Absolute Necromancer Chapter 98

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Episode 98

Patter-patter Railgun bullets.

The bullet, which had been compressed to an enormous size, exploded and vomited out the compressed material.

Jinhyuk opened his mouth while swatting away the hail-like debris that fell from the sky.


The railgun fragments falling like hail were certainly dangerous, but that wasn’t what mattered right now.

The railgun was fired after taking away vision and senses with a flashbang, but Shane was not satisfied with that.

While Hendrick was blocking the railgun’s bullets and Jinhyuk was assisting with Soul Skin, Shane was preparing a second attack.

QuadukAs soon as the ground he stepped on cracked, Jinhyeok grabbed the air as he watched Shane rushing towards him.


[The wise man’s disciple clears his throat and looks sideways.]

[The owner of Mjolnir looks at someone and accuses them of being a schemer.]

[The father of mischief and disaster holds his stomach and chuckles.]

Gungnir was created at the same time as it grabbed the air.

Although there were problems in terms of destructive power and completeness to call it a perfect Gungnir, it was not at a level that could be ignored.

Erasing Odin’s now familiar message, Jinhyeok threw the gungni in his hand towards Shane.

SssssssssssssssssssGungnir flies with the sound of cutting through the air.

Even though Gungnir, which had the power to kill a decent climber with a single blow, was flying towards him, Shane was not scared.

“Visor, unstable shell.”

-Has confirmed.


Rather, he just orders his drone, Visor, to fire a weapon called ‘unstable bomb’, a weapon with a name Jinhyuk has never heard of before.

At Shane’s command, Visor fired an unstable bomb right away without even thinking about it.


The unstable bomb fired from the visor exploded precisely around Gungnir.

Push profit-

“… … what?”

Jinhyeok looked at Gungnir, who was melting as soon as the unstable bomb exploded, with an expression of bewilderment.

It’s not about destroying Gungnir, but keeping the magic in its original state.

In other words, it was the first time I had ever seen a method to return to mana.

If you were to find something similar, maybe Dispel?

However, the unstable bomb that Shane had just fired was clearly different from Dispel.

“The magic crushed the structure. “If it’s done that way, most magic won’t work.”

“Damn, how hard do you have to mold the magic?”

As the name suggests, unstable bombs have the ability to shake the foundation of

magic by crushing and destabilizing the structure of magic.

In order to prevent that, you have to either succeed in attacking before the unstable bullet reaches you, or squeeze the magic so that it does not waver even under the

power of the unstable bullet.

‘None of the two are easy.’

The speed of the unstable bullet was not as fast as the rail gun that had just been fired, but it was still incredibly fast.

And since we don’t know the limits of unstable ammunition, we can’t even figure out how tightly the magic structure should be structured, so the latter is also difficult.

In the end, there was a limit to what Jinhyuk could do.

“Those unstable bombs or whatever are probably not infinite. You won’t be able to

use it for ordinary magic either. “I will assist with appropriate magic.”

“That’s enough.”

Shane assists Hendrick by using magic that prevents him from using unstable bullets.

That was something Jinhyuk could do.

Of course, something else was possible, but considering efficiency, it was correct.

Therefore, Hendrick also nodded and agreed.


As soon as the sword comes out of Hendrick’s scabbard, it quickly swings forward.

A sword strike filled with mighty power.

“Dividing the forest.”

SmoothlyAs the name of the technique suggests, the slashes that tore apart part of the forest used as their sparring ground were also thrown at Shane.

It was a powerful sword strike, but Shane calmly drew his sword and struck the strike.


When the sword struck and the sword collided, the metal sound it made resonated


It was also the moment when a shock wave erupted around Shane and swept around.

It was Hendrick who moved first in the forest, which quickly became a mess.

“Chungryong Island (衝龍閃).”

A swift stab that comes quickly and stabs you.

Shane, who sensed that he could not avoid the stab that came at him like a flash of lightning, bit his lip and raised his sword horizontally to block it.


As stabbing condenses all power into one point, its destructive power is one step higher than cutting.

Even though Shane was a strong climber, he couldn’t block Hendrick’s thrusts with

all his might and still come out unscathed.

“… … Hehe, it’s not a joke, is it?”



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“I want to tell you that the same goes for you who stopped it. “It was a battle that I made with the intention of half-killing myself.”

Shane barely swallowed the black blood that had accumulated to the tip of his chin and let out a groan.

But Hendrick was equally surprised.

