Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 398

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2-22. Counterattack (9)


“You figured it out? “So quickly?”

“Yeah…but it’s not perfect.”

Abel nodded.

I must have been so focused that my nose was still bleeding.

He continued speaking after rubbing his face with the back of his hand.

“I remember drawing this desert when I was making a map a long time ago. “This is a sandy beach ten times bigger than the empire.”

“Damn, ten times that?”

“Nothing surprising. To begin with, this planet is a star hundreds of times larger than the one we came from. “Don’t you think it’s a home fit for space-faring conquerors?”

Abel chuckled.

The faces of my companions and I hardened.

It wasn’t even a continent, it was hundreds of times the size of a star, I’d never imagined its size like that.

He gestured over the horizon.

“To get to the source, you just have to keep going in that direction. “But there is one small problem.”

“It’s a minor problem. what?”

An ominous feeling came over me.

It seemed like it would never be trivial.

“If it flies at this speed, it will take about five years. “Of course, assuming there is no interference.”


The prediction came true.

For your information, all meals and sleep had to be done on Orsay’s back.

Damn it, I felt uneasy just from hearing that the star was hundreds of times the size.

I asked back, clenching my fists.

“Not in five years. Is there any way to go faster?”

“there is.”

“That’s good. If I hadn’t come up with a solution, I was planning on kicking you here. Come on, tell me.”

It was said that in five years, my child would turn five years old.

No way, f*ck.

After returning home from a trip to the parallel world, I asked the little boy who toddled around, ‘Who is this guy?’ She never intended to hear anything like that.

Moreover, even now, I miss Adeshan so much that I’m almost tempted to turn around.

Abel paused for a moment before opening his mouth.

“We’re going through their city. “It’s never easy.”

“city? Do bald bastards have that too?”

“okay. Although it is different from our common sense, it exists. The community is organized around major facilities. “I have never been there myself, but I do know that there are portals connecting various parts of the planet.”

Abel explained that they use portals to move around vast spaces.

It was the moment when the secret of mobility was revealed.

I was already thinking that the star was too big to cover with wings.

“good. Then let’s go right away. “Where should I go?”

“It’s up.”

Abel pointed his index finger to the sky.

The group, including me, followed suit and raised our heads.

Pale, eerie clouds were drifting.

It seemed hundreds of times more dense than our occupied star.

Every now and then, as the clouds flickered brightly, the shadows of the bald race were reflected.

“As you climb through the cloud layer, an open space appears at some point. It is a place where there is a horizon made of clouds. “The moment you get there, you will be able to see the city with the naked eye.”

“What are the odds of being attacked by a group of bald bandits on the way?”

“Do you hope that sharks will not appear while you are wandering the sea, shedding blood?”

“That’s right. Haha, my dear.”

A sigh came out of my mouth.

I was aware that this was an unconscionable statement on a topic that had declared a head-on approach.

Still, good things are good things.

If I take it easy, where will I go?

It would have been better to get this over with quickly.

I tapped the scales under my feet with my forefoot.

“Orsay. “Are you okay?”

【What does it mean?】

“No, why… we are going into their lair in earnest, so it might be scary. “I asked because I was worried.”

【Ha, this is ridiculous. How dare you insult me ​​like that!】

Orsay laughed.

Dark red flames leaked out between the teeth.

An excited voice echoed across the desert.

【It will be there before you can sleep! Open your eyes and see!】

Four wings spread out as if exploding.

The idea that this was an enemy camp was an attitude that seemed to have been wrapped in thin bread and eaten.

I guess it doesn’t matter.

It was the moment when I grabbed Orsay’s spine and Le Tancier’s neck at the same time.



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Orsay became a black comet and soared into the sky.


“You’re such an easy friend. “I rather like it.”

Letancier screamed.

If I hadn’t caught it, it really would have turned into a flying squirrel.

The other two somehow managed to hold on to the thorns.

It took less than a minute to enter the cloud layer.

“It’s killing me.”

I whistled while looking at the surrounding scenery.

A cloud of sparkling mana covered the entire area.

It couldn’t even be compared to the sea fog that greeted us on the sea.

A path of pure white clouds was forming behind Orsay’s wings.

“Kwaaaaah! Heaaaah!”

“Pretty good. Demon Dragon.”

Abel laughed.

It was a speed comparable to that of Naransonia, the fastest dragon.

This was probably the maximum speed Orsay could achieve.

The wind roars, and the tangled hair is no longer mine.

The coat Sarante gave me was waving like a flag raised on a typhoon day.

“for a moment. An intruder…』


Nearby, the voices of bald men could be heard briefly and then cut off.

It sensed our presence, but seemed to move too fast to keep up.

‘Isn’t this a bit sweet?’

It was unexpected.

But it was a very pleasant departure.

I was going to have a lot of adventures in the city of giants anyway, so it would be great if the route was easy.


As soon as I arrived, I started feeling sick, but people need time to catch their breath.

I was enjoying the wind with my eyes closed.

