Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 357

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Abduction 40. Beasts (12)


The snowstorm was abating.

The confrontation between the two beasts took place in silence.

A vicious murderous spirit trembled over Jaifa’s shoulders, but Varen never avoided his eyes.

Jaifa, who had been staring at him for a long time, finally opened his mouth.

“······Yes, I remembered it. “You’re the kid who blocked my path at the imperial palace before.”

“I’m honored that you remember me. “It really sent shivers down my spine at that time.”

Varen smiled.

From the moment I blocked the sword attack, I felt a faint sense of déjà vu.

In fact, decades ago, he once stopped Xyfar from approaching Ronan with murderous intent.

Varen looked Zyfa up and down and continued speaking.

“This is my second time seeing the state of complete transformation. Congratulations on killing time.”

“The first one would be the butterfly snake.”

“Exactly. You were strong before, but now you have reached a point where you can no longer keep up.”

“This is my first time experiencing such an ugly defeat. But since we are in the same position, I understand.”

Jaifa chuckled.

Like Nabi Rose, I was able to tell because I regained my youth.

It was a match that was bound to result in crushing defeat.

Aside from his body simply returning to its prime, his skills themselves increased.

‘Thank goodness you seem to be feeling better. I wish we could resolve this with words.’

Varen swallowed thick saliva.

Cold sweat was forming on the soles of my feet.

I tried my best to block it, but I was actually scared to death.

The right arm that had blocked Zaipa’s sword strike was still whining.

‘It’s no joke. ‘We must stop him before he returns to his true form.’

Even though I was cursed with humanization, it was like this.

There was no chance of winning if they fought beastman against beastman.

Instead of blocking it like before, my limbs will be cut like paper.

Varen, who was watching Jaifa’s thoughts, said with a friendly smile.

“If your anger has subsided, please come back together. “I will take care of the cleanup.”

“There is no need for that. It’s my role to tie the knot. “Get out of the way for a moment.”


Suddenly, Jaifa pushed Varen and raised his sword.

The aura that flowed up quickly dyed the sword body black.

With a light swinging motion, a black line appeared in the air.

“Now, wait a minute!”

Varen reflexively stretched out his arms.

When I grabbed Jaifa’s wrist, the orbit was twisted in a dangerous way.

The slash that split space was not drawn in the village, but on the coast next to it.


As soon as the black line crossed the sea, an explosion occurred.

A wall of spray covered the horizon.

As the water that had stayed in the sky poured down, an unbelievable sight unfolded.

“oh my god.”

A waterfall was formed in the middle of the sea.

It was exactly where Zaifa’s auror had drawn.

A crack in the space carved into the seafloor was greedily swallowing seawater.

“W-what is this?!”

“Hey! “Oh, the sea!”

Screams erupted from all over the village.

Residents didn’t even realize what was happening.

The people who had just gathered to support the Bukpungdan dispersed.

There was less worry about civilian troops attacking, but that wasn’t the problem now.

Jaifa, whose second attack was blocked, growled lowly.

“Why are you disturbing me?”

“You’re interfering…! Please calm down, Jaifa. “They are civilians!”

“Know. He’s a civilian with a blind hatred for beastmen. “As long as they remain, there will be no peace in the North.”

“So are you planning to kill people who are still innocent? There are still children among those people. Blood can never be washed away with blood!”

“I thought so too. I’ve been trying to fix the mistakes I’ve made over the past few decades. Nevertheless, hatred can never be completely erased.”

Jaifa glanced at Lethe.

He was still struggling to get out of the wreckage.

Every time the leg broke, a desperate scream came out, but there was no one left to come to his rescue.

“That crippled man is right. No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to go back to how it was before. “Before the inherited hatred spreads further, I will put an end to it.”

“Is that knot killing innocent people?”

“It is only a small part of the whole. Only those who are obsessed with deep resentment like them will be thoroughly expelled. “It’s the same principle as isolating plague patients.”

“Such sophistry…!”

