Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 592

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The barbell floating in the sky of the battlefield collapses. The Demon King’s Castle, which has ruled for 300 years, is collapsing in front of everyone. Seeing that scene, everyone on the battlefield raised their heads and looked up at the sky.

Everyone felt astonished, regardless of the gods and demons.

The Demon Army loyal to the demon king of confinement never imagined that Babel would collapse above their heads. He thought that no matter how strong the enemies against the demon king were, their strength would not be great in front of the demon king in confinement.


Babel collapsed, but the demon lord was not defeated. Everyone thought so.

The power that spreads as Babel collapses. Evil, ominous, dark magic. The sun of divine power that Eugene floated was covered in the darkness emitted by Babel. It was collapsing like that, but because it collapsed, the sky became night.

“Eugene… … !”

Ciel, who was drenched in the demon’s blood and gasping for breath, shouted the name in surprise. The darkness was too thick to cover the light, but Ciel’s senses felt the light beyond that black night.

“That… … .”

Carmen’s face turned pale as she brushed off the flesh clinging to her knuckles. The darkness that spread as Babel collapsed began to whirl. The rubble of Babel, which had been pouring down to the ground, stopped abruptly.

In the center, someone raised their head. He was the demon king of confinement. He let out a long breath at the center of the barbell, which collapsed and stopped. As the demon king of confinement breathed, the remains of Babel and the darkness throbbed and resonated.


Although floating in the center of magic, the confined demon lord vomited blood. Migrant isn’t the only thing cut with Balzac. Balzac’s trick was fatal to the demon king in captivity. If it hadn’t been cut off, the chain linking destruction, which should never have been broken, would have been broken.

“It is miserable.”

After taking a breath for a while, the demon king of confinement muttered with a dry smile.

ㅡQuarrrr! All the remains of Babel, which had stopped, were transformed into magic power and scattered.

“And lethal.”

There are too many cut outs. The demon king of confinement chuckled and vomited blood again.

The chain… … did not break so don’t die just don’t die If you can’t fight anymore, isn’t it the same as losing without dying? The demon king of confinement raised his head while rubbing the bloody lips with the back of his hand.

I saw Eugene on the other side of the whirlwind of darkness.

“Is it the same for you as well?”

The price for pushing the demon king of confinement to this extent. A dream and reality connected by using the magical eye of fantasy as a catalyst. Ignition nested several times. Levantein and air sword increased to dozens.

The recoil of that power did not disappear just because it was a dream. The recoil of the power used there comes after waking up from the dream.

“… … .”

He held out his trembling hands and looked around.

I saw Moron, who couldn’t control his breathing and exhaled roughly, and Senya, who was chewing on her lips with a pale face. The saints are still resonating with Eugene. But both of them were bad when bad, never good. The reason why Eugene is standing up without falling is because the saints are continuing treatment while bearing some of the cost that Eugene has to bear.

The magic eye of the illusion closed. It wasn’t completely broken, and Noir’s soul didn’t disappear either – but in the current battle, you won’t be able to open the illusion’s eyes anymore.

“Can you fight?”

The condition is not good. It wouldn’t be strange if I collapsed right away. But you can fight. The recoil in the dream made the mind and body exhausted, but in the end it was not a reality, so the divine power can be used. The flames faded and the light dimmed, but Eugene held on to his sword.

“The demon king of confinement has not yet collapsed.”

Moron spat. As he stretched out his hand, the ax that had been wandering in the darkness flew into Morron’s hand. The ax he had wielded all his life was tattered as if the handle was about to break, and the blade had cracks here and there. But it didn’t break. Morron grinned and grabbed his ax with both hands.

“I can feel it, Hamel.”

The darkness is stirring. Moron’s eyes pierced the thick darkness and saw the demon king in captivity.

“The demon king of confinement that was so far away, now… … I think I might be able to reach it.”

“I don’t think so.”

The sound of the battlefield has stopped. Everyone is looking at the sky. Eugene sighed, placing her left hand on her chest.

“It touches.”

