Absolute Necromancer Chapter 10

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All Master Necromancer Episode 10

Spirit Master.

This profession was created by a climber who climbed a tower a long time ago.

His name is Balkan.

It was the name of the person who helped Jinhyuk change jobs and asked him to bring his honor to the top.

Vulkan, who was an excellent necromancer, used to think about it all the time.

-Just using corpses isn’t enough. Stronger and more threatening guys!

Necromancer is definitely a powerful job.

Alone yet corps, corps yet alone.

The benefits of this are attractive enough.

You can go into places that only one person can enter, but you can move around with others, and the same goes for when you need more people.

Since he shows the ability to be different from others, it is natural that he will grow in a different way.

These privileges swelled even further for the exceptionally talented Balkan, and he was able to rise to quite a high level.

Nevertheless, he always felt lacking and thirsty.

As he felt the shortcomings of being a necromancer, one day he realized one thing.

-Yes, just acting physically is not enough. Let’s deal with the souls of people and monsters. Then I can become stronger!


Necromancers deal with corpses whose souls have been drained.

It is natural that a corpse without intelligence cannot use the abilities it had when it was alive.

However, it is different with the soul.

-A corpse is just a shell that contains the soul. In other words, if I can only control the soul, I am the strongest!

Numerous climbers climbing the tower.

For the Balkans, their corpses could have been great tools and weapons.

However, the corpses, which were shells with the soul missing, were nothing more than slightly strong bodies.

Of course, among them, undead with intelligence, such as lichs, were created, but this was only possible by keeping the soul in the corpse.

For the same example, there was a being like Death Knight.

But when you deal directly with the soul, that need disappears.

It is of a higher level than a corpse, can use its abilities while alive, and is easy to store and use.

From then on, Balkan focused on manipulating souls, and the top necromancer eventually achieved results.

‘That’s the Spirit Master. The job I’m planning to change into. It’s my second job change with the same job. My arms are also really nice.’

That is how the profession of Spirit Master was born.

By a climber who was struggling to become stronger.

Well, that climber has now become an NPC-like entity waiting for the next successor, with only his soul remaining.

-Preparations are over. Heir.

While I was thinking about Spirit Master, Vulcan’s preparations were finished.

Jinhyuk, standing in front of Balkan after receiving his call, naturally closed his eyes.

-I will start changing jobs from now on.

The small talk we had when we first met disappeared and a heavy voice filled the basement.

And then a terrifying energy began to seep out from Balkan.

An immense power that cannot be considered as having lost all strength, with only the soul remaining.

Even though Jinhyuk felt it, he didn’t even move a muscle.

I had already felt it once in my previous life, and I had felt a power stronger and greater than that.

‘At best, a soul. That’s surprising considering most of the souls have lost their strength, but compared to climbers, it’s low.’

100th floor.

It was that much power.

Jinhyuk’s current level of strength is enough to crush him with just one finger, but even if he goes beyond the 100th floor, his strength is just average.

In addition, I can use that power because I am in the process of changing jobs, but I cannot even use it in normal times.

Because Jinhyeok knew that fact well, he accepted all of that power without a single worry.

A long, long time passed like a beam of light, and the moment Jinhyuk opened his eyes after an hour that felt like a few seconds.

[Hidden Job: Do you want to change jobs to Spirit Master?]

[When changing jobs, lower-level necromancers will disappear.]

“I am changing jobs.”

As he immediately responded to the message window that he didn’t even need to think about, even the remaining energy was sucked into Jinhyuk’s whole body.

Soon, all the energy disappeared and Jinhyuk took a deep breath as he looked around, returning to an ordinary basement.


A heavy breath rose from the lungs and was exhaled.

Jinhyuk smiled as he spit it out.

“Thank you, Balkan.”

-Hahaha! This is the Spirit Master that Vulkan took a long time to create! Climb the tower with it and spread my fame to the entire tower!

This is also something I have already heard once.

At that time, Jinhyuk was frowning and throwing away the taffy, but now he was just smiling.

The reason was simple.

“hate. “If you want to gain honor and fame, do it yourself, Balkan.”

-…What did you say just now?

“I told you to do it yourself.”

This is because Jinhyuk had no intention of following his words.

I didn’t have time to worry about the honor or reputation of the Balkans, whether in my past life or my current life.

So Jinhyeok’s answer is natural.



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Balkan couldn’t help but feel anger at this obvious thing.

-Inoooooom! Aren’t the promises different? You must be… you must be… Huh?

Balkan, who was trembling with anger and talking about his promise, realized something strange and his face turned pale.

Jinhyeok smiled, looking at the strange and strange sight of his face turning pale, with only his soul remaining.

“Nothing? “I never said I would obey him.”

-…What a fraudster!

“Thank you for the compliment. But I mean what I just said. The habit of putting off your work to others is a bad habit. “I will correct that habit for free, Balkan.”

Muttering that,

Jinhyuk slowly walked towards Vulcan, who was floating on top of the coffin.

Vulcan hesitated due to some unknown sense of intimidation and pressure.


-I am Vulcan! How dare you get caught by someone like you! Goodbye, you stupid successor!

The current state of the Balkans is soul.

Living beings cannot even be touched by ordinary means.

