Absolute Necromancer Chapter 8

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All Master Necromancer Episode 8

“F*ck it, get out of there! “Get out of here!”

Inside the dark forest.

There, a cry similar to someone’s scream was echoing.

– Hehe!


-Kek! Kehehe!

The voice coming from behind someone made me guess that they were not people.

Eventually, three green monsters appeared.

It was a kobold.

“…Why did it become like this? “It was definitely perfect!”

Those who have just started the tutorial.

A number of them gathered together and formed a party.

This is a situation where it is quite possible to catch a kobold.

But things didn’t go the way they wanted.

“Why on earth is a warrior-level kobold here?”

Even outside the tower, the stories inside the tower are circulating to some extent.

If you pass the 10th floor, you can return to Earth, and those who gave up return to Earth and compile books based on their experiences.

Of course, there is no such important information.

In the first place, a person skilled enough to possess such information would not even come down from the 10th floor.

However, after reading the information in their book, he realized that the kobold chasing him was slightly different.

Kobold warrior.

Unlike regular kobolds, this is a monster that knows how to hold a weapon and engage in proper ‘battle’.

Naturally, it wasn’t a monster that could be found on the first floor.

‘Shit shit shit! ‘How did I get here!’

In order to pass the tutorial, I bought sturdy protective gear and a shield to protect important areas, and even spent a lot of money to buy a couple of potions.

Thanks to this, I easily passed the tutorial, then chose the sword room and exited the tutorial just yesterday.

Until then, he was full of dreams.

The dream is to hunt, become stronger, climb the tower, and become a strong man.

But in reality, it was like being chased by a kobold warrior, so it was bound to be miserable.

Even though he was miserable, he ran and ran.

Because I saw what happened to my colleagues who had already stopped before me.

“Village… I have to go to the village.”

Korol Village is both a starting point and a safe zone.

Unless there are special circumstances, monsters cannot enter the safe zone.

The moment he thought he could survive if he just got there.

Wedge! Phew!


A rusty dagger flew through the air and pierced his leg.

The pain of the blade tearing the skin, cutting into the muscle, and touching the bone.

It was unbearable pain for him, who passed the tutorial without being hit by a single arrow.

Three kobold warriors approached him, giggling, as he rolled around on the floor and complained of pain.

– Hehe!



The sight of them, like hunters who had successfully hunted, brought tears to the man’s eyes.

‘Is this how you die?’


This is because he felt that something that was fair to all things was approaching him.

As he thought, the kobolds tried to completely suffocate the prey they caught.


“First of all, three.”

– Kehehe?

Wood clatter!

At that moment, the man in the black hood who landed behind them instantly snapped the neck of a kobold warrior.

In an instant, he turned 180 degrees and his head turned like an owl.

However, the difference between an owl and a kobold warrior is that a kobold warrior cannot survive if his head is turned 180 degrees.

Soon the kobold warrior fell to the floor.


One of the kobold warriors, indignant at the fact that his comrade had been harmed, rushed at the hooded man with a club in hand.



natural steps like flowing water.

After ducking slightly to avoid the club flying towards him, the hooded man swung his weapon.




The weapon that surprised even the man who was shedding tears of pain was a staff.



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A staff used by wizards.

What I don’t understand is that most wizards have low stats like strength and agility.

It’s still the same even now on the first floor.

It made no sense to treat kobold warriors, who were not often seen on the first floor, as if they were children’s play.

But the sight before my eyes showed that it was true.

The kobold warrior, whose jaw had been crushed by the wooden staff wielded by the hooded man, was lying on the ground and writhing.

A situation in which it is difficult to move properly due to pain.

Now there was only one left.


“Let’s finish.”

The last remaining kobold warrior seemed to sense his own end, and crossed his arms in an X shape in preparation for the upcoming attack.

It was to give up one’s arms and run away.

Because the swing of the staff he saw was a sufficiently threatening attack.

And then the man in the hood opened his mouth towards him.

“Magic Arrow.”



When the person who had been engaging in hand-to-hand combat just moments ago suddenly used magic, the kobold warrior was unable to properly prepare for it.


The magic arrow that flew first pierced his weak guard and landed squarely in his chest.

With the sound of bones breaking, foam formed around the kobold warrior’s mouth, and he soon passed away.

This was because the broken bone pierced major organs, including the lungs and heart.

