Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 393

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2-15. Counterattack (2)


It was only fifteen days ago that Abel was brought here.

It was the day I realized the existence of the seed depository and went on a preliminary field trip to the Sea of ​​Ghosts.

I saw Mana sparkling nearby, so I went in and found this bastard inside an ice pillar the size of a house.

‘It’s kind of lame.’

It looked closer to a dog than a human, but surprisingly, it still had breath.

Le Tancier said that he died while fighting a giant, but it seems that he somehow managed to escape.

After much thought, I decided to save Abel.

I thought I would accidentally kill it if I tried to cut it with a knife and take it out, so I asked Navardose to melt the ice.

‘I wish Elsia was still alive.’

Suddenly, I missed Elthea.

It was thanks to the elf leaving a manual that the resistance group was able to establish a proper foundation and to keep the dying Abel alive.

Even though she lost Cain, her lifelong benefactor and reason for living, she tried to help those who remained.

Unlike the bastard in front of me.

Abel still remained silent.


Amber eyes were darting left and right, looking around.

His relatively normal face was identical to that of his father.

It was a really funny situation.

The glass coffin in front of me was originally the place in the world where my father lived.

‘There’s no need to look like this.’

However, Abel’s condition was much worse than my father’s when I met him.

The entire area below his neck was covered in terrible scars.

Necrotic flesh was tattered down the messy torn left arm and right leg.

Various pipes used to sustain life were connected to various parts of his body.

“This person… is the leader of Nebula Clazier.”

Navardose muttered.

Her crimson hair was flickering like a lingering fire.

I noticed that she was desperately suppressing her anger.

In fact, I felt extremely guilty when I asked to melt the ice.

The culprit who lost all his children.

Abel, who made you go through so much pain, is probably someone you want to tear to death right away.

I walked next to her and squeezed her hand.

“······Thank you.”

Navardose held my hand.

It was soft yet extremely hot.

The rough breathing was slowly subsiding.

Abel’s eyes, which were looking everywhere, finally fixed on me.

“You f*cked that idiot. “Are you Cain’s child?”

“ok. that’s right.”

“Was it really true? I guessed that there was a hidden child, but I never thought he was still alive.”

Abel laughed as if he was dumbfounded.

In this world, it seemed like the identities of my sister and I were not known until the end, just as my father had intended.

Actually, I have 10 curses like that stuck on my body, so I shouldn’t know.

Abel continued.

“Why didn’t you kill him? “It’s not like you don’t know who I am, so what’s your plan?”

“You’re quick-witted. “There is something I must do before I die.”


“We are going to kill the king of giants. “I plan on destroying their origins right now, so cooperate.”

I just said it coolly.

Abel froze as if he were a wax doll.

How many seconds have passed?



“Hehehe…are you going to kill the king?”

Suddenly Abel started whimpering.

It wasn’t a surprise as it was an expected reaction.

He let out a gloomy low tone, then immediately threw his head back and burst into laughter.

“Hahahaha! Hahaha! “You will catch the king!”

It was a cheerful laugh, befitting a villain.

Every time my body shook, blood spurted out from the wound.

I silently waited for the laughter to stop.

“···Ah, I laughed so hard. Still, I will acknowledge one piece of information. “How did you find out there?”

“I come from a parallel world. For your information, you in that world were somewhat successful. “It wasn’t perfect, though.”

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about? It’s truly pitiful. “Do you think you guys can accomplish what even I couldn’t do?”


“Hehehe, it looks like I really woke you up to make you laugh before you die. Perhaps because she had such vain hopes, she is living her life in a miserable way. “There is no such thing as bad comedy.”


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Abel laughed again.

I couldn’t understand what was so enjoyable about being a subject that was used as a specimen to be used in scientific experiments.

Just when I was trying to help him understand the topic.

“Navardose. “Are your children well?”


“Your clan held up quite well. I never thought I would kill them. “Although your children’s farming failed, you are living for as long as you have.”

Abel, who turned his gaze to Navardose, spoke.

The corners of the mouth were raised, covered in blood.

For a moment, my bones felt bitter.

This was before the situation could be mediated.

【How dare you!】

Navardose bellowed.

The hair that had barely settled rose up like flames.

The hand that was not holding mine shot towards Abel.

I reflexively threw myself and hugged her.



【Let go. must be killed How dare that guy kill my children…】

“It was an insult. i know. “I want to drink it right away, but I have to hold on for now.”

I whispered without loosening my arms.

Navardose’s hand was already engulfed in flames.

If it had been just a little bit later, Abel would have melted along with the glass tube.

【Child, listen…】

It was difficult to breathe.

It wasn’t just because my lungs were pressed against my chest.

Her body, consumed by anger, was reminiscent of a piece of iron heated in a fire.

‘I made a mistake. I brought you here for no reason.’

It hurt, but it didn’t hurt.

Because she will suffer much more than me.

Navardose’s arm slowly lowered.


“I, I…”

Tears flowed down Navardose’s cheeks.

I felt like my heart was breaking, so I averted my gaze.

She buried her face in my chest and mumbled in her main voice.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It shouldn’t have been like this…”

“no. “Don’t apologize.”

“I couldn’t maintain my senses. “Why am I like this these days? I can’t stop crying.”

“It’s a natural reaction. Just let it go. If you endure it, it will become a disease. “Let it go naturally.”

I gently stroked Navardose’s back.

No words could describe the misery she felt now.

Not only did I help save the enemy who killed my child, but I also had to spare the life of someone who was a disgrace.