His fingers dug into his chest. A spark ignited in his exhausted heart. The overworked universe exploded, and divine power ran out of control. The extinguished flame flared up again. The light that rushed around Eugene revealed the darkness.


Senya did not stop Eugene. She also realized that she could not reach the demon king of confinement unless now. She used the magic eye of illusion and Noir Jebella. As Balzac died, the hidden goal was hit.

As a result, he finally drove the demon king of confinement. If you step back thinking about what you saw here, you will never reach the demon king of confinement.

A light flashed in Senya’s eyes. The dry petals of Mary unfolded again.

ㅡHwaaaaaagh! The storm of spiritual power completely pushed back the thinned darkness. I saw the figure of the demon king of confinement standing alone.

A flash of light drew a line in the sky. Eugene’s new sword, which reached as a single lightning bolt, rushed at the demon king in captivity. The hand of the confined demon king, who was coughing up blood, blocked the slash.

Kwakjijik! The forcefully broken slash pierced the walls of Pandaemonium. The wall and the city split apart with a roar.


Melchis, who was rampaging in the city, screamed. Melchis, blinded by the destruction, raised his head and looked to the sky.

A series of bursts of light breaks the darkness. The slashes that Yujin poured out seemed to slaughter the demon king of confinement right away, but the demon king of confinement did not back down and received all the slashes with his hands.

[Demon King of Confinement!]

Tempest roared. He backed down because he didn’t want to interfere with Hamel’s decisive battle, but Tempest also harbors a grudge against Babel and the demon king in captivity. Storm remembers the defeat and humiliation of 300 years ago. That’s why I’ve been looking up north for 300 years.

“Wait, wait, wait!”

The Omega Force has escaped Melchis’ control. The storm caused by the Tempest moved Omega Force’s arm at will.

Kurrureung! Tempest wasn’t the only one running out of control. Because they had the same will to defeat the demon king, the other three spirit kings also followed Tempest’s will.


Along with Melchis’s scream, Omega Force threw out its fist. A power different from Melchis’s will pierced the sky.

“What should I do in this case?!”

The power poured out by the four spirit kings destroyed the Omega Force. Melchis screamed as he fell, but his strength was strong enough to steal the gaze of the demon king now in captivity. Kwaaaang! He swung his hand to change his trajectory, but blood spurted from his torn arm in the storm.

Morron’s ax fell onto his arm. ㅡ Kwajik! The tattered arm was completely cut off. The demon king of confinement, reeling from the power that had been taken, chewed her lips and twisted her waist. Kwak! Morron’s body flew backwards at her strong kick.

I know what will happen after that. It has been. If Moron creates a gap without sparing his body, Eugene’s attack will immediately break through. It was like that this time too. Moron cut off his arm and induced him to kick. And then comes the new sword.

I know. You can see it with your eyes too. But my body didn’t follow my will. It’s just barely avoiding it. Even that isn’t perfect. Blood spurted from the waist where the new sword grazed.

‘It’s slower than before.’

Compared to Ignition, which ran out of control several times, it was naturally slow now. But more than that, the demon king of confinement was slow. This is because the accumulated damage could not be shaken off.

“haha… … .”

Even though his back was cut, the demon king of confinement giggled. Her trembling hands became fists. Kwakjik! This time I didn’t dodge and hit him from the front. His sword shattered and blood spurted from his fists.

A light flashed through the splattering drops of blood. The magic created by Senya turned into countless stars and was imprisoned by the demon king of confinement. Kwagwagwagwang! A huge explosion swallowed the demon lord in captivity.


A cry in my head. Eugene put his hand on her cloak without hesitation. The storm sword Winid, which he hadn’t taken out since signing a contract with Melchis, was pulled out from the cloak. Shinhwa, overheated by the ignition, wrapped around Winid.




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Myth was added to the descending storm. A huge wind blew away the entire demon lord of the explosion and confinement. If it had been earlier, the wind of Tempest would not have been able to invade the demon lord in captivity. However, it was not easy for the current demon king to hold his own in the raging wind.


Even if it was in a normal state, I don’t think I could easily shake it off. In the midst of the storm that cut through his body, the demon king in confinement laughed admiringly.

