Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 392

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2-14. Counterattack (1)


The smell of dirt was strong.

The secret room immersed in darkness was full of sparkling mana.

The filtration facility, which can be accessed through the palmar pores of the roots, has always boasted an unpleasant environment.

“I’m tired of this shit. After all, the north is not a place for people to live.”

“Me too… Ugh, it’s cold.”

Letancier trembled.

The cold northern basement was just as cold as outside.

After destroying all of the transmission towers, we were in the process of identifying survivors, the final step in destroying the roots.

No, I think the expression ‘filtration filter’ would be appropriate.

“Haaam… I hope an innocent person gets caught this time…”

I muttered as I stretched.

In fact, it was the most annoying task.

There was a 30% chance of finding a living believer of Nebula Clage under the roots.

The probability of finding a useful one was roughly 1-2%.

Most of them had their heads cut off after a brief interview, because they did not have the ability to atone for their sins or showed no signs of remorse.

I was walking in the direction where I felt like I was popular.

“Oh my god, Phantacion!”

“Miss, I’m surprised.”

Suddenly, Le Tanxie jumped up.

She ran away without even looking at me.

A large wearer was restrained in the middle of a secret room.

“Pantasion! “Ah, you’re alive!”

“Letansie…? “Why are you here?”

A cracked voice came out of Wedere’s mouth.

The horns sprouting from the top of the head were reminiscent of the roots of a giant tree.

Le Tansieh covered his mouth.

“Hey, are you awake? “I never thought I’d be trapped in a place like this!”

The restraints placed on Wedere were on a completely different level from anything we had seen before.

The eye patch over the eye was made of thick steel, not fabric.

The chains that bound his arms and legs were thicker than Letancier’s waist.

“Ronan. Pantasion is one of the top three fighters I know. “Can I take you with me?”

“It sure looks useful.”

It is a physicality that cannot help but be understood.

The violently bulging muscles seemed to embody strength.

It seems closer to construction equipment than to living things.

It felt like I would rub arms with Varen, as well as with old Jaipa.

“good. “I’d like to have an interview.”

I have heard news from the original world as well.

Apparently, Seiffa and Schlieffen had worked together to capture it.

With a light swing of the sword, the eyepatch shattered.

Phantasion, who was horrified as she looked at me, narrowed her eyes.

“What… Are you really a cult leader?”

“Unfortunately no. “It looked a bit similar.”

“······Right. Was it a mistake?”

He mistook me for Abel.

I thought it was because it happens six out of ten times.

I’m your uncle, so what can I do?

It was a shame that the hair color was different.

I tapped the hilt of my sword and asked him a question.

“Hey, deer. “What is the first thing you want to do when you get out?”

“It’s revenge.”

“To whom?”

“To the religious leaders and invaders who have lost faith. “I have nothing more to lose.”

Pantasion answered in a calm voice.

Even though he was imprisoned for nearly ten years, his attitude remained undisturbed.

Okay, f*ck, now we have someone who looks a bit like an archbishop.

I asked back, aiming the tip of the sword at his neck.

“Do you admit that you are the son of a bitch who sold out the world?”

“I admit it.”

“good. pass.”

I liked the immediate answer.

The blade that had disappeared for a moment has returned to its place.

The chains restraining his body shattered.

Pantasion got up without the slightest sign of fatigue.

It was a comparison to Letancier, who was quivering like a newborn antelope.

“Surprisingly, you don’t attack me. “I thought we were going to have a fight because I had a dirty look.”


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“It is not unjust enough to harm the person who released it.”


Letancier flinched.

Since he had a record of betrayal as soon as he was released, he deserved to feel remorse.

I held out the spare long sword I had on my belt to Pantasion.

The blade was red because it was covered in my blood.

He picked up the sword and asked a question.

“What can I do?”

“Let’s take a look at your skills. “At that moment, there was a bald head standing outside…”

It was before I finished speaking.

Pantasion has taken a leap forward.

He jumped up, kicking the wall of the vertical passage in a zigzag motion, and was out of the hole in the blink of an eye.

Letancier froze.


It happened so quickly that it didn’t feel real.

I put my hand on her confused shoulder and smiled.

“If you ran away, you are jointly responsible.”

“Hey! Come on, Phantasion!”

Only then did Letancier come to his senses and recite a spell.

We soared into the air faster than ever.

Within seconds, a cold wind hit my face.

A snowy field spread out amidst a blizzard.

The sight of Pantasion fighting to the death with a giant caught my eye.

『Stop resisting. You foolish one.』

The giant was flying through the sky like a drunken butterfly.

Every time the wings flapped, a strong wind blew.

Pantasion was clinging to the giant’s leg like a cicada.

His skin was being torn by the sharp wind, but he was stabbing his sword without moving a single inch.



Every time the sword pierced my thigh, blue blood spattered.

It was clearly a knife that had to be wielded with both hands, but when that bastard was holding it, it looked like a child’s dagger.

Soon the giant, unable to overcome the pain, fell.

Pantasion did not miss the opportunity.

He dodged the spear of light and rushed forward, sinking his sword into the giant’s neck.


It was a neat ending.

Although he was given a weapon coated with blood, it was surprising that he was able to kill the giant by himself.

There was a reason why Letancier confidently recommended it.


Phantasion roared in victory.

The loud voice was clearly audible even in the fierce snowstorm.

Le Tansieur, with both hands on his waist, chuckled.

“Hengheng, I said it. He really is a great warrior. “It will definitely be of great help.”

“You’re noisy, man. “Just because you’ve become a little more wealthy doesn’t mean you become arrogant.”


Letancier was hit and grabbed his head.

