Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 590

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The hand of the demon king of confinement, which had been lying around, scratched the ground. It may be said to be indecent, but the demon king in captivity did not feel shameful. All he could feel now was admiration for his enemies who pushed him to this extent.


It’s not that I never thought this world was hopeless. What does it mean now? The reincarnation of Agaroth, who died in vain, eventually came here with all his fate on his back.

I am responding to trials and tests with all my might. I don’t think it’s enough. To be honest, the demon king of confinement was satisfied. This level of obsession and madness. The prayer that came crashing into it with all its might instantly exceeded the standard set by the demon king.

However, just as Eugene and his colleagues did not give up, the demon king of confinement had no intention of giving up. You can’t lose just because you’re satisfied. It is because, just as Eugene believes that his choice is right, the demon king of confinement also believes that his choice is right.

‘is it.’

I remembered the specter. He didn’t know the whole truth, but he knew that destruction would repeat itself and that the demon king in captivity could move on to the next one. After he knew it, he made his own choice.

‘Just as you proved your worth by dying like that, I am no different.’

I thought with a smile on my bloody lips. This test cannot end with satisfaction and withdrawal. It ends only when the opponent’s will is completely broken.

What is the will of the demon king of confinement? After despairing several times and patching it up like rags, the answer left is coexistence with destruction. As long as they can’t be killed, they have no choice but to coexist. You can’t go on a rampage to kill something you can’t kill and let it all end.

Even if he had to reign as the demon king for eternity. Even if he carries the souls of all the dead and repeats the beginning and end, which will only become empty in the end, the demon king of confinement thinks this is right.

“Who is being greedy?”

He scratched the floor and got up. Red, bloodshot eyes flashed.

“Am I being greedy for sticking to a sandcastle that disappears in the waves?”

Just as the sun sets and the sun rises again at night, the waves of destruction are bound to come. The man who had no choice but to give an excuse for the birth of the destruction and witness it became a demon king himself and turned the world into a sandcastle. No matter how many times the sand castle eventually collapsed due to the waves, after the waves receded, they built the sand castle again with their muddy hands.

“I don’t know, I really don’t know. Eugene Ryanhart, I still feel that your claim of hope is obstinate. I can’t possibly affirm your greed.”

The demon lord of destruction and Vermouth Lionheart are one body. Even if it split, the essence of vermouth is connected to destruction. It is impossible to get rid of the demon lord of destruction and save Vermouth.

Rather, if Eugene and his colleagues had given up on vermouth. If he had only wished to kill both the Demon King of Perdition and Vermouth Lionheart, and save the world entirely.

The demon lord of confinement might not have gone this far. However, he left recognition while saying that he would accomplish the impossible, so the demon king of confinement did not want to accept that stubbornness. That’s why I wanted to despair.

“I don’t need your affirmation.”

The new sword was blocked. The demon king of confinement laughed as he pulled his tattered hand. It wasn’t just Eugene who started fighting. Moron is at the back, and Senya is at the top. The saints are supporting them so that they can fully focus on the battle.

“If I beat you, I’m right.”

It doesn’t matter what is right or wrong for the beliefs you hold now. The one who simply wins today is the right one. Even if they can’t overcome destruction in the end, today’s loser can’t discuss the outcome.

Eugene thought so, and the demon king of confinement burst into laughter again.


I didn’t think that statement was selfish or self-righteous. The same goes for the demon king in confinement who lived without needing anyone else’s understanding. If each of them thinks they are right and insists only on that, they will eventually be broken until one of them is broken.


different. The demon king of confinement thought while clenching his fists.

Eugene is not alone. He has a colleague. He has followers who pray for victory. Even those who do not know the circumstances would not wish to die in this age. The warrior, the god, and the light will defeat the demon lord, win and open peace.

What is the demon king of confinement like? The Demon Army who participated in this war knows nothing about the Demon King in captivity. What they want is to win the war, trample the losers, and rule the eternal continent.

They do not know destruction, and they do not know that there is no such thing as an eternal reign after victory in this war.

Without even having time to enjoy the joy after victory, they do not know that they will be annihilated by the demon king of confinement or the demon king of destruction.

They do not know that they will lose all memories of this era and move on to the next era.