300 years ago the wind was weak. Everyone said that the wind was a storm, but it was less than a breeze to the demon king in captivity. A world on the brink of destruction. In a world that was brutally trampled and plagued by horsemen, the power of spirits was never strong.

But now it’s different. The 300 years that the demon king of confinement bestowed changed the world.

Weakened because we got used to peace? You might think so, but it wasn’t like that to the spirit. The World Tree, which had been ill for 300 years, recovered, and the will of Vishur Raviola, who became the World Tree, gave strength to the wind and primordial spirits led by Tempest.


Tempest roared again. Eugene felt the force of the fierce storm. It felt as if I could hear the wind pushing on my back and the laughter of the wise man from the distant World Tree. The spirits of the World Tree, which had nested in Eugene in the past and became part of it, stood up. Pooh! Shinhwa, which had run amok with ignition, burned more fiercely.

Spirits aren’t the only ones with power. A stronger light dwelled in the Levantine who became one with Eugene.

the other side of the world tree. The light sitting on the distant sea raised its body. The shimmering light became a huge man and stretched out his hand. Eugene’s eyes transcended time and space and saw the scene. Light opened its mouth.


The full light gathered in his hand and became a huge sword. Light, no, the giant whispered as he slowly extended his sword.

“Grab your sword.”

The new sword that Eugene was holding oxidized, and a huge sword that was wielded by a giant was newly held in his hand. Eugene held his sword tightly without questioning it. Then, he brought Weenide, who was holding it in his left hand, closer to the giant’s new sword of light.


Tempest roared.

Quarrrrr! Winid’s blade, wrapped in the storm, trembled and shattered. The fragments of the sword became light and fluttered along with the storm. The prayers of the saints, who seemed to be cut off at any moment, gained strength. It was no longer a whispered prayer, but a hymn of worship.

The fluttering light took on a gigantic shape. The wind spirit king has completely descended into the world. This Advent was neither a form of lending power to the contractor, nor an incomplete Advent with all sorts of restrictions. Light opened the door, and the spirit king’s body descended into the world.

“ha ha ha… … !”

An incredible sight to see with your own eyes. The demon king of confinement burst into laughter at the sight that could never happen. Dark magic gathered in the Demon King’s hands. The demon king of confinement also prepared an attack towards violence that could only be called a miracle.


Moron ran. He knew all too well what he had to do. What Morron, the incarnation and great warrior, must do is to open the way so that Hamel’s and Eugene’s attacks will not be hindered. Senja also understood her role. The beautifully sparkling Mary captured Moron.

Moron’s time accelerated. He penetrated the space in an instant and narrowed the distance with the demon king in confinement.

Duduk, duduk… … ! Moron’s arms bulged with veins and her muscles swelled. The transmitted grip force vibrated the ax blade instead of breaking the ax handle.

Moron’s location and the subsequent attack forced the demon king in captivity to make a choice. Will you respond by knocking out, retreating, or blocking? Neither of them will be able to stand against that gigantic divine sword with all their might.

“Are you going to die?”

The demon king of confinement asked. Pushing her body in, he opened the way. The price will never be light. Moron opened his blood-stained lips and smirked.


your own strength? A gracious miracle? Or, that the road opened by sacrificing one’s life is never meaningless? Either way is fine.

The demon king of confinement responded with respect.

“That’s great.”

What the demon king in captivity lacked a long time ago was that kind of trust. He reached out his hand, feeling the bitterness behind the awe.

Kururrureung! Magic and an ax met. In the meantime, the arms of the demon king of confinement were lifted up by the boiling current, the ax was shattered, and Moron flew away spurting blood.

Eugene was neither late nor early. The moment Moron opened the road leading to the demon king in captivity, he swung his new sword. Tempest, who descended behind Eugene, also threw out a fist wrapped in light.

The darkness covering the sky dissipated. There was not a speck of darkness or stain left in the sky. The brilliantly shining sky split at the slash. The storm caused by the Tempest’s fist blew away even the split light. In that storm, the confined demon king couldn’t resist and spurted blood.

And the demon king crashed.

Pandemonium was shaken.

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