It’s been a long time since my mood took a turn for the worst.

Abel, who was looking at us, blurted out.

“Is the skit over?”

It was a mocking voice.

After letting go of Navardose, I stood facing the glass coffin.

In front, there was a mechanical device with all kinds of buttons and dashboards attached.

I pressed the black button without any hesitation.

Several of the pipes connected to Abel began to glow.

Suddenly, his body shook violently.


“hey. Abel.”


Abel didn’t answer.

It would have been correct to say that it was not possible.

His composure disappeared and his face turned red as if it were going to explode.

His tightly curled toes represented the pain he was feeling.

“What are you doing…!”

“Understand the topic. “f*ck you, you bastard.”


I pressed the buttons one after another.

With each click, Abel’s body fluttered like a shrimp just taken out of the water.

I feel grateful once again to Elthea.

I never would have guessed that even these miscellaneous elements were translated and written down.

What was written in the manual was [How to interrogate someone worth using], and it was indeed an appropriate function for the current situation.

It’s amazing that future technology can give you the feeling of burning the cells of your body without killing you.

“I am the person who wants to tear your body to pieces right now. “What’s wrong with the guy who ran away after being gang-raped by the Bald Army, and what’s wrong with the guy who was so scared of dying that he made himself ice cream?”


“Face reality. You haven’t achieved anything. “You failed even though you betrayed your father and the subordinates who truly trusted and followed you.”

“You…are you crazy, about me…”

“shut up. Don’t think about making fun of yourself because it’s the intended result or because it’s an ending suited to an inferior race. Because I know your bastard’s true purpose. “You were planning to steal the origin of the bald bastards and force the people of this planet to change.”

“How…! “Kaaaaaa!!”

Abel raised his head.

Of course, I couldn’t stand it for a few seconds and twisted my body again.

Navardose was watching me with wide eyes.

The tears had stopped before I knew it.

I hope this helps you feel a little better.

I continued speaking while pressing the button.

“Your methods are terrible, Abel. People destroy themselves, but they also rise again. “Father and you had to stop at watching them.”

“you···! “What are you talking about, little boy?”

“I know everything. “Let’s end this meaningless conversation and get back to the main topic.”

Now that Abel was awake, one o’clock was a waste.

If Adeshan had been there, this could have been solved with a single mind control, but unfortunately, she was not in this world.

My finger fell off the button.

Abel, who had barely escaped the pain, gasped.

“Huh… gasp…!”

“I’ll say it again. We will kill the Bald King and destroy the source. To do that, you need to open the passage to get there.”

“It’s not even funny.”

“If you don’t like it, you can hit me. Instead I’m going to press this button until you die. “I’m probably going to leave with a rock or something and never come back.”

I tapped the button with my index finger.

Abel’s face distorted.

Seeing that even the bastard was shaking made it seem like he was in truly terrible pain.

“And you won’t live long anyway. For a complete cure, blood from a relative is needed, but my father is already dead. If he is going to die, he should do something good and go to a less hot hell.”

Considering his conduct, heaven was out of reach.

If I had pushed it this far, I thought I could move on to the highlights.

I winked at Navardose.

She recognized the signal and snapped her fingers.


A pitch black portal opened in the ceiling.

Something huge and round poured down.

A lump the size of a human had all its features attached to it.

You’ve collected a lot.


“It’s my collection.”

Abel’s eyes widened.

All that was piled up were the heads of giants.

The resistance group, including me, has been gradually building up the supply and demand of those we have met by destroying roots and cracks.

“For your information, it’s not fake. “Now we can fight against them as equals.”

“How did this happen?”

Abel stuttered.

It was as if he could not believe the scene unfolding before his eyes.

There’s a lot more, but I’d be shocked if I found out that I didn’t take out more because the space was limited.

“You are just a younger brother who sulks at his older brother. Admit and accept failure. and···”

The glass coffin was now completely surrounded by the giant’s head.

Dozens of bare, white scalps illuminated Abel’s dumb face.

As I have done up until now, I once again told him what I knew.

“My father thought of you as his younger brother until the very end.”


With those last words, he turned around.

The thick gate closed with a heavy sound.

I held hands with Navardose and went back the way I came.

It wasn’t until she got close to the ground that she opened her mouth.

“···It was a lot of hard work. “It’s a child.”

“Your sister too.”

“sorry. “It was hot, right?”

Navardose asked, rubbing my chest.

It seemed like I had only just discovered that the fabric had deteriorated due to heat.

I shook my head.

“It was warm.”

“Hehe, you too… I see why that kid, Adeshan, chose you.”

“How are you? Are you okay?”

“It’s okay now. But will that evil person really change his mind and help us? “I honestly don’t know.”

“I hope so. “If we just keep doing this, the world can be restored, but if we can’t uproot it, history will end up repeating itself.”

I did everything I could.

Since he wasn’t one for whom torture would work, the only possibility was to change his mind.

If Abel would just cooperate, the work could be completed much more easily.

I don’t know if it will work out well.

“Would you like to go up and rest for a bit? “Let’s take a nap together.”

“I’m really being honest, but… I don’t think it will work today. “I had something planned.”

I was truly sorry, but I couldn’t put it off any longer.

It was rare to see such a clear day in the Sea of ​​Ghosts, a place famous for its shitty weather.

Navardose frowned.

“A thing to do?”


I paused for a moment and then opened my mouth.

“I’ll go out for a moment. “With my father.”


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