Varen was astonished.


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It was nonsense that didn’t even make sense.

No matter how thorough the purge, survivors will always appear.

The survivor who lost everything and barely survived would once again fuel the embers that would become a great fire somewhere on the continent.

Just like Lethe screaming in the background.

Could this be the Jaifa I knew?

Varen, who had been suffering for a while, snapped his fingers.

“···okay. “I finally realized it.”

“Do you realize?”

“yes. Jaifa is out of his mind right now. “I don’t know if the cause is the curse of humanization or the metamorphosis, but it looks like your mind has gone crazy due to shock.”

It was a harsh criticism that I had never heard before.

In reality, Jaipa had become strange somewhere.

An indescribable madness flickered within the red eyes.

Jaipa, intrigued, shrugged his eyebrows.

“Hoo. “Did you know you would say something like that?”

“I pride myself on having an eye for people. From my perspective, the current Jaifa is neither the envied swordsman nor the superior my wife respected.”

“Looking at me like this, I see that he was quite an eloquent speaker. “Then who are you?”

“Who is it? He is an unprecedented massacre who was deceived by his younger brother’s trick and caused the Night of the Fangs. “The monster who expressed his anger by massacring innocent citizens of the Marginal Territory.”

Varen spoke without changing his expression.

In a situation where I had to say something, the odds of winning didn’t matter.

Even if Zaipa had been a beast instead of a human, she would have said the same thing. Zaifa’s face hardened.

“······down. “Do you want to die?”

“Even if you glare at me like that, I have no intention of reversing it. I wonder what General Adeshan’s expression would look like if he saw the current situation. “Wasn’t the fundamental reason why Jaifa caused the Night of the Fangs in the first place because he lost his innocent wife and children to the imperial army?”

“If you want to die, you have no choice but to do so.”

Jaifa did not ask any more questions.

His family was one of his few enemies.

He was about to pull out the hilt of the sword without hesitation.

‘This kid, the power…’

Jaifa’s brow furrowed.

The arm held by Varen did not move.

It felt like I was being crushed by a huge rock crevice rather than by my hand.

Even considering that he was cursed with humanization, his grip was enormous.

“Oh my god, this is why I need to take care of myself.”

Varen’s eyes widened in surprise.

The hardships the human body went through were not in vain.

His physical ability, which had regained its prime condition even a little, was noticeably better than when he was bloated and overweight.

“Let go.”

“Of course.”

Varen obediently relaxed his grip.

There was no way the decision could be made this way anyway.

Deep bruises remained on Jaifa’s wrists, where he had been caught.

“Anyway, I have to stop Jaifa. I forgot about it for a while, but there is the best solution. “It’s a method we can all understand.”

“What is that?”

“You will like it. It is a warrior’s way with a long tradition.”


Suddenly, a golden glow bloomed over Varen’s body.

The halo of light that wrapped around the body like armor was a highly concentrated aura.

“I, Varen Panasir, challenge you to a duel.”

Where the flab disappeared, muscles filled in.

The clearly raised veins were pulsating with overflowing vitality.

Varen, who was in a fighting stance, muttered sternly.

“If you have the courage, please respond. Jaifa Tergung.”


Jaifa laughed.

It was the first formal duel request I had received in a long time.

A trial of power in which the loser must yield to the winner, regardless of the situation or conditions.

He brushed off the blood from his sword and stood facing Varen.

“I accept.”

The madness in my eyes subsided.

A challenge to a duel from a kid who wasn’t even half of his life was just as provocative.

A boy with the qualities of a great warrior.

“I must be prepared…”

Jaipa was in the middle of muttering a warning.

Varen, who was rushing in front of us, took power.

A sharp metallic sound rang out.

Jaifa, who laid down his sword in defense, raised the corners of his mouth.

“As long as you don’t have a long hair.”

Jaifar did not blame Varen.

The moment he gave his consent, the duel had already begun.

It was the car he was trying to back out of.