『Epsilon judges you.』


Suddenly, a low, deep voice rang out right above my head.

When I opened my eyes, it was already happening.

A bald head with six wings was descending towards us.

“That bastard.”

It even looked familiar.

He is noticeably larger than other bald heads, and has tattoos of unknown meaning engraved all over his body.

Four arms that are as intimidating as the six wings.

It was definitely true.

He was the leader of the guys who ambushed us in the desert.

Each of the four hands held a sword that flashed like lightning.


Anyway, there was no windy day.

It was the car where I was trying to pull the hilt of the knife.

Phantasion, which had been holding on silently, leapt forward, kicking its back thorns in succession.


It was a movement close to an interception spell.

The large body had already swelled to more than twice its size with auras.

He grabbed the double-edged ax with both hands and swung his arms.


It was a blow that was like cutting a tsunami of light into two.

The blade coated with my blood ripped through the guy’s defense shield in one go.

It was good up to this point.


The sword and ax collided and a bursting sound erupted.

The Phantasion was thrown out with an explosion like a thunderbolt.


It felt like I had been run over by a herd of rhinos.

The giant who introduced himself as Epsilon was unharmed and unharmed.

Pantasion, which had crashed, was about to be swallowed up by the clouds.

“Woah, Pantasion!”

Letancier stretched out his arms.

The large figure that was falling stopped in midair.

He was slowly pulled up into the clouds like a salvaged tuna.

“oh my god···!

are you okay?!”


It was a narrow miss.

An invisible hand was holding Pantasion.

If Le Tancier had been a little later, he would have fallen into the desert and been stranded there.

Pantasion’s chest was scorched as if it had been burned.

Le Tanxie’s brow furrowed.

“How dare you!”

She concentrated her mind and stretched out her arms.

A vortex of telekinetic power was shot towards Epsilon.

The intangible energy reminiscent of a torrent twisted into a double helix, adding to its power.

“Huh. “It’s pretty good.”

Abel was impressed.

It was well worth it.

That technique was Letancier’s special move that made even giants vomit blood and collapse.

The problem was that the other person was not usually bald.

It was a moment of collision.

Epsilon crossed his two swords and blocked the whirlwind.

『You arrogant little creature.』

There was a loud roar.

Le Tan City continued to pour out whirlwinds.

However, unlike her, who was consuming her mental power at a rapid rate, Epsilon was alive and well.

Six fully unfolded wings controlled recoil.


『Stop the misguided resistance and let it disappear.』

A confrontation was continuing.

Epsilon swung his sword with his two free hands.

The tornado was torn into quarters and sword energy in the shape of a cross was launched.


My vision became brighter.

Letancier’s chanting stopped.

The flying sword energy was so large that it cut through the main building of Phileon Academy in one fell swoop.

There was no way to stop it.

It was a car where Orsay was swearing and trying to make an evasive maneuver.

“good. “This is enough.”

“Master Ronan?”

I leapt ahead of Le Tancier.

I definitely felt that my body had become lighter.

The gap narrowed in an instant, and Epsilon’s sword energy filled the field of vision.

‘Six sheets are still too much. Still, it’s great.’

It was rewarding to watch the fight.

Le Tancier and Pantación did much better than I expected.

Just seeing that he wasn’t scared in front of the six-card player showed that he had plenty of room to play in the future.

Epsilon frowned.

『It’s foolish. You choose your own death.』

“That must be you, idiot.”

I don’t understand.

I can’t believe I made this judgment even though I must have looked at it with the eyes of a bunch of idiots.

“Do you think that if you have six wings, you also have six lives?”

There was no time for small talk.

I silently pulled on the hilt of the sword.

Hundreds of slashes were struck in the air.

Absilon’s sword energy was shattered.


The fragments of anticipation that were broken into small pieces were as beautiful as cherry blossoms blowing in the wind.


Epsilon shed his confusion.

But my turn is not over yet.

The sunset filled the sword, illuminating the front.

Epsilon, who was far away, was pulled in front of me.

Three steps at most.

As far as you can reach when you swing your sword.

『This time too…!』

Epsilon reflexively tried to pull away.

But my stab had already penetrated the center of the crossed sword bodies.

The blade made of light crumbled like clay.

The holy sword tore apart four swords and dug into Epsilon’s neck.


For a will, it was simple.

Raise the sword vertically and cut it.

The guy’s face was split in half with a feeling like a watermelon being cut.


Blood spurted out like a fountain and wetted my face.

“Like this… easily.”

Phantasion muttered.

The large eyes were sparkling incongruously.

I know.

Only pure admiration and admiration for military force could create such a look in eyes.

I made a V sign with my index and middle fingers at the deer hanging by telekinesis.

I thought it would be nice to have some insight.

“oh my god.”

Letancier covered his mouth in shock.

Abel was looking at me like I was some kind of monster.

Epsilon’s six wings stiffened.

A bald man with a split face fell below the clouds.

It was the moment I landed on Orsay’s back again.


The cloud layer that seemed to last forever dispersed, and bright light poured in.


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