Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 336

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Abduction 19. A blue spring to you (1)



Nabirose opened her eyes.

Morning sunlight was seeping through the uncovered window.

Above my head was a high ceiling that was unusually high for a house where I lived alone.

‘I feel lighter today.’

Sometimes there are refreshing days like this.

Even though I trained hard until late last night, strangely I wasn’t tired.

She stretched out and left the room.

There was no bed as I only slept on the floor with a blanket.

After folding the blanket and going out the door, a living room filled with all kinds of miscellaneous things appeared.

‘I guess I’ll have to get a blade to clean these up too.’

Butterfly Rose pursed her lips.

It was a scenery that contrasted with the neat bedroom.

A graduation album, a bouquet of flowers with a magic that won’t fade, a frilly dress or sparkly jewelry that doesn’t take the recipient’s taste into account at all.

It would be easier if I just threw it away, but I couldn’t.

All the miscellaneous items that increased with each passing year were gifts from students.

Nabirose’s gaze, which was scratching his stomach and looking at the devastation, stopped at a certain place.

A piece of underwear as large and colorful as a tropical fruit was hanging above the chair.

‘I guess I should have taken a shot at that time.’

Nabirose laughed.

That was a gift from Adeshan upon graduation.

The instructor said he should find a partner before it’s too late, and the box he held out contained those strange items, top and bottom.

Judging from its flashy and provocative design, it seemed to be for the so-called ‘decisive battle’.

I still vividly remember the conversation at that time.

– You’re out of your mind. Are you telling me to wear something like this?

– Oh my, everything comes out like this these days. I don’t know if I can express it this way, but the effect is good. Right now, last night Ronan…

– stop. I don’t want to know any more.

Of course I never wore it.

It was because I had no intention of finding a partner and the measurements were wrong in the first place.

Even bigger rather than smaller.

I was quite embarrassed because it was something I had never experienced before in my life.

That was already more than ten years ago.

Nabirose’s gaze shifted again.

‘Now that I see it, I received everything.’

The existing furniture, such as sofas and tables, were buried and not even visible.

The only thing on display was a photo of Ronan’s gang on the wall.

A taxidermy of the most enjoyable time in my life, taken before I even went to the Festival of the Sword.

‘When on earth did this happen?’

Butterfly Rose smiled.

It was a photo that seemed to have been sliced ​​into chunks of youth.

The location is the Gallerion Pavilion at Phileon Academy.

To be exact, the first training ground located there.

In the photo, Ronan and Schlieffen, who still look young, were holding each other’s shoulders.

I had just finished sparring, so my whole body was dirty with dust.

Standing behind him were Adeshan, who worked as an assistant, and himself.

Adeshan was holding a canteen with both hands, and he was looking down at his two students with his arms crossed.

With happy eyes, as if looking at a brilliant treasure.

‘I was so jealous.’

It was worth it.

It wasn’t just because the two men were geniuses unprecedented in the history of the empire.

Nabi Rose liked students who spent their youth to the fullest.

I liked students who invested the brightest time of their lives in what they wanted, whether it was studying, love, or fighting.

In that sense, Ronan and Schlieffen were the type of people who had the most wonderful youth.

Perhaps it could even be called vicarious satisfaction.

Nabi Rose was a man who burned his entire youth on a bloody battlefield.

A life where blood and death, the logic of the fittest and the harsh philosophy that life is money were common sense.

She had no memories of laughing and talking with her friends, studying together, or going on trips.

That’s why I became an educator.

Because I want to see my students living a happy and valuable youth that is different from my own.

Because I want to lead disciples who cannot do that.

Although she didn’t really show it, she was more satisfied with her job than anyone else.

Suddenly, Nabi Rose looked at herself in the photo and smiled bitterly.

‘You’re young.’

Nabi Rose once again realized that she was old.

It was a story about appearance, which is separate from skill.

Skin like summer fruit, hair that shines.


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Unlike now, I am a person in my thirties who is full of vitality.

Of course, people around her still saw her as being in her mid to late twenties, but what she felt was something else.


Probably nothing would change in the future.

I will grow older steadily through the harsh times.

The day would inevitably come when I would have wrinkles, my hair would turn gray, and I would no longer be able to lift my sword, which was like an arm or leg.

But it wasn’t scary.

