Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 365

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Abduction 49. We are doing well too (1)


“Uuuuu…it’s finally over…”

Erzsebet, who was sitting in front of the desk, stretched.

The research, which took three days, was barely completed.

The purple-black hair braided over her shoulders was messy, like that of an uncombed cat.

She glanced over the research summary and smiled darkly.

“Hehehe, if we are recognized for this achievement, the best magic tower will be ours.”

It seemed as if all my fatigue had gone away.

If this research is properly recognized, it may be possible to surpass not only the Full Moon Tower but also the Twilight Tower, where Lorhorn is the tower leader, in the performance rankings.

Just imagining the scene where wizards from other magic towers supported him made him smile.

She rubbed her eyes and picked up a picture frame the size of her palm.

“······Are you doing well, sister? i miss you”

As she looked around, she touched her cheek against the picture frame.

Inside the frame surrounded by luxurious decorations was a photo taken at Adeshan’s graduation ceremony.

Memories that will never be forgotten.

Adeshan linked arms with Erzhebet.

And Ronan, who inadvertently poked his head in.

Erzsebet’s eyes suddenly fell on Ronan and her eyes narrowed.

“You look like a villain.”

No matter how many times I thought about it, I felt angry.

No matter how much he was a hero who saved the world, he could not forgive him for kidnapping Adeshan.

This was separate from the fact that they already had two children, and that he named the second child Erin, and that he gave more money as a congratulatory gift than anyone else (even Schlieffen) at Ronan and Adeshan’s wedding.

Doesn’t everyone have one?

Even though I know and understand everything, I am still angry.

‘From what I heard, sesame seeds are still pouring out, right?’

Adeshan, whom I met not long ago, was even thinking about having a third child.

It didn’t seem like it would happen because Erin was so against it, but it was important to think about it anyway.

What does it mean to have a third child?

The sword-wielding bandit and Adeshan were supposed to do something like that.

I couldn’t bear to think about it that much.


Erzsebet, whose face was bright red, snapped her fingers and hit Ronan in the face.


A cheerful sound rang out.

A single scream came out of her mouth.


Unfortunately, the frame was much sturdier than it looked.

Erzsebet put her index finger in her mouth.

She complained of pain, twisting her body like a freshly caught live fish.

Ronan in the photo was still smiling brightly with his thumb raised.

(Hehehe, I will find this girl cute!)

“Such a ruthless person in the world…!”

Water droplets formed around Erzsebet’s eyes.

Purple mana surged over her shoulders.

Fireballs reminiscent of will-o’-the-wisps decorated the air.

After wiping away her tears, she impulsively tried to recite a spell.


A knock sounded beyond the door.

“Sister Eri. “They say a guest is visiting.”


The Buddhist monks disappeared.

Erzsebet came to her senses and snapped her fingers.

My frizzy hair regained its luster, and my sleazy clothes automatically became smoother.

Finally, she put the picture frame back in place and hurriedly sat down on the chair.


Come on in.

“Are you a guest?”

“yes. “There are three of you.”

Soon the door opened.

Erzsebet raised her head with a serious expression, as if she had always been like this.

A woman with dark blue hair was standing in the doorway of the office.

The robe draped over her slender shoulders had a sun pattern symbolizing the Dawn Magic Tower engraved on it.

“I don’t know the details, but judging by the fact that she called my sister’s name correctly, I think she must be an acquaintance. “They say we’ll be there in ten minutes. Should we send someone?”

“no. “I don’t have anything to do at the moment, so I’ll go myself.”

“yes. “Then I will convey it that way.”

The woman smiled.

The sparkling wall between the corners of the eye had the same color as the Empire’s former sword star.


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Schlieffen’s younger sister, Sion de Siniban Grancia.

After graduating from Phileon Academy, she entered the Dawn Magic Tower where Erzebet, whom she followed like a real sister, lived.

Erzsebet stood up and narrowed her eyes.

