Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 591

I don’t know why Balzac Rudbesse’s face came to mind at this moment.

… … Did Balzac have this talent? If so, there is no way that the demon king in confinement would not have noticed. No matter how cautious Balzac is, he is a black magician who made a direct contract with the demon king of confinement. The contractor’s image can be read at any time.

Of course, the demon king of confinement has left even half of his subordinates free. Unless you put that idea into practice. If you practice and fail, you always ask for the responsibility.

However, the demon king of confinement had never once felt a rebellion against a human black magician named Balzac Rudbeth. Balzac was always loyal to the demon king in captivity, even after coming from Babel, and even at the moment of his death. At the last moment, Balzac admired Senya’s magic and died hoping for the victory of the demon king of confinement.

‘Balzac Rudbesse.’

Know. Balzac Rudebes, whom the demon king of confinement knows, does not have this kind of talent. Balzac never recalled betraying the demon king in confinement.

Even so, the demon king of confinement did not erase Balzac’s face and name from his mind. Although there was no basis, the demon king of confinement was convinced that the source of the uncomfortable and terrible incident that came to him was Balzac Rudbez.

This was intuition and instinct, so there was no need for grounds, and the demon lord in captivity- now felt that this was a more deadly poison than the poison he had accumulated over the course of his life.

‘This… … what… … ?’

The senses are messed up. It seems that time is passing slowly by leaving the will. It is also unclear whether he is really standing or lying down. I try to set up the blade of reason somehow, but my body doesn’t move as I want.

Instead, the poison felt even thicker. The miasma rising from the abyss, contrary to the will of the demon king of confinement, is rampaging and gnawing away at mana.

this is a runaway The poison is rampant on its own. There’s no way this would be possible, but the things that the demon king of confinement had dominated all his life continue to get out of control.


Even the demon king in captivity could not help but feel a sense of crisis. There are too many things in the abyss of the demon king of confinement. What the demon king of confinement must protect in any worst case is the chain connected to the demon king of destruction. If it is cut off, the demon king of confinement cannot move on to the ‘next’.

The only one who feels time slows down is the demon king of confinement. There is no inconvenience to enemies who attack him. Eugene and Moron noticed an abnormality in the demon king of confinement. The demon king of confinement, who responded to any attack without shaking but not breaking, is suddenly not responding.

At first, I thought it was a goal for something. I thought it was a trap deliberately opening a gap and beckoning me to come in deeper.

But no. Even if you go deep enough to think it’s dangerous, the demon king of confinement can’t respond. It cannot be drained, blocked, or counterattacked.

‘What is this bastard?’

I glared at the stiff eyes. Although he was looking closely, the image of Eugene was only vaguely reflected in the pupils of the demon king of confinement. As if you don’t see what your eyes look at, but see something else.

“Balzac Rudbesse.”

Actually it was. The goal of time alone and distant. The spirit of the demon king of confinement standing in the middle of the abyss opened his mouth. Then the foam bubbled and boiled in the black roaring sea.

“Why are you here?”

This sea is the abyss of the demon king of confinement. The madness and souls accumulated from the eons he lived are melted here. The soul of Balzac who died ‘today’ should never be here. The demon king of confinement never threw Balzac’s soul into the abyss.

“Are you trying to usurp my strength and dignity? In vain, then, Balzac Rudbesse. I admit that your dagger is deadly, but as you who are already dead, I will never… … .”


A voice came out of the bubbling foam.

There are countless souls melted in this abyss, and now Balzac has become one of them. If Balzac’s goal is to climb up from the abyss, eat the soul of the demon king in confinement and take away the demon king’s power and dignity, then Balzac ‘never’ could do that.

“You are making a big mistake, Your Majesty. I do not want to become the Demon King.”

There is no body. I can’t stand myself up in the abyss alone. Balzac’s soul became part of the sea.

