Absolute Necromancer Chapter 100

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Episode 100

A few days passed.

After learning from Shane that the guilds were planning to target him and that Seongguk was behind them.

Of course, nothing happened.


“Ha, damn it. How many times a day do you come here? “It’s so annoying.”

“It’s actually me and the soul soldiers who catch them.”

“You are mine, so I am moving.”

“… … “You are so confident in your sophistry.”

Bounty hunters appear several times a day.

Well, they were nothing compared to Shane, who came first, but they couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

The only way to stop the guys who were rushing at them at any time was to suppress them with force.

One way was to pay money to send it back, but that was impossible.

‘I’m not an ATM and there’s no need to give money to those guys. And if you look

down on them like that, they will definitely come again.’

There are no laws in the tower.

If you show weakness in a place where strength is the law, it’s no different from telling someone to bite you.

Therefore, Jinhyeok chose to destroy them with force rather than giving them money.

“Why spend money when something like this exists in the first place? “Even if it’s not my money, I don’t have the money to give it to people like that.”

“… … “I do all the work?”

“Well, I’m going to criticize the Spirit Master’s words on the topic of souls.”

In the process, it was Vulcan who worked the hardest.

Since he had the authority to command and summon all souls, his job was to eliminate the bounty hunters who came to Jinhyeok.

Of course, when I complained to Jinhyuk, who doubted whether such a thing as humanity even exists, all I got in return was a clicking of tongues.

Balkan sighed at the now familiar situation and opened his mouth.

“So what are you going to do now? “You can’t stay on the 60th floor forever.”

“… … I know.”

Bounty hunters.

They were clearly weaker than Jinhyuk, and there were even many who were weaker or similar to Ha-Ryu and Mi-Ho.

Nevertheless, Jinhyeok could not look down on them and disparage them.

“If you go to the next floor, they will definitely follow you. If they keep following you while you’re going through the ordeal of the tower, it’ll be a pain in the ass. “I don’t know about Hendrick and I, but Haryu and Miho could be dangerous.”

“So you asked me to tell you a solution to it?”

Because it was dangerous.

One or two bugs are not dangerous, but if there are dozens or hundreds of bugs and they are constantly coming.

Insects with sharp weapons or poisonous stings were even more dangerous.

Hendrick has a strong body as a dragon race, and Jinhyeok has trained in close combat through the sub-job called All Master based on his spiritual power.

No matter how many bugs like that rush at these two people, they can’t do any real damage.

But it wasn’t Ha-Ryu or Mi-Ho.

That’s why Balkan polished Jinhyeok.

About being trapped on the 60th floor for days on end, and how to protect the two

of them from the pests that will chase them after they leave the 60th floor.

“… … “In the end, there is only one answer.”

And Jinhyuk had already made his decision.

The answer you thought of.

The decision to bring it into reality.

“Bounty hunters are driven by money.”

“Yes, but it won’t be easy to give them all the money. In the first place, they won’t

stop coming back if you give them some money. “What on earth are you thinking?”

Balkan also had the same thoughts as Jinhyuk.

He knew full well that just because bounty hunters were driven by money, he couldn’t change the current situation even if he gave them money.

Rather, it was clear that things were going to get even worse.

You will receive money from Jinhyeok, and if you catch him and hand him over, you will also receive a bounty.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Therefore, Jinhyuk planned to touch the most essential part.

“I see the end here.”

“This is where it ends? you… … no way?”


It wouldn’t mean that he would end up with a bounty hunter or something.

To begin with, they are like hyenas.

Because he will always be around Jinhyeok, looking for any openings and trying to

collect the bounty.

In other words, the people Jinhyuk is trying to end are none other than.

“Guild union. “I’m calling them here.”

“… … “Crazy guy.”

It was a guild union.

Hyenas who circle around him, interfere with the tower’s strategy, and even threaten the safety of Haru and Miho.

He said that he was putting an end to the guild alliance that made him bite by putting a dog collar called a bounty on them.

After Jinhyuk finished speaking, he looked at Hendrick, who was leaning diagonally next to the door.



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“Deputy guild leader.”

“… … Only in situations like this is the deputy guild leader. “It’s just a superficial position with no interests whatsoever.”

Deputy guild leader.

What the word meant was simple.

“Convening Yeokcheon. Please contact all other guild members as well as the Gold

Rich deputy guild leader. Yeokcheon destroys the guild union on the 60th floor.”


The ‘guild’ established by Jinhyeok.

This meant that Yeokcheon, which had only made things but never showed itself as a guild, was starting to stir.

And the answer of the deputy guild leader of Yeokcheon who heard those words was no different from the given one.

