Absolute Necromancer Chapter 9

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All Master Necromancer Episode 9

– Kieeeek!


-Keruk! Hey!

‘The number of kobolds is increasing.’

Kobolds showed their evil spirits everywhere on Jinhyeok’s path.

From regular kobolds to warrior kobolds and shaman kobolds who use magic.

A variety of kobolds blocked Jinhyeok’s path.

Of course, they couldn’t overcome more than just the obstacle.

“Deal with it.”

As soon as

Jinhyuk’s command was given, the skeletons nodded and moved.

Bye! Sigh!

Kobold warrior skeletons, reborn as undead, were running towards their compatriots not long ago.

He then swung his fist made of hard bone and smashed them to pieces.

There was nothing that could stop them, strengthened by Jinhyeok’s mana.

Not to mention regular kobolds, kobold warriors and kobold shamans were the same.

The kobold shaman’s spell had to go through the humiliation of being canceled by Jinhyeok’s dispel before it was even cast.

A shaman who cannot use magic.

A being as useless as a wizard who couldn’t use magic had his jaw turned and died.

‘The number of kills is rising quickly.’

The place Jinhyeok is currently heading to is near the center of the forest.

Thanks to this, there were too many kobolds.

This was because the birth of the Kobold Lord and the conditions of being the center overlapped.

Proportionally, Jinhyuk’s number of kobold kills also increased exponentially.

This was evident just by looking at the fact that the number of kills, which had been slightly over 10, was now well over 50 as we neared the center.

Nevertheless, it fell short of what Jinhyuk was aiming for.

‘950 left.’

What Jinhyuk is aiming for is the achievement of becoming a kobold slayer.

In order to take it, over 900 kobolds had to be killed.

If there was no Kobold Lord, I would have had to stay on the first floor for quite some time, but not now.

‘Should I at least say thank you to the Kobold Lord?’

Thinking of the kobold lord who would call and attack kobolds on his own, a smile formed on Jinhyeok’s face.

But what was important now was not the achievement. Jinhyuk shook his head to shake off the distracting thoughts and kicked the grass again.

‘We’re almost there now.’

This is where the hidden job you were aiming for, ‘Spirit Master’, is located.

That place was right in front of us.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been here….”

A shabby thatched house.

It was Jinhyeok’s brief impression as he stood in front of the ruined thatched-roof house that could be found anywhere in the forest.

Of course, this thatched house was not built by Jinhyeok in his previous life.



“As expected, the basement is the same.”

The basement was revealed when the floor in front of the thatched house was destroyed.

That was where the hidden job that Jinhyuk had been searching for, Spirit Master, was located.


naturally walked into the basement, scattering stones of unknown shapes around, and gave orders to the skeletons.

“You guys stay here and protect this place.”


as soon as Jinhyeok’s order was given, the dozens of skeletons that had been dealt with on their way here disappeared.

As ordered, he hid around the thatched house.

Satisfied with the presence of skeletons around the thatched hut, Jinhyeok scattered rocks again.


Eventually, after Jinhyeok completely disappeared into the basement, the floor that covered the basement, miraculously, regenerated again.

The rotted floor covering the entrance to the basement appeared as if nothing had happened.

As if he wasn’t going to tell anyone about this place.

‘First of all, what I figured out when I came here was that there was a Kobold Lord around here.’

As he went down the deep basement, Jinhyuk fell into thought.

The basement where Jinhyeok is currently walking is located slightly outside the center of the forest.

Thanks to this, Jinhyeok was able to feel a powerful energy not far from here.

A Kobold Lord appeared, and a powerful energy was felt near the center.

What this means is simple.

This means that the Kobold Lord is coiled not far from the thatched house.

Even though there was a king-level monster right next to him, Jinhyeok was not scared.

‘At best, a kobold. ‘There’s no reason or need to be scared since we’re not orcs or trolls.’

If it had been something like an Orc Lord or Troll Lord, he might have walked away.

Even if you can’t do Oak Road, it’s at least 10 floors.



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In the case of troll lords, they were difficult to find even on the 30th to 40th floors.

But it was not a Kobold Lord.

At most(?), this is a monster you’ll encounter at least once on the 10th floor.

Naturally, for Jinhyeok, who was already a level 10 climber, the Kobold Lord was insufficient to be considered a fearful being.

Of course, it was enough to become a symbol of fear for other first-floor climbers.

Jinhyeok, who was throwing rocks while thinking about various things, had already arrived at his destination.

“Hmm, the dust is flying and it’s full of spider webs… It’s the same as before.”

The acrid smell of dust and white cobwebs were spread throughout the basement.

If an ordinary person had come here, he would have frowned and walked away.

But Jinhyuk was different.

In the first place, for Jinhyuk, an environment like this cannot even be considered dirty.

Blood and corpses.

For someone who has been through battlefields with brains and limbs flying, this is quite comfortable.

Well, Jinhyuk didn’t run all the way here as soon as he started looking for a cozy place.

“There it is.”

A coffin placed in the center of the basement.

If someone had seen him, he would have turned pale and run away to save me, but Jinhyeok was a necromancer in the first place.

As someone who handles corpses, I have touched and handled corpses until they die.

Jinhyuk’s life was too difficult to surprise him with a corpse in the first place.

