Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 364

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Abduction 48. Guardian of the home (7)


“Yes… it was for revenge. “I was planning to turn all the bastards who ignored me because they dealt with necromancy into corpse food… They have been laughing at me since I was a student at Phileon Academy…”

“I see. Looking at the records, I see that he handled a lot of undead skillfully. Was there a special secret? “I see some differences from the necromancy known to the public.”

“Ugh… of course… Is this body’s magic normal magic? “It’s not like I wasted more than 50 years.”

“amazing. Then will you tell me everything? “Everything.”

Adeshan smiled warmly.

In front of her, Kearsarge, with his limbs severed, was tied to a chair.

As he drooled and laughed, his eyes were colored the same gray as Adeshan’s.

“That’s right…Grrr, it’s not that difficult…”

Kearsarge began reciting the information he knew.

The face shining under the interrogation room lights looked quite happy.

Imperial officers in military uniform were writing down confessions beyond the glass window.

“It really gives me chills no matter how many times I see it. “The general’s abilities are.”

“It is the most dangerous force in the world. “I’m glad I’m the one born with the mana of shadow.”

The female lieutenant breathed a sigh of relief.

The mental control resulting from the shadow’s mana could not be imitated by any magic.

Fortunately, the ability that could have destroyed the world if it had fallen into the hands of a villain was properly utilized by a good man named Adeshan.

“···I think the reason my heart beats every time I see you, General, is because of that ability.”

The second lieutenant next to me muttered as if possessed.

His gaze rested on Adeshan’s profile.

Pure white skin and high nose bridge.

Deep eyes filled with ashes.

Although she was already a mother of two children, she never fell below third place in the secret popularity poll of female imperial soldiers.

The startled lieutenant raised his eyebrows.

“This guy is saying he’s going to be in big trouble. “Do you not know who the general’s husband is?”

“Why don’t you know? He’s my number one idol. “You are Ronan, the hero who cut down the giant.”

“Someone I know often thinks like that. “A soldier like you wouldn’t even look like a tangerine peel.”

“Just watch me dream. To be honest, I think the lieutenant was fascinated by Schlieffen and Ronan when they visited for a visit. “He also likes to look good.”

“···Noisy. Are you blaspheming your superiors?”

The two people were bickering.

Of course, in the meantime, I did not forget to perfect my shorthand.

How long has it been?

Adeshan, who was sitting across from Kearsarge, stood up.

“Hey, you’re coming out.”

They hurriedly adjusted their clothes.

Eventually, Adeshan came out of the interrogation room.

The lieutenant, who was in each position, saluted.

“Loyalty. Thank you for your effort.”

“okay. “You too have had a hard time.”

“no. Are you finished with the interrogation?”

“huh. It seems like there’s nothing more to come out. “Thanks to you, I got a lot of good information.”

Adeshan smiled.

She used mind control to rip out every last thing from Kearsarge’s mind.

Not only magical knowledge and evil plans, but also details of his scandalous life story that he can’t even tell his parents.

Now, the man named Kearsarge would become a book and decorate the bookshelves.

“Oh, and like I said before, I’ll leave work right away today.”

Adeshan checked his watch.

It seemed like I could barely make it on time.

“yes. All right. “What should I do with that?”

The lieutenant winked at Kearsarge.

He was still laughing helplessly, unable to break out of his mental grip.

Adeshan glanced behind the glass window and opened his mouth.

“Dispose of it.”

It was a voice so dry that it gave me goosebumps.

There was no trace of sympathy in his gray eyes.

The lieutenant nodded and drew his sword.

“All right.”

“thank you. “They cooperated well, so I didn’t think there was a need to send them to Lodolan.”

Originally, I was going to cause him pain for a long time, but I changed my mind halfway through.

They provided very high-quality information, and thanks to this, my husband was able to be recognized by the children.

She loved her family more than anyone else, so she decided to show her own mercy.

“Why don’t people know the value of peace?”

Adeshan said to himself.

Even though Nebula Clazier is gone, the army still exists.

Somewhere on the wide planet, a war breaks out and a memorial monument is erected.

She put her coat on her shoulders and walked away.

Kearsarge’s voice came from behind me.


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“Now, wait a minute… where are we…? “Gagging!”

