Absolute Necromancer Chapter 99

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Episode 99

There are three types of dragons.

The first is a ‘human form’ like an ordinary human.

This state has the advantage of making it easier to handle weapons such as swords.

Of course, it has the disadvantage of being lacking in defense compared to the second and third, but it is still the basic form.

The second is the ‘dragon form’, which looks like a half-mixture of a human and a


In dragon form, armor-like scales are added, making up for the lack of defense power in human form.

However, because it was so slow, it was lacking compared to the human form in terms of mobility.

And the third and final one.

“… … It’s in dragon form. “This is a bit dangerous.”

Dragon form.

The form that was said to be both the last and the strongest form appeared in front of Shane.

Shane, seeing the dragon form, swallowed dryly for the first time and showed fear.

The appearance when in dragon form was simple.

Huge in size, with scales that are harder and denser than those of a dragon.

Enormous physical and magic resistance, as well as increased casting speed for magic.

Even if there is only one, things that are at the level of fraud can be said to be in good condition.

Well, it’s the same as having no mobility due to its huge size, but it probably doesn’t really matter.

-It doesn’t matter as long as you don’t kill them. I’ll make it with dough.

A large body that can safely be called a small mountain.

The moment when a dragon larger than a giant opens its mouth and destructive energy gathers inside.

The size and mobility close to zero have lost their meaning.

The decisive technique that was closer to the word destruction than anything else and that made the dragon race the strongest race spewed out from Hendrick’s wide

-open mouth.

“… … Breath.”

Ray of destruction.

The light of destruction that destroys everything it touches erupts towards Shane.

Containing the anger that caused him to become the person he hated the most.

* * *

Quad deukThe empty space is torn apart by powerful energy.

The illusion that the air is bursting on its own and the space is distorted.

‘… … This is a dragon. Is this the true power of the dragon race?’

Shane lived in a world that had achieved a high level of scientific civilization and

was called a genius among them, but what she was seeing right before her eyes was

crushing everything she had seen and built up from the front.

‘What nonsense is it that the energy gathered by living things distorts space… … .’

This was impossible even in her world, where a tremendous scientific civilization

had been achieved.

I don’t know if it takes a lot of time and investment, but even that would require a

huge mechanical device to be fixed.

The dragon form, which can be said to be the final form of the dragon race, could

be said to be a giant walking battery.

of course.

“… … “Do you know how to stop it?”

SighShane started thinking and preparing to block such a breath.

Although the breath is called a destruction ray and destroys everything in its path,

it is not invincible.

In particular, Hendrick’s body was relatively small for a dragon.

This means that Hendrick is very young due to the characteristics of the dragon race, who grow larger and stronger as they age.

Well, for that matter, it was the size of a small mountain, but compared to other ancient dragons, it was like a child.

Of course, even Shane, who has not yet penetrated the 300th floor, has a chance of winning.

In fact, the confidence that she could do it was evident in her eyes as she held onto the anti-material sniper rifle again.

“Visor, prepare the explosion barrier.”

-Has confirmed.

Shane immediately ordered his drone, Visor, to prepare a barrier for the upcoming

explosion and pointed his gun at Breath.

The light of destruction approaches at an incredible speed.

At the same time, Shane loaded the strongest and worst bullets he had.

SighAs soon as the bullet was loaded, an eerie sound echoed around the area, and at the same time it was fired.


A gunshot sound like when a railgun bullet is fired.

However, the bullet fired this time was completely different from that of the rail gun.

It looks more like a ‘bottle’ containing something rather than a bullet.

And the bullet contained something in its shape.

“Anti Matter Bullet.”

The bottle containing the bullet is none other than the Anti-Matter Bullet.

It was antimatter.



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Antimatter weighs as much as a single bullet.

Even just 1g was over 5g of a substance that was several times more powerful than

the dozens of Small Nuclear Mines that had just been sprayed combined.

Moreover, since the energy called ‘mana’ was added to it, its destructive power would have been powerful enough to destroy breath.

“Is it the strongest that a living being can attain, or is it the essence of my science

and magic? “It will be fun.”

Shane snapped his fingers as he looked at the anti-matter bullet that had the power to kill him if he made a mistake.


A pure sound fills the forest.

A sound that seems to silence the harsh cries that damage the surrounding area caused by the breath.

But that becomes the trigger and the moment the anti-matter bullet explodes.

Kwahahah Ah- !!!

The forest disappeared along with a huge explosion and shock wave.

* * *

PusssssShane stumbled to his feet in a place where the surroundings were completely filled with dust due to the disappearance of the forest.

“Off… … I’m dying. “What happened to Hendrick?”

Through the visor, I anticipated the impact after the collision between the anti-matter bullet and the breath and hit the barrier, but it was too much to completely block the impact.

Therefore, rather than preventing the impact, we focused on avoiding it as much as possible, and this was the result.

Blah blah blah blah

“… … It’s expensive, but it’s all broken. Well, that’s it. “It’s enough if you win.”

Although the visor’s barrier was completely shattered, Shane smiled charmingly when he saw the large object visible through the dust cloud.

