Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 397

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2-20. Counterattack (7) (Modified)


Light enveloped the body along with Abel’s spell.

It didn’t take as long as expected.

The world that had been dark for a moment became bright again.


The first thing that caught my eye was the walls and ceiling made of pure white stone.

The air was dry.

Light was seeping in from somewhere not far away.

I realized that this was a cave under a huge rock, reminiscent of an animal’s nest.

I was just looking around.

“Huh… I’m lucky. “Their gaze… wow, falling in a place I can’t reach…”


Abel was breathing heavily, leaning against the wall.

His complexion was pale and he was panting, as if he had just marched in full military gear.

“What, what’s wrong?”

“I couldn’t believe it, but nothing happened… You monster. “You must be Cain’s child.”

Abel laughed as if it was absurd.

Now that I think about it, even though I moved through space, I didn’t have any stomach-churning side effects.

“Isn’t it always like this? “It’s much better than regular space movement magic.”

“Look at the sound that doesn’t sound like words… look over there.”

Abel gestured inside the cave.

It was a direction that seemed popular.

The remaining three people were writhing in the dark.



Pantasion was banging his head against the wall.

Every time the horn hit the white stone wall, the entire cave shook as if it would collapse.

“Wow! Eeek!”

Le Tansie was vomiting like a farmer who was on a boat for the first time.

Looking at the way they were pouring out their food with excitement, it seemed like I was putting my words of eating a lot of delicious food into practice.


Orsay gritted his teeth and held back the contents from coming out.

He barely maintained his dignity, but as if he was paying for it, purple flames were emitting from his eyes and nose.

To be honest, it was a little scary, but I thought it would be better to just vomit it out.

“What the f*ck?”

I was really the only one who was sane.

It was strange.

I don’t know if it was my mood, but I felt like I had more energy than usual.

“Why are they doing that? “I’m almost dying.”

“It is a natural result. Because it came from tens of millions of light years away. “Consider it a stroke of luck that it ended up as a side effect.”

“Light years?”

“Ha… This is the distance light travels in a year. Even though its development is slower than that of Dainhar, even this basic concept has not been commercialized. “As expected, they are uncivilized monkeys… Ugh!”

When I put my fist in his stomach, Abel fell over.

Judging by the fact that he couldn’t understand the topic and was ticking, the villain was definitely a villain.

In order to instill etiquette, it seemed necessary to beat him regularly like Le Tansie.

However, regardless of Abel’s attitude, the information itself was interesting.

“Oh my god, so do the bald guys always come from such a far away place? “They really have nothing to do.”

“Cluck, cough! How dare you…!”

“If you want to be treated like a human being, start by ripping it off. So where are we?”

“Shit, I don’t know.”


I thought it was some kind of bullshit.

Abel flinched when he placed his hand on the hilt of the sword.

Even though he pretended to be fine, his body still remembered the beautiful time spent on the Horn of Winter.

Abel continued speaking urgently.

“I just said I didn’t know what I didn’t know! Moving five people at once and specifying the coordinates would be impossible even if it were me or God. “Be thankful that no one was scattered.”

“Who said anything? “Why are you yelling?”

“Anyway, once we have come this far, there is no turning back. “You bastards, wake up!”

Abel shouted.

It was the loudest voice he had ever made.

Letancier wiped the vomit from the corner of his mouth and cried.

“Ugh… Ugh… Where am I? cave?”

“You have come to the most dangerous place in the world. The only way to survive is to quickly achieve your goal and run away. “If you don’t want your soul stolen from stupid deer and lizards, then get up!”

“How dare anyone say… wow, it’s a lizard…!”

Orsay raised his head.

Phantasion also stopped banging his head and glared at Abel.

Is this the charisma of evil?


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He definitely had a unique skill that caught people’s attention.

“We have two goals.

“The first is to hunt down the king of the race they call ‘him,’ and the second is to destroy the ‘origin.’”


