Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 366

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Abduction 50. We are doing well too (2)


“Uh, uh, Archduke Shadow?!”

Shion was shocked.

She was completely frightened and cowered after receiving an unexpected curse.

Isran von Warsaw.

The world calls him Shadow Prince.

The king of vampires who rules the world of the night, and a person of merit who participated in the final war.

Although it was not as well known as Orsay, it was a name that most people in the empire would know.

Ophelia, who was staring at Zion, said hello.

“I thought the color of her hair looked familiar… but she is Geomseong’s younger sister. nice to meet you.”

“Ah, now I am a Sentai Sword Saint. “It is an honor to meet you, Ophelia.”

“Do you…know me?”

“sure. You have restored almost all of the ancient blood magic. And my brother told me about it sometimes. “I heard that one of my friends is a great vampire.”

“Schlieffen also considers me a friend… thank you.”

Ophelia laughed.

There was still silence between the Archduke and Erzsebet.

Erzsebet, who had been dumbfounded for a long time, finally opened her mouth.

“Do you want me to kill you?”


“Suddenly without any context…? “Why are you saying that?”

It was a very embarrassing request.

To the point where I even forgot the joy of meeting my friends after such a long time.

The Archduke hesitated.

“As you know, I am not whole. More than twenty years have already passed, but still…”

“for a moment. “Grand Duke…there are too many listening ears here.”

Ophelia cut off the Archduke.

As expected, the surroundings were bustling.

“Mage Shion, are you okay? “Why are you yelling?”


“for a moment. “Isn’t that big man Braum, the commander of the North Wall Knights?”

The wizards were startled by Zion’s screams and were muttering.

Salamander Nancy was also looking this way, blinking her eyes made of flame.

It certainly didn’t seem like a conversation worth having in an open place.

After thinking for a moment, Erzsebet took the lead and took the lead.

“Um, just follow me. “There is a space where you can have a quiet conversation.”


They headed to the library of the Dawn Magic Tower.

The Hall of Knowledge, created by combining six floors, was a specialty that could not be surpassed by any magic tower.

Erzsebet moved to a remote corner where no one traveled.

It was an area where old books, which were sensitive to light, were stored because the lighting was poor.

She pulled a book titled ‘Stepping Back’ from the bookshelf and took a step forward.

“Come on in. “Don’t look around, just do it naturally.”

“Oh, I was wondering why you came to the library!”

Erzsebet’s voice was coming from inside the bookshelf.

The bookshelf that could be touched just a moment ago had turned into an insubstantial shell.

As I followed her inside, a long, dark hallway appeared.

Braum snorted and exclaimed.

“It looks like a fox licking its ass. “It’s so amazing!”

“···Please refrain from using vulgar expressions. “This is the most sacred place in the Dawn Magic Tower.”

“Haha, sure. I guess I got dirty from rolling around with such rough friends. “I apologize!”

“Please lower your voice a little. “Really.”

Erzsebet sighed.

Braum had not changed at all from what he remembered.

Although he did not live forever like Ophelia or the Grand Duke, he was a very consistent person.

After walking along the hallway, an open space appeared.

“This… is amazing.”

“It’s beautiful. “It is no less than the study in Warsaw Castle.”

Ophelia sighed softly.

It was a more intense reaction than when I saw the library of the Dawn Magic Tower.

The Shadow Prince, who had lived for over a thousand years, was also showing interest with his eyebrows raised.

Hundreds of bookshelves lined up in rows.

All of the books neatly displayed were alive and breathing.

Another library unfolded before my eyes.

“Ugh, isn’t it amazing? “It has improved a lot since Eri started managing it.”


“Achacha, Top owner. It’s not my sister, it’s Topju. yes!”

Shion clicked his tongue.


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They stopped and admired the secret library, forgetting their purpose for a moment.

An artificial sun created by magic was casting a dusky light from the ceiling.

The dark green sunlight had the effect of inducing stability and sleep for banned books with egos.