“The heavenly guild leader says so, so I have to follow it. It’s been annoying lately,

but it’s okay. By nature, there is no end to catching bugs one at a time. “There’s no

reason to refuse if they say they’ll lay down a board so you can sweep it all at once.”

The moment Hendrick’s new model disappeared, smiling and nodding his head.

Jinhyeok stepped on the head of the bounty hunter under his feet with a cold expression on his face.


“ugh… … “Aaaah!”

Jinhyuk, paying no heed to the painful screams, began preparing for the coming great war.

“Then shall we go? “To prepare to meet them.”

“Not bad. After only dealing with guys like this, you become a big name. “It’s been

a while since even the undead got blood between their joints.”

Vulcan also smiled and nodded accordingly.

Yeokcheon and Guild Alliance.

Furthermore, the beginning of what could be called a war between Yeokcheon and

the Holy Kingdom was now taking place.

* * *

100th floor.

The first huge floor that only those who have overcome the first big wall that all climbers face can reach.

The city that existed every 100 floors was no longer a city.


A place with a land mass that is worthy of being called a country.

And although it was the lowest floor among the 100-story units, the 100th floor, also named the 100th floor, also boasted a land mass the size of a country.

Therefore, most guilds that did not exceed the 300th floor established themselves

on the 100th floor.

Because the 200th floor was the territory of ‘Emperor Wu’, there were many difficulties in using it as a guild headquarters.

On the 100th floor, the leaders of 10 guilds gathered in one place.

“Damn, my teeth are still grinding just thinking about the damage caused to the 10th floor branch because of that guy.”

White Swallow’s guild leader, Beck Julio.

He scratched his head and showed his irritation.

10th floor.

This is where the branch of his guild, White Swallow, was located, and where Jinhyeok had information that allowed him to act as a ghost and destroy other guild branches located on the 20th and 30th floors.

Naturally, he wasn’t the only one who was angry.

“Dungshin, it’s not because of you that we suffered. Why do you bring in idiots as

guild members? “The guild is like a guild, because it is a guild member that is a guild member.”

“what? Did this little pig turn around? “Are we going to have a fight?”

“It’s not a pig, it’s a hippopotamus! “Are you not calling me properly?”

Giant Hippo’s guild master Jose Yan was no different.

As the name Giant Hippo suggests, his huge size and flailing flesh gave first-time viewers the impression that he was fat.

The sight of him getting angry with his face contorted was enough to instill fear in

those around him.

This is even more so when you consider that each of them is a climber who has surpassed the 200th floor.

But the fight between the two was short-lived.

“Do both in moderation?”

“To agree. If you’re going to fight each other, fight officially. After everything is over. “Not only that, I will report it to the higher-ups.”

The two people had to let go of their anger at the words of Dyke of ‘Gangster’, who washes a chewy cigar, and Amgeom of ‘Back Door’, who quietly blooms with a fierce life.

“Tch, once this is over, I’ll take that pig’s throat.”

“How could something like a swallow aim for a hippo’s neck? It’s like a lifeless body. So, wouldn’t you like to run a guild with a name like Swallow?”

“This bastard really!”

Of course, the anger did not go away smoothly.

As a result, the two people who became quiet left behind and other people started


“But seeing as we’ve all been summoned together, I guess something has been decided?”

“It certainly is. “I think we’re done leaving things to bounty hunters.”

“under! okay! That’s how it should be! “We can’t just leave the guy who’s destroying our guild branches to a bounty hunter!”

Horun of ‘Shakari’, Hayden of ‘Al Stra’, and Karl Ernoa of ‘Ernoa’ were the main players.

Each person said something different, but what they thought was the same.

The future schedule has been set.

They were sure that was what they had been called for.

“May, please explain.”

In fact, the man in white armor who sat at the head of the meeting asked Guild Master Mei of ‘Paltizan’ for an explanation.

A choice he made because he was the only person other than himself in contact with his superiors and someone he could trust.

“… … Ashur, you always pass on troublesome tasks to me.”

“Because you speak coherently.”

“Ha, I can’t help it. Now, everyone, pay attention. “From now on, I will tell you what has come down from above.”

May sighed as she always asked herself to do something similar every time something similar happened, but nothing changed.

In the end, after quieting the busy conference room, she opened her mouth to explain what she had heard.

“The higher-ups want us all to go to the 60th floor and retrieve the demon’s head.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the quiet conference room became noisy again.

That’s because what she said went too far.

“… … “Is what I heard true?”

“Nonsense! “How many interests are at stake with us? Are you telling us to give them all up and go to a lower floor, like the 60th floor?”

“Tsk, everyone means to move not just us, but the entire guild. Am I right?”

