Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 597

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The place he arrived after passing through the chain gate was Neran, who was stationed in this war. This was the best that the demon king of confinement, who had consumed most of his strength, could connect the door to, and Eugene thought it was a good thing.

You can see the battlefield straight from here. Eugene stood at the highest point of the castle wall and watched as every new army on the battlefield passed through the chain gate.

“… … .”

The demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction were not visible. The only thing in its place is the dome of the giant chains. The last seal made by the demon king of confinement by dedicating himself. Eugene narrowed his eyes and glared at the seal.

I could see through the inside of the seal, albeit faintly. What you can see there is a bunch of flesh. Press down. The seal is about the same size as the Colosseum where Gavid had a duel, but it is filled with noor from the outside.

“I can not see.”

Eugene rubbed his throbbing eyes and spat out. No matter how hard she looks, she can’t see the center of the seal, and even if she wants to look from the outside, there are too many noor. Eventually, Eugene let out a deep sigh and withdrew his gaze from her.

‘What about Moron?’

[The wound continues to heal… … I haven’t been able to complete it yet.]

At Anis’ answer, Eugene sighed once again. Should I still consider myself fortunate to have saved his life? If you think so, Moron is not the only one fortunate. Everyone was just about to die. Many people actually died.

The scene he saw is still engraved in his eyes.

The priests spread their wings and charged the demon of destruction. Eunkwang was organized from the beginning for the purpose of a death squad. If the demon king of confinement hadn’t come all this way. If it hadn’t been for an all-out war. As initially planned, only a handful of elites, including executives, would have rushed into Pandemonium, and at that time, silver light would have been oxidized as a light for Eugene as a death squad.

But I ended up fighting a battle like this. A little died during the battle, but there were more people who survived. All the survivors died while briefly blocking the destruction, and at that sight, all the new troops advanced for Eugene.

“To rot.”

Whether it was Agaroth or Hamel, I saw the battlefield until I got tired of it. It’s not the first time I’ve seen people die for someone else.

However, this kind of enemy was the first time. The one who killed those who rushed in for Eugene was the one that Eugene decided to save. He even tried to kill Eugene.

‘Is that vermouth right?’

If you think of a moving tail, it seems that there was no ego. He wouldn’t even do anything like that if he had his ego left in the first place. Eugene forcibly erased the sight that still shimmered in his eyes. In the end, Eugene survived because there were those who sacrificed first.

in fact.

“The idiot.”

Eugene sighed deeply and slapped my face with his hand once. With a slap, her head jerked to the side.

“Even if I didn’t stand still like an idiot.”

The fact that the body did not move well due to the recoil is an excuse after all. The reason I stood firm in the face of the coming destruction was because I didn’t want to believe the scene in front of me. Thinking about it once again made her stomach boil again, and Eugene raised his hand again and gave him another slap on the cheek.

Wow! I thought the slapping wasn’t enough, so I hit it with my fist, but it hit me so hard that my head was dizzy and the taste of blood filled my mouth.

“Asshole, what are you doing?”

Someone helped Eugene, who was about to stumble and fall. I blinked my dizzy eyes a few times to check her face, then spat the blood from her mouth to the side.

“What are you doing, do something stupid.”

“It’s enough to know.”

Xian sighed deeply and let go of Yujin’s hand. He shook his head as he inspected Eugene’s bloody face and body.

“Why don’t you wash up a bit?”


It was the same with Xi’an. Yujin clicked her tongue as she pointed her finger at Xian’s hair, which was hardened by blood.

“Don’t come close, it smells like a rotting corpse.”

“It must be the smell coming from your body.”

Shian, grumbling, sat down on the ledge of the wall.

A seal of chains in the middle of an empty battlefield. The one I saw earlier- incomprehensible and ominous. His body trembled just by thinking about it, but Xian didn’t show it and grabbed his knee with his hand.

“Many died.”


“But there are far more people alive.”

“Because I won.”

“You won.”

He swung his sword as he could. He seems to have given himself over to instinct rather than reason from the middle. He can’t even remember how many people he killed.

It reminded me of the first time I experienced a battlefield. I killed quite a few back then, but to be honest, I don’t think there was a big difference from this battlefield. Probably, I couldn’t get used to something like this for the rest of my life.