Because life is the most beautiful thing when you move forward.

Nabirose, shaking off the long thoughts of today, took a step forward.

‘Let’s go.’

If I didn’t wash up quickly, I might be late.

You can’t suffer such disgrace just because you’re a vice principal.

It was the moment she entered the bathroom.


Feeling a sense of disconnect, she tilted her head.

For some reason, the sink seemed to be higher.

Originally it should have reached waist level, but now it reached chest level.

There was something strange about the bathroom slippers being looser than usual.

‘Is it because of my mood?’

Still, it didn’t bother me much.

Because I wasn’t the type to pay close attention to the sink or slippers.

Nabi Rose, who I thought was just this size, stopped in front of the sink.

I was just about to take off the snake-patterned pajamas that looked like shells and wash my face.


Nabirose froze.

There was a young girl standing in the mirror.

That’s a kid in his early to mid-teens who looks like he’s going to ask what’s for lunch today at any moment.

A face that is not so smooth but still has milk fat left on it.

As the head gets smaller, the eyes get bigger.

I only found out now that my pajamas were falling down below my collarbone.

I also thought I could understand why my shoulders were unusually light.

After a while.

She laughed as if she was dumbfounded as she played with her breasts, which had shrunk to half their size.

“This is so youthful.”


Tower Mage of Manwol Magic Tower.

Master of earth magic.

Wear inchworm, etc.

There were many other words that summarized the man named Jardin, but the most famous one was, of course, ‘the wizard who brought his wife back to life.’

Jarodin, who had revived his wife Sunya, who had been everything in his life, with Ronan’s help, was still working as a magic professor at Phileon Academy.

Upon returning, Sunya changed many things about Jarudin.

I gained enough weight to look like a normal person, and succeeded in transforming my face, which had a default expression as if I was about to commit suicide, into a smiling face.

The change in the interior of the office was one of them.

Jarudin’s office, which originally resembled an abandoned wasteland, was now filled with foliage plants, dolls made by Sunya herself, and colorful furniture.

As I listened to the exciting music coming from the gramophone, I was confused as to whether this was the office or the Southern Native Culture Experience Club.

After living in such a place, Jarudin’s personality naturally changed to become more gentle. Much of his unique cynical side disappeared, and he no longer told practical jokes to the students.

Rather, by providing answers based on his own eventful past, he has now become the person known for being the best at counseling in Phileon.

But in life, you don’t know what’s ahead.

Sometimes, situations would arise that were difficult for even Jaradin, who had reached a new level, to endure.

Jarudin covered his face with his palms.


“Don’t laugh.”

“okay. Know. But how can you see something like this…”

I was trying so hard to hold back laughter that tears almost came out.

He was doing his best to respond to the little guest who suddenly came into his office.

Nabirose, now a child, was sitting on the sofa across from him with his legs crossed.

She was glaring at Jarudin with her chin raised as usual, but her usual sensuality or intimidation was nowhere to be seen.

The pajamas still draped over the body and the feet shaking without touching the floor added to the ridiculousness.


Jarudin took a deep breath and held out something to her.

“Take this first.”

“What is that bead?”

“What is it? “Kids these days can’t get enough of Barenpyo candy… keuhak!!”


Jaradin, who was taking out candy, fell down.

This was because the regime’s three strikes, so fast as to be invisible, hit the solar plexus directly.

It seemed like he wasn’t Nabi Rose’s impersonator because he was in so much pain that it made him poop.

“If you want to get hit more, keep talking. “Every time you say nonsense, the number of bones will increase.”

“Ugh, heh… you ignorant girl…”

“What on earth happened to me? “I suddenly woke up and found myself a child.”

Nabirose was drooling.

She ran straight to Jarudin’s office without even changing her clothes.

I didn’t want the students to see me, so I covered myself with a thick blanket.

Jarudin staggered to his feet and opened his mouth.

“Damn, I guess my internal organs weren’t damaged… First of all, congratulations. “You are now a body that will never die of old age.”

“What do you mean? Are you under a curse?”

“It’s closer to a blessing than a curse. It is similar to the case of Archmage Lorhon. Why, you’ve probably heard that once a wizard reaches a certain level, he can freely control the time flowing through his body, right? In reality, he goes back and forth between being a child and an adult as needed.”