Of course, the large body was Hendrick, who took a direct hit from the explosion.


The biggest reason why he had tremendous physical and magical resistance when in dragon form was that he was lying in tattered rags, and no matter how you look at

it, he was not at a level where he could fight any further.

In particular, because the breathing sound was not consistent, it could be considered the state of half-sounding that Hendrick mentioned.

The moment when Shane looked around and smiled in victory.

“I think you forgot that it’s 2 to 1.”

“… … You just survived the explosion unharmed? how?”

She was startled and put on alert when she heard a familiar voice coming from beyond the dust cloud.

However, since Shane himself was no different from Hendrick, just because he was

coming to his senses, Jinhyuk’s presence was very disturbing.

Of course, there was a part of Shane that he believed in too.

‘No, it was destroyed when the anti-matter bullet and breath collided. If the shock

wave was generated there, there’s no way your face would be fine. If I handle it well, victory is mine.’

The point was that Jinhyeok would not be as sane as Hendrick or himself.

The shock wave that just occurred was at most that of a 60th floor climber.

She thought that it would have been too much for Jinhyeok, who was a magician, to handle.

In fact, it was nearly impossible for an average magician, or even a capable magician, to completely protect themselves from the shock wave just now.

“Strong bullet.”

“… … !!!”


However, those thoughts disappeared as soon as I encountered the bullet of spiritual power fired along with the cool voice that came from beyond the dust cloud.

An attack so powerful and precise that it’s surprising that an attack of this level of

power can be made even after just being hit by a shock wave.

Shane urgently drew his sword and struck a hard bullet.


Shane felt as if he had been hit with a hammer, his insides were being shaken and

black blood was pouring out, and he immediately threw himself away.

‘You have to avoid it. You can only fight if your physical condition improves even

a little. For now, avoid it… … .’

Quick decision.

When she realizes that she cannot handle Jinhyeok in the mess she is now, she throws herself backwards.

A voice came from beyond the dust cloud again.

“You can’t run away. The board laid by Hendrick. Don’t miss it. “Sipji Gangtan (十


Ride it!

The moment Shane saw the same ten bullets that had just been fired, he had a hunch.

‘… … ‘It’s ruined.’

That means he was defeated.

The power contained in each of the ten bullets could not be underestimated, and they accurately occupied his escape route and attack route.

In other words, a situation where you can neither run away nor attack.

Then all that was left was defense, but with her body in its current state, it was nearly impossible to block all ten bullets.



That thought and the sound of Jinhyuk’s checkmate lingered in my head.

At the same time, questions also arose.

‘How on earth could you be okay?’

The explosion just now was not easy enough to leave enough energy to launch an

attack with tremendous power called Tenjigangbang.

Hendrick, a dragon racer, became a rag and fainted, and Shane himself, a climber

close to the 300th floor, was smashed to pieces despite being well-prepared.

However, they couldn’t believe that Jinhyeok, the caster, looked much better and

maintained his energy than they did.

But that question was soon resolved.

WheeooooA cool wind blew from somewhere.

In the place where it disappeared, holding a beautiful cloud of dust in its arms…

… .

“under! “It’s definitely Hendrick’s!”

“That’s right, it was called Hoeryong. maybe. I borrowed some of that. “There is nothing better than this to prevent large-scale attacks.”

Unlike other places that were dented or torn apart, this is the place where Jinhyuk


That place was fine.

This is within the range of the gray dragon drawn by a single sword spinning around on its own.

Shane smiled bitterly because there was no room for Jinhyeok, who fired an attack

called a ten-point bullet at him with his hoeryong sword in the open air.

“I guess it was a bit difficult for two people. No, it’s only natural that he was a monster who copied other people’s techniques to begin with.”

Bub bub bub!

At the same time, a ten-pointed bullet penetrated the rag-like barrier and hit her


Shane, who was hit by a ten-point bullet that had great power, but whose power was greatly reduced at the end to avoid killing him, rolled his eyes and fell to the ground.

She and Hendrick fainted.

In addition, Jinhyeok clicked his tongue as he looked at the forest that was not only destroyed but had completely disappeared.

“Damn it, what should I do about this?”

Jinhyuk had no idea where to start because the poop that the two of them had made was so abundant.

* * *

“… … “Wow, my whole body aches.”

“You’re awake.”

After some time has passed.

Shane, who had fainted, stood up.

Every part of the body suit was damaged, and pain and stiffness came from the damaged area.

Still, Shane, who suppressed it with his superhuman mental strength, looked at Hendrick who was looking at him and shook his head.

“… … Are you already awake before me? After all, it has the resilience of the strongest living creature.”

She clearly suffered a similar level of damage, but she was shocked to learn that the climber on a much lower floor than her was the one who woke up first.

But even for a moment.


Shane tilted his head at the scene that looked like the dark tent he was in.

Her doubts were answered by a voice from next to her.

“It’s a barrier. A barrier separated from the surroundings by smashing all the magic stones recently captured and acquired. “I made it because I couldn’t take you two

back to the city.”

Hearing Jinhyuk’s voice full of irritation, Shane expressed his apologies with a humble expression.