Jinhyuk walked across the dusty floor with a dull expression and stopped in front of the coffin.

“Valkan, I have come to carry on your legacy.”

An empty basement.

Jinhyuk spoke as if someone was here.

I even called his name, so if someone else saw him, it would have been perfect to hear him call me crazy.



As soon as he finished speaking, the coffin in front of Jinhyeok rattled and the coffin lid was pushed to the side with a screeching sound.

Naturally, a corpse was neatly placed inside the coffin.

No, to be exact, a corpse with only bones left.

Eventually, the skeletal corpse rose from the coffin.

-Are you my successor? It’s been a long time since I saw you again. The last time he was seen was a dozen years ago…

A bizarre situation where a corpse with nothing but bones could move and even speak.

But Jinhyuk looked at him with a calm face without any expression.

Seeing that sight, the skeletal corpse seemed embarrassed and cleared its throat and opened its mouth.

-You are not surprised when you see me….

“There is no reason to be surprised. If you read the journal. Also, is it normal for a necromancer to be surprised by a corpse in the first place?”

-…That is correct. Yes, if you’ve read my journal you’ll know. About me.


I have never read it in my current life, but I have read Jinhyuk in my past life.

‘Was it probably the time when I finished my career as a wizard and was at the height of my popularity as a wizard?’

Jinhyuk did not choose to be a necromancer from the beginning.

However, after learning about Spirit Master, which is a hidden job as well as a higher level job for Necromancer, I immediately changed jobs.

And it was through the ‘journal’ that Jinhyuk learned about the Spirit Master.

‘Spirit Master Balkan’s Journal.’

The skeletal corpse in front of you right now is none other than Spirit Master Balkan.

In other words, he was a former manager on the 10th floor or higher.

However, at that time, I had to go to the first floor and then go back to the 10th floor without changing my job to Necromancer.

‘Tsk, I still get shivers when I think about spending a month at the graveside.’

A graveside with no one around.

Ghosts, zombies, etc.

By enduring against various monsters, I was finally able to change jobs to a necromancer.

Well, now I have changed jobs starting from the first floor based on my memories and abilities from my previous life.

-Oooh! I guess it’s better than the cheap guy from 11 years ago!


Of course, Jinhyeok’s thoughts came to an end after Balkan’s words.

It must feel good to say that you are not a cheap person in front of yourself.

‘…First of all, from a job change.’

However, since Jinhyeok had a clear before and after, he endured it for once.

All I had to do was relieve my anger towards the Balkans after changing my job.

“I want to change jobs.”

-Hmm, I’m sorry, but first, I’ll change my job to a necromancer. Spirit Master is a high-ranking job for Necromancers. Of course, your qualifications as a necromancer come first.

“I’m already a necromancer.”


When Jinhyuk calmly said that he was already a necromancer, Balkan looked at Jinhyeok with a glowing natural expression.

And I couldn’t help but be surprised.

-…What an incredible quality. The ability itself is so insignificant that a rookie who couldn’t even climb the 10th floor is already a necromancer? Could it be that you changed jobs without a previous officer?

“Is there a problem?”

-no! It can’t be! Hahaha! good! I can’t believe he’s more capable than that cheap guy! Finally, I can bring back the honor of Balkan once again!

“…I have to change jobs quickly because it’s hard to resist.”

-Yes, the thought of accepting the enormous power of Spirit Master is bound to be unbearable!

Without knowing that it would be difficult to resist teasing myself, I quickly began preparing for a job change in Balkan.

Jinhyeok fell into thought as he watched Vulcan diligently preparing for his job change.

‘Preparations are over. Now that I’ve finished my job change, I’ll catch him.’

Jinhyuk’s thoughts were simple.

Spirit Master Vulcan.

It was to catch him and manipulate him.

‘I failed in my last life, but I won’t miss this time.’

In fact, the spirit master’s soul is very valuable.

Now, Jinhyeok, who will become the Spirit Master, can command him directly, or even if he preys on him, he will be able to obtain useful abilities and information.

With that in mind, I tried to capture(?) him in my last life, but Balkan, who was quick to notice, did not show up when Jinhyuk found him again.

As a former spirit master, it is impossible to find him as he has completely hidden his presence as a spirit.

In the end, Jinhyuk had no choice but to give up on catching him.

And the second chance came again.

If I fail this time too, there will be no more opportunities.

The soul transmission has disappeared, and Vulcan, who was attacked by him, will disappear again.

‘You will work for me forever. Balkan. May you know with glory.’

The honor that Balkan longed for.

That would be achieved by Jinhyuk’s side.

As Jinhyeok’s new soul, Vulcan.

With that in mind, Jinhyeok was checking his plan for the last time.

-Preparations are complete! My successor! Then, let’s start changing jobs right away!

Jinhyuk smiled for the first time as he looked at Balkan, who was laughing despite the fact that only his bones remained.

‘Once your job change is over, you’re mine. Balkan.’

Vulcan is like a teacher who guided him to become a Spirit Master.

At the thought of manipulating him with his own limbs, Jinhyeok felt his body heat up for the first time in a long time.

At the same time, my career as a Spirit Master began.

With eyes shining with desire towards the Balkans.

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