Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 356

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Abduction 39. Beasts (11)


There was a thick yellow fog.

The gas flowing inside and outside the fortress was a chemical weapon created to suppress the prisoners.

Two members of the Beukpungdan wearing gas masks jumped out, cutting through the solo dance.

“Kiyaap! die!”

“You beast, this is your grave… Ugh.”

Jaifa swung his sword without any hesitation.

Two heads flew off at the same time.

Three more people immediately appeared from the rear, but they too were cut to pieces and killed as soon as they emerged from the fog.

“It’s endless, right…”

Jaifa twisted his lips.

No matter how many times I killed it, it felt like I was seeing a cockroach popping out from somewhere.

The number of Northern Wind Troupes gathered from all over the vast site was greater than expected.

Moreover, compared to the Northern Winds, who were armed with all the latest equipment, he was almost naked.

His body was covered with a tattered cloak, and his face was covered with a torn mask.

‘I’m old too.’

But being naked wasn’t a problem.

What really made Jaipa struggle was the weight of the years he felt since he became human.

I felt that the sword had become noticeably heavier than when the battle began.


An arrow flew towards me, aiming for a blind spot, and got stuck in my side.

“Oh, you got it right! “I got it right!”

Cheers were heard from beyond the fog.

Jaipa immediately leaped in the direction from which the arrow came and swung his sword.

The happy member became a headless ghost.

It was just as he killed three more people nearby.


My legs suddenly lost strength.

It seemed like the poisonous fog had seeped into my lungs.



Two crossbow bullets flew in while I was staggering and hit my back and thighs, respectively.

The pain was so intense that it felt like salt had been applied to the tip.

Next, a net spread out like a hand struck Jaifa.

“What nonsense.”

Zaifa’s sword drew a cross.

The net, which was originally cut with a single knife, had become thick as if glue had been applied.

Jaipa, who barely escaped the net, frowned.

The skin on my right arm had peeled off without my knowledge.

The shiny bright red muscles were clearly visible.

“The human body…”

I couldn’t even feel the pain anymore.

My vision was becoming hazy, as if the poisonous dance was affecting my eyesight.

Still, what needs to be done hasn’t changed.

Jaipa swung his sword diligently.

He cut down people and cut down flying weapons.

What I couldn’t cut was completely damaging to my body.

“Everyone push on! “He’s almost lost all his strength!”

“Your legend ends here!”

On the other hand, the morale of the Bukpungdan was constantly increasing.

Zaifa, who was transformed into a human, also had his own dignity and spirit, but it was nothing compared to his original appearance.

Wounds increase as the battle lasts.

The sight of Jaifa struggling, shedding blood and sweat, reminded Bukpungdan that he was also a person and not a monster.

‘Is this the end?’

On the other hand, Jaifa was still calm.

I had a gut feeling of death, but I didn’t feel any emotion.

Because I never doubted for a moment that my death would come one day in battle.

“···It’s a shame.”

It was just bittersweet.

Warriors also had their own status.

If I were to die in a fight, I wanted to be killed by a top-notch swordsman like Nabirose, Ronan, or Schlieffen.

But I never thought it would end in such a miserable way.

Jaipa was struggling with his back against the wall.


Suddenly, a large hole appeared in the top of the solo dance.

A long spear flew through them.

It was a little fast, but it was a distance that could have been avoided.


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Jaipa shook off the adjacent enemy and struck back with his spear.

It flew so fast that my hand rang.

I felt like I needed to fix the guy who shot this.

Jaipa, who had adjusted his sword, was about to leap.


The wall I was standing against collapsed, and the same window from before popped out.


Jaifa vomited dark red blood.

When I looked down, I saw a lump of metal growing through my stomach.

The sharply forged head of the spear was wet and shiny with its own blood.

The body that had previously surpassed its limits collapsed.

Jaifa fell down on one knee.

“I fell down! “Everyone surround!”

“Never relax!”

The Northern Winds flocked like a swarm of bees and surrounded Jaipa.

The members who accidentally made eye contact gasped.

Even at this point, Jaifa’s red eyes were still emitting a murderous light.