‘Except for the thunder dragon, it wasn’t enough to block an attack that could be said to be the fastest, and the weapon was intact, so it’s not like you’re an ordinary climber.’

Thunder Dragon.

In terms of speed and destructive power, this is Hendrick’s best technique.

Although it is one level lower than that, it is the most outstanding single-hit special technique in the category of general techniques rather than special moves.

Nevertheless, Shane blocked it, and her weapon, the weapon that blocked Chungryong Island, was also fine.

Excellent abilities and excellent weapons.

Hendrick’s eyes slowly began to turn into madness as he thought that he was a perfect partner who lacked nothing.

“That’s fun.”

The red energy in the two dark red eyes gradually expanded in power.

Eventually, the moment his eyes turned completely red, a look of madness appeared on Hendrick’s lips.

“Khaha! These days, I was feeling dizzy. You’ve met the right person! Jinhyuk Cha!

“Support properly!”

“… … Crazy guy. I told you not to say my name like that. I can’t help it. “Anyway, I

guess we can finally get rid of the name.”

Hendrick was definitely a good teammate, but he had the disadvantage of not thinking straight when he was crazy about battle.

In the end, didn’t he reveal his name, which was almost a top secret, to Shane?

Still, Jinhyuk wasn’t worried.

‘All I have to do is pay a reasonable price and keep my mouth shut. If you leak information later, you can go to hell.’

A good feeling about the climber named Shane.

Furthermore, even if she revealed herself, there wouldn’t be a big problem.

The name Cha Jinhyuk itself is not common, but that doesn’t mean it’s a very remote name.

of course.

‘If it’s Cha Jin-hyuk, who deals with necromancy and souls, it’s a slightly different

story. I had no intention of hiding my identity for a thousand years anyway. It doesn’t matter as long as the rumor level is reasonable.’

There were some people who would take it differently if the explanation that Jinhyuk dealt with necromancy and souls was added, but it was okay.

Jinhyuk himself had no intention of maintaining the current situation indefinitely,

where he was unable to properly reveal his face and name.

I’m just timing it.

Because I was ready to break the mask over my face and name at any moment.

“… … Should I focus on sparring for now? “I definitely want the information that woman has.”

He is skilled enough to bring out Hendrick’s madness.

Jinhyuk raised his spiritual power by imagining how sweet and attractive the information such a talented person would possess would be.

“Soul Ground.”

The spiritual power thus raised penetrated through Jinhyeok’s feet and into the forest.

In an instant, you have built your own stage where you can apply buffs and debuffs to those who step on it as you wish.

“I’ll clearly show that being a spirit master doesn’t mean you only have summons.”


It doesn’t deviate much from the titles of necromancer, spirit master, or magician.

However, unlike most people who think that drinkers play and eat in the background, they never stay behind.

This is because he has excellent knowledge of assisting to achieve a perfect victory.

And among the many climbers who climbed the tower, Jinhyeok was the one who

reached the top among the necromancers.

“I’ll show you what a real assistant is.”

Naturally, it goes without saying that Jinhyeok’s assistant also reached the peak.

At the same time, changes began in the land imbued with Jinhyeok’s spiritual power.


The spiritual power that erupted from the earth enveloped Shane and Hendrick at

the same time.

However, although the situation was the same, the results were different.

“Ugh, what is this again?”

“Good. It’s not as good as it was in its prime, but it’s neater and more attractive than before.”

Shane sighed and Hendrick felt satisfied.

The reason was simple.

The spiritual power that enveloped Shane and Hendrick was no different from the

soul skin that Jinhyuk had just used.

However, Shane received only negative influences, and Hendrick only received positive influences.

Hendrick rushed towards Shane, who suddenly became heavier, baring his white teeth.

“… … “It’s not that easy either.”

Although Shane was suddenly on the defensive, contrary to the way he had been leading the battle to his advantage just moments ago, she kept a smile on her face.

“Easy battles aren’t fun. not bad.”

What she wanted was not a perfectly pushing battle, but a muddy fight with tossing and turning.

She knew very well that her opponent’s strength only came from fighting in the mud.

That’s why Shane was happy at this moment when it became a full-blown mud fight.

“I’ll break as many pieces as you want, come!”

“I was already thinking of doing that. Pleasure me, bitch!”


The forest shook as the two people, their eyes shining with madness, clashed.

But at least there was no one here who didn’t know that it was the beginning, not the end.

Their battle began now.

* * *

CrumblingThe forest vibrates.

It seemed as if an earthquake had occurred, but no one would have guessed that it

was actually just two people who created such a tremor.

