fired.

It stretched out its hand toward the breath. The tangled colors stretched out and covered the sky. The moment the color touched magic and breath, everything was annihilated.


The moment when the more advanced color approached Lymilia. Senya hastily swung at Merry. Magic jumped out of space and enveloped Lymilia.

However, it was not possible to completely protect Raimirah. Light only brushed the tips of the wings, but in an instant, the color that spread completely covered Lymilia’s wings.


Mer, riding on top of Lymilia, screamed. Pooh! The magical blade that Mer wielded cut Lymilia’s wings at the last minute.

[It hurts, it hurts!]

Lymilia, who lost one of her wings, fell down. The magic of Mais, who was riding on top of her, barely caught Raimirah.

“for a moment… … .”

Eugene hurriedly stood up from his seat. However, Tempest did not listen to Eugene. Tempest, hardened by the presence of destruction, raised a wind and shouted.

[Go away!]

With a scream, Tempest ran forward.

Quarrrrr! It wasn’t just the storm that was advancing. Melkiss, who had raised his hands high above his head and hurrahed, also let out a violent scream. Melchis had already put all his strength into it, but she felt intuition that she shouldn’t run away ‘now’ first.

“Stop it!”

With nosebleeds and bloody tears, Melchis screamed. The spirit king of earth, lightning, and flame, who had barely been able to summon, followed Tempest. The earth turned upside down and lightning bolted from the sky. Flames rose from the overturned ground.

‘It’ raised its hand again. The color faded again. The lightning that had been piercing down returned to the sky again. The cracked earth was resealed. The flames were extinguished as if they were covered with water.


The storm is over. The spirit kings could no longer exist in the world. That hideous and futile color sent all the spirit kings back to their hometowns.

Lymilia, who had been suspended in the sky, no longer screamed in pain. Instead, she shot her breath once again. I knew that these attacks were pointless, but I had to somehow block their advance.

It wasn’t just Lymira who was so desperate.

The priests who cast miracles on the battlefield on top of her jumped down in unison. They are priests of the silver mine who received holy relics implanted and trained for the purpose of war against Helmud. They all jumped down from the high sky, spread their wings of light and flew towards the demon king of destruction.

“for a moment… … .”

Eugene stuttered again.

Eugene gave no orders. He did not give orders to either Raimirah, Tempest, Melkis, or Silver Mine to march or attack the ruins.

“Oh God!”

Some of the silver mines landed at the place where Yujin was. They helped Eugene and his colleagues who were barely standing and raised them up. Some cut their wrists and poured blood into Moron’s wounds to purify the magic of destruction.

“Please, please step back… … !”

The priest of Eun-gwang, whom he had seen several times, stopped Eugene and cried out. Before Eugene could answer, the priest turned away. Fellow clergymen who had charged towards destruction could be seen vanishing in vain after being touched by the light.


The priest roared and spread his wings and flew away. Other priests, one after another, shouted martyrdom and charged toward the color of destruction.

“hey… … .”

It didn’t take even a few minutes for hundreds of priests to disappear. But for a few minutes, it stopped there.

Bang, bang, bang! Breath’s binge drinking did not stop. Lymira fired her breath as if to extract all the mana from her dragon heart, and the wizards above her also vomited blood to supply mana.

“Why are you doing that?”

Lymira is not the only one like that. All of the flying corps led by Raphael as captain rushed towards the demon king of destruction. Martyrdom, martyrdom, martyrdom! Raphael’s roar of fanaticism resounded amidst the explosion of breath.

The earth also vibrated. Yujin hurriedly turned his head and looked behind him.

I saw the Lionheart’s flag fluttering. While singing the song of victory, all the new troops, stiffened by the fear of the coming destruction, were marching this way.

Shin-goon didn’t even properly form and ran with an evil spell. It was because he knew that tactics and tactics against “that” were meaningless. What they were thinking and running was conveyed to Eugene.

The purpose of the Shingun is not to fight and defeat the demon lord of destruction. Their purpose is to hold on to destruction even for a moment, while allowing Eugene and his companions to escape. That’s what I judged to be a victory in the current situation.


Eugene did not order such a thing. He, like Agaroth, has not yet ordered the new army to die. However, in order to save Eugene and prevent his destruction for a while, they judged themselves and decided on his death.

“is it.”

In the midst of death that multiplied and spread in an instant, the demon king of confinement let out a long sigh and shook his head.

“Everyone is attracted to you, Hamel.”

Iron gruck.

The sound of chains echoed from the demon king in captivity.

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