“Rather than that, Zion. I told you repeatedly not to call me by my name during work hours. “What are you going to do if someone hears it?”

“oh. I forgot. Ehehe…”

“Really… Now, try singing it again properly.”

“yes! “A guest has arrived, Tower Owner!”

Zion took a saluting stance as if he were a soldier.

It was an action that could have seemed sarcastic, but Erzsebet did not mind.

Rather, I liked the exaggerated formality.

“Woohuhu, it’s a good sound as expected.”

Erzsebet covered her mouth and laughed.

The place she was in was the tower owner’s office at the top of the Dawn Magic Tower.

A scenery achieved through hard work.

Beyond the floor-to-ceiling window, I could see the dawning sea rippling in the fall colors at a glance.

Sion, who was looking at Erzsebet, chuckled.

“Do you like it that much? “It’s already been a month since I took office.”

“Well, that can’t be possible… I just laughed because I thought of something funny. “You knew that I was the only next top host anyway, right?”

“That is correct. Because you are a truly capable person. Aun Pilar also passed the position without any hesitation.”

“Uhuhuhu, you sure know something, Shion. “It may be impossible to become a top mage while I’m here, but I’ll try my best to reach the top mage position.”

Erzsebet laughed again.

Shion knew that it was rude to think like this, but he was sure that she was a very easy person to understand.

Sion approached at a fast pace and wrapped his arms around Erzsebet.

“Hehe, then let’s go down together. Tower owner.”

“Zion. “Arms folded…”

“Child, please look after me when it’s just the two of us.”

Shion nuzzled his cheek against her shoulder.

Erzsebet laughed as if there was nothing she could do.

Although the child was originally good at following him, it seemed like he was becoming more and more clingy as time went by.

Two people boarded the elevator.

“It smells so good. As for your hair, are you really sure you stayed up all night for three days?”

“Sure. “Before you become the owner of a tower, if you are a noble, it is natural to carry yourself neatly.”

Erzsebet brushed her hair innocently.

Of course it was a lie.

Once the temporary clean spell was lifted, she would turn into a scruffy cat again.

“As expected, you are amazing. “My teammates and I couldn’t even wash properly.”

“It’s going to be difficult until it’s great… hehe, but as a member of the Dawn Magic Tower, please pay a little more attention. Right, Schlieffen, how are you doing? From what I heard, it sounds like the swordsman quality has changed.”

“Ah, don’t say anything. “I went to my parents’ house the other day, but I was so scared that I couldn’t even speak to them properly?”

Shion trembled.

My brother, whom I saw for the first time in a while, had become a monster who was crazy about training.

Since the end of the Sword Saint Battle, there has not been a day when the whirlwind stopped in the Grancia Mansion.

“Except for the time I invest in Iril and Aria, I am pouring all of my time into training. “She must have been very upset about losing the duel.”

“It’s too bad, Mr. Schlieffen, but it can’t be helped. “How can you beat someone who has reached the stage of cutting through time?”

Erzsebet sighed.

Schlieffen suffered a crushing defeat from Nabirose, who returned as a young man.

Phileon was a man with great pride and a strong will to win, but I couldn’t even imagine how much pain he was going through right now.

“Ha… that’s right. It’s the first time I’ve seen my brother being pushed around like that. The problem is that Jaifa did not even participate in this match. “I believe he also underwent a complete transformation.”

“that’s right. It was like that, right? Then, the swordsmanship may change again soon.”

“yes. Maybe we won’t even get second place in the next match. “I wish you could take care of yourself… but since I have an older sister, I don’t think I’ll do any of her strange things.”

“Is the Duchess okay too?”

“Iril is always a bright sunny day. “I’m not criticizing her brother, but I don’t know how on earth that Mok-seok managed to seduce someone like Iril.”

Shion twitched.

There are people who often feel good just thinking about them, and Iril was a perfect example of that.

The most beautiful woman in the world and her daughter gently embraced Zion, who was depressed after seeing Schlieffen.

