Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 335

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Side Story 18. Morning in Grancia



Schlieffen woke up and raised his upper body.

A spacious and luxurious bedroom caught my eye.

His eyebrows twitched slightly as he looked around.

A faint ray of sunlight was seeping through the curtains.

‘It’s annoying.’

The light was too weak to disturb his sleep, but rather had a charming feel to it, but Schlieffen got up without the slightest hesitation.

He took off his sleeping cap only after he had closed the curtains and made sure the room was completely dark.

‘It’s better now.’

I glanced at the clock and saw it was 5:30 am.

It was the same as always, with no error whatsoever.

Suddenly, a slight pain occurred around my shoulders and knees.


Judging from what I had experienced the day before, it seemed to be muscle pain.

It wasn’t so intrusive that it would interfere with his daily life, so he started his daily routine right away.

The first thing was always to check on the well-being of the family.

Schlieffen, who had straightened out his hair that had become matted all night, looked back at his bed.

“Ehehe…Where are you going, Aria…?”

Iril was sleeping soundly.

The silver-white hair spilling over the pillow was beautiful.

She was smiling brightly as she called her daughter’s name, as if she was having some kind of pleasant dream.

‘It’s beautiful.’

Schlieffen smiled when he saw that.

Ronan’s sister and Star’s daughter.

Even after becoming a mother, the most beautiful woman in the world maintained her beauty no different from when I first met her.

She was wearing the same dark blue nightgown as Schlieffen.

Pajamas made of the highest quality silk were tailored for the entire family.

Because his sleeping habits were so lively, the blanket only covered half of his body.

“You have to cover yourself properly… so you don’t catch a cold.”

Schlieffen properly covered Iril’s protruding limbs.

When I gently stroked her head, she giggled and hugged her daughter under the blanket.

For some reason, I was so calm that it seemed like I was still wandering in dreamland.

‘Should I just go today?’

Schlieffen smoothed his chin.

For him, starting the day meant seeing the sleeping faces of his wife and daughter.

It’s dangerous, but once he sleeps, he won’t wake up because he doesn’t know how to carry him.

After thinking for a while longer, Schlieffen finally lifted the blanket.

Handle it delicately and very, very carefully, as if you were handling precious metals.

It took about a minute to put the blanket away.


Schlieffen’s face hardened.

There was a large pillow placed where my daughter should have been.

The pillow, which had an absurdly similar physique to my daughter’s, had a note attached that said [Hide and Seek!].

He muttered while pressing his index finger between his eyes.

“You got it.”

Because I was so tired from the day before, I didn’t notice it at all.

My daughter, who is five years old this year, was at the peak of her energy.

Schlieffen regained his composure by taking a deep breath and placed his hand on his daughter’s seat.

Judging by the fact that there was still some warmth left, it seemed like it hadn’t been long since I got out of bed.

He handed Iril the pillow and left the room.

When I opened the door, the cool morning air rushed in.

Since the servants had not yet started their work, the mansion was silent.

‘It would be a big deal if I caught a cold.’

Schlieffen sighed.

It’s summer now.

Even jokingly, it wasn’t the weather to catch a cold, but he was seriously hoping to develop a magic that would allow him to carry his daughter in his pocket.

First, I had to do what I could.

He walked to the center of the mansion and spoke in a solemn voice.

“aria. “It’s time to sleep better, so come back.”

Of course, neither my daughter nor I responded.

The game of hide and seek had truly begun.

Since it was like this, I had no choice but to get along.

Schlieffen sighed lightly and took a step forward.

‘It must be a study or a reception room.’

The destination had already been decided.

Judging by this, this event did not just happen once or twice.


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Schlieffen went up to the second floor and opened the door to the study.

Sure enough, a bulging curtain in the distance caught my eye.

“Hmm. “Isn’t it here?”

Schlieffen muttered as if he were reading a Korean language book.

If I corrected him, he felt a little sorry and offered me some kind of entertainment.

It was a clumsy performance, but the effect was clear.

A giggling sound came from under the curtain.


It was clear that Aria was there.

Schlieffen’s feet rose slightly from the ground.

It was an advanced technology that concealed the sound of footsteps through precise use of wind magic.

I wanted to be more involved, but the child’s sleep schedule had to be maintained properly.

It was the moment when Schlieffen glided across the study and lifted the curtain.


Schlieffen’s face hardened.

There was only a pair of cute shoes left where Aria should have been.

What made the curtains fluff up was a weak breeze blowing from inside the shoes.

‘Magic circle?’

The wind was coming from two magic circles carved into the insole.

It seemed like it would have been quite difficult to draw something so small and elaborate.

What a waste of talent on such trivial pranks.

Schlieffen muttered in a voice full of admiration.

“Did the eldest daughter of the Caravel family teach you? “She learned something interesting.”

“Take it!!”

At that time, a loud shout rang out from behind.

Schlieffen lightly twisted his shoulder.


The girl jumped from the bookshelf and plunged her wooden sword into the spot where he was.

“You’ve become quite good at hiding your presence.”

“You’re pretty good at avoiding it! “You scoundrel!”