“Basically all of the forbidden books are asleep. We adopted a method of waking up and reading only when necessary. “This is better in terms of management and paper storage.”

“Well, Yeomyeong has been in trouble for being banned in the past.”

Ophelia nodded.

I thought it was a legal action.

There was a time in the past when the entire Tower of Magic was almost destroyed due to the owner of the Tower being possessed by a forbidden book.

Suddenly, her gaze, which had been looking left and right, stopped.

Three pillars rose directly below the artificial sun.

A large book was placed on top of each of the two pillars except for one, which was empty.


Ophelia’s eyes widened.

Although I was familiar with both books, it was my first time seeing them in person.

She continued, pointing to a book with a black cover.

“······Vajra of destruction. “Is it the original?”

“yes. Asher returned it about ten years ago. “The Winter Witch is gone, but her power still lives on.”

It was originally a book kept by the Dawn Magic Tower.

Asher returned Vajra after completely mastering ice magic.

Winter Witch.

Ijinne, the highest-ranking cold spirit, became free for the first time in hundreds of years and returned to the spirit world.

“I see… that’s good.”

“Actually, the horse has left, but I heard he will stay by Asher’s side for a while.

“It would be nice if a skilled spiritist could sign the contract.”

“So… where did you get Lerant?”

Ophelia’s fingers moved to the side.

In direct contrast to Vajra, an all-white book was sleeping soundly.

Likewise, it was the Lerant of Wisdom included in the three banned books.

“Ah, Elthea donated it. He said he doesn’t need me anymore. “It was truly unexpected luck.”

“Collecting all of Cain’s banned books except one… that’s really amazing.”

Ophelia was purely amazed.

The three books handwritten by Savior Cain were masterpieces whose value was as immeasurable as their danger.

Although it was said to be luck, it could also be seen as Erzsebet’s ability.

She said to herself as she pondered the name Elthea.

“I miss you… I hope Grandpa Alibrihe is doing well too…”

Ophelia was lost in memories for a moment.

It’s been quite a while since I haven’t seen the two of them.

It was during the time when the world destroyed by war was being restored that I became friendly with the two top executives of Nebula Clage.

I heard that Alibrihe is still staying in the Dragon City, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to visit him sometime.

Of course, this would only be possible if the Archduke’s problem was resolved properly.

Suddenly, a clear voice rang out from somewhere not far away.

“what? Tower owner?”

At the same time, the upper body of a girl suddenly emerged from the floor.

The orange short hair gave a refreshing feel.

Braum, startled, took a step back.

“Huh! It’s a surprise!”

“You were on patrol. Ayre.”

Erzsebet smiled.

The girl escaped from the floor and stood facing the five people.

The body floating in the air proved that she was not human.

A spirit that was sealed by Sarante in the distant past.

It was Aire, the librarian of the Dawn Magic Tower.

“What about them?”

“You are my guest. “There are no other users right now, right?”

“yes. That’s true, but… great big names have come to visit.”

Ire swallowed his saliva.

She was also a high-ranking spirit who never bowed down, but today’s visitors were of a different class.

A restorer of ancient blood magic and a shadow prince.

The commander of the North Wall Knights looked shabby.

“I’m glad there’s no one there. I’m going to use some chests.

“Ah, this is a serious story. I’ll go then. “The patrol just ended.”

“thank you. “You always have a hard time.”

Aire greeted the people and disappeared into the ceiling.

Able to move around freely without taking the elevator, she was still the only librarian in the Dawn Magic Tower.

Erzsebet led the group to a separate room built in the middle of the library.

The moment I entered the room, all external noises and presence disappeared.

“The sound…!”

“Hmph, it’s a place protected by at least ten types of blocking magic. Is it safe to think of it as a different dimension? “There are few places like this for confidential conversations.”

Erzsebet smiled triumphantly.

This separate room, called a chest, was originally an emergency shelter built in preparation for an explosion of banned books.

Actually, I could have gone to the top owner’s room, but I really wanted to show you around here.

Because, like the secret library, it was a space he created.

“It’s definitely okay. “Then let’s get to the point.”

