Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 355

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Abduction 38. Beasts (10)


“Um, you’re going to turn me back into a prisoner?”

“That’s right. The time has come. “It’s not at a very satisfactory level…”

Secret looked Varen up and down and licked his lips.

The body, which was almost spherical, had somewhat manly angles.

As expected, the best way to lose fat was to go through hardships that were not part of the scale.

Varen’s brow furrowed.

“If such a thing were possible…”

“hmm? what?”

“If such a thing was possible, why didn’t you release it sooner? Do you know how many innocent lives were lost?! “You’re telling me that you didn’t turn all of this around just because of my flesh?”

Varen, unable to bear it any longer, roared.

No matter how much I don’t know what’s going on, I couldn’t ignore this time.

Secret nodded calmly.

“That’s right.”


“I couldn’t help it. “As someone who has gained a lot of weight, you wouldn’t have been able to guarantee a match with that leopard friend, let alone the entire Northern Wind Dan.”

Varen, who had hit the nail on the head, flinched.

It was as he said.

In the past, I had to infiltrate using an unfamiliar handsome man in a situation where I would have attacked head-on.

Considering that even Blanta was captured by the Northern Winds at first, victory could not be guaranteed even if he was in his true form and not human.

“Where can I run away!”

Blanta was still massacring the beastmen.

He could be said to be a natural fighter, as his fighting style was flashy yet uncluttered.

He didn’t even use mana, let alone aura.

It may be because the things he does are messy, but his skills as a warrior are far superior to those of his wife, Nemea.

“Honestly, I almost didn’t recognize you when I first met you in Heiran. I had regressed from before in every way except my weight. “I almost fainted that Varen Panasir was using his Aurors to kill just a few wolves.”

“Well, that’s…!”

“Let’s solve this first. “It’s so frustrating.”

“···All right.”

Varen did just that.

A halo of golden light flashed.


As soon as Varen strengthened his body, the chain binding the two broke.

Secret, who was rotating his shoulders as if stretching, continued speaking.

“I’m not blaming you. Because it’s that kind of era. The tragedy we are seeing now is only a small part of it, but overall it is a peaceful world. “It’s never a bad thing to be relaxed in peace.”

Secret’s gaze remained on the village below the cliff.

In the village where Bukpungdan was based, sharp bells were ringing incessantly.

Perhaps he realized something had happened to the fortress.

If things continued like this, they would have to fight against armed villagers.

“However, there are still lands where the sun does not shine. A land where evil relations and hatred have been entangled for a long time and can no longer be saved through ordinary means. To save a place like this, we need a hero who can cut the knot once and for all. Ronan, Mage Asher, and Jaifar…”

Secret took out a piece of chalk from his pocket.

It was the chalk used to turn Varen into a human.

Every time the fluffy tail waved, various medicinal herbs were falling one by one.

Eventually, Secret, who had completed the magic circle, stabbed Varen in the stomach with his finger.

“A hero like you.”

“······I can’t be that kind of great person.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Do you know how many people the potion you developed saved? Even the enormous wealth accumulated was used to help those suffering from war.”

Secret snorted.

To be honest, he valued Varen as highly as Ronan, who cut down the giant. Varen, who was a very wealthy man, used his wealth more valuablely than anyone else, and among those who went through the final war, there was no one who did not benefit from Varen.

“I wouldn’t be a hero if I had to cut off the dragon’s head and save the princess. But it’s unfair, you also have the power to do that. Varen, you are born with a body stronger than any were lion I have ever seen.”


“Enough with being humble. “I’ve lost a lot of weight, so please act cool.”

Secret clapped his hands.

Light appeared according to the pattern of the magic circle.

The energy that erases the curse began to rise up Varen’s legs.

“And I’m saying this out of old age…”


“The person you really need to stop may not be someone like Blanta.”

The voice was serious.

Varen asked what it meant, but there was no answer.

The whole time he was reciting the incantation, Secret’s eyes were fixed on the fortress where Zaifa was struggling.


The snowfall was getting heavier.

“What, is it over already?”

Blanta snorted.

His body, which had just finished fighting, was drenched in red blood.

Dozens of prisoners were rolling around on the floor, their cold corpses.


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“It should have been folded properly. “If you don’t know the subject, you’re going to die.”

“Wow… big…”

At Blanta’s feet was a werepanther just like him.

The only survivor of the day.

He was a man who became blind because he didn’t like the way people looked at him.

“How can you do that? How can you treat your fellow countrymen so cruelly?”

Werepanther sobbed.

A hatred that could not be hidden was seeped from his trembling voice.

All of his hometown friends who were kidnapped with him were killed by Blanta.

The sight of Blanta tearing off limbs alive to elicit a response from the audience was still good.

“hmm? Was there any family or friends in the arena? “I’m sorry, but I’ve killed so many people that I don’t know who it is.”

“You…cough, you beast…!”

“An animal, that’s not entirely wrong.”

Blanta laughed.

For him, who pursues a life faithful to his desires, it was nothing short of a compliment.