It was about the time when the commotion was getting louder.

“This is ridiculous. Jaifa.”

A deep voice echoed through the hallway.

The commotion soon subsided.

The group of North Winds split to the left and right, and a middle-aged man in a red coat appeared.

“···You guy.”

“So, do you like the human body?”

The corners of Lethe’s mouth were torn all the way down to her ears, having achieved her long-cherished wish.

The sight I had longed for my whole life unfolded before my eyes.

Arrows stuck all over the body, skin discolored from poison.

Zaifa’s blood-covered appearance could not be fully expressed with words such as being completely devastated.

Lethe stopped in front of Jaifa and spat.

“That can’t be possible. Compared to such a strong beast, it must be extremely fragile. Just like the people you tore and killed in the Marginal Territory.”

“Two, boss. “It’s dangerous to get too close!”

“Don’t worry. “Because the spear is coated with a paralyzing poison that would put a hundred animals to sleep.”

Lethe calmed down her worried subordinate.

The javelin that pierced Jaipa’s abdomen was aimed and fired by him himself.

The weapons created to hunt the giants of Alcalto Valley were not something a human body could handle.

Only then did Zaifa open his mouth.

“Were you at Barça?”

“okay. I got it right. You have no idea how long I’ve been looking forward to this moment. “Everything I loved disappeared that night.”


Lethe trampled on the spear pole.

The wound opened and blood poured out.

The blood that flowed out quickly formed a puddle.


“I never kill you gracefully. “Your entire body, including your head, will be stuffed and sent to the museum.”

“as you please. Just end it with me…don’t take your anger out on innocent compatriots.”

“You’re saying something that doesn’t even work. Your death is just the beginning. “The corpses of the beasts living in the North without even knowing the subject will be displayed next to you one after another.”

Lethe scoffed.

The members who were listening to the conversation next to us laughed in response.

They had no intention of stopping at the point where they had taken Jaifa’s head.

“The North is a man’s land. Coexistence with animals is not possible, and your sins will not disappear even as time passes. We are its condemners.”

“···is it.”

Jaifa smiled bitterly.

I’ve heard this before.

This is only the first time he has been in danger, but he has encountered countless people with vengeance due to the Night of the Fangs.

“In the end… nothing changes.”

It felt like something was boiling inside my chest.

Even though I tried so hard, the chain of hatred did not disappear.

The grudge from decades ago was still stirring somewhere on the continent, seeking revenge.

It would be better if nothing meant anything.

“You will be executed in front of the Northerners. “Your body will go to Barça first… Wow!”

Lethe was in the midst of pouring out her accumulated words.

Jaifa suddenly stood up and grabbed his neck.

Lethe’s face turned white from the tremendous grip strength.

“Two, boss!”

“shit! Shoot!”

Screams erupted from everywhere.

North Winddan, who was holding a crossbow, reflexively pulled the trigger.

Crossbows fired from all directions hit Jaipa.


The situation was soon over.

The body of the old man who had become a hedgehog fell forward.

Lethe, who barely survived, was terrified and clutched her neck.

“Ugh! Huh! “What a crazy bastard!”

It was unbelievable that it was an old man who was dying.

A dark red bruise remained on his neck where he had been held briefly.

Lethe, who hurriedly checked Zaifa’s condition, was shocked.

The cold body was no longer breathing.

“This is why the beasts…!”

Lethe’s face distorted.

I was filled with unbearable anger.

Jaifa did not scream once until the last moment.

‘I can’t believe I can’t cut off even a finger.’

The end of an enemy whom I had hated all my life was utterly meaningless.

Lethe grabbed her hair and growled like an animal.

Things would have been a lot easier if Blanta had been there, but where has this bastard gone?

How long has it been like that?

One of his oblivious subordinates called him.

“…Huh, boss?”

“Whoa…what is it?”

“Something is strange.”


Lethe turned her head.

The subordinate stretched out his finger and pointed at Jaifa’s body.

The pale corpse was lying on the floor in the same position as before.

“What’s strange about it?”