While we were talking about this and that, the elevator stopped.

“Ah, we have arrived. Let’s get back to work mode!”

“is it so. Hehehe. My Dawn Magic Tower…”

Shion uncrossed his arms.

Erzsebet adjusted her appearance once again.

The door opened, revealing a spacious lobby.

“Ah, tower owner!”

“good morning. Tower owner!”

In the lobby, wizards wearing sun robes were walking around busily.

The wizards who recognized Erzsebet sent greetings.

Her shoulders rose to the sky as the word ‘tapju’ rang out in succession.

“Hmm! Good morning. “Is everything going well?”

“yes. Tower owner. It looks like Aun Pillar’s Prominence Bud will be receiving improvements soon. “Now I can use it with less mana.”

“That’s good. “We will pay performance bonuses based on the results, so please give us a little more strength.”

“There is no problem at the library either. “Miss Aire went on patrol to the forbidden library.”

“thank you. Please pay more attention to checking the three major banned books. “Don’t let down your guard if Bajura is a copy.”

Erzsebet encouraged people throughout the lobby.

Shion smiled proudly as he looked at her.

No matter how cold and strict one may pretend to be, one cannot hide the innate goodness of a person.

“Good morning. “Nancy.”


Erzsebet even said hello to Nancy, the salamander raised at the Dawn Magic Tower.

She made a fire ball and threw it, and Nancy raised her head and caught it and ate it.

The women soon reached the entrance of the tower and stopped.

Outsiders I had not seen before came into view.

All three of them were wearing robes, and judging by their behavior, it seemed clear that they were the guests Sion had mentioned.

Erzsebet greeted.

“This is Erzebet de Acalusia, the Dawn Mage Tower. “I heard you came to see me?”

“Oh oh! Miss Erzsebet!”

An unexpectedly generous survey came back.

The largest person lifted his robe.

The first thing you see is a beard covering half of the face.

A huge shield was strapped to the muscular giant’s back.

Erzsebet’s eyes widened.

“Oh my god, Mr. Braum? “How long has it been since this?”

“Whahaha! Miss Erzsebet still exudes a luxurious vibe. “How have you been?”

The giant laughed.

It was Braum, an alumnus of Phileon Academy.

I heard that he went to the north and made an article, but it was a while ago that we exchanged updates.

“Well, I’ve been doing well, but why are you here? Who are the other two? “Why are you covering your face with a robe?”

“Ah, I wrote it too, but these two people are in a position where they have to use it. Everyone probably knows that person too. “Stop being shy and show me your face.”

Judging from the body shape, one of them was a woman.

The other was so short that it was assumed to be a child.

The two people who were looking around lifted their hoods at the same time.

“Ok, fine. hi. Erzsebet.”

“It’s really uncomfortable here. “Those who burn the chestnuts are gathered together.”

“Oh, Miss Ophelia? The person next to me…!”

Erzsebet froze.

The woman is Ophelia, who is also a classmate of Braum.

The other was a handsome, pale boy.

The skin was so white that the veins were visible, but it was a face I had seen before.

“Why you…!”

I couldn’t guess why they came to the Dawn Magic Tower.

Why this big guy?

At that time, Shion, who likes cute things, stroked the child’s head.

“Wow, so cute. “Who is the little customer?”

【Do not touch my body. Human female.】


A low, deep voice rang out.

Shion stepped back in surprise, as if he had been burned.

The child’s voice, which had changed, contained an indescribable intimidation.

Actually, it was a natural thing.

His identity was once someone who ruled the world of the night.

A trembling voice escaped from between Erzsebet’s lips.

“Grand Duke of Shadow…what are you doing here?”

“okay. A wizard who controls the sun. “I don’t want the story to be long, so let’s get to the point first.”

“Getting to the point, what is that…?”

“Actually, it’s not that big of a deal.”

Erzsebet stammered.

After a brief pause, the Shadow Duke opened his mouth.

“Just kill me.”


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