Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 337

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Abduction 20. A blue spring to you (2)


Three days passed quickly.

Airships heading to Adren were anchored in the main plaza of Phileon Academy, waiting for students to board.

The second graders crowded around the square were all excited with anticipation.

It was well worth it.

I was able to go to the Dragon City, a city that ordinary people would not be able to visit even if they were dead or woken up, just because I was a student at Phileon Academy.


Professor Varen Panasir, who was in charge of leading the school trip, clapped his hands.

“now. Everyone, please don’t get too excited. “We will board the airship in half order!”

“professor! “How long does it take to get there?”

“It’s a rapid airship, so it will arrive in about twelve hours. When you enter Adren’s domain, you may encounter border summons or hatchlings, so try not to excite them.”

Every time Varen spoke, his mane and belly trembled.

It was the exact opposite body type of Jaipa, who still lived as a warrior.

This wear lion, who had failed his seventy-fifth diet, was currently the richest person in Phileon.

Although he had already amassed enough wealth for the entire family to play and eat, the reason he remained in the church was purely because he enjoyed teaching students.

It’s such a rewarding job.

Varen, who was looking at the students with a happy face, stopped for a moment.

‘Anyway, I’m worried. I wonder if there will be any problem…’

His eyes stayed on the girl in the middle of the crowd.

The girl with impressive bronze skin was growling with an expression as if she was going to bite the people around her at any moment.

It was Butterfly Rose who had unintentionally experienced rejuvenation.

‘What a complete transformation. At this point, I might really be stronger than Jaifa.’

The younger Nabi Rose was clearly a teenage girl.

Of course, since his brain had not become younger, it was clearly visible that he was being encouraged by the green students in real time.

I wanted to do something to help, but I couldn’t.

He made it clear that he didn’t know what he would do if the students caught him.

It was a common threat, but it was a different story if it came from a swordsman ranked among the top five in the empire.

“It’s crazy. I was crazy. “Why are you tempted by such words?”

Nabirose muttered while placing her hand on her forehead.

After beating Jaradin for five minutes, she acknowledged that there was no alternative.

Her body, rejuvenated as a teenage girl, was dressed in the martial arts uniform of Phileon Academy.

‘Damn it. ‘It’s empty down there.’

Nabirose was feeling shame for almost the first time in her life.

I could somehow tolerate the shirt and blazer, but the problem was the bottoms.

It was my first time thinking that a skirt was such an airy garment.

For her, who only wears long pants even in the middle of summer, exposing her bare legs required great mental strength.

‘Why on earth does this girl want to wear clothes like this?’

To make matters worse, Sunya’s clothes were a little too small for Nabirose.

Inevitably, the outline of the body was revealed, and its unique heavy volume attracted the attention of those around it, even though it had shrunk by more than half compared to when it was an adult.

The students glancing at her were proof of this fact.

“Who is he? “It’s my first time seeing you.”

“They say I’m a distant cousin of Instructor Butterfly Rose. They looked so similar that I thought it was your daughter at first? “I don’t know if that’s why, but it’s amazing.”

“As expected, you’re from the passionate south… Your face is secretly pretty. Should I go talk to you? “My brother said that it’s easy for kids from out in the countryside to seduce me.”

Nabirose sighed.

Even if you went to a prestigious academy, males were still males.

She may have been whispering so that no one else could hear, but unfortunately, she had better hearing than a wild rabbit.

‘You guys are the lucky ones. If things had been the same, he would have been immediately suspended for harassing a teacher.’

They were playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who would talk.

Nabirose glanced back and released a very small amount of deadly energy.

“Hey! What, what?!”

“My body can’t move… Now, wait a minute! “You peed yourself!”

“What on earth is this…!”

Although it was extremely weak, the effect was certain.

The boys who suffered an invisible attack fell into a state of paralysis.

At the same time, a stream of water burst out onto the pants of the three people.

The muscles of the body, unable to withstand the threat of death, relaxed arbitrarily.

