Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 401

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2-25. Great Counterattack (12)


“good. Let’s take a breather. “Everyone worked hard.”

“Wow… I survived.”

Letansie sat down.

The wind blowing from beyond the clouds was wiping away my sweat.

We were sitting on a destroyed cradle.

No more giants were born from the hexagonal pillar where all souls escaped.

The portal leading to the next point was emitting light right in front of us.

“How many times are left now? twice?”

“Well… I don’t know anything else, but I’m sure we’re very close to the source.”

Abel hesitated.

His appearance had changed as if he had been covered in blue paint.

Not only that, it was the same for everyone in the party.

While destroying eleven and seven cities, we massacred countless balds.

‘I’m curious about what the earth looks like.’

It looked like paint had been sprinkled on drawing paper, so it must have been pretty.

The king still hasn’t appeared.

Watching him remain silent while his subordinates were dying like this made me feel quite heavy on my ass.

Every time I killed a giant, destroyed a city, or passed through a portal, I was getting closer to the source.

“It’s similar to the past. “It feels similar to when I got closer.”

“Well, I think I know what that means.”

I agreed.

The density of the air was completely different.

The sparkling mana I felt in the original world was like nothing compared to this place.

Every time I exhaled, I felt the particles that were the source of the giants’ power seeping into my body.

Le Tancier said.

“It seems like there are fewer and fewer giants, but have they given up now? Or there are no more troops left…”

“There is no choice. If it has decreased to this level, you just have to change your strategy. Most likely, they will gather in one place and wait for us to arrive. “You’ve already made a plan for when that happens, so why hold on to hope for nothing?”

“Ugh… I guess so.”

Le Tansieh bowed his head.

She used her magic to create a small bonfire in the center of the group.

The warm heat melted my cold body.

I turned my gaze to the two large figures rubbing their hands by the fire.

“What about you guys? Are you okay?”

“okay. On the contrary, it is getting better.”

“Damn it…what on earth is in your blood?”

Pantasion nodded.

Orsay seemed to be in good condition as he was tickling as usual.

That’s how it should be.

How hard have I been donating blood?

“I’m glad the medicine worked out well. “Seeing as my hair doesn’t fall off, it seems like there are no side effects.”

“But I don’t need it anymore. Power that is not developed by oneself will one day lead to anger. “You too, stop shedding blood for us.”

Pantasion’s eyes stayed on my forearm.

The spot where the blood was drawn was wrapped in a dirty bandage.

The battle with the bald men was much longer and more intense than expected, and I gave each member of the group a potion made by diluting my blood (it’s a potion, just mixed with water).

I gave it to Abel just in case because it was effective, and somehow some magic happened and all three of them noticeably improved their skills.

The same goes for Letansi, which I originally drank in small amounts.

Is it because the concentration has become thicker?

“I wasn’t planning on giving you more anyway, man. “Do you think my blood is some kind of nutritional supplement?”

“I do not care. The more there are, the more results you will get that are commensurate with your investment. “If you give me a bottle of just the undiluted solution… Wow!”

I put my fist into Abel’s solar plexus while he was talking nonsense.

He fell forward while muttering curse words.

Honestly, it wasn’t a bad idea, but I couldn’t predict what kind of nonsense my parallel world uncle would do after regaining his prime powers.


Soon silence came.

We closed our eyes or looked into space, savoring the sweet rain of the drought.

I don’t know if it was part of an evil plan or to catch us off guard, but it was assumed that if we were given time to rest, we would rest.

Suddenly, Letancier, who was looking at the fire, opened his mouth.

“······If we kill the king of the giants and destroy the source, will peace come?”

“Maybe so. “Even the bastard who is Akasha or something needs to be caught and harassed.”



“I just regret it so much.”

The voice was damp.

She was staring at the fire and turned her head towards me.

“Ronan. “I’m honestly a little happy right now.”

“I saw some signs of it. “You like being beaten, right?”


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“I know this sounds weird. But what can I do when I’m just happy to be alive and breathing? People are beings who can be grateful for even the most obvious things, so why did I do such things in the past to enjoy wealth and honor? “What can eternal life be like?”

She seemed to regret the evil deeds she committed as Nebula Clage.

Pantasion, who was next to him, was also chewing his lips with a bitter expression.

I looked at her silently and held out my hand.

“Le Tancier.”


Letancier smiled awkwardly.

Judging by his expression, it seemed like he thought I was trying to pat him on the head.

Well, it was similar.

My palm, which was heading towards the top of her head, turned into a fist.


I snapped my wrist and hit Letancier on the top of his head.

Her eyes were closed, and she screamed and collapsed.