Nabirose nodded.

I wasn’t particularly interested in magic, but I knew that Lorhorn could change his age at will.

It is also true that Kratir, who has reached the age of natural death, is making desperate efforts to reach that stage.

“It’s the same principle for you. The quality of the mana condensed in the body became significantly superior to the vessel called the body, returning the body to its prime. “In the New World, it’s a phenomenon called bone metamorphosis.”

“I don’t think this is my prime.”

Nabirose, who was flapping her sleeves, looked to the side.

Ursa, the Great Sword, her beloved sword that was like her soul, was leaning diagonally on the sofa.

Actually, let alone the clothes, this was the bigger problem.

It was originally a sword that was longer than her height, but now that her body had become smaller, it almost looked like a pillar.

Jarudin scratched the back of his head.

“I don’t know how to explain that. “I guess it’s an individual difference.”

It was a voice lacking confidence.

There was nothing we could do about it because it was something that rarely happened.

It had reached a level that even Jaifa had not yet reached.

I wondered if I would find one or two people if I looked through history books.


Nabirose chewed the candy and swallowed it.

“Then is there no way to go back to the way it was? “Something like controlling time like Lorhon.”

“I’m sorry, but that’s impossible. Because you are not a wizard. But wouldn’t it really go back to its prime in just a few years? “How old were you when you beat me up in the jungle?”

“I was about 20 years old… Even if that happens, it’s too late.”

Nabirose frowned.

As of now, I am not confident that I will grow over time, and several years is too long a time.

As the vice-principal, I had to teach the students right away, but if things were like this, it would have been better not to be laughed at.

Jarodin said.

“It’s definitely an embarrassing situation. “Not only me, but even Lorhorn wouldn’t be able to control other people’s time.”

“Is there no one I can ask for help?”

“It exists. “It’s not a person, though.”


Nabirose’s eyes widened.

It was an unexpected answer.

She glared at Jarudin.

“Who is that?”

“I can tell you, is it okay? “He must be quite an unpleasant person.”

“Does not matter. “Just talk.”


Nabirose’s face hardened.

Jarudin sighed as if he knew this would happen.

“He is the only wizard better than Lorhorn. “The Mother of Fire can solve your problem.”

“······Are you serious?”

“Why would I lie in this situation? Still, I think it will save you the trouble of going to see him.”

“What do you mean?”

“Why, you are going to Adren on this second grade field trip. “I think we can go together.”


The city where only dragons and their descendants lived was still floating in the distant sky.

Originally, it was a place where only the heads of each country or special envoys could enter after receiving permission, but after the war with Nebula Clage ended, it became somewhat more flexible.

Jarudin muttered.

“Let’s see… It’s leaving in three days. “It’s just right.”

Currently, Phileon Academy was a group of mortals who had the most active interactions with Adren.

It was thanks to Ronan and Asher, who prevented the city’s destruction, and Itargand, the son of Navardose, who studied at Phileon.

I could tell just by looking at the fact that it was permitted as a school field trip location.

Following a school trip was certainly the best way to gain an audience with Navarre.

After the interstellar fortress Drimore collapsed, she stayed in Adren with her blood relatives.

But that didn’t matter now.

“Are you kidding me? Are you asking me to lead students like this? “It would be better to go separately.”

“That must be difficult. Because the ferry routes to and from Adren are strictly regulated. “Even if you are the principal of Phileon, you cannot come and go freely.”


Nabirose gritted his teeth.

It was as he said.

Although Adren was friendly to Phileon, there was a line that had to be maintained.

If you were caught sneaking in, it could have developed into a problem between countries.

“So I have a great idea. Would you like to hear it?”

“Good idea?”

“okay. “I prepared this because Sunya wanted to wear it…”

A meaningful smile appeared on Jarudin’s lips.

He suddenly walked to the closet and took out some clothes.

A shirt, blazer, and a stylish skirt without a pattern.

Nabirose’s eyes narrowed.

“You guy, no way…”

“okay. That’s the theory. “You always secretly envied students.”

Although her true intentions were detected, the current Nabi Rose could not hear anything like that.

What was in Jaradin’s hand was none other than the women’s uniform from Phileon Academy.

He handed Nabirose a neatly folded school uniform.

“If you’re embarrassed to be an instructor, how about going as a student?”


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