The girl holding the wooden sword clicked her tongue.

Dark blue hair waved like fire.

His facial features, unusually sharp for a five-year-old, were surprisingly similar to his mother’s.

Aria Siniban de Grancia, the only daughter of Iril and Schlieffen and the heir of the Grancia family, which divides the empire.

She immediately regained her stance and swung the wooden sword again.

“But this would be too much! “Poongpungum!”

“It must be a storm sword. “When did you take out my clothes again?”

Schlieffen sighed.

It seemed like the game changed from hide and seek to sword fighting.

Aria wore her uniform coat around her neck like a cape.

The treasure, bestowed directly by the emperor and made with great care by the empire’s greatest craftsmen, became a moving broom, sweeping the floor.

Actually, it didn’t really matter.

I’m just worried that I might step on it and fall.


Schlieffen stopped the wooden sword with only his index and middle fingers.

Aria gritted her teeth.

“profit! “Let go!”

“It’s time for the child to sleep. Don’t let her dozing off again worry her mother.”


I tried with all my might to pull out the wooden sword, but it wasn’t enough.

It felt like I was stuck in a gap in a huge rock, not my finger.

It was just as Schlieffen reached out his other hand to grab her.

“joy! “I knew I would be caught like this!”

In the end, Aria let go of the wooden sword and ran out of the study.

Perhaps because he used wind magic, his movements were quick.

Of course, he intentionally let him go because the effort was insignificant, but Schlieffen soon regretted showing mercy.

There was a circle of lost shoes left behind.

‘What if I get pricked by a thorn?’

He frowned.

Although the Grancia Mansion was maintained without a speck of dust 24/7, there was always the possibility of what if.

The servants’ embarrassed voices were coming from the hallway.

“Oh, Miss Aria?!”

“You walk around barefoot without any culture! Ouch! “You can’t lift your skirt!”

“If you walk around this early in the morning, your wife and master will be worried! Come here…kwaaaak!”

In addition, crunching footsteps, screams, and Aria’s laughter were heard.

It was a natural result.

Aria was only five years old, but she was a child who inherited the blood of a star daughter and a sword saint.

Even if a knight came forward, there was no way a single servant could catch him.

Eventually Schlieffen came out.

“Everyone, go do your business. “I will catch it.”

“Lord, master!”

The servants’ faces turned pale.

Aria, who had been lost long ago, had already left their hands.

Schlieffen again told them not to pay attention and then widened his eyes.

It was almost time for this to happen, so I had to hurry.

Schlieffen’s gaze, which had been scanning the mansion, stopped at the ceiling.

“You’re quick too.

“When did you go there again?”


“Hehe, you won’t be able to find it here, right?”

Aria giggled.

She was sitting on the roof of the Grancia Mansion and flapping her legs.

The golden, shimmering sun was rising in the east.

Next to her was a wooden sword that was different from before.

It was kept as a spare for times like this.

A thrilling sense of victory was flowing through my body like an electric current.

“I defeated the villain!”

Aria raised her wooden sword and declared victory.

This was my first time up on the roof.

I always tried, but I couldn’t reach it because I was caught by servants, knights, or my father every time.

Of course, but because it is dangerous.

Just then the sun rose over the forest.

The short shadow grew longer.

As she faced the sunrise, she muttered in fascination.

“It’s pretty…”

It was a sight I had never seen before.

The only thing that changed was the perspective, but it seemed like a completely new place.

The refreshing breeze that tangles your hair, the dance of lush trees and neatly blooming summer flowers throughout the garden.

Even the voices of servants desperately looking for him.


Aria, who was in a high mood, smiled brightly.

I thought I could hide here and go back when I got hungry.

I’ll definitely have to bring my mom and Sechika with me later.

She was stretching like a cat waking up from sleep.

“I agree. “It’s definitely not bad here.”


Aria’s heart sank.

The voice suddenly heard from next to me was heavy and profound, as if it were scraping the cauldron of hell.

Aria turned her head and jumped up.

What a big, black tiger.

To be exact, a creature with a tiger’s head and a human body was lying on the roof.

The tiger only slightly raised his head and continued speaking.

“Judging by the color of your hair, you are the daughter of the Sword Saint. nice to meet.”

“You, you, you, who are you?!”

Instead of answering, Aria picked up the wooden sword.

The body that sensed the crisis awakened its potential.


A bluish airflow rose up the wooden sword body.

Jaipa, who saw the scene, shrugged his eyebrows.

“Hoo. already?”

“I asked who it was!”

“Jayfa Tergung. He’s just an old swordsman. “What is your name?”

“Now, Jaifa? “If it’s Jaifa Tergung… hehe!”

It was clearly the name of the Sentai Sword Saint.

Aria, embarrassed, took a step back.

At the same time, my left foot went off the roof and my body lost balance.

She reflexively looked down and sucked in a breath.

“Oh, no!”

Because the mansion was so huge, the ground was completely dark.

Fragments of an unhappy future flashed through my mind.

‘I’m listening to my dad!’

No matter how much I tried to wave my arms, my lost balance could not be restored.