“Kyaaaaa!! go away! “You piss bastards!”

“Now, wait a minute Penny! “I didn’t cum!”

“What nonsense are you talking about even now! go away!”

The students around them screamed and ran away.

The three urinals tried to make excuses, but once the stream started, it was not easy to stop.

Nabirose suddenly felt gaze and looked straight ahead.

Varen, who had witnessed the series of events, was looking at her with a puzzled expression.



Butterfly Rose silently put her index finger in front of her mouth.

It meant handing it over in moderation.


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Eventually, Baren nodded and brought the students some pants to change into, and they ran away, unable to overcome their shame.

That sight was so funny that Nabirose burst out laughing without even realizing it.

“···What am I doing with the kids right now?”

As my body got younger, did my mind also get younger?

It was a childish behavior that he would not normally have done.

Soon, the airship carrying all the students unfolded its wings and took off.

The first and last school trip of her life began.


“It’s been a really long time. “It is the city of dragons.”

Nabirose said to herself.

It was my first time visiting the Dragon City since the war.

She was watching Adren getting closer and closer from the deck of the airship.

A huge floating island was floating high above the sea-like clouds.

‘It has its own charm.’

It was a scenery worthy of being evaluated as a superb view even by Nabi Rose, who had wandered around the world.

The moonlight seeping from the brilliant full moon enveloped the airship and the sea of ​​clouds.

The wind was just comfortably rough, and I liked the subtle smell of the sea.

She walked to the edge of the ship and leaned against the railing.

If I were alone, I would have taken off my top and smoked a cigarette.

Butterfly Rose was in the middle of fiddling with the cigarette pipe in her arms with a feeling of regret.

“Hey, is there anyone you can eat with?”


Nabirose’s eyes widened as she turned her head.

A familiar face was standing right behind me.

Black hair and sunset-colored eyes inherited from his father.

A calm voice similar to that of her mother.

There was a lunch box in his small but sturdy hands.

She was dumbfounded and frowned.


“What, do you know me?”

Lance tilted his head.

I heard he was a transfer student, but I wondered how he knew me.

In fact, from Nabirose’s perspective, there was no way he didn’t know.

Because he was Ronan’s child and the student he was currently teaching.

Still, Butterfly Rose shook her head because she shouldn’t show it now.

“Roughly. “I heard it from my aunt.”

“aha. The rumor that he was instructor Nabiroje’s nephew was true. “They really look alike.”

“What business is it?”

“Oh my god, the way they talk is similar… Nothing else, let’s just eat together. “I’ve been watching you since before, but you’ve always been alone.”

Now that I think about it, it is almost dinner time.

Lance pointed behind him with his thumb.

Just below the main mast, a girl with red hair was sitting in a crooked position.

Looking at the different uniforms, I thought she was from the magic department, and she also had a familiar face.

The eldest daughter of Asher and Marya.

Sechika, who was looking Nabirose up and down, muttered with her eyes wide open.

“Who is that woman again?”

The physical appearance, both face and body, was unusual.

She growled, showing open hostility.

Lance asked in a worried voice.

“Sechika. Are you sick? “Did you not get everyone out of the bathroom earlier?”

“You’re so noisy, idiot! “Don’t say that in front of others!”

“It’s a surprise. Why are you yelling? “If your stomach hurts, I’ll give you some medicine, so just wait a moment.”


In the end, Sechika exploded and used telekinesis.

A spoon flew through the wind and passed by Lanse’s ear.

Nabirose laughed a little when she saw that.

Because it was very clear what the relationship was.

Lance scratched the back of his head.

“Sorry. “I’m not really that kind of kid.”

“Does not matter. “It’s cute, but what?”

“Thank you for seeing it that way. Haven’t you heard of Sechika of the Magic Department? “I will introduce you right away…”

“hey! “Lance!”

This was the car in which Lance continued his conversation.

Suddenly, a voice called to him from the stern of the ship.

Two boys were gesturing towards Lance.