Although he barely came to his senses, he was not given the opportunity to leave a will.

Silence came with the sound of a sword swinging.

Adeshan checked his clothes for blood as he left the headquarters building.

To be honest, I was a little relieved when Lanse said that he would follow Ronan and not him.


Phileon Academy.

Martial arts classroom located in the Gallerion Pavilion.


“Lance’s father is the best…”

The students’ eyes were sparkling.

Their eyes were all focused on the image that appeared in front of the classroom.

In the video, a scene of Ronan, Asher, and Orsay fighting an undead army was playing.

【Disappear! You guys are like bugs!】

The climax of the video began with Orsay releasing his breath.

The sight of the ground collapsing due to Asher’s telekinesis and the undead army burning in the fire of the demon dragon was enough to ignite a fire in the hearts of boys and girls.

“I can’t believe he was close friends with that demon dragon Orsay…!”

“The one floating next to you is Archmage Asher. “I heard you were a friend from back home, and you still hang out together now.”

The students were full of admiration for Ronan’s abilities as well as his connections.

Perhaps because he was a hero who saved the world, even his friends were great people who would appear in history books.

Lanse, who was watching the video together, became nauseous.


“Why are you doing this, Ranse?”

“no. “I didn’t feel well for a moment.”

Lance wiped his mouth.

I almost really raised it.

In fact, what he was using for his presentation was a cleverly structured edited version.

This was possible because Sechika had video filmed from his own perspective.

‘Never the original. ‘You can never show me.’

Lance swallowed thick saliva.

This incident made him really respect Ronan, but this was a different matter.

The moment the original was shown for even 30 seconds, all the students gathered here would vomit or run out crying.

“Dad… I really respect you.”

Lance muttered.

Even if he died and woke up, he didn’t think he could fight while covered in blood like that.

The video has already reached its end.

As expected, it was Ronan who finished it off.

High altitude.

Ronan, who was on Orsay’s back, descended to the ground.


The students went completely crazy at the sight of the red crescent moon drawn in the middle of the battlefield.

“Kyaaaaaaa! cool!”

“The last time I saw you, you were watering a flower pot in your underwear. Are you really the same person?”

“f*ck, that thing! “You have to be like that to be a hero!”

“The guy who just swore at you, come forward. Yes, you are Sensen.”

Applause poured in from all directions.

Willump, who had been asked to take pictures of Ronan’s job site, was standing on the desk and spinning his head.

Even if His Majesty the Emperor declared that the continent had been unified, it seemed unlikely that there would be such a reaction.

Lance smiled awkwardly and recited the concluding remarks.

“Thank you for watching. I realized a lot while performing this assignment. To be honest, I didn’t really know what my father was doing until three days ago. To be more honest, I thought there was no suitable job. Of course there were no complaints. Even if you win the jousting duel, you get a prize that you can play with for the rest of your life, so if you saved the world, you can have some fun, right?”

Laughter erupted from everywhere.

Lance continued speaking with a rather serious expression.

“But that wasn’t it. My father’s job was to drive out the shadows that still remained in the world. You were hiding your occupation out of fear that I might be in danger. Ronan the hero was still a hero. However, unlike before, he was swinging his sword in an invisible place…”

Lance dragged his tail.

Although he was disgusted and nauseated, he truly respected his father.

This world was structured so that someone inevitably had blood on their hands.

And peace was able to persist because there was a man like my father who shed much more blood than others.

That was the realization Lanse gained while carrying out this task.

The lips that had been closed for a moment fell.

“···I am more proud of such a father than anyone else. This concludes the presentation.”


Applause poured in once again.

The cheers that erupted echoed through the Gallerion Pavilion.

The professor who gave the assignment was also clapping with a very satisfied smile.

“I’m serious.”

Ranse, who was standing still, chanted at a volume that only he could hear.


“I’m home.”

It was around sunset when Lanse returned home.

Although it was a Phileon that adopted the dormitory system, it was allowed to go home on Friday evenings and until the weekend.

The setting sun seeping through the window was coloring the living room red.

“Is there anyone?”

Lance tilted his head.

If things had gone as planned, it would have been time for Erin to come out to meet them with her lively charm.


Is it time for everyone to stay home?

It was the moment Lanse entered the living room with his tie loosened.

“Come on. son.”