“It is a mass of power that is the source of the invader race. It’s a condensation of the souls and life force they’ve collected while traveling around the universe. If you destroy the source, they will all disappear. “Including the king.”

“Then shouldn’t we just ignore the king and destroy the source?”

Pantasion intervened.

After regaining his composure, his eyes were shining brightly again.

Abel nodded.

“You are very smart, Pantasion. Surely all you have to do is destroy the source. “By the way, do you think their king will be knitting on his throne until we reach the source?”


“Of course that won’t happen. The king rarely visits, but if the source is threatened, it’s a different story. “He intervenes unconditionally.”

“Then what should I do?”

“In the end, you have to fight the king. In this situation, in order to increase the success rate of operations, it is important to reduce the number of unnecessary battles until the goal is achieved. In this place where they are constantly pouring out, no matter how many times you kill them, there is no point in killing them. That means you have to go undercover.”

Before we knew it, we were listening to Abel.

The explanation was clear and had teaching skills comparable to that of the professors at Phileon Academy.

He continued his explanation by drawing a picture on the floor with his sword.

“You must not be caught by even one person. Fortunately, they’re on guard at their base, so you won’t be discovered without causing quite a bit of trouble. As if we were dead, we will use the flight of Letansie and the Demon Dragon to get to the source.”

“If the number is small, wouldn’t it be okay to just kill them?”

“That’s stupid. Basically, they share a sense. The structure of the brain is completely different from ours. “The moment your location is revealed to one person, think of being discovered by giants in the entire universe.”

This was something I knew too.

It was precisely because of that characteristic that they declared war using the late king as bait.

It was a very difficult mission, but it was still not impossible.

Because my ugly uncle knew where the source was.

I turned and pointed to the exit of the tunnel.

“good. Then let’s leave right away. As this bastard says, there is no time to laze around.”

“Well, we should do it too, right? That’s it, right? Phew… I’m ready.”

Le Tansieh made up his mind.

It was amazing to see him muster up courage even though he was very scared.

Orsay and Pantasion were already ready for battle, spewing out a deadly force that made their bodies ache.

I was anxious because he was staying in the middle of nowhere, but I guess my worry was for nothing.

Abel said.

“In order to determine the exact location of the source, you must first know the surrounding terrain. Run as soon as you get out. “You go by hiding yourself in geographical features such as trees or rocks.”

“It seems okay. Then, if you do one, two, three, we will depart at the same time. one···”

My heart was pounding.

There was a sense of tension.

As Letancier chanted the spell, his body became as light as a feather.

After fighting together for a few months, my senses have improved a lot.

The wind blowing from the entrance of the cave was enough to blow my forehead.


We flew out of the cave like a gale.

The scene of the desert unfolded before my eyes.

The sky was neither bright nor dark, covered with pale clouds.

Sand dunes of white sand and gray shadows stretched to the horizon.

The lack of color gave the impression of looking at a landscape painted by the devil.


Abel clicked his tongue.

It was because there was nowhere to hide.

It seemed like it would take some time to understand the terrain comfortably.

I was in the middle of running while looking only ahead.

Suddenly, an eerie presence was felt overhead.


Seeing as no one in the group reacted, it seemed like I was the only one who felt it.

I raised my head.

The strangely rolling clouds occasionally glowed like thunderclouds.

It was a moment when I was running with my eyes focused on the sky.

Suddenly, a corner of the cloud dispersed into a circle and a ray of light shot in this direction.

“f*ck, avoid!”


Letansie tilted his head.

Unfortunately, there was no time to further explain.

I kicked off the Pantasion’s horn and leapt.

As soon as he fired, the light beam split to the left and right.

A beam of light split into two and fell on both sides of the group.


Sand rising like a spray of water covered the sky.

Two huge pits were revealed through the rain of sand.

It was the moment of turning and landing.

『From now on, we will execute the ruthless intruders.』

From the point where the beam came from, a deep, low voice rang out.


Only then did the group raise their heads.

It was a moment when everyone’s eyes turned upward.


The cloud layer covering the sky dispersed like an explosion.