“The hair… is growing.”


Lethe’s brows narrowed.

Looking closely, I saw that it was exactly as the subordinate said.

Jaifa’s short hair had already covered the nape of his neck.

It was growing so fast that it was almost visible to the naked eye.

“What is this again…?”

Lethe hesitated.

My vision, which had been narrowed by anger, returned to its original state.

The bewildered faces of my subordinates came into view late.

“Uh, what should I do?”

“Hmm, wait a moment. “This is my first time experiencing something like this…”

“Uh, that!”

It was Lethe who was giving instructions.

Suddenly, a fierce scream broke out among the subordinates.

Lethe looked back again and froze.

Jaipa, who was clearly dead, was slowly getting up.

“······It’s an amazing feeling.”

A low, deep voice rang out.

Her black hair had already grown to her waist.

There was not a single scratch visible on the re-exposed body.

“What the hell!”

Lethe was shocked.

The spear that had pierced Zaifa’s abdomen was cut in half and rolling around on the floor.

Other arrows and spear swords were also missing from the body.

Moreover, not only the wounds disappeared.

There was no sign of aging at all on the bulging muscles of the body.

The face revealed through the hair had returned to its youthful days.

“It’s strange… I thought it was definitely over.”

Zaifa said to himself.

He was repeatedly squeezing and opening his hand as if he were curious.

The Northern Winds, including Lethe, remained rigid, unable to take any action.

“···boss. “Run away.”


“Come on.”

The subordinate who had spoken at that time spoke for the first time.

The eyes fixed on Jaifa were trembling like a rabbit encountering a tiger.

He had excellent mana perception since he was young and was able to see it.

The energy of Jaipa has become incomparably stronger than before.

The life that bloomed on his wide shoulders was far beyond even when he took the form of a beastman.

Just as Lethe was about to say something.

“f*ck, run away now!”

“Wait a minute, you…!”

As soon as his subordinate pushed him away, Jaifa’s figure disappeared from sight.

walls and ceiling.

A black line was drawn over the chests of everyone present.

This was the moment that Lethe fell backwards and her butt touched the floor.

The lines that had been drawn in all directions widened all at once.



The bodies, split in two, exploded.

The surrounding area collapsed as blood and internal organs flew out.

Soon after the loud noise, a blizzard-filled sky spread overhead.

Jaipa’s dim figure reappeared.

“It was something like this. Butterfly Rose.”

I really liked the open scenery.

Jaifa licked the blood from the corner of his mouth and smiled faintly.


The longsword in his hand shattered like glass.

“Ugh!! “Kwaaaaak!”

Immediately, a desperate scream came from not far away. The collapsed ceiling was crushing Lethe’s legs.

Sticky blood was leaking from underneath the huge rock.

There were no survivors except him.

Jaifa glanced at Lethe and opened her mouth.

“I apologize. “It’s my fault.”

“Huh…what, what?!”

“Because we didn’t finish it properly, we made a lot of people suffer. I had forgotten for a long time that the bonds of blood must eventually be erased with blood. “I will tie everything up here.”

He picked up the longsword that had fallen nearby.

Luckily, the scabbard remained intact.

Jaifa’s gaze turned to the village below the cliff.

“As you said, one of the two must disappear. “That’s the answer.”

“Stop it, Zaipa! stop!”

Jaifa pulled the hilt of the sword.

The sword body covered with aura was as dark as pitch black.

The force cutting through space was pulsating, overwhelmingly stronger than in the past.


“Choices are always painful.”

At least one village could have been torn apart like paper.

It was the moment when Jaipa, holding the hilt of the sword with both hands, was about to strike horizontally.

A huge shadow suddenly appeared, blocking his path.


The sword that was cutting through the air stopped.

As soon as the blade bounced, a sharp metallic sound shook the heavens and earth.

When Jaifa raised his head, a large werelion came into view.

The lion, whose entire body was covered in golden brilliance, looked familiar for some reason.

Jaipa’s historic first attack was blocked and his eyes widened.

“What are you?”

“This is Varen Panasir. “Sentai Sword Saint.”


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