Jinhyeok, who was actually watching the fight between the two, couldn’t help but

hold his tongue.

“Crazy guys. This is why they are combat type guys.”

Actually, he was half a combat type, but Jinhyeok didn’t care about such trivial things.

In the first place, his true nature was a necromancer, not an All Master.

In other words, it was possible because it was placed in the Spirit Master.

But even though he treated them like crazy, Jinhyeok’s hands were busy.

Pretend – my wife – Jajajajak –

Hand seal.

Speaking the starter word is important, but in order to use various magic, nothing

is more important than the beast seal.

As the beast moved like a beam of light, the atmosphere on the battlefield, consisting of only Shane and Hendrick, changed.


Soul Ground.

Pillars made of spiritual power soar all over Jinhyuk’s home ground, which was created by Jinhyuk himself imbuing himself with spiritual power.

ChurrrrrrThe spiritual power wavered like waves and hindered Shane’s movement.

Moreover, Jinhyuk did not stop at attacking or interfering with Shane.


“… … “It’s really annoying.”

Shane’s attack aimed at Hendrick’s weak point was instantly concentrated to block

the attack.

He also focused on neutralizing Shane’s targets.

Shane had to feel the importance of assistance once again as the assistance was close to perfect.

‘It’s definitely true that I’m stronger than a man named Hendrick. I am inferior in technical aspects, but overall I am stronger. But did you say Cha Jin-hyuk? ‘The assistant from the ghost is too annoying.’

Hendrick and himself.

No matter how you compare, you can only see your superiority.

Nevertheless, Shane clicked his tongue at the sight of Jinhyeok’s advantage being ruined and flattened by one assistant.

‘After all, a can is a can. There’s no comparison to a real assistant.’

‘Visor’, the artificial intelligence that contains the essence of high technology, suddenly became a tin can, but compared to Jinhyuk in an auxiliary aspect, it was inevitable that Visor would become a tin can.


“… … “You got caught?”

“… … this.”

But variables always exist.

Hendrick stepped on Shane’s trap, which was spraying something during the battle.

It would have been a mistake that could not have been made under normal circumstances, but the madness awakened by experiencing a proper battle for the first time in a long time and the secretly laid trap worked.

This was especially true because it was scientific and technological hiding, not magical hiding.

“Small Nuclear Mine. “It’s my gift to you.”

“… … Damage, Hendrick!”

Jinhyuk, who may have been from another dimension, but was from Earth, knew very well what Shane’s words meant.

If Hendrick had stepped on that literal object, even Hendrick would not have been


‘Small nuclear bombs and mines. Holy crap. ‘What kind of world is that?’

A nuclear bomb miniaturized to the size of a landmine.

Considering the possibility that it was an anti-personnel mine, it was a technology

that could be said to be truly remote.

But what was important now was not the level of science and technology in Shane’s hometown.

CrackAs he busily makes the hand sign, he snaps his fingers and focuses all of the spiritual power of the Soul Ground on Hendrick.

A defensive posture to fully withstand the explosion that is about to explode.



However, that response was already too late.

A sign of an explosion starting from a stepped mine.

Along with that, Jinhyuk’s soul skin was torn apart.

Of course, it wasn’t torn apart by the explosion.

“I didn’t want to show this… … “You will have to be prepared for the price.”

Change began as soon as Hendrick became so angry that even the madness of battle disappeared.

Quad deukHendrick grows bigger in an instant.

The explosion began with Hendrick’s transformation, growing large enough to cover the forest.


An earth-shattering explosion.

Furthermore, other mines scattered around exploded in succession, sweeping Hendrick away.

As the explosion radius was very narrow, the explosion did not reach Jinhyeok, but the explosion and power were large enough that the power could be guessed from

a distance.

There are dozens of landmines that concentrate the power to blow up a forest on just one person.

Even though it was Hendrick, it wouldn’t be surprising if he turned out to be a rag,

but both Shane and Jinhyeok, who were on the same side as Hendrick, were confident that he would be fine.

“… … This is a polyp. “Is it in dragon form?”

“It’s been a while, seeing you like that too.”

A change that began in Hendrick just before the explosion occurred.

That’s because it was a change that returned to the original form of the ‘dragon race’ category that existed before the existence of Hendrick.

-I made you look the way you hate the most, so accept the reward.

Dragon form.

This is the reason why the Dragon race boasts a noble pride, and the reason why the Dragon race is always chosen first when choosing the strongest race among the

Four Emperors.

It was a moment when Hendrick clearly showed the reason.

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