“Do you finally know that? I guess someone is not a villain. “It’s also quick to feel remorse.”

“My, my head! “My head is splitting open!”

“Don’t act pitiful. You have come too far to regret your past misdeeds. “Don’t be consumed by useless regrets, but only think about what needs to be done right now.”

Regret wasn’t of any help in the current situation.

I straightened my collar and stood up.

Le Tansy was rolling around and glaring at me.

Yes, what was needed now was that kind of poison.

“Anyway, you’re all bastards except Orsay. And the only thing a human who has already become a dog can do is cover the poop he or she has made with dirt. “The time to eat for happiness or pleasure is after the cleaning is over.”

“That’s a fair point.”

Pantasion raised the corners of his mouth.

Led by him, the group stood up one by one.

After taking a short break, I felt much better.

After drying my face, I took steps toward the pillar of light.

“Okay, let’s go put a period on it.”


We arrived at our destination after passing through five more portals.

Passing through the giants’ portal felt different from space travel magic.

It is similar until the sight before your eyes turns pure white.

However, the moment you step into the pillar of light, an indescribable sensation envelops your entire body.

It may seem like it is falling toward an endless abyss, or it may seem like it is rising toward the high heavens.

An incomprehensible whisper continues to ring in my ears.

Surprisingly, the nausea is not intense.

When you’re having such a strange time, at some point your vision becomes clear.

As I was quietly staring ahead, I whistled.

“······We’ve finally arrived.”

Every element of the landscape was evidence that this was the end point of the trip.

A cluster of lights, presumed to be the source, was seething in the distance.

The colony of pure white brilliance was pulsating like the heart of a living thing and spewing out sparkling mana.

“The source is what’s out there, right?”

“okay. It is certainly.”

Abel nodded.

Destroying that was our squad’s ultimate goal.

Judging by the distance or anything else, it didn’t seem like it would be easy.

The second piece of evidence was the swirling sky overhead.

Unlike before, the clouds howling in a spiral were reminiscent of a typhoon seen from the sky.

Every time a flash of light flashes, a huge shadow appears and disappears.

It felt like something really naughty was going to pop out at any moment.

Letancier, who finally escaped from the portal, sighed softly.


“Surprisingly, he didn’t scream. “I thought I was going to faint right away.”

“…I would have done it if my head hurt a little less.”

She bit her lower lip.

Water filled his large eyes.

The third evidence was also in the sky.

It was the moment when all the group gathered together.

『You guys. Did you think you could come back alive after doing something like that?』

A loud voice rang out.

I wanted to find out who said it, but it wasn’t that difficult.

I brushed my bangs and laughed.

“A lot of people gathered.”

『You arrogant mortals.』

It was so shiny that it hurt my eyes.

The sound of the wings flapping was so loud that I thought my eardrums would burst.

I slowly looked around.

Side, top and bottom.

There was a bald head with wings everywhere you looked.

Countless smooth scalps were shining on our faces.

It was no joke, it really felt like all the giants in the stars had gathered together.

Except for one person.

I focused my gaze on a random bald man and opened my mouth.

“Where is your king?”

『It is blasphemy. He does not feel it is worth dealing with small things.』

“It’s such a small thing… that it even gets to this point and says things like that.”

I laughed reflexively.

Le Tancier, who was pale, looked at me, giggling, as if I were crazy.

Abel, Pantasion, and Orsay also looked nervous.

He brushed his bangs and continued speaking.

“Hey, isn’t it fun?”


“okay. You guys have always been the ones trampling. When they were bored, they destroyed other planets and plucked out the souls of even the dead so that they could not rest… That is how the species prospered. Because I was born so strong, I never felt threatened. Actually, I think I know why that bastard Abel’s eyes rolled back.”

『What do you want to say now?』

“I’m having so much fun with the situation right now. This situation itself has the position reversed. “How does it feel to be robbed by mortals who considered you even worse than insects?”

I wanted to say something a bit solemn, but I couldn’t manage my facial expression.

An immediate rebuttal came back.

『This incident is only a temporary incident. You guys can never be a threat to us.』

“Oh, is that so?”

『It’s pitiful to see them using their mouths to prolong their frail lives… Stop now, let’s face the end according to nature.』

It was a somewhat sympathetic tone.

It was the moment when the faceless bald man finished speaking.

All the giants surrounding us stretched out their arms at once.

White particles began to gather from all directions and clump together in their hands.

Some with spear swords, some with thunderbolts.

Weapons to dismember us were being made in real time.

Abel said in a whisper.

“hey. Are you really going to go for that operation?”

“of course. Is there any other way in this situation? “It turned out exactly as expected.”