Although the Spirit Master was no ordinary being, he was also prepared.

Wasn’t the first Spirit Master Balkan in the first place?

Balkan avoided Jinhyeok, who was reaching out towards him, with brilliant physical ingenuity, and flew towards the wall.

The soul can pass through walls without any problem, and the same goes for the soul Vulcan.

Therefore, Balkan raised his middle finger towards Jinhyeok, who was looking at him with a blunt expression.

-In your world, this is an insult! This is what my last successor taught me. Bye… Ugh!


He used what Jinhyuk in his past life had taught him to Jinhyuk in his current life and tried to escape into the wall, but he hit his head on the wall and fell backwards.

-…does not make sense! Why am I blocked by a wall!

An ordinary stone wall.

It’s a stone wall that hasn’t even been treated with magic at all.

Of course, it would not be possible to stop the coming and going of souls, but since their movement was blocked, it was natural for Balkan to be embarrassed.

“So did you end up running away? Balkan?”

The important thing now is not to be surprised, which lifted Balkan’s spirit.

While you were running away, didn’t you get hit by a wall and roll backwards?

In other words, he voluntarily arrived in front of Jinhyeok.

Balkan shouted as he looked at Jinhyuk, who was smiling at him lying on the floor.

-What on earth did you do?! That wall is just an ordinary stone wall! But how could I move…

“It’s just an ordinary stone wall… Why don’t you look at it again?”


Hearing Jinhyuk’s words filled with laughter, Balkan raised his head and looked at the wall, despairing.

-…This is crazy! Was he a wizard?!

“…Well, I tend to do something similar as a job.”

All Masters.

A profession that can handle the abilities of most existing professions, not just wizards.

Jinhyuk didn’t intend to tell me that right now, so he just gave a vague answer and shrugged his shoulders.

Despite Jinhyeok’s shameless appearance, Balkan could not believe the reality.

-Not only did he change his job from the first floor to a necromancer, he also has a sub-job? Are you sure you were a climber on the first floor?!

Jinhyeok was clearly a climber on the first floor.

It’s the energy I felt from the first time I saw it, so there’s no way I can go wrong.

So, when I saw that he had changed jobs to become a necromancer, I felt that he was a natural necromancer.

But this time a wizard?

Changing an ordinary stone wall into a magically treated stone is impossible even with a reasonable amount of ability.

In other words, it means that Jinhyeok even possesses magical abilities that have reached a certain level.

-What on earth did you do?

With his head raised in curiosity, Balkan had no choice but to ask Jinhyuk how to do it.

You can become a wizard.

However, turning such an ordinary stone wall into a magic wall is impossible for a first-floor climber.

Necromancers are also somewhat similar to wizards, but their ways are different.

Still, Vulcan’s eyes were shining brightly as he asked the question, as if he resembled a wizard’s unique curiosity.

“Okay, I’ll tell you. “I used a magic stone.”

-hearthstone? ah! no way…?

“Yes, on the way back, I scattered magic stones everywhere, starting from the basement stairs. And the moment you tried to run away, I used the magic stone to turn this place into a space where the magical treatment was completed. “It’s a magic stone like a kobold, so it won’t last long… but I’ll be able to catch you before then.”


It was absurd.

At best, a kobold.

It was strange that he was cornered by such low-level monster magic stones.

Jinhyeok smiled and opened his mouth to Vulkan, who was dejected after hearing all the circumstances.

“I failed in my last life, but this time I succeed in having you. Balkan.”

-…Last life? No way… no way, you guy…!!!

“A long time. Balkan, how does it feel to be the first successor to the second successor?”


“The cheers are so loud.”

When Jinhyeok heard Vulcan’s loud, almost deafening cry, he waved his hand and said.

“Collecting souls.”

The most basic skill of a Spirit Master.

Soul collection was used towards the soul of the original Spirit Master Balkan.

-I will never give in to you. never!

“Okay, let’s see how long you can maintain that mindset. And why should I even think about your fame and fame? I’m too busy with my work to do. “It’s been bothersome since last time.”

Shurururuk –

With the final cry of the young Balkan, full of anger, Balkan was sucked into Jinhyeok’s chest.


After successfully collecting the Vulcan, Jinhyuk snapped his fingers to disarm the magic wall.

No matter how many kobolds’ magic stones are used, Jinhyeok is the one who uses them.

Of course, a huge amount of mana is drained every second.

There was nothing we could do because the consumption was so fast that even Jinhyeok, who had mana retardation, could not handle it.

Of course, there were some that were canceled because they had already served their purpose. After completing

the crack-

tap release, Jinhyuk tapped the chest where the vulcan had been sucked in.

“If you stay by my side, you will be able to achieve everything you want, so be patient, Balkan. I guess my work is done. Voyeurs will be curious, so let’s just head out.”

The basement is ordinary, but in terms of system, it is a room where former officers are located.

It is one of the few places where the eyes of gods and demons do not reach.

Thinking of the gods and demons who would be waiting for him to come out, Jinhyuk began to climb the stairs of the basement.

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take it easy.”

Very leisurely. Very slowly.

He climbed the stairs so slowly that only ashes were left behind as those waiting for him were so anxious.

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