Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 394

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2-16. Counterattack (3)


It was about two hours after we parted ways with Navardose.

I was wandering up the hypotenuse of a cliff larger than most mountains.

The cliffs stretching out to the left and right are dizzying.

The sound of waves coming from afar made me realize the incredible height.

Indeed, it was the highest land in Heiran and the Sea of ​​Ghosts.

After walking for a while, I reached the point where I jumped over a large rock.

“What, are we already here?”

The view was wide open and the horizon spread out.

The dark blue sea was rolling under the afternoon sunlight.

Unlike the cloudless sky, thousands of large and small drift ice were floating on the water.

It looked like the magnolia had been torn into small pieces and sprinkled on top.

The sight of it rippling with the waves is refreshing.

“Of course the sea should be blue.”

The unpleasant red color was no longer visible.

The sky, which was as white as rice porridge, also regained its blueness.

This was the result of a successful purification operation.

The area where nearby roots were destroyed and Seniel’s life force was absorbed was returning to its original color, like the landscape I see now.


I closed my eyes and took a breath.

Cold air fills my lungs.

The salty wind tangles my hair heavily.

After holding it in for a while, I let it out and burst into laughter.

It was truly the sea I knew.


I slowly walked to the edge of the cliff.

If Adeshan had seen it, he would have fainted, but it was inevitable in order to see the spectacular view.

After confirming that there was nowhere else to go, I sat down.

It was a cliff that jutted out into the sea, so even when I looked down, I couldn’t see the land.

“What do you think? Isn’t this okay too?”

I asked a question, but no answer came.

Anyway, I continued speaking.

“It’s a place the natives call the Horn of Winter. When you look at Konakseoni stretching out toward the sea, you can tell that it is a pretty well-made name. “Some of my comrades in the punitive forces said that it was the winter’s dick… but if you look at its appearance, it actually looks a little more like it.”

The way it curved upward was especially mysterious.

I giggled and put the cigarette in my mouth.

Clearly, alcohol and cigarettes taste better when consumed in a place with a nice view.

I put the jar at my side between my knees.

“You’re too quiet. Or were you so cool that you were speechless?”

This time too there was no answer.

It was natural.

Basically, finely ground bone powder cannot speak.

The two letters ‘Cain’ were engraved on the surface of the white jar.

“Originally, I was going to go to Nimburton, but it was seriously destroyed. Should I blame the bald bastards? “Please understand that this is a pretty good place.”

When I tapped the jar, a clear sound rang out.

The funeral I had been putting off for a long time has come to this point.

To be exact, it was for the mountain bones.

If I wanted to, I could have climbed the mountain in less than five minutes, but I deliberately walked up slowly.

“Anyway, it was engraved with great care. “I guess you liked your father too.”

Cain’s name burned like fire.

It was clear that Navardose wrote it.

When I looked closely, there was a small sentence engraved under the name.

“What is this again?”

I didn’t notice until now.

It was someone else’s handwriting that was delicate yet elegant.

I narrowed my eyes and read along the sentences.

“Thank you so much… damn it.”

It was a message left by Elthea.

I wondered why it looked familiar, and it turned out to be identical to the manual in the seed storage facility.

He roughly brushed his bangs.

“In good conscience, at least one person should have been alive.”

Missing the right time is such a piece of shit.

The only drawback of leisure was that it reminded me of things I had lost and forgotten.

When I opened the lid of the jar, white bone powder was revealed.

“It feels really strange… scattering the bones of someone who was buried directly.”

I muttered, spitting out smoke.

Strictly speaking, the Cain of this world was not my father.

He died a lonely death without ever seeing or meeting me.


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So when someone asks me why I do such a troublesome thing, all I can say is, “I just do it.”

It was just something I wanted to do.

“It will get back to normal someday.”

I grabbed a handful of bone powder.

“As long as the Mother of Fire and Seniel exist… the world was designed that way from the beginning.”

He stretched out his arms and then opened his hands.

“I was taken to a strange place, and to be honest, I felt like a bit of a beggar at first…”

Powder poured out.

The sea breeze that blew just at that moment took my father away.

I said to myself when the bones were no longer visible.

“I think this is okay too. “In its own way.”

I meant it.

These days, I keep thinking that coming here isn’t all that bad.

The sky and sea have returned to color.

People who can finally cry and laugh because they have time to worry about things other than survival.

The sight of a world awaiting death coming to life gives me an indescribable feeling.

“Oh, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stay here forever. Because I have my own life too. “It would have been nice to see my grandchildren, but it’s a shame.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t miss the original world.

I miss Adeshan even at this moment.

It’s already been over a month since I haven’t seen your face.

What are people over there doing right now?

Are they wandering around looking for me who suddenly disappeared?

Or do you think you just went on a trip somewhere and continue doing what you were doing?

That is not unreasonable either.

Because I lived as I wanted.

“But I’ll leave after doing what I can, so don’t worry.”

Once I got caught up in it, I had no intention of just sitting there and watching.

I held the bone again.

It will be of significant help in the future as well.

Having killed and destroyed so many, it would now be difficult to bring the bald man out of this world.

It was a car that was about to be released at the right time when the wind blew.