The guild masters immediately gave a rebuttal.

As they were all possessed of formidable skills, their angry rebuttals contained even a slight sense of life and energy.

“Tsk… … .”

Except for Ashur Hum, the head of the ‘Lord of Divine’, who was at the highest position, the most powerful Mei was enough to let out a weak groan.

But even for a moment.


The bright light that erupted from Ashur, who was at the head of the table, washed away the murder and anger directed at Mei.

A bright cluster of light exploded without saying a word.

Everyone froze in front of the divine power of Ashur Hum, the only climber to the

280th floor.

‘f*ck it, it’s done.’

‘Damn, Ashur only uses his divine power when he’s angry, so this is a big problem.’

‘If I disobey what Seongguk says in front of that guy, will this still happen?’

Ashur Hum.

Everyone knew that he was a very promising talent in ‘Seongguk’.

Everyone also knew that he received orders from the two stars, the masters of the

Holy Kingdom, and established a guild to create a foundation for them, and that it

was the ‘Lord of Divine’, the strongest guild under the Holy Kingdom.

Naturally, even if it was a guild under the Seongguk, there was no one who was unconditionally loyal to the Seongguk.

In the first place, it is safe to say that except for Ashur Hum, it is non-existent.

However, despite this, none of the nine guild masters gathered here could disobey

Seongguk’s words.

No, in most cases, I couldn’t even say a word of rejection like I do now.

“now… … Are you going to disobey the words of Seongguk? If you are going to betray their will, leave now. “I will do all the cleaning.”

That was the reason why Ashur Hum raised his eyebrows and expressed anger.

The strongest and the leader of the most powerful guild.

Furthermore, he is a being who received divine power known as a special stat along with the unconditional trust of the Holy Kingdom from the ‘Elyos’.

He was Ashur Hum.

Due to the threats that followed while threatening to survive, no one could even open their mouths, let alone leave this place.

Everyone froze due to the overwhelming force of life.

He glanced at the quiet crowd and lifted his hands, withdrawing his divine power.


“… … However, the higher-ups and the other eight guilds said they would not just let us go.”

“Whoa, okay. We need to provide support. “If we send it alone, our interests will be destroyed by the other hyenas.”

Support from the Holy Kingdom and the remaining eight guilds.

The remaining eight guilds have always been at odds with their subordinate guilds,

but things are different when it comes to their influence.

The rights can be protected according to the rights, and through this work, you will receive a lot of support.

The support from Seongguk alone was enough, but with the added support of others, it was only natural.

However, their happy faces hardened at May’s next words.

“… … “They say additional external personnel will be in charge of us.”

“ha? External personnel?”

“Why are you leaving Ashur behind and using external personnel? Sounds like it makes sense… … “Do it.”

At the end, they were all expressing their dissatisfaction as they watched Ashur Hum.

In fact, Ashur Hum, who usually led them, silently accepted their complaints.

At first, he couldn’t help but feel anger, but after hearing about the external personnel, he had no choice but to admit it.

“… … You will understand when you see it. Both Ashur and I had no choice but to

admit it after hearing this. “You can come in.”

May calls someone in a polite tone.

Even though May had a docile personality, those gathered here were well aware of

how she changed during battle.

Rather, May was even more vicious, perhaps in return for her usual docility.

But does she call someone politely?


‘… … ‘Who on earth did you call?’

Curiosity and fear could not help but arise.

When everyone’s eyes are focused on the door that is the only entrance and exit to

the conference room, swallowing dry saliva.

Jump up!

The tightly closed door opened and two men appeared.

“nice to meet.”

A person wearing a black T-shirt with equipment like a pattern and a plain outerwear was the first to greet them.

“Oguogu, Camille~ Look at how damaged the scales are~ This is why you shouldn’t come to the lower floors~ The air is so bad, right?”

-Whoosh! Hiss!

The man in a suit with long white hair standing next to him seemed not to be interested in them and was only focused on the white snake that resembled his own hair


A calm man and a man who is not interested in themselves.

Just when I thought it was a strange combination, the man who greeted me opened his mouth.

“This is the Demon King Tune. From what I heard from the outside, it seems like there were quite a few complaints, so let’s talk about it now. “We will actively accept


“… … !!!”

Neon King Tune.

It was the moment when the 300th floor climber and the best among the ‘King’ class appeared.

“I guess all complaints have been resolved. “Then we will start the strategy meeting


Tune announced to the eight guild masters who were looking at him with surprised

faces, looking at them with disapproving gaze.

It contains contempt for those who cannot say a single word properly in front of them.

Of course, even after receiving such attention, it was natural that the guild masters

gathered here could not say a word.

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