Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 399

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2-23. Counterattack (10)


Light poured in.

Orsay’s tail emerged from the cloud layer.

A world that had never been seen before was revealed.


Everyone except Orsay was dumbfounded.

To say it was surreal is not enough.

Even by my standards, having seen all kinds of extraordinary scenery, it was a spectacle worth counting among my hands.

Centered around a huge void, two seas of clouds faced each other, above and below.

“Oh my god… am I dreaming right now?”


【Hahaha! Did you see it? Wow, kid! Huh… this is my power!】

Orsay laughed.

As expected, he was breathing heavily, probably because he had overexerted himself. This was definitely an incredible achievement.

I looked around, mechanically remembering that Master Orsay was the best dragon.

“Yes… If you’re going to call yourself a high-ranking race, you have to have this level of aesthetic sense.”

I guarantee you.

This would be one of the most beautiful scenes that could be created in a colorless world.

There was no blue sky as we know it, but the gap between the two cloud layers was so far away that the cloud layer above looked like the sky.

The two seas of clouds drew parallel lines that seemed to go on forever, extending as far as the eyesight would allow.


We enjoyed the spectacle, forgetting that this was enemy territory.

A much cooler wind swept through my lungs.

The first to break the silence was Orsay.

【So where should I go now? Is that a shining place?】

“···Ah, yes. “It’s over there.”

Abel nodded.

The alien sky had a magical power that captivated even those who had already been there once.

He stretched out his finger and pointed in the direction Orsay was looking.

In the distance of the sea of ​​clouds, a strange cluster of lights was flickering.

“That’s their city. I haven’t been there either, but I recommend careful entry. Ronan, you can feel it.”

“ok. “There are a lot of them.”

I clicked my tongue and muttered.

Even though the distance was enormous, I could feel it clearly.

There were a ton of bald heads lined up near that light.

Is this what you meant when you said you would be able to recognize it once it comes up?

“Well, but there’s no other way, right? “Is there anyone with a good strategy other than a head-on attack?”

I asked, looking around the group.

To be honest, if it was at that level, I didn’t want to attack it head on.

How many people do I have to kill before I reach the portal?

The thought of the bright blue blood soaking my underwear made me feel very dirty.

I waited, but there was no answer.

“okay. “I knew it would be like this.”

As expected, it seemed like my daughter was going to suffer.

It was a car that was trying to accept fate and attack head-on.

“Okay, if you can find the way quickly… I think it might be possible.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I think I can hinder their perception with my magic… Actually, I’ve been researching it ever since I joined the resistance. Of course, it’s a very tricky magic, so it’ll break if you’re not careful, and the duration will be short, but… hmm.”

“···Inhibition of cognition?”

Letancier let out an awkward laugh.

We all looked at her like we’d been hit over the head with a brick.

I completely forgot.

Asher was not the only genius in the world.

The flying squirrel in front of me was already a notorious witch even before she became the Archbishop of Nebula Clazier.

Phantasion asked back.

“Are you sure?”

“yes. Please give me a moment. First of all… Orsay needs to polymorph into a human. “If it’s too big, I can’t handle it.”

【Interesting. Wizard.】

Orsay also responded positively.

This was definitely an offer that appealed to me.

Even if we just invaded, something would have happened, but the very existence of a city of giants aroused interest.

After much thought, I opened my mouth.

“good. “Go ahead.”


『There is an intruder. Deploy the killing team.』

『Immerse the souls of fools in the crucible of starlight.』

The giants’ conversation echoed in the middle of the sky.


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I’ve heard so many bass sounds that always excite me that I’m slowly getting used to it.

Letancier’s face turned pale.

“Well, it wasn’t a good idea either…”

She was trembling as if she would faint at any moment.

The distance between us floating in the air and the bald heads was less than twenty steps.

Aside from those two, many other giants were passing by us.

“It’s the end… It’s the end… We’re all going to die… Eup!”

“Be quiet, you coward.”

I, who couldn’t see it better, covered Letancier’s mouth.

She was out of breath and writhed her arms and legs.

I removed my palm only after getting her to promise to keep quiet.


“Is there any chance of getting caught even if you succeed to the best of your ability? “You’re doing well, but why would someone who has even been an archbishop be scared of something like this?”

“Ha, but I’ve never had an experience like this. “I got nervous thinking that everyone’s lives were in my hands… wow.”

Letansie nauseated.