“If you hadn’t accepted the surrender of the demon lord in captivity… … . hmm… … I’ll still be fighting over there. yes?”

“That’s right.”

“and… … And, unless you put the sun in the sky over there. Allies would have taken much more damage. therefore… … .”

What do you want to say? Eugene wanted to urge him to say that right away, but he watched in silence because it was funny how Xian continued to speak seriously with his scruffy face.

“you… … hmm… … I can imagine how you feel right now. In fact, if you look closely, you’re a lot better than me… … Age or experience… … But, first of all, I am your older brother.”

“Whoever wants to be the older brother, the young bastard.”

“anyway… … .”

Xian raised his head in a fit of fuss, but finally looked away.

A face desperately holding back a smile. Seeing it, Xian felt as if his blood was gushing backwards and embarrassed at the same time.

Do I really need to say this? Now that I think about it again, I don’t think he’s the kind of person to be comforted or encouraged. Rather, isn’t that what I, who barely survived, should receive?

“go away.”

“why? keep talking Like an older brother, encourage your younger brother.”

“What is encouragement? It’s a topic that you have mastered mentally.”

Xian jumped off the railing.

“Looking at your face, I have to catch the mental. oh wow, what i saw Even thinking about it again gives me goosebumps.”

“I didn’t manage to pass out.”

“Is it because it’s similar to what I felt once before? that why The black lion has invaded the castle… … I felt it in Hauria too. ”

Although there was no comparison, that ominous color was similar to the ghost’s presence. If I hadn’t experienced it beforehand, I might have passed out without being able to resist.

“and. It’s not saving face if Lionheart’s next family head faints before fighting.”

“A fight?”

When Yujin tilted her head and asked, Xian instead looked at Yujin with a strange expression.

“Then you won’t fight?”

“… … .”

“It happened just fine. It’s right in front… … The troops are still there. If only you can fight, you can participate right away.”

“Aren’t you afraid?”



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“Of course it is scary. But you can’t run away just because you’re scared. Eugene, you… … Are you thinking of me right now? Are you trying to dose me when you see me shivering in fear?”

“What do you see me as?”

“I see it as trash.”

Sian answered, hiding his trembling hands behind his back. Eugene saw that trembling right away, but she didn’t bother teasing.

“Baby, you grew up well.”

Eugene smiled and patted Xian on the shoulder once. Then, Shian hated it and pushed Eugene’s hand.

“If anyone sees it, they’ll know that Ji raised it.”

“I raised half of it.”

“Stop talking nonsense, go wash up and go to sleep. Don’t spread out and sleep for half a year like last time.”

“Take a look below.”

I left Xi’an on the wall and came downstairs. The soldiers inspecting supplies bowed their heads at the sight of Eugene, and many put their hands together in prayer.

Eugene raised her hand in response and headed to the hospital ward.

“Ah… … ahhh… … .”

The biggest patient on the ward was Lymira. She grunted, curled up on the outskirts of her ward without even releasing the polymorph.

“eww… … Hermit… … .”

Laimirah, who had been sick with her long neck wrapped around her chest, immediately lifted her head when she felt Eugene’s presence. Tears welled up in her eyes, as large as her head.

“Hermit… … . Bo, the original woman’s wings… … Wings… … .”

“Does it hurt a lot?”

“sick… … . It hurts so much… … . me… … The first time the wings were cut… … .”

Lymilia’s voice suddenly stopped speaking, and her eyes trembled.

“Mer Inom!”

Raimira raised her head and screamed. Mer, who was busy running around her ward with her medicines and bandages floating around her, was startled and stopped right there.

“I remembered! The one who cut off the original woman’s wings as beautiful as obsidian was Mer! That’s you!”

“How dare you raise your voice at the lifesaver!”

Mer shouted as she picked up a bundle of bandages nearby and threw them at Lymilia.

“Stupid lizard! If I hadn’t cut off your wings, that nasty light would have swallowed you whole! Then what do you think happened?”

“what… … I don’t know.”

“You don’t know what? Quack, I must have lost it! Like a stupid lizard. Because I screamed unsightly and didn’t do anything just because I was hit with one wing, the smart and rational me came forward. all right?”

“me… … One wing… … . Since the original woman has two wings, if one is cut off, half will disappear… … .”