“Thank you… for saving my life…” After

all the kobold warriors died, he, who luckily survived, fell to the ground and expressed his gratitude.

But looking at him like that, the man in the hood frowned and waved his hand.

“Go away, I have work to do here.”

“yes yes! “I’m going out!”

Hurry up!

Hearing the cool words of the hooded man, the man hurriedly ran towards the village, forgetting the dagger stuck in his leg.

The hooded man, who was watching the climber running toward the village, soon approached the fallen kobold warrior.

What he was going to do from now on was something that others should not see, so he made sure that no one was around.

The moment he confirmed that no one was there, the hooded man’s hand reached out to the body of the kobold warrior.


It was the moment when the first characteristic of the hooded man, Jinhyeok: Predation, appeared in the tower once again.

“…Whew, it’s been a while since I felt this way.”

Although it was only a month or two, Jinhyuk felt like it had been a long time since he had used predation.

New memories filling my head.

The memory of seeing it not through my own eyes but through the eyes of the kobold warriors I had just killed was quite new.

In addition, the small amount of stamina and mana consumed while fighting them was also recovered, which was a bonus.

This was the reason why he was able to display almost invincible status.

Whenever corpses appear on the battlefield, eat them and recover health and mana.

Even excluding the ability to read a corpse’s memories, it was an attractive trait.

And after reading all of the kobold warrior’s memories, Jinhyeok frowned.

“I wondered why there were warrior-class kobolds, and then a Lord appeared.”


This word, meaning monarch, meant the king of a race.

When a king-level being of one race appears, monsters that do not fit the level appear and a monster wave occurs.

The safe zone is no longer a safe zone.

It was a story that would have horrified other climbers if they had heard it.

Not just kobolds, but warrior-level and higher beings invade the village.

This means that those who do not meet the clear conditions may be swept away and face death.

Naturally, this did not apply to Jinhyuk.

[1st floor]

Korol Village is a village of slash-and-burn farmers hidden at the foot of a mountain.

They had a problem: kobolds that invaded the village from time to time.

Clear Condition: Kill Kobold (12/10)

This is because the condition has already been achieved with the three Kobold Warriors just killed.

No, the conditions were met, but Jinhyeok had no intention of moving up immediately.

The reason was simple.

‘If it’s a monster wave, it would be good to achieve the Slayer achievement.’


An easy(?) achievement that can only be obtained by killing a huge number of monsters, over 1,000.

A monster wave can be said to be a very desirable situation for Jinhyuk, with monsters rushing in to kill him on their own.

There were times when Jinhyuk threw it away and went straight to the second floor.

Anyway, Jinhyeok, who received information about the Kobold Lord and the monster wave, got up and left.

“There are two left.”

Of the three, one was eaten through predation.

And all that remained were the corpses of two animals.

All of my stamina and mana had already been recovered, and there was no need to absorb any memories.

Since all I would have were memories, predating wasn’t a good choice.

That’s why Jinhyuk chose….

“Wake up.”

Coo! Knock knock!

It was a job change.

To be precise, the skill was used through movements remembered by the soul based on past memories, but that was it.

Because the result was the same.

[Achievement achieved!]

[Those who changed jobs alone are not many even if they go through the entire tower.]

[I have realized the power of necromancer. Would you like to change jobs to Necromancer?]

The name Necromancer was engraved on Jinhyeok’s main job, who even had the rare hidden job called All Master as a sub-job.

[The pinnacle of all evil, of course! He shouts and slaps his knee.]

[The devil who deals with death likes it.]

[One god shows his displeasure.]

[One god is disgusted.]

With that, the reactions of the devil and the gods were divided.

Most demons were delighted, and the gods were disgusted.

The reason was simple.

The basis of necromancy is reviving a corpse.

The gods hated breaking the law the most, and the devils loved it the most.

Of course, there were gods who were not like that and devils who were not like that.

[The owner of the Underworld is happy.]

[The Queen of Hell is displeased.]

For example, Hades, the Olympian god of death, was happy, and Asgardian Hella was displeased.

God and the devil are also living beings, and their interests were none of Jinhyeok’s business.

Because being a necromancer was just a path Jinhyuk took.

While reading the messages from the gods and demons, Jinhyeok took a step forward while looking at the two kobold warriors, or rather, the skeletons, who had come back to life.

“I