I thought it was very different, but I couldn’t criticize it. He was using telekinesis and ultra-advanced perception-impairing magic at the same time.

“Let’s just go at this pace. “You’re doing well.”


Le Tancier sobbed after receiving encouragement.

Five people, including me, were completely dependent on her.

The perception-impairing spell was a success.

The bald heads didn’t notice us passing right by.


Of course, we had to be careful because if we made even the slightest noise, the magic would be broken.

Letancier warned that the moment you make a loud noise or break something, it will be over.

Her telekinetic powers were levitating us and transporting us to the center of the city, where the portal was presumed to be.

According to Abel’s words, they had already entered the city, but for some reason there wasn’t even a building in sight.

he said to himself.

“There’s a lot more than I thought. “It would be quite dangerous if the magic were to wear off.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, man. “What if he gets nervous again and vomits?”

“I was just telling the truth.”

“Anyway, no matter how out of the way it is, isn’t it too boring? “You say it’s a city, but there isn’t a single house?”

Honestly, I was a little disappointed.

The giants were looking forward to seeing what kind of house they would live in, but all they could see were clouds and light coming from afar.

“I would have said it was different from common sense. “Don’t you know what it means for a star to be hundreds of times wider?”

“No matter what, out of courtesy, you should at least install a signpost. “Our club’s training ground wasn’t this desolate… hmm?”

I was in the middle of grumbling.

In the distance, a foreign object caught my eye. My eyes narrowed. “A ball?” A huge sphere was floating in the air.

It was as big as three buildings from Phileon Academy combined.

Surprisingly, the unidentified sphere was black, not white. Abel shrugged his eyebrows.

“aha. “It’s a warehouse.”

“A warehouse? “That?”

“okay. It’s the most common facility. “It’s the only building I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s interesting… Let’s go to Le Tan City.”

“Um, over there?!”

Le Tancier was shocked.

Although she showed signs of disapproval, I dismissed her complaints by clenching my fist.

We soon arrived in front of the sphere.

Seeing it up close made its overwhelming size even more apparent.

“It’s so big. “What on earth are you storing?”

In the first place, it was questionable what was being put in these babies since they neither eat nor drink.

I stroked the sphere.

The bare surface, like the scalp of a giant, was composed of hexagonal thin plates.

Millions, perhaps tens of millions, of plates were precisely interlocked to form one gigantic sphere.

I was just thinking that it looked like a beehive.

– Help me.

“Hey, I’m surprised.”

I shrugged my shoulders without realizing it.

It was clearly a human voice.

Letansier let out a silent cry and turned to me.

“Bah, just now! Did you hear that!?”

“···I heard it too.”

【Damn it, what kind of bug is hiding inside?】

It seemed like I wasn’t the only one who heard it.

Abel was laughing inexplicably.

When I carefully put my face to it, I heard a voice again.

– Get me out of here.

– It’s painful!

– Let me die now… please…!

My heart sank.

I didn’t hear it wrong.

Painful voices were echoing from the surface or inside of the sphere.

Suddenly, I remembered the ecology of bald people.

If you think about it, those chicks did eat something too.

If the purpose of this facility is a warehouse, then storing it…


“You’re quick to notice. “That is correct.”

Abel chuckled.

Even though I took my hand off the sphere, the voice continued to be heard.

“Well, then this is all?!”

【That’s disgusting.】

Le Tansieh was astonished.

Orsay’s brow furrowed.

Sadly, the prediction came true.

The hexagonal plates were all made from the souls of intelligent beings.


It was a sight I couldn’t help but swear at.

We all froze and heard a scream coming from the sphere.

In a destroyed world, everyone I knew would have ended up like this.


Asher and Mary.

Schlieffen and Erzsebet also…crying in sorrow had the effect of bringing out forgotten memories.

‘It’s not good.’ Suddenly, memories of my first life flashed through my mind.

20 days of the apocalypse.

That’s what we called the time after the three giants descended.

Despite the general’s efforts, the bleeding could not be stopped.

Family, friends, and even your own life.

The Bald Three took away everything people thought valuable.

It’s still vivid.

As always, it was the day of the relief operation.

While I was wiping my hair with a towel and thinking about what to make for Jjambap, a military soldier suddenly came running to me and told me that my hometown had disappeared.


It was Ahayute’s doing.

Military soldiers reported that Nimburton disappeared along with the Lomira Mountains.