“Even if it turned, it turned tightly. “You are crazy.”

Abel shook his head as if he was fed up.

Even at this point, it seemed like the plan I had set up was not satisfactory.

Of course, there was nothing he could do when the dice were cast.

The giants sang again.

『Meet the end.』

『Meet the end.』

『Meet the end.』

He had so many mouths that it felt like the world was talking to him.

It seemed like we had to start soon.

I glanced back and saw Orsay waiting for his time, growling like an animal.

I stopped laughing and raised my middle finger at them.

“f*ck you. “I’m warning you in advance, if you don’t stop us, you will be destroyed.”

『Pity. I still believe that such a miracle will happen…』

The giant was still talking.

As soon as I jumped, Orsay’s body exploded.


He instantly turned into a black dragon and spewed fire towards the sky.

【Disappear! Those bastards!】

“I-I don’t know anymore!”

The sky turned red.

The giants engulfed in flames struggled.

The rest of the party also took action at once.

Letancier’s telekinesis exploded in all directions, shaking the battlefield.


Pantasion threw his axe.

The double-edged ax, which grew larger along with his body, cut down the giants in a wide arc.

The blow doped with my blood had become strong enough to cut a four-winged giant in half at once.

In an instant, dozens of giants died or fell into a state of incapacity.

『A useless thing.』

However, there was no disturbance in the enemy camp.

This was because there were too many absolute giants.

Despite everyone’s might, punishment began.

『The starlight will devour you.』

“Keep attacking!”

The giants threw away the weapons they were holding.

A rain of spears and thunderbolts poured down.

Letancier’s shield blocked part of it, but it was too much.

A spear had managed to break through the shield and was about to hit her while she was chanting a spell.


The two pieces of the spear scattered in the air and disappeared.

The same was true for the projectiles that came in succession.

The weapons made of lightning and light were destroyed without being able to reach any of the party.

Abel disappeared for a moment and then reappeared, breathing heavily.

“Huh… you damn bastard…! “Ugh, I won’t forgive you if you fail!”

His role was interception and defense.

Abel was moving at a speed beyond recognition and blocking the barrage of attacks.

He gritted his teeth as he cut down twenty-one projectiles in one second, all of which were destined to hit Orsay and Phantasion’s bodies.

“Damn, we’re still far away!”

I didn’t answer.

As he said, it was because it was a bit far away.

Although it seemed like it would arrive soon.

“good. good. “Hold on just a little longer.”

“for a moment. You.』

The giant who was using it as a stepping stone flinched.

Instead of answering, he swung his sword.

The headless body fell down.

While my companions were paying attention, I was moving through their formation and heading toward the source.

Suddenly, a bald head with six wings looked puzzled.

『The other one…?』

“Fool. “You notice it quickly.”

It seemed like the stupid bastard had finally figured it out.

I ignored it and continued moving forward.

With each leap, the gap with the source was narrowing.

“Let’s try to speed up a little more.”


My thighs were swollen.


Using it as a stepping stone, the shoulder of the giant Bachchan sank.

The wind roared in my ears.

He hurriedly turned his head, but I had already moved in front of him.

It was like this.

They were moving so fast that they didn’t even notice.

It was a feat that was possible because they were tightly packed together.



The annoying giants were cut down on the spot.

Blue blood splattered.

Before I knew it, the source had reached about 300 steps away.

The pulsating halo of light was getting closer and closer.

It was no exaggeration to say that this was a section that we now knew could not be prevented.

An urgent cry rang out from behind.

『It’s a trick! Stop it—!!』

At that moment, all the bald heads’ attention was focused on me.

All the attacks targeting the group began to rain down on me.

But shooting me down wasn’t easy.

In this complex battlefield, there was nothing that could stop me from moving forward while hiding among men much larger than me.

An explosion occurred and a loud noise erupted.

The giants hit by misfired bullets fell one after another.

The end came quickly.


The source appeared behind the giant that had been cut down with a single sword.



A scream erupted.

Either way, I swung my sword.

The crescent moon that shot along Geomro was the car that was trying to cut the origin in two.

Suddenly, the hair on my entire body stood up.

It was the moment when I looked up at the sky, sensing that I was going to live.


A large sword bigger than a decent building came down, tearing through the clouds.

It was a narrow miss.

My sword energy blocked behind me exploded.

“Have you finally arrived?”

I wasn’t able to destroy the root, but I wasn’t disappointed.

It was what I expected.

My heart looks like it’s about to burst, but I wonder if I’m not hungry or hungry.

In the first place, there was only one person who dealt with such ignorant things.

I looked into the sky and sneered.

“I guess you didn’t want to die. “On the subject of the king.”


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