Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 400

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2-24. Great counterattack (11)


『No matter what happens, we have to stop it here. He is watching.』

『Beware of mortals who know the existence of the previous king.』

『A rebellious mortal is invading our world… Wow!』

The giant who was saying something fell.

A barbaric double-edged ax was stuck deep in his chest.

When Pantasion stretched out his hand, the ax returned to its owner.

“With this… we’re almost there.”

“I guess so! Hehehe!”

Letancier shouted with his back to me.

We were moving on top of the corpse of the giant she was controlling.

Every time Letancier chanted a spell, a torrent of invisible power shook the giant’s formation.

It was up to Pantasion, Orsay, and Abel to finish off those who lost their balance and stumbled.

“Dirty traitors.”

Abel muttered.

To be honest, it wasn’t what he wanted to say.

Entering the battle in earnest, he was proving to himself how he had ascended to the position of leader of Nebula Clazier.

Every time the white sword sprayed light, a crescent moon with a diameter of up to 20 meters shot through the sky.

The bald head that dodged survived, and the bald head that dared to block fell to pieces.

Abel, who saw five of them being shot down at once, chuckled and looked back at me.

“This is very good. My nephew. “How about you make a few bottles and give them to me?”

“Who wants to call me something like that?”

“Sensitive… yes. “Now I understand your strength.”

Abel did not hide his expression of admiration.

Originally defeated by Bald, he drank my blood and revived splendidly.

I was really worried about whether or not to give it to him because he has a crooked mentality, but seeing him in action, it seems like it wasn’t a bad choice.

Abel, who was flashing sword energy, stretched out his finger.

“That’s the portal. “I can’t believe it got there so quickly.”

When I turned my head, a huge pillar of light came into view.

Angry bald heads were constantly pouring out of the light connecting the two seas of clouds.

The remaining distance is at most a few kilometers.

I muttered, rubbing the blood from my face.

“You should have done this a long time ago. “Why did I even think of leaving these bastards alive?”

The souls who had been reduced to resources brought back my original intention.

The swordsman should not be bothered to get covered in blood, and should give as painful a death as possible to those who deserved to die.

We were heading towards the center of the city.

The purpose was the same, but the difference was that there was no hiding anymore.

They were killing all the giants they could see, and destroying every building they could see, such as a warehouse.

Aside from the warehouse, there were several other facilities in their city.

Something like a crystal that receives the energy sent by the roots, or spring water that can replenish the soul.

All of them were disgusting facilities, but the peak of them all was the cradle where giants were born.

At that moment, a huge hexagonal pillar caught my eye.

“Ronan! “It’s a cradle!”

“saw. “I will destroy it myself.”

Just looking at that damn building makes my blood pressure soar.

I felt like there were some important parts missing, but the bald ones reproduced in a completely different way than we do.

In an inorganic way without love or sensuality.

It was a car that was about to be slashed.

“Wait a minute, we’re up!”

Phantasion shouted.

The group raised their heads almost simultaneously.

Dozens of lightning bolts struck like dragons from the distant sky.

It was a much broader and more powerful attack than the spear of light commonly used by bald men.

“Eye, annoying.”

I turned around.

As I concentrated, time slowed down.

The form of the lightning, which was perceived as just a bright light, was clearly revealed.

Hundreds of millions of strands of electric current, as if the roots of a plant had been turned upside down, were pouring out, covering the field of vision.

I scattered my sword strikes in all directions.

The accelerated slash created a dense hemisphere, blocking light and heat.

“I’ll stop the rest.”

Abel cut off any attacks that might have leaked with his sword.

He was the only person in the group who could move at a similar speed to me.


A belated thunder rumbled.

As the flash subsided, charred bald heads appeared.

“Oh, now we’re just changing the same side.”


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They were people who got caught up nearby.

As the wind blew, the body that turned into coal was broken into small pieces and flew away.