At that moment, the face of my older sister, whom I had considered annoying all my life, came to mind.

With the words she had a habit of saying, you are my treasure.

– Don’t be a dick! Mountain ranges disappearing, does that make sense?!

– It’s true, Corporal! Why would I lie about something like this?

– Shut the f*ck up. I don’t believe it.

I immediately deserted and rushed to the scene.

It was no problem to outwit the military police, who were wasting their time.

I ran at the fastest speed in my life and succeeded in covering the distance that would have taken three days in less than one day.

However, when we arrived, everything was already over.

The river where mullet was caught, the cozy path, and the shabby cabin where my brother and sister were born and raised were gone.

There was just a huge pit with its mouth wide open, swallowing up the rainwater that was falling steadily.

– sister.

– Like this?

– Sister Iril.

No matter how many times I called my sister’s name, there was no answer.

Torn clothes, broken furniture, etc.

The occasional traces of the village added to the feeling of despair.

I made animal-like noises and wandered around looking for my missing sister.

He fell while digging through wet dirt with his bare hands, and when he woke up, he dug again.

Because I wanted to get at least a strand of my sister’s hair.

Unfortunately, no significant results were achieved.

“···Useless memories.”

I gritted my teeth.

The memories that surfaced made my heart beat.

Every single plate here was no different from my sister.

These were people who were happy, going about their daily lives as usual, and probably could have died much later.

Without realizing it, my hand was heading towards the hilt of the sword.

“Wait, stop!”

Abel shouted in an urgent voice.

At the same time, a loud noise erupted.


It didn’t feel very good.

When I turned my head, I saw Phantasy out of breath and a double-edged ax stuck deep in the sphere.

Letancier let out a threatening scream.

“Woah, Pantasion! “What on earth are you doing?”


The large eyes were bloodshot and red.

The hand holding the sack was trembling.

He lowered his head and muttered in his main voice.

“I just couldn’t bear it.”

“stupid! “Anyway, all problems can be solved by destroying the root!”

Abel grabbed his bangs.

His face was pale.

After confirming that the giants’ attention was focused, he kicked Pantasion’s shin.

“What are you going to do now, damn deer! Every bald head nearby must have seen us. At best, Le Tansieh came up with a method of destruction through magic, and it was like this…”

“no. good job.”

I interrupted Abel.

And then he patted Pantasion on the back.

I’d have to hear the details to find out, but it seemed like this deer had a similar experience as me.

I didn’t feel sorry for him because he was self-employed.

“This can be happen. It can be shit.”

However, I sympathized with his anger.

White light was coming out of both sides of the blade.

The liquid-like cluster of light began to soar into the sky as if it had been waiting.

I remember.

Something like that came out even when the source was destroyed.

It was clearly a phenomenon where trapped souls were liberated.

『It’s an intruder. Where did you come in?』

『There is a swordsman who defeated Epsilon. Reinforcements are needed.』

『The cradle was partially damaged. Secure resources that are being lost.』

Giants were talking loudly around them.

Naturally, the perception-impeding spell seemed to have been lifted.

Judging from their behavior, it would have been crowded in a few minutes.

Since this is a city of bastards, replenishment will be much faster.

I turned away from Pantasion and pulled on the hilt of the sword.

“I reflect. Rather, I think I lost my original intention for a moment.”

“It’s my first intention. “What nonsense is that all of a sudden?”

“not a big deal.”

The holy sword that came out of its scabbard spewed out light.

The sword body was vibrating at high speed as if responding to my emotions.

Of course.

There is no one who wouldn’t be upset by seeing something like this.

If you’re using someone else’s soul as a resource, you bastards should do it in moderation.


I held the sword hilt with both hands and swung the sword diagonally.

I didn’t feel any resistance as it was cut smoothly like water.

A pure white horizontal line was drawn over the sphere.

The blade that drew the arc stopped.


The sphere made of souls split in half.


Abel was astonished.

The inside of the sphere was filled with panels made by processing souls.

This was the moment when the hemisphere slid along the cut surface and fell below the clouds.


Millions of souls soared all at once onto the vast cut surface.


It was a refreshing sight, like an orange bursting with juice.

Pantasion’s eyes widened.

The giants’ voices grew three times louder, but I didn’t care.


Lately, I’ve definitely lost my original intention.

I turned the sword around and muttered as I looked at them.

“A knife wielder shouldn’t bother using one. right?”


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