The demon king of confinement exists as countless souls chained together, and does not know that he will be born in the next era after being selected.

Some of the non-chosen souls melt and become elements of magical power, primordial spirits, and do not know that they will become the mana of the world.

The souls that do not even know that they will be mixed into one and become an evil force, and will be sealed in the depths of the demon king of confinement.

It always has been. I didn’t want anyone else’s understanding. never had a conversation never complained never complained It was like that in the previous era, and it was like that in this era too. His aide Gaby de Lindman, whom he had kept by his side for quite a long time and whom he cared enough to consider himself unusual, did not know the truth of the demon king of confinement until the very end.

-I hope that Your Majesty’s secret wish comes true.

Gavid might have understood at the last moment. However, other demons other than Gavid would not understand the demon king of confinement.

-If I die, please take my soul. Let us see the end together with Your Majesty.

Balzac Rudebes died in vain in front of the door with the words that he would surely die in Babel. He would not have understood the ‘end’ that the demon king of confinement was trying to see.

Despair, where there is no way to overcome it, in such despair, beings are bound to find someone to resent.

Even the demons who have been loyal to the demon king in captivity for the rest of their lives, the immigrants from Helmud who have sucked up the grace of the demon king like blood, and the souls who were mortgaged to repay the preferential treatment during their lifetime will resent the demon king in captivity who agreed to the destruction and accepted it. will be.

And the demon king of confinement will humbly accept all those resentments.


the world shook Even now, the demon king of confinement continues to move.

A long moment, as if one second had been extended endlessly. From that moment to moment, the confined demon king continued to attack, defend, and search. Because the images of each other are connected, there is no gap in the attack. Even if you try to break and scatter them while inflicting minimal damage, the attack is getting more and more intense.

Moron attacks honestly with overwhelming power. The power that became incarnated and amplified even more, in this world, every single blow echoes the existence of the demon king in captivity.

Senya’s magic realizes every imaginable impossibility. The night sky poured several times. Senya’s magic has turned this world over and over again, turning it into a forest, turning it into a fiery hell, burning it into a desolate desert, and freezing it into frozen ground again. All those disasters were directed only to the demon king of confinement, and did not harm his colleagues.

Above him, Eugene’s sun went down and rose again. The weapon in Eugene’s hand continued to change, as if to prove that he was a god of war in the past. The ever-changing attack that can not be dealt with even by looking at it is cutting down the demon king of confinement.

but can’t kill it. Even in this world, the power of the demon lord of confinement could not be suppressed. No matter how well you create your dream, it will only melt into reality in the end. It cannot completely replace reality. Eugene, the light that led to him, and Senya’s divine power are using the magic eye of fantasy to the limit, but this ridiculous world cannot last forever.

You can find out if you explore. If you find a place where you can break it, you can break it down and destroy it.

Where can I break? It’s such a place, isn’t it obvious? There is no need to leisurely figure out the structure and try to break it down. Because there is an easier way than that.

What starts and maintains this world is the phantasmagoric eye. And the one who uses the magic eye of illusion is Noir Jebela, who has become an angel with only a soul left.

Iron gruck.

The chain was released once more in the abyss of the demon king of confinement. Then, the arm of the demon king of confinement lost its original shape and became dark magic itself, shaking. At the same time, the pupils of the demon king of confinement were covered in black as if ink were melting.

The unleashed madness shook his reason. The madness that had been sealed so that it could endure eons of time was released with strength.


Poison, not blood, flowed from his lips. To release the poison beyond this is dangerous even for the demon lord in captivity. If you don’t do it, your ego will collapse, and it will become a catastrophe that goes crazy like the demon king of destruction. Of course, the demon king of confinement does not want such a downfall. Even if it becomes the same disaster, we can coexist with destruction, but we won’t be able to create the future world.

‘Forcing me to this extent.’

Eyes that had turned black flashed. Eugene, Moron, and Senya, who tried to push the demon king of confinement a little more, felt primal fear and horror in those eyes. It felt like the first time I saw the Demon King of Destruction.


Noir felt that ‘poison’ aimed at him. The release of the poison shakes the dream. Noir felt raw pain in his left pupil, but he never closed his eyes. Because he was convinced that this was a watershed moment.

If you don’t push further now, you won’t be able to seize the victory from the demon king of confinement. That poison is fatal even for the demon king in confinement.