It was necessary to beat him periodically so that his instincts from when he was a villain did not come out again.

“Please let me know so I can adapt. “It’s a villain motivation.”

“It hurts… yes, I will…!”

Letancier quickly nodded.

I turned away with a satisfied smile.

In any case, it was difficult to deny the fact that Pantasion would be a great force for the resistance.

There seemed to be no more roots or cracks around.

This place too would soon regain its original color.

Just as I was about to take a step, a huge shadow appeared over my head.

【Were you here?】

“What, why did you come all the way here?”

I raised my head, puzzled.

Orsay was looking down at me.

Four pitch-black wings were slowly flapping.

【Navardose is looking for you. For your information, I came not because of orders, but because I wanted to.】

“Eh? suddenly?”

【okay. He said something I didn’t understand.】

I wondered what had suddenly happened.

It is no exaggeration to say that this area is a perfect safe zone.

Orsay, who landed slowly, spoke.

【’I opened my eyes.’ He told me to tell him.】



I soon arrived at the headquarters compound.

The new headquarters was built near the Wraith Sea, the coldest place on the planet.

The management of Le Tancier and Pantación was entrusted to Orsay.

The fierce snowstorm soon subsided, revealing a bright blue sky.

“Ronan. “Are you here?”

“Did anything happen? “Wait a minute, I can’t see Le Tansieur.”

Resistance sentries greeted me.

People who had originally been wearing mats were now wearing down-sized leather coats.

This was thanks to the resources remaining at the newly relocated headquarters.

The material surplus boosted the morale of the resistance fighters as much as the restored sky and sea.

“It will be here soon. “He’ll come with a big deer, but he’s on our side, so don’t be surprised.”

“Are you a deer?”

“yes. He is said to be a former archbishop and his skills are useful. Dragon Mother… Where is Navardose?”

“Oh, he will be in the hall. “I just finished the ceremony.”

I said my thanks and passed the guards.

As we walked, it wasn’t long before a building in the shape of a right triangle appeared.

It was an entrance leading to the underground headquarters.

The huge sliding doors were made of a special alloy.

“Ancient technology is amazing.”

In the past, it was a place managed by Elthea.

The buildings built by an empire that once reached the stars survived even in a world ruled by giants.

After entering the password on the pad, the door opened.

As I went down the long stairs, a different world unfolded.

Resistance forces were busy wandering around today as well.

Lights made of light-emitting diodes illuminated the futuristic hallway.

‘You never know.

I never thought the day would come when I could really use it for my own purposes.’

The new headquarters was making a significant contribution to the world’s recovery.

It was safer than Gran Cappadocia, but that was because it was a facility originally built to preserve plant seeds.

The dormant seeds had transcended thousands of years and were sprouting on a star that was on the verge of death.

“Navardose. I’m here.”

“Ah, are you back?”

As I continued walking, I eventually arrived at a place called ‘the hall.’

It was a structure with a rock rising in the center of a spacious room.

As the sentries said, Navarrodo was here.

She walked over to me and hugged me.

“Welcome. “It was cold outside.”

“It was okay. “Because the clothes are warm.”

“Come here.”

The frozen body melted in an instant.

After regaining her health, her body temperature returned to the average for a red dragon.

I closed my eyes for a moment, giving myself over to that comfortable feeling.

‘It’s warm.’

At some point, Navardose started treating me as if I were his youngest son.

I’m not sure why.

Could it be that the motherly love that had been lost after losing all of her children was now focused on me?

In the beginning, I felt so bitter and awkward that I avoided it, but now I decided to do it.

If she finds stability through this behavior, that’s fine.

“Now it’s all melted. “Has the ceremony just ended?”

“okay. “It’s overflowing with vitality.”

Navardose nodded while holding me.

I really felt like my son as I stroked his head with one hand.

My eyes were fixed on the rock behind her.

The stone floating in the air was emitting vital energy that was enough to make my body tingle.

Originally, it was Seniel who was sleeping in the basement of the island.

“I think it was a really good decision to move here. “How did you know about this place?”

“This is the legacy Elthea left behind.”

“What a wonderful child…he helps us until the very end.”

Navardose muttered.

Seniel was now being kept here.

As it was the most important asset along with her, it needed to be managed strictly.

The resistance group held a ritual to infuse strength into Seniel twice a day.

Seniel, who consumed everyone’s mana, released much more life energy than when he absorbed only Navardose’s individual power.

As the bald area decreased, Seniel’s recovery became faster.

As recovery progressed, the erupting vitality became stronger, which naturally affected the speed at which the star was restored.

It was a pleasant virtuous cycle.

It gave off scent.

It was a pleasant virtuous cycle.

“It’s really not long now. It’s only a matter of time before we get the other half back. “It’s all thanks to you, Ronan.”

“It was nothing. But didn’t you say you were looking for me?”

“Oh, look at my mind. “You forgot the most important thing.”

Only then did Navardos let me go.

Steam rose up as if I had entered a steam room.

She regained her composure and opened her mouth.

“Follow me. “I opened my eyes while you were away.”

“under. at las.”

I don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment.

I followed her out of the hall.

We moved to the deepest part of the facility.

I was only able to reach my destination after turning dozens of corners and passing through various security devices.

It was a place known only to a very small number of people within the resistance group.

The ancient Dainhar language was written on the black and yellow striped gate.

“I’ll open it.”

I calmly entered my password.

The door opened left and right with the sound of deflating air.

In the center of the room filled with all kinds of mechanical devices, there was a huge glass tube.


Inside the glass tube filled with blue liquid was a strong man.

Pure white hair.

Pumpkins sparkle in my wide-open eyes.

I brushed my hair and waved at him.

“How are you? Abel.”


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