Lance froze.

The hair on my entire body stood up at once.

When I slowly turned around, Adeshan was standing there smiling brightly.

Seeing that he was still in his military uniform, it seemed like he had just gotten off work.

“Uh, mom? “You came home early today…?”

“That’s how it is. “Today is a happy day, so we should go out to eat with the family.”

“···Happy day?”

“huh. I heard the news from instructor Nabiroje. I heard you did a great presentation? “My mom is so happy because it seems like my husband and son are getting to know each other better.”

Adeshan smiled, pressing his palms together.

It was a friendly smile as usual, but today I felt something off.

The moment Lanse was breathing heavily, a familiar voice was heard.


“Eh, Erin?!”

Lance quickly turned his head.

I was so nervous that I didn’t notice it.

My sister, dressed in pajamas, was lying face down in the corner of the huge bed.

She continued speaking in a voice that sounded like she was about to lose consciousness at any moment.

“Do, run away…”


Lance’s eyes widened.

A cloth wrapped in ice was placed on Erin’s buttocks.

Water droplets were flowing endlessly from beneath the moist eyes.

“Uh, I can’t feel my butt…”

Erin whimpered.

There was only one reason I could guess.

Suddenly, Ranse’s hip bone throbbed as if sending a warning.

“Hey, hey!”

“Mom didn’t want to do this either. But there was nothing she could do because she broke the only rule. What was she, Lanse?”

“I will never… do anything dangerous. Especially if it is an action directly related to life.”

“okay. “Why did you do that when you know so well?”

“Uh, I don’t know what mom is talking about… I don’t know anything…!”

Ranse, who was scared, was in the middle of gibbering.

Adeshan took something out of his pocket.

A sphere imprinted with a magic spell that I have seen many times before.

I thought the light was twinkling, and then an image appeared in the air.

– If we don’t go, those people will really die. You are here with Sechika.

– I also like men with big buttocks.

– Take Erin too!

It was a picture of Lanse and his party taken from above.

Judging from the conversation, he was about to jump off Orsay’s back.

How do I do this?


Lance’s face turned pale.

“Huh oh oh…!”

“Do you know how surprised Mom was? “She almost collapsed, and while she was reviewing the entire army, she sat down and almost cried.”

“Uh, Mom. “That’s right…”

“I don’t want anything else, son. There is only one rule. I really don’t want to think about it, but… what if? If you did anything wrong… ugh. No, I’m not going to think about this either.”

Adeshan took a deep breath. When I thought of that time, my heart sank again.

She received the magic tool while working in the military.

If Asher had reported just a little later, she would have chased Kratir to the south, even if it meant taking control of his mind.

Suddenly, Lanse, who had guessed the culprit, cried out in a sigh.

“S-No way, it’s Shita…!”

“You’re quick-witted as expected, son.”

Considering the situation, the only thing that could have been the culprit was the dream.

Her mother had cast the same spell on Sita that she had cast on Ronan.

‘I heard it suddenly popped out somehow, so I guess that’s it.’

A feeling of resentment reared its head, but that wasn’t what was important right now.

Adeshan clasped his hands and took a step forward.

“Then… you will have to pay the price for breaking the rules. “Let’s finish it quickly and go eat together.”

“Now, wait a minute, Mom! “I was wrong!”

“I know. So, you are being punished. “Sechika is probably getting scolded by Aunt Marya right now.”

“Ha, just this once! Please forgive me just once! Cutting your pocket money and not going out are okay! please!!”

Lance fell to his knees and begged for mercy.

It didn’t matter what Erin was looking at.

The sight of him pouring out tears and snot was a far cry from that of a hero’s son.

“I’m sorry, son. But the rules must be followed. Rest assured, it will be completed in one go as specified.”

“Hi! “No way!”

Nevertheless, a miracle did not happen.

The current Adeshan was not a gentle mother, but a ruthless guardian and enforcer of the law.

A while ago, I was interrogating a violent criminal.

As Adeshan hugged him, the door to the living room closed.


A desperate scream that could not be heard even in the interrogation room echoed throughout the mansion.

Ronan, who was spraying water with a hose in the garden, chuckled.

He was watching the video of Lanse’s presentation filmed by Naverose with Sita.

“okay. I’m proud of you too. son.”



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