He added his weight to the leg he was crushing on the man.

“On the other hand, I ask you, then, while you were trapped here, did you think you were a person?”


“That’s why you idiots are killed and even your eyes are gouged out. If you don’t know how to enjoy it, you should have tried. “To become a beast.”

A man whose internal organs were pressed down coughed up blood.

He wanted to get up and tear the guy to death right away, but he was seriously injured and had lost his eyesight, so all he could do was wiggle like a bug.

Blanta was giggling, forgetting about his mission.

“Blanta. That’s it.”

Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice came from behind me.


Blanta turned his head.

There was a lump rising above the field during the blizzard.

At first, I thought it was some kind of rock because it had such long bones.

It was only after Blanta rubbed his eyes a couple of times that he realized that it was a prisoner like him.

“···Where did you come out of nowhere?”


Blanta took his foot away from the Werepanther.

Sensing a threat, his eyes narrowed.

As the snowfall subsided for a moment, the shape of the lump was fully revealed.

Wear Lion.

Along with the Were Tiger, a race of beastmen known to be the most ferocious.

A large lion, one head taller than himself, was quietly glaring in this direction.

“…was the lion captured too? “I don’t remember.”

“Blanta. “I’ll give you one last chance.”


“yes. Stop the killing and surrender. The North Wind Group will be disbanded as of today. “Your leader will never achieve his will.”

Varen said calmly.

Their voluminous manes danced in the blizzard.

It was a ridiculous statement, but Blanta did not laugh.

I could tell at a glance.

That guy was an incredibly strong man.

There was some flab on the body, but that wasn’t a big problem.

The taut, bulging muscles looked like the sculptures of a master.

Blanta scrubbed the blood from his face.

“Looking at the grade, I guess I farted somewhere. “What if I don’t like it?”

“I have no choice but to deal with you here.”

“Ha, handle it.”

Blanta laughed.

He was so confident that he was extremely arrogant.

He completely turned to Varen and lowered his posture.

“You arrogant bastard… if you’re that good, give it a try. “If it’s about you, it’ll taste like chewing meat.”

If I walked away after hearing something like that, I wouldn’t be a man.

Blanta’s heart began to pound.

An aura that he had not used since joining the North Wind Order spread through his veins.

“I’m begging you, please don’t be so vain.”

As he entered battle, his pupils narrowed.

The muscles of my entire body swelled as if they were about to explode.

Dark red flames burst out onto the bloody fist.

It was not real fire, but an illusion created by an Auror.

“Because I will skin you alive and make you a carpet!”

Blanta roared.

The loud voice echoed far beyond the fortress.

The flames got even stronger.

The flames that rose up his arms soon engulfed Blanta’s entire body.

In an instant, his figure disappeared from sight.


Varen quietly admired.

It was a speed that far exceeded expectations.

The sight of a were panther flying with its red tail dragging was like a bullet fired from hell.

‘If I had fought before I lost weight, I might have really lost.’

Secret’s judgment was correct.

It wasn’t Jaifa’s Waffen SS for nothing.

The saying that only the strongest warriors in the North could enter did not seem to be a lie.

‘young. In the end, it was a bluff.’

Blanta, who was rushing in, raised the corners of his mouth.

Varen just stood in place without any movement.

It was clear that he was frozen in fear as there was no change in his expression.

Blanta, who lost interest, raised his claws.

Originally, I was planning on hitting him with my fist, but I thought it would be cleaner and better to just rip out his heart.


Blanta shouted.

The sharp claws were about to dig into Varen’s chest.

Varen’s hand, which had been resting next to her thigh, faded for a moment.

A black shadow appeared in front of Blanta’s eyes.


Blanta’s eyes widened.

The shadow that almost completely obscured my vision took the shape of a huge fist.

If things continued like this, there would be a collision.

Sensing a crisis, his body reflexively tried to stop, but Varen’s fist was already digging into the center of his face.

The moment when time, which had slowed down, returns to its original state.


Blanta was thrown to the floor.

A loud noise, like one heard when a building is being demolished, shook the earth.

His head, which was pushed along the path of the fist, was stuck through the road surface.

After catching his breath, Varen spoke calmly.

“I’m sorry.”


No answer came back.

Blanta’s body, with only his head buried, was convulsing as if he had been shocked.

The fire that had enveloped him was fading away.


Varen breathed a sigh of relief.

It was devastating to see a promising powerhouse, and even a fellow countryman, let go like this.

Of course, apart from that, the overwhelmingly improved physical ability was just amazing.

‘It’s a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time. ‘I never thought humanization would be so effective.’

The werelion’s instincts were running wild.

The feeling of my blood boiling was something I had felt decades ago.

Pure white snow was piling up on the werepanther’s limp body.

Varen was looking around for his next destination.

A chilling aura he had never felt before came over him.


The mane stood on end.

For a moment, the stiff muscles were warning of the appearance of a dangerous enemy.

Varen reflexively turned his head and froze.

An unprecedentedly sinister energy was radiating from the fortress where Zaipa was engaged.


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