-That’s weird. Even though he became a part of this wide and deep sea, Balzac did not lose himself. He, who has lived less than 100 years, maintains his ego in those countless souls.

“Your Majesty, don’t you know my secret wish?”

The foam spread and the sea shook.

longing. Of course I know. To become a legendary wizard. A longing for magic, like a child who has just become a wizard.

“As a black magician loyal to the Demon King, I defeated Eugene Lionheart and Senya Merdane. haha… … That too could be called a ‘legend’, but Your Majesty.”

Although he had no body, only his voice came out, but in Balzac’s voice, he could feel pleasure and satisfaction that could not be hidden.

“I want to become a legend as a mage, not as a warlock. If it becomes a legend and is talked about forever, I want to be talked about by humans, not demons. Do you want to become a demon king? Haha, don’t your majesty know me well? I hate that.”

Know. Unlike Edmond Codlet, who wanted to abandon humans and become the Demon King, Balzac never wanted to abandon humans. However, the demon king of confinement had no choice but to be confused about the human he knew, ‘Balzac Rudbess’. Because all of this now was unreadable in Balzac’s image.

“Imagine, Your Majesty. The black magician who made a contract with the demon king… … If you betray the demon king at the decisive moment, what do you think will happen? What if the black magician’s betrayal inflicts a fatal injury on the demon lord, and through that injury, the hero or the human wins?”

“… … .”

“That is my earnest wish. The secret garden is close… … I didn’t think. Even until the moment of death. I prepared enough while I was alive, but after I die, I can’t prepare any more.”

“is it.”

The demon king of confinement nodded slowly. While Balzac continued to speak, he examined the souls he embraced one by one. It was because Balzac’s soul, who was not sent to the abyss, was not convinced that it was here.

I got it now I also understood why Balzac had said he would die in Babel. That man used death. The soul was divided at the moment when the soul was reaped after death. It was so sophisticated that the demon king of confinement did not notice, and in the end, as he aimed, the separated soul turned into nothing and flowed into the abyss.

“I never thought you’d fool me like this.”

The demon king of confinement let out a dejected laugh and shook his head.

“Cheating is one of my few specialties.”

Although he couldn’t be seen, the demon king in captivity could clearly imagine what kind of face Balzac would be now.

“Was your signature a paving stone for today?”

“Without Gluttony, this moment wouldn’t have been created.”

Balzac did not hide further.

Balzac’s signature is that if he eats something alive, he takes the power and memory as his own. Then where does the soul go? It is not destroyed but added to Balzac. In this way, Balzac has secretly inflated his soul. After inflating it like that, he divided himself into two so that the image would not be read by the demon lord in captivity.

In the end, Balzac’s goal was successful. The demon king of confinement did not notice the betrayal of Balzac until the moment he died, and he did not notice that the dead soul was divided.


The demon king of confinement nodded and opened his mouth.

“Balzac Rudbesse. I thought you gave up your secret wish. I thought your death was meaningless. But it is not so. You pursued your secret wish until the very end, and did not die in vain. Even using his own death, he became a dagger that pierces me.”

“If only I had died.”

Balzac replied.

“I would not have been able to become the dagger aimed at Your Majesty.”

Balzac did not have the ability to plan everything. He was decisively ignorant of the existence of the demon king of confinement. He succeeded in dividing his soul and digging into the depths, but he was not confident that he would necessarily become an extreme poison that threatened the demon king in confinement.

Even if he turned himself into poison, if the demon lord of confinement could afford it… … Balzac would have been annihilated in reverse before he even became a dagger.

“The fact that I became a dagger like this, Your Majesty… … It’s probably because you don’t have enough money. That’s why His Majesty must have brought out even the power stored at the bottom.”

The demon king of confinement smiled without answering.

“Now I have become poison and proliferate in Your Majesty’s Abyss. But I won’t be able to defeat His Majesty alone. No matter how much I multiply, Your Majesty will be able to cut me off entirely. But the more you cut me off, the weaker His Majesty will be.”