I suddenly got goosebumps.

I lost the bone powder I was holding.

I jumped out of my seat and pulled at the hilt of the sword.


The jar did not fall in the nick of time.

I suppressed my pounding heart and looked around.

It was only a moment, but I felt it clearly.

Something was looking at me.

“Heo-eok… Heo-eok…”

It was a feeling I had never felt anywhere else.

It was completely different from the Bald King and Abel, who absorbed the power of the source.

The hilt of the sword that stuck to his hand especially and the shape of the sword body that looked like it would cut him just by looking at it showed that Rin was nervous.

I waited with my sword pointed at the horizon, but the sign had disappeared everywhere.

‘f*ck. What?’

It felt like I had a short but intense nightmare.

Before I knew it, my back was soaked with cold sweat.

It was difficult to move the soles of my feet, as if they had been rooted.

“Lin. Are you okay?”

“······It’s creepy. “What was it?”

“I do not know.”

I took a slow, deep breath.

First, we had to properly understand the situation.

Fortunately, as time passed, my stiff body loosened up a bit.

(I don’t know if I can use this expression) I was in a hurry to finish my work and go back.

“I have a good feeling. “How did you notice?”


Suddenly a familiar voice rang out from behind.

It was unexpected, but it wasn’t a very surprising or nerve-wracking voice.

On the contrary, I felt at ease.

I slowly turned my head.

About twenty steps away, a man with white hair was looking up at me.


“It’s a perfect place for a place to stay. There is no use in begging now. “I don’t think you would have dared to expect me to survive after humiliating me like that.”

Abel smiled faintly.

He was wearing only pants, and in his right hand was holding a sword that I didn’t know where he got it from.

Fortunately, there was no blood on it, so it didn’t seem like someone had been killed or stolen.

Anyway, what did this guy do?

My limbs have grown back.

“How petty. “How did you crawl out of there?”

“I am the master of the Nebula Church. “If you thought you could trap me with all that junk, you’re in trouble.”

“You have thick stools.”

It seemed like he had no intention of explaining it kindly.

Still, it wasn’t difficult to guess what trick he had used.

The corner of Abel’s mouth was smeared with blue liquid.


Judging by its color and viscosity, it was undoubtedly the blood of a giant.

As if to prove it, sparkling mana was blooming above Abel’s shoulder, dozens of times more intense than what he had seen a few hours ago.

The puzzle was put together in an instant.

Surely, if it was that one, it wouldn’t be strange for it to sprout limbs.

“The blood was stolen separately. Actually, I think you could have survived drinking that. “You couldn’t move your limbs, but looking at what you ingested, did you at least hide it in your mouth?”

“···You’re surprisingly bright. I was planning to use it after my wounds healed, but you foolishly let me recover. And that too, very well.”

Abel chuckled.

It was a strategy that had never been shown in the original world.

I felt like I had achieved this by conducting research without being disturbed by me.

“Yeah… if you think about it, you weren’t even your father’s biological brother. “The wounds were so severe that I thought I would definitely die, but I think I may have developed some resistance to the giant’s attacks.”

“Information alone is really useful. “It’s almost a waste.”

“admit. This is my negligence. “I didn’t expect that I could get better that way.”

I was truly impressed.

The escape was several weeks earlier than expected.

Is a shark still a shark even if its fins are cut off?

The idea was to offer rewards to test subjects who showed results that exceeded expectations.

“Then die now.”

Suddenly Abel’s figure disappeared.

The speed was unbelievable for someone who had just finished fighting an illness.

A sharp stab aimed at my forehead.

“That’s right.”

Abel was smiling.

Looking at their confident expressions, it seemed like they believed that the bald heads shown earlier were fake.

Or I think it was someone other than me who did it.

Well, I don’t think even I would believe him if he suddenly came out and started talking about how a novice had killed a giant.

‘I can’t help it.’

It was the moment when the tip of the sword was about to touch the flesh.

I grabbed Abel’s wrist and twisted it back.

A crushing sound rang out.

The sword he missed fell to the floor.


“That’s right. “This is definitely not a bad skill.”

I quenched my appetite.

Abel’s knife skills were definitely excellent.

Even considering my abnormal condition, I ranked it among the top five swordsmen I have ever competed against.

If I had been completely off guard, I might have received at least a stab in the back.

‘What was that really…?’

Nevertheless, the reason why I could not feel any tension was obvious.

The gaze that passed by for a moment still remained in my bones and gave me goosebumps.

Abel struggled.

“Damn it, let go!”

“Is that so?”

I did whatever I wanted.

When I let go of my hand, Abel was thrown backwards as if he had been hit by something.

As if the giant’s blood was still there, the broken wrist quickly returned to its original state.

【I will definitely kill you.】

Abel growled.

A white light swirled up above his sword.

It was a technology seen in the last war.

I sighed without realizing it.

“I never thought I would beat up my uncle in front of my father.”

In fact, it seemed like beating him wouldn’t be enough to make him come to his senses.

The prediction that interrogation using future technology would not work was precisely correct.

As for torture, it should go classic.

I turned the sword around and aimed it at Abel.

“That too twice.”


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