Only then did Letancier and Pantasion become aware of the situation and were astonished.

“Huh! “W-what happened?”

“…Did you stop it?”

“Keuuu! “I can’t believe I can’t see you again!”

Orsay gritted his teeth.

In fact, similar situations have happened several times.

The three of them have not yet been able to see the same world as me.

I raised my gaze to use Aura and frowned.

“You use your brain.”

The bald heads who threw the thunderbolts were nowhere to be seen.

Instead, beasts made of light were wandering in the air like fireflies.

“Kyauk! Kyaaaaaak!”


It must have been some kind of breakwater.

I narrowed my eyes.

In the sky above the herd of animals, dozens of bald heads could be seen standing in an array.

Most of them were made up of guys with six wings, and judging by their slightly different attire, it seemed like they were a special organization.

One of them opened his mouth.

『The intruder is alive and well. Prepare for the next attack.』

“Are you so scared of these big, clumsy guys just shooting back and forth… like a man and striking a sword?”

I aimed at the sky and growled.

No answer came back.

The bald men who lost hundreds of their compatriots have finally come up with a strategy to deal with me.

It was definitely difficult to hit the auror from that far away.

The light armies floating in the middle are also annoying.

The bald heads, which had risen even higher, were about to rain down lightning again.

The electric light that was staying in my hand was about to erupt.

Orsay, who had been glaring at them the whole time, turned to me.


It was a very angry voice.

It seemed like he was getting angry at the fact that he had been protected from before.

There was no need for further explanation.

After exchanging glances, I grabbed his right hand.

Four wings spread and Orsay soared.


A strong wind pulled at the skin on my face.

No amount of shiny henchmen could stop us.

The lightning hurled by the giants narrowly passed by.

Orsay broke through the defense and threw me with all his might.



The speed has become even faster.

The sunset rose above the sword body.

There was nothing blocking the Bald Special Forces and me in the open sky.

The group of guys started to get agitated.

“Dangerous. Increase altitude.』

『The interception failed. Summon more soldiers…』

It seemed like he was trying to do something, but I wasn’t willing to let that go.

As I strongly grasped the hilt of my sword, the sunset enveloped the giants.

They were brought to me like a herring caught in a net.

Although our tracks overlapped, I swung my sword without slowing down.

The feeling of passing through the pure white masses was like walking through clouds.

It was the moment I left the Bald Special Forces.


The bodies of dozens of giants exploded and were cut into pieces.

Blue rain soaked the sea of ​​clouds.

A bald man nearby said to himself as if he was sighing.

『Even the condemnation… ugh.』

And he too fell.

Orsay’s spear had pierced between the eyes.


I landed where I had jumped, covered in blood.

I only took my eyes off for a moment, but then hundreds of giants gathered and surrounded the group.


“long time no see. “This is what it feels like.”

But I didn’t feel any sense of crisis.

In fact, I felt more energetic than when I was at home.

Since coming to Bald World, my physical condition has been hitting new highs in real time.

Moreover, I wasn’t the only one who was in good condition.


The sound of hiccups rang in my ears.

The blood-stained holy sword was vibrating.

The anticipation blooming like a haze was distorting the air.

The blade became sharper as it absorbed blood, and now it seemed like it could cut through even space.

“Lin. Are you okay?”

“Ugh, hehe… of course.”

A faint laugh rang out.

Unlike usual, the voice was full of charm.

If I drank too much blood, I felt like I was drunk beyond being full.

Judging by the way his tongue was twisted, he had been drunk for a long time.

Lin, who was silent for a moment, opened her mouth.



“You…don’t get cocky just because you look cute…if your sister puts her mind to it, she can seduce someone like you in an instant, right? Whoa…are you getting angry all of a sudden?”

For a moment, my mind went blank.

I didn’t know how to react.

This guy is so serious, why is he suddenly doing this again?

“Suddenly I’m so pissed… Why isn’t my old self coming back? “Wow, how long do I have to live like this?”