The Archduke also nodded as if he was satisfied.

I felt like I could talk about anything here.

He took off his robe and started unbuttoning his shirt.

“There is no need for long words. See for yourself.”


There was no way to stop him.

As the buttons on his shirt were all undone, his pure white upper body was completely exposed.

Shion was startled and covered his eyes with his palms.

“Ouch! “What are you doing all of a sudden?”

“Oh my god, this is…!”

Erzsebet let out a look of bewilderment.

It was my first time seeing a man’s body since I treated Ronan, but that wasn’t the only reason I was surprised.

The Archduke’s upper body was covered with indescribably hideous wounds.

“······It happened during that war.”

“okay. It’s been festering for twenty years. “Since that day, I have never had complete rest.”

The Archduke nodded.

The wounds from the blade’s cut were all over my body.

It looked like this was what it would look like if dozens of pieces of flesh were joined together with glue.

None of the wounds had healed and were rotting black, but if you looked closely, some of them were writhing as if they were alive.

Everyone in the room knew who had caused these terrible wounds.

Erzsebet said.

“But the religious leader… So Abel is already dead, right?”

“It seemed to have nothing to do with the wounds I had already suffered. We are somehow holding on with the remaining essence of fresh blood, but we are slowly approaching our limits. “Why do you think I keep looking like a f*cking brat?”

The Archduke gritted his teeth.

Remaining in the form of a child had nothing to do with my will.

In order to regain my original appearance, I had to gather my strength, but most of my energy was being consumed in the act of keeping the wound from opening.

“I can’t hold on any longer. “This body is ugly.”

“Why, why are you being so extreme? that’s right. In the past, Savior was also injured by Abel, but was fully recovered. “If you go see Ronan first…”

“I’ve already been there. Abel’s blood is needed for the cure, but as you said, it is not dead. I would do anything if there was a corpse left, but Ronan said that it disintegrated into light and disappeared. “The only option left is for you to burn me.”


Erzsebet covered her mouth.

It was a situation where there was absolutely no answer.

The death of the Shadow Duke was as fateful as an arrow flying towards the heart.

‘The war is over, but this tragedy is happening. He is one of the heroes who saved the world.’

For some reason, I felt like crying.

Although he didn’t have much of a connection with the Archduke, it was so tragic that someone who devoted himself to saving the world would meet such an end.

Still, if this is the best, I have no choice but to do it.

She was barely able to swallow her tears and was about to accept the request.


Suddenly, a red bead of light appeared on the Archduke’s palm.

“It’s unfortunate, but I have no choice but to throw away this body and start again from the beginning.”


“They said they would start again. After a lot of hard work, I collected enough essence to make a sprout… Why is your expression like that? “Don’t you know much about the Night Clan?”

The Archduke shrugged his eyebrows.

Erzsebet, who was furrowing her brows, raised her eyebrows.

“······I thought you were really dying.”

“My younger brother died in battle, risking his life, but I can’t let it go like this. “I will survive somehow.”

“If you ask me like that, why would you go somewhere else? Why did you come here? Even dragons can breathe fire.”

“Dragon fire hurts. “That’s really not right.”

“Oh really! “What is that?!”

Erzsebet, unable to bear it any longer, screamed.

The purple-black mana blooming on his shoulders was flickering like flames.

Shion was trembling while hugging Ophelia.

The Archduke shook his head.

“Only those who have been burned know the dizzying sensation. In particular, the fire of the Fire Dragon clan is disgustingly painful. “This is a very important issue.”

“What is important! “I thought the other two people had light expressions, so if that’s the only reason they came to see me…!”

“Even excluding the difference in pain, it is a serious issue. As you said, the dragon’s flames could kill me, but if that happens, the entire area will be destroyed.”

“······I beg your pardon?”


The Archduke’s expression was still far from joking.

The Archduke touched his heart with his index finger and continued.

“I wouldn’t die any other way. Only the Dawn Wizard can give this body complete rest. I came to find you. Erzsebet de Acalusia.”


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