Things that were hidden were revealed.

Everyone, including me, froze as if we had turned into stone statues.


“You have made your sins known.”

A voice rang out again.

The person who spoke was a giant with six wings.

It was noticeably bigger than the four-legged ones.

Each pair of arms held a sword made of light.

But the group wasn’t frozen because of that bald head.

Hundreds of giants were positioned in a circle in the sky above our heads.

“haha. “This is true.”

It was so absurd that I burst out laughing.

Situations that deviate from expectations can make people panic, but when they come out of it in such a refreshing way, it actually feels pleasant.

Did you know we were coming here?

f*ck, the layers were like looking at a wedding cake.

“Okay, it’s over…”

Le Tansieh, who was looking at the sky, began to cry.

The chattering teeth looked like they could crush walnuts.

She was muttering something incomprehensible and then turned to Abel.

“Abel! After all, you!”

“Don’t catch a live person. “Have you forgotten that I also fought with them?”

“Well, then how did those bald guys know and came here!”

“I don’t know. “Maybe I’m just unlucky.”

Abel sneered.

Judging by his tone of voice and facial expression, it seems like he really didn’t know.

His unique, pretentious smile and the cold sweat running down his temples proved his innocence.

I don’t know anything else, but this one thing was certain.

The plan was very, very twisted. The six-winged bald head pointed at us with the tip of his sword.

『You fools. Regret that you dared to set foot in the land of the children of stars and perish.』


The four-winged bald heads repeated the song.

Because there were so many elements, it felt like thunder just with their voices.

When they stretched out their hands, pure white particles gathered from all directions.

It was a spectacle as if hundreds of millions of fireflies were holding a banquet.

“···It’s beautiful.”

“Oh, hurry and run away!”

Abel was impressed.

Letansie grabbed her hair.

Eventually, a spear of light was placed in the hands of each giant.

Hundreds of windows were many times larger and glowing more intensely than anything we had ever seen on our side of the world.

Even bald men seemed to become stronger in their own homes.

‘It’s bloody.’

I couldn’t see any place to run to.

It was such an overwhelming sight that even the determined special forces fell into despair.

Now that it was like this, there was only one way left.

It’s very annoying, but it’s a sure method.


First, I needed to ask Rin for understanding.

“huh. “I’ll do my best.”

The sword body vibrated as if responding.

As I held the hilt of the sword, the colors of the sunset filled the blade.

I slowly raised my sword and aimed at the six-winged bald head.

“hey. Ironed balls.”


The giant looked down at me.

Perhaps because they had a history of declaring war, they did not treat it as nothing.

Anyhow, I never like that characteristic disparaging look any time I see it.

“Come down.”

I grabbed the hilt of the sword with both hands.

This is my first time writing in such a big way since the war, but I’m sure it will work out somehow.


The bald man was about to say something.

The sunset light that had been condensed on the sword body burst out like an explosion.


The entire sky turned scarlet.

The giants, engulfed in light, fluttered about in confusion.

It definitely takes a lot of strength, probably because there are so many of them.

The veins on my forehead bulged and my arms swelled to the point of bursting.


Still, we have to do it.

I gritted my teeth.

I swung the heavy sword towards the ground.

It was the moment the blade, trailing its red tail, touched the floor.



The giants swallowed by the sunset fell to the ground all at once.

A pillar of sand rises.

The sound of wings breaking resounds sporadically.

The bald heads falling with a roar were like nuts falling from a tree in a strong wind.

I raised my sword and shouted at the group.

“Everyone, come to your senses, you idiots! “Change of plans!”


“We’re f*cked! “That’s a lot!”

Letancier, who was in a panic, hit his butt.

The two big guys and Abel also looked this way with their eyes wide open.

Seeing him breathing heavily, he seems to have finally come to his senses.

“So, just…”

I dragged my horse’s tail.

I tried to think again, but there was nothing else but this.

I pointed at the distant horizon and screamed at the top of my voice.

“We will break through head on!!”


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