“I got too excited. Still, you’re curious. All of me and all of the dragons on the 60th

floor. “Who will count more?”

“… … To agree.”

“Consent is bullshit. It’s done, pay the price. “I didn’t create a barrier by stealing expensive magic stones for no reason.”

Jinhyuk glared at Hendrick, who agreed with Shane, who said he couldn’t control

his excitement, and then moved on to the main topic with a sigh.

The reason he sparred with Shane and the reason he didn’t abandon her when she


That was because of the promise Shane made before sparring.

“Yes, yes, I was supposed to tell you about the entities that put the bounty on you

and more information than that.”

It was just information.

Although it was information that could not be obtained even if a thousand dollars

were paid, Shane, who was defeated, just played a trick.

“First of all, the person who put a bounty on you… … No, the organization is ‘Guild Association’. “You told me this much earlier, right?”

“It’s a guild union… … Yeah, that’s what I said earlier. “This is my first time hearing it.”

Hendrick tilted his head at the appearance of a name he had never heard before.

Toward Hendrick, who expressed doubts, Shane nodded as if it was obvious and continued his explanation.

“It’s as the name suggests. It is simply a form in which several guilds have come together and formed a union. If you look inside, everyone is an individual. But those

who stick together all have something in common.”

Jinhyeok, who heard the subsequent explanation, immediately gave the correct answer that penetrated the stem.

Guild unions and what they have in common.

Furthermore, considering that there were only a limited number of people who would place a bounty on them, there was only one answer.

“… … “Seongguk.”



The main body of the guilds that Jinhyeok was hitting one by one as he climbed the tower.

What they united was the guild union.

And what binds them, who are close to each individual, is the Holy Kingdom, which can be said to be their superior.

“It’s useful information, I admit. “It was a great help.”

Ten guilds located beyond the 100th floor united under the support of the Holy Kingdom.

Jinhyeok had no choice but to admit it because it was as obvious as fire where the

tips of their spears would end up.

The information Shane mentioned was of great help to them.

“Isn’t this the end?”

“… … “Is there more than this?”

But Shane revealed that this was not the end.

“That’s right. I just said it. There is information about the people who placed the bounty, and information that is more important than that. “What I’m talking about this time is the latter.”

Rather, Jinhyeok immediately responded to her words as if the information she was going to tell now was more real than the information she had just said.

“… … It’s amazing. “Say it quickly, don’t make people wonder.”

“I guess Seongguk wasn’t trustworthy with just the guilds under his command. That’s probably why he hired freelancers.”


While talking about the guild level, you suddenly become a freelancer.

Jinhyeok expressed his bewilderment at the level that was so out of sync.

Guilds and individuals.

The level difference was clear.

It is a natural fact that information about individuals is inferior to information about guilds.

Furthermore, this is especially true if it is information about employment.

However, following Shane’s words, Jinhyuk and Hendrick had no choice but to change their thoughts.

“Two king-level climbers. The Death King and the Death King. I heard they hired two of the biggest kings. “Is this still not enough?”

Jinhyeok let out a sigh as he looked at Shane, who was in pain but was smiling with confidence in the information he had given.

“I admit it. Get on your back. “I got some good information, so I’ll take you to the



It was a sigh that came from not wanting to admit that the subsequent information

was more important than the initial information.

And Shane looked at Jinhyuk, who told him to ride on his back, as if he was going

to do something great for him.

“… … “So you’re saying that if the information wasn’t useful, you would have thrown it away?”

“You state the obvious. “It wasn’t at the level of throwing it away, but I thought killing it wasn’t that bad.”

“… … .”

However, I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut due to the cold, sincere answer that followed.

In the end, Shane nodded, accepting Jinhyuk’s offer.

“Pick me up.”

“why me?”

“… … “Didn’t you just say you’d give me a piggyback ride?”

Of course, the answer I got back was a cold refusal.

Jinhyuk, who can change his stance in an instant, resembles someone from a certain game, but no one present knew about him.

Jinhyuk shrugged and pointed at Hendrick, looking at Shane in confusion.

“The person you should piggyback on is not me, but that guy.”

“… … “Are you saying I should carry you?”

Hendrick, who had just woken up after fainting, asked back with a puzzled look on

his face, but there was no answer.

“… … Haha, get on my back.”

“… … “I’ll take care of you.”

In the end, Hendrick gets down on one knee in front of Shane and positions himself so that it is easy to carry him on his back.

At his sigh, Shane jumped on his back with a puzzled look on his face.

“Okay, now that the luggage is awake, shall we go back?”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Hendrick and Shane, who were instantly reduced to mere burdens, glared at Jinhyuk’s back, but Jinhyuk didn’t even care about their gazes.

‘Guild union and castle. And two royal climbers… … ‘You’ll need some preparation.’

Information from Shane.

That’s because I was busy thinking about countermeasures against them.

Hendrick, unaware of his busy thoughts and cold gaze, took his steps towards the

city on the 60th floor.

Forest located on the border.

No, after passing through the wasteland that used to be a forest, the three returned to the city.

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