“Ike, has it already been this long?”

Lance shed confusion.

The boys didn’t look very happy, so it seemed like something had happened.

Lance, who was looking at the boys and Butterfly Rose in turn, opened his mouth with an expression of disapproval.

“I… I’m sorry. I’ll stop by for a moment. Do you two want to eat? “I’ll be right back.”

“Does not matter.”

“thank you. Come to think of it, I didn’t hear your name.”

“Call me Naro.”

“okay. See you soon Naro. I will be back!”

With those words, Lance disappeared.

Nabiroje, who was repeating the name Naro, burst into laughter.

Still, it seemed like a good name for a name that came to mind.

“What, what? suddenly···.”

And the atmosphere became awkward as hell.

Sechika, who was suddenly left alone, was embarrassed.

But even for a moment.

She soon accepted the situation and spoke to Nabirose.

“Ha, really… Hey, don’t just stand there, come here.”

Nabi Rose did just that.

Seeing that her hands were empty, Sechika unwrapped his lunch box and held it out.

There was enough food inside for two people to eat.

“If you didn’t bring it, let’s eat together. My name is Sechika. Sechika Caravel.”

Considering that most of it was meat, it seemed like Marya had made it herself.

Nabirose, who was looking at the lunch box, raised the corner of her mouth.

Aside from his wariness, he was a very good kid.

Let me help you a little.

After eating one of the fried meat pieces, she opened her mouth.

“Rest assured. “Because I’m not interested in your boyfriend.”


Sechika spit out the barley tea she was eating.

She was able to have a normal conversation only after beating her chest several times.

She wiped her mouth with her sleeve and shouted in a passionate voice.

“What are you talking about! “He and I don’t have that kind of relationship…!”

“I like men who seem a little less obedient. By the way, Lansei resembles his father to a degree. “Even if your eyeballs are glued to the buttocks, you’ll be more perceptive than that.”

Nabirose sighed.

Everyone liked him, but what most people didn’t notice was that he looked exactly like his father, Ronan.

She suddenly stretched out her index finger and stabbed Sechika in the side.

“I’ll tell you something good. “Come here.”


At that moment, Sechika twisted her body.

A feeling as if I had been electrocuted spread throughout my body, and at the same time, a strange sound came out of my mouth.

Sechika soon came to her senses and quickly covered her mouth.

“Ji, what did you do now? “Everyone is looking at you…!”

“It’s called mana blood. “I would feel a little more comfortable.”

“what? Uh… now that I think about it…”

Sechika’s eyes widened.

It seemed like my stiff body had definitely relaxed.

Nabirose quipped.

“I’ll show you the exact location, so please point out his mana points from time to time. “Isn’t this a good opportunity because it will help you and you can touch my body secretly?”

“You, you really…!”

Sechika was astonished.

This was my first time seeing a girl like this.

He came to me at random times, gave advice on love affairs, and taught me the art of skinship.

After being silent for a moment, she grabbed both of Nabirose’s hands.

“What a good kid! “Why don’t we be friends?”


“okay. I needed a friend like you. “I’ve never seen anyone suggest such an intuitive yet realistic method!”

Sechika’s voice was filled with genuine emotion.

The sight was so cute that Butterfly Rose burst into laughter again.

Let’s be friends.

If you knew who I was, you would be embarrassed.

When there was no answer, Sechika tilted her head.

“Do you…don’t like it?”

“······no. Let’s do it, buddy.”

“Hurray! If there is someone you like in the magic department, please let me know. “Although most of them are rainy, there are some that look as cute as beans growing in a drought.”

“Please take note.”

Nabirose nodded.

And then I got up.

With his unique keen sense of hearing, he overheard an unusual story.

– So… you can’t see Navardose…?

– It’s terrible… but we can retreat…

The problem was that Navardose was mentioned rather than anything else.

The story was coming from the stern of the ship.

Ranse’s voice was also mixed in the three people’s conversation.

“So…what on earth are these males plotting?”


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