‘I know the feeling of obsession.’

Noir held on to his twisted lips and forced a smile. The demon king of confinement is obsessed with ‘next’. At the cost of that deadly poison, I would never wish to completely destroy myself.

‘Even with that poison, you wouldn’t die in the first place.’

Poison that does not reach life. Even so, sealing it without using it is because you don’t like the pain? No, that couldn’t be the only reason.



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The reason why the demon king of confinement suppressed that much poison. What the madness wrapped in those darkened eyes points to. What the confined demon king never wants.

‘That I am not who I am.’

know well. Noir did too. I was afraid and hated that I would become a completely different being.

—-In other words, the demon king of confinement will have no choice but to chain the poison again and confine himself before eventually losing ‘himself’. Even a demon lord with a curse that could never be killed would have no choice but to admit defeat if all his means were blocked.

So never close your eyes. If the demon king of confinement could not endure and endured until he got rid of the miasma, it would be Noir’s, no, Hamel’s victory.

‘I’m hoping for your victory too, Hamel.’

Tears of blood flowed from the eyes of illusion. Eugene and Moron, realizing that the darkness unleashed by the demon king of confinement was unusual, started attacking again. Looking at Eugene’s back, Noir clenched his teeth.

‘That victory is harsh on me.’

Is it okay to hold out until the demon king of confinement gets rid of the miasma? Couldn’t that be possible?

That miasma is the poison accumulated from the deaths of several eras and the melting of billions of corpses and souls. It would have been impossible for even Jebela City, where the living enemy Noir reigned, to hold out against that sea dog for a long time. However, it is impossible for Noir, whose soul is barely left after dying, to last longer than the demon king in confinement against that sea dog.

Noir was sure of that. Before the demon king of confinement can rectify the poison, his soul will be completely polluted. What will happen if it becomes so contaminated? will it perish? Or, is it that I am not who I am because I am contaminated?

Either way, it is impossible to reincarnate and meet Hamel.

[…] … Ahaha.]

Would you be afraid of it now? no, i’m not afraid There was no reincarnation after the death that Noir had hoped for in the first place.

All she wants is for Hamel to win. In the end, it doesn’t matter what happens to her. Even if this dream completely collapses and her existence as herself disappears, she hopes that everything she is will be a stepping stone to Hamel’s victory.

So, Noir did not close his eyes of illusion and glared at the miasma. In the end, the dream will collapse, but until then, hoping to drive the demon king of confinement as much as possible.

‘What is this?’

Eugene and Moron did not feel the miasma. Although he felt that the demon king of confinement was newly released and the darkness was unusual, he did not know that it was poison. It was because Noir had completely suppressed that miasma. However, Senya, connected to Noir, saw through that miasma to some extent and looked at Noir with stunned eyes.


Noir whispered. Senya chewed her lips in response to the emotion. He couldn’t tell him to stop. It was Noir’s decision, and Senya also understood that there was no other way to defeat the demon lord in confinement.

‘I just need to finish it first.’

Destroying Noir’s soul in this way goes against Senya’s ideals. That’s why Senya tried to defeat the demon king of confinement as quickly as possible before Noir disappeared.

I thought so. She wielded a black darkness that was no longer the shape of an arm.

Kwakjijik! The miasma spread along the trajectory shook the world, but Eugene and Moron, who were not affected by it, attacked the demon king of confinement while cutting and crushing the miasma.

“Did you look down on me?”

The demon king of confinement giggled and muttered.

Even with deadly Germany, it will take a long time to completely destroy the demon king of confinement. Even if Eugene, Moron, and Senya’s attack consumes the demon king of confinement, it will be much faster for Noir to become poisoned and disappear or go crazy than to reach the dead line of poisoning.

‘Noir Jebela, I knew you would be so for Hamel, but in the end your extinction was more… … .’

Reason was greatly shaken.


The poisonous blood flowed down his lips. The demon king of confinement was embarrassed and did not understand the incident that came to him.


Soon, the demon king of confinement understood the identity of the incident.

Pollution other than miasma is eating away at the abyss of the demon lord of confinement.

‘This… … .’

The face of a man appeared in the mind of the demon king of confinement.

‘Balzac Rudbesse?’

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