The sea is agitated. Even at this moment, Balzac’s soul is growing in size by eating things submerged in the abyss. As the size increased, the rate of predation increased.

“That’s it. In the end, I can do it for His Majesty’s defeat, not for the next time, but for the ‘now’.”


A great vibration shook the world. The demon king of confinement raised his head and looked up. The view has changed. The demon king of confinement saw reality, not the abyss.

The real demon king of confinement was lying on the floor. is not dying However, regeneration is slow and the mind is confused. The senses are still tangled. Addiction is accelerating.

“… … haha… … .”

The demon king in confinement let out a laugh without getting up.

“Excellent, Balzac Rudbesse.”

Once again, the demon king of confinement acknowledged it. He chuckled and put his hand on the floor.

“Surely this is fatal. It’s not just you. Everything is fatal to me now.”

Eugene and Senya hesitated at the sudden name of Balzac. But I couldn’t ask why he spit out that name.

I saw the shadow of the demon king of confinement swell as he staggered to his feet. The demon king of confinement stood up and slowly crouched down while holding his shoulders.


Eugene was frightened and swung his new sword. A long slash cut the head of the demon king in captivity.

However, even when he dropped his head, Eugene’s intuition did not disappear. Feeling the same way, Moron immediately bent over the space and pulled her Eugene. Then she jumped back and swung her hand again.

ㅡQuarrrr! The forcibly pushed space widened the gap with the demon king in confinement.


Moron yelled out loud. Senya also raised Merry up without hesitation. Then, she grabbed the illusionary eye floating nearby with her hand.

[Wait, I… … !]

“You’re my tool, so don’t act your way!”

I know that Noir has prepared for extinction. I respected and understood that resolution earlier, but I couldn’t do that now. The runaway miasma is already destroying the dream. And what the demon king of confinement is trying to do now is absolutely unavoidable if he insists on this world.

‘Why all of a sudden?’

Have you been driven to this extent? Did Balzac Rudbesse, the name you spit out, do something?

“Fatal,” he said. It seems to be true that the demon king of confinement was cornered to such an extent that he had no choice but to say that. However, the demon king of confinement did not give up yet. A swollen shadow, ferocious mana concentrated on the demon king of confinement.

The prayers of Christina and Anis created a dazzling light. The barrier of the sanctuary enveloped Eugene, Moron, and Senya. And Mary worked her magic. ㅡFall away! The moment the space is torn apart and a path is made.

Darkness rose from the severed neck of the demon king of confinement. The poison of the abyss swallowed the world. Because the dream ended by reaping the illusionary eye, Eugene and Moron could also feel the miasma. The miasma and magic that spewed out in succession formed a huge wave and washed over Eugene’s party.

-ha ha ha… … Ha ha ha ha ha!

Laughter echoed in the black torrent. It was Balzac’s laughter. The demon king of confinement pulled out Balzac and the sea entirely. That meant Balzac’s complete annihilation, but Balzac didn’t care.

“Wouldn’t this be part of a legend?”

A clear voice flowed into Senya and Eugene’s ears. In that moment, Eugene and Senya understood what Balzac had in mind when he died. Senya blankly opened his mouth, then shook his head with a blank laugh.

“I want to write a children’s book for you.”

Senya said that with sincerity. But no more voices were heard. Balzac had completely disappeared.

I didn’t feel any regret. In the end, Balzac got what he wanted and died satisfied. The black magician who betrayed the demon king. A black magician who contributed to the defeat of the Demon King.

However, that wish has not yet been fulfilled.

ㅡQuarrrrrrr! The miasma and magic that spewed from the demon king of confinement eroded and destroyed Babel. Before being caught up in the ignorant destruction, Senya’s magic opened a door in a path torn through space and escaped Babel.

After a brief feeling of floating, Eugene’s party reached the sky of the battlefield.

I saw Babel collapsing.

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