“I don’t think it’s very good.”

“Ronan… your older sister was originally really… haha. She was an amazing woman… tall… she was busty from top to bottom… who was she, yeah. She goes to Balon and asks him… Hi, do you know how much that little boy has been following me around?”

Even though there was no alcohol, it seemed like it smelled like alcohol.

Perhaps the Balon Lin was referring to was not the old man sitting on the throne now, but the first emperor from the history books.

I once again felt that what I was holding was a holy sword.

The injection that came out in the middle of the day was excellent.

Since the situation was not suitable for me to accept any more, I lashed out, prepared to be criticized.

“grandma. “You’re very drunk.”

“Well, what’s wrong? grandma?!”

“f*ck you!”

I almost lost my sword.

The hilt of the sword tingled as if static electricity had been splashed.

Suddenly, his body moved randomly and he fired a wide sword strike.

“How dare you say such nonsense!”

The sword body was bubbling like a furnace.

The sword’s trajectory drew a wide circle.

Thousands of sword energy flew in all directions.

Chunks of antiquity, reminiscent of bullets made of blood, pierced the bodies of the giants indiscriminately.


I couldn’t help but be amazed.

Most of the remaining bald heads fell from the blow just now.

The giants, who had fist-sized holes in their torsos and heads, were swallowed under the clouds and never came back up.

Everyone in the group was amazed with their eyes wide open, but I didn’t have time for that.

An angry voice echoed in my head.

“Say it again! What did you say. ok?!”

“Damn, my sister said she was such a pretty person!”


“yes. If I had attended the same academy, I would have wanted to ask you what classes you were taking. So calm down now, damn it!”

“Hehehehehehe…yeah. Sister… I never thought you would say something like that…”

The sound of foolish laughter rang out.

The bubbling blade returned to its original state.

“Huh…yeah. That’s how it should be. “It’s a really nice sound…”

“I’ll see you later, really… Can we fight normally now?”

“Hehehe, then. “Ronan does whatever he wants.”

Only then did Lin keep his mouth shut.

I sighed as I looked at my companion who had returned to his weapon.

I never would have thought that the Holy Sword Spirit had such a drinking habit.

In addition to reading pornographic stories, he had a nasty personality.

Letansie tilted his head.

“Ro, Ronan? “Why are you suddenly talking to yourself…?”

“It’s no big deal.”

It wasn’t a story I really wanted to explain.

I waved my hand and looked back at the cradle.

A new giant was just being born beneath the hexagonal pillar.

“Trash bastards.”

No matter how many times I see it, I feel nauseous.

The sphere made of light was gradually taking shape.

Limbs sprout and wings grow.

What makes up the body is, of course, souls taken from all over the universe.

Looking at it this way, it seems closer to manufacturing than breeding.


I launched myself at the guy.

Just when I arrived, the crouching giant opened his eyes.

Thick lips slowly opened.

『···What about you?』

“Happy Birthday.”

Instead of answering, I swung my sword.

A vertical line simultaneously bisected the baby’s bald head and the cradle.


The piece of meat and the building, split in two, sank beneath the clouds.

The giants nearby were perplexed.


『You shameless one, aren’t you afraid of judgment?』


『Your sins will never be forgiven. The torments of hell will punish your spirit and body for eternity.』

I laughed and turned my head.

Killing a newly born being seemed to be a serious crime even in Bald World.

Instead of approaching them, I activated my aura.

As the sunset began to color the sky, the guy who had just spoken was dragged in front of me.


The pale head rose into the air.


“You sound like a judge and you fall asleep. “None of you will return alive.”

Blue blood covered my face again.

I plunged the sword into the head that was about to fall to the floor.

The giant’s eyes widened as he still had some sense left in him.

I brought my face closer and spit in his face.

“I am your hell.”

It didn’t take long for the situation to settle down.

The light of the portal engulfed us.


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