This was the moment when both of Aria’s feet left the roof.


A strong wind blowing from below pushed her back.


Aria, pushed by the wind, fell forward.

At the same time, Jaifa’s tail wrapped around her.

“Tail, tail?”

“Looking at the floor is the basis of inspection. “It seems your father hasn’t taught you yet.”

Jaifa twitched.

Thanks to the fluffy and thick tail, Aria’s nose did not break.

Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out from somewhere not far away.

“That child is not old enough to learn the sword yet.”

Before I knew it, Schlieffen had come up and was standing next to Seiffa.

Aria, who followed the tail, was astonished.

“Oh, Dad?!”

“aria. “I would have told you not to come up here because it was dangerous.”

Schlieffen approached with great strides and stopped in front of Aria.

Then, without saying a word, he adjusted his gaze to eye level and stared at his daughter.

It’s as if you’re trying to find fault with your own face reflected in your eyes.

Aria, who was muttering something, lowered her head.


“Mom will be worried. “Let’s go back before it’s too late.”

The game is over.

Schlieffen held Aria in his arms.

Schlieffen, who was looking at her sullenly, blurted out.

“Next time, let’s come together. “Mom too.”

“huh. sorry.”

Aria nodded.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I was almost dead.

She was sniffling and buried her face in Schlieffen’s chest.

Schlieffen looked back at Seiffa.

“This is the first time since the wedding. “What are you doing here since dawn?”

“I just came here to get some air. “I also look at the faces of my students.”

“Is everything done in the North?”

“so so. “The poop that Barka made must be quite big.”

The two briefly shared each other’s current status.

Things like changes in family, friends, personal circumstances, and circumstances.

Jaipa calmed down the North, which was in chaos, and became the new leader.

Because I had so much work to do, I couldn’t stop by the Empire, and it was my first time seeing Schlieffen in over ten years.

The morning sun was about to fully rise.

“I think the story will be long, so please come in first.”

“done. It’s not that shameless. “I’ll come back later.”

Jaifa stood up.

I don’t know if it was because he was getting older or because he had suffered a lot, but his fur was whiter than before.

“If that’s the case.”

“Kkeuk, you still don’t ask twice. “Do you know that your daughter has developed an Auror?”

“It looks like we finally succeeded. She was vaguely aware of the signs.”

Schlieffen patted his daughter’s back.

He knew long ago that Aria’s talent was equal to or greater than his.

Suddenly, I felt a sense of injustice.

As a father, I couldn’t capture that dramatic moment with my own eyes.

He, who was chewing his lips, asked Jaifa.

“…I guess you didn’t leave any photos or anything?”

“What are you talking about?

“Is it possible for me to have something like that?”

“It’s a shame… What line was it by any chance?”

“At first glance, it seemed similar to you. “You will have to awaken it to find out.”

Schlieffen’s eyebrows rose.

The fact that he and the Auror had similar appearances meant that he had inherited the Storm Sword.

The ability that is said to be the most overwhelming along with all of Nabirose’s abilities.

Before we knew it, Aria was fast asleep in Schlieffen’s arms.

Jaipa asked with interest in his voice.

“Are you planning on leaving it to me? “If I train you from now on, you could possibly become a swordsman who surpasses even Ronan.”

“I will send this child later if he wants. “I will refuse for now.”

“As expected. “I heard that Ronan also had a child, so I guess I’ll try to persuade him.”

In any case, he was a student who could not be found to be cute.

I had had enough fun, it was time to leave.

Jaipa crouched down after deciding on the next destination.

Just as the 4m tall figure was about to be launched into the sky.

“Hey, Sword Saint.”


“You look happy.”

Jaifa chuckled.

It was an expression that had never been seen on him before.

Were Tiger’s red eyes did not contain the sword saint Schlieffen and his successor, but an extremely ordinary father and daughter.


Just like my past self.

“Please continue to cherish your family from now on. “It’s a treasure that can’t be compared to anything like an empire, a family, or a sword that calls a storm.”


This was before Schlieffen could say anything.


Jaifa’s body disappeared into the sky.

A former generation sword master and teacher who taught me the ultimate meaning of the sword.

Schlieffen, watching his trajectory, smiled slightly.

“I think so.”


“Haaaam…good morning.”

Iril woke up and stretched.

The clock showed 7 o’clock as always.

She was just about to get up when she tilted her head.


Schlieffen and Aria were sound asleep.

Normally, both of them would have woken up at this time, but it was an unusual incident.

The sight of the husband sleeping without a hat and Aria completely buried in his arms were extremely lovely.

“Hehe, you must be very tired.”

Iril laughed.

Schlieffen did not wake up even when I patted his head.

For some reason, he had been playing vigorously with his daughter the day before, and it seemed like he was overdoing it.

She got out of bed, being careful not to wake them both.

I guess I should prepare breakfast.

Iril, wearing a shawl over her pajamas, whispered softly.

“Sweet dreams. Two people.”

Iril kissed her husband and daughter and left the room.

The morning sunlight seeping into the lobby of the mansion was particularly warm.

It seemed like something good would happen today.


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