Varen’s tail flew like a whip and wrapped around Jaifa’s body.



It was a momentary bondage, but it was enough.

Varen’s fist struck like a meteor.

Jaipa defended again, but the floor was unable to withstand the force and collapsed.







Jaipa fell down five floors and crashed to the ground.

Varen immediately jumped into the hole.

The mane fluttering in the strong wind was reminiscent of golden flames.

Varen gathered all his strength into his fist and roared with the wildness he had long forgotten.



The fight did not end until late at night.

“Oops! “Wow, I’m so angry…!”

Varen lay down and took a deep breath.

The golden aura that surrounded his body had become as weak as a residual fire.

There were five stab wounds carved on his chest that had not been there before.

“It’s pretty good. down.”

Jaifa chuckled.

He was sitting on the ruins of a completely destroyed fortress, smoking a cigarette.

The full moon was shining where the clouds had disappeared.

Varen muttered in an angry voice.

“Cough, if only the curse hadn’t been lifted…!”

“You might have won. “I probably won.”

As Jaifa answered that question, he returned to his form as a beast.

Even Were Tiger’s aging body had regained its youth.

The moonlight flowing through the fur was beautiful.

“As expected, my body feels good. Was it a curse that would be lifted over time?”

Jaifa smiled in satisfaction.

I felt power overflowing throughout my body.

It was the decisive cause of Varen’s defeat.

Varen, who had been pushing Jaifa all along, was beaten one-sided as soon as he suddenly regained his true colors.

“The body is superb, but the technique is poor. “You should be ashamed.”


“Well, it was still somewhat satisfying. Better than all my men combined. “I never thought I’d get my claws out to a fluff like you.”

A shattered scimitar was lying at Jaipa’s feet.

It was broken by Varen during a long battle.

Varen held on for a long time even after Zaifa turned into a beast before collapsing.

It was so stubborn that it was only after giving an aura to its bristled claws that it was able to deliver the final blow.

“It’s okay to be proud. There are less than five people who have received that technology and are still alive. “It’s been a long time since I had a good match.”

“Stop massacring civilians. “People can no longer hurt each other.”

“Is it still that sound?”

No matter how many times I saw him, he was a truly selfless lion.

Jaifa quenched his appetite.

His head, which had been furious, was as cold as ice.

Jaipa, who was thinking about what he said, shook his head.

“good night.”

Jaifa suddenly stood up and approached Lethe.

He fainted without being able to get out of the wreckage.


When Jaifa kicked lightly, the debris weighing on his leg flew away.


Lethe came to her senses and let out a blood-curdling scream.

This was because the pain returned as blood flowed again.

He made eye contact with Jaipa and sucked in a breath.

“Huh…Huh…Now, Jaipa?!”

“You’re alive. “Get out of here.”

Jaifa gestured.

Lethe turned her back and crawled away without even being able to say anything.

Varen was stunned by the unexpected action.


“I admit I was talking nonsense. I was so blinded by hatred that I almost started a vicious cycle once again. “I will carry my sins with me from now on.”

It didn’t matter whose conspiracy I was caught in.

In the end, it was Jaipa himself who caused the Night of the Fangs.

The resentment and hatred that arose as a result were as natural as a river flowing from top to bottom.

“The prognosis of the wound is left to time. “The cycle of hatred is broken here.”

“You really… really thought it through.”

It seemed like a tragedy with innocent blood shed had been prevented.

The waterfall carved in the middle of the sea was slowly closing.

Now all I had to do was clean up with Secret.

Varen was about to breathe a sigh of relief.

“Then, follow me slowly. It’s been a while since I met someone worth raising.”


“Your biggest problem is that you are dull. It’s ridiculous for someone born with a body like that to gain extra pounds. I will fix that rotten spirit. Varen.”

Jaifa roughly grabbed Varen’s arm and lifted him up.

Varen, who was suffering from injuries, was unable to offer any resistance.

Since it was my first time being called by my name, I didn’t have a very good feeling.


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