“Don’t be afraid! I mean, in the past, I’ve had all my limbs fall off when I’m only in two, and I’ve been split from chest to stomach. Even then, I didn’t groan once and was resolute.”

Mer proudly opened her chest and said.

It’s an experience when it was dismantled in Akryon in the past, but Mer is a body that doesn’t feel pain. Raimirah, of course, didn’t even think to point out such a fact, and curled her neck again.

“paper… … Even though she’s been born, she’s actually not sick. It’s just that her throat tickled, so she made noise… … .”

“Hmph, then let’s just shut up quietly.”

Mer, who shot at her with a sharp voice, found Eugene. After a moment’s hesitation, she passed her bandages and medicines to the priest nearby.


The freed Mer ran to Eugene and jumped right into Eugene’s arms.

Normally, Eugene would have been okay with Mer hugging her like this, but now she couldn’t. Before he even thought about holding on, Eugene’s back bent backwards and his legs bent. Her knees, which even the demon king in captivity could not easily bend, touched the ground so easily.

“Ugh… … .”

Eugene knelt down, but Mer couldn’t point it out. Mer, who buried her face in her arms, jerked her head up.

A sticky feeling of discomfort on your face… … ! Mer hated her and wiped her face and pinched her nose.

“Eugene-nim, do you smell it?”

“What smell?”

“The smell of blood, the smell of sweat, the smell of rot.”

“I shed a lot of blood and sweat. It was also in the rotting poison of the corpse.”

“You must wash before going to bed.”

“I’m going to wash now and go to sleep.”

Eugene grumbled and set Mer down next to him.

“After understanding the situation.”

I left the ward and entered the official residence. After accepting the greetings from the busy knights, Eugene headed to the private room first.

“I’m here?”

Colleagues are gathered in the private room.

Senya, who was sitting in the center and concentrating, opened her mouth. She opened her closed eyes and glanced at her Eugene.

“How about the seal?”

“No matter how you look at it, you can’t see the center. What about you?”

“The barrier left in Rehein Yar is unstable.”

Senya narrowed her eyes and replied. Right now, there is a barrier in Rehein Yar that prevents Noor from appearing.

“Originally, I should have endured for the next week… … It’s not serious.”

“Did Noor come out?”

“It hasn’t come out yet. It’s unstable because it’s blocking it from coming out. I don’t mean to do that, but… … If the barrier is broken, an enormous amount of noor may come pouring out.”

“It’s the same with the plains.”

Eugene said as he approached Moron, who was lying face down. Beside him was Anise, exhausted and strewn about.

“Nur are swarming in the chain. It won’t explode because of it… … You have to set boundaries.”

There are no wounds on Moron’s back, but he hasn’t come to his senses yet. Eugene took off his bloody cloak and threw it aside.

“How long do you think it will take to recover?”

“that… … It depends on Moron’s mental strength.”

Anise barely raised her head and answered.

“No, you, not Moron.”

“I… … do you mean? I am… … well, well It will probably recover in two or three days.”

“Sena, you?”

“I’m stuck on that too. … … I’m not sure about the magical eye of fantasy.”

“I probably won’t be able to use the illusionary eye against the demon lord of destruction.”

I glanced at the purple jewel placed next to Senya. It wasn’t broken, but the shine of the jewel had faded and had black stains on it. It is a trace of being contaminated by the miasma of the demon king of confinement.

“The magic of destruction is much worse and more ominous than the magic of confinement. It’s enough to drive you crazy just by looking at it.”

Even Noir himself was overwhelmed when he saw the Demon King of Destruction in La Vista. Even when he was alive, he couldn’t face that madness, but if he used the magic eye of fantasy in an unstable spiritual body, he would be eaten in reverse.

“… … Hamel, how are you?”

“me? what am i… … Two or three days seems like no choice… … Maybe take a week off… … .”

“I am not asking that.”

As Anis struggled to get up, her eyes narrowed.

“Can you fight?”

“I was wondering what to ask.”

“… … .”

“You got the question wrong, Anis. can you fight Of course we can fight.”


“All you have to ask is, ‘Can you win?’”

Yujin smiled and clenched her fists.

“I’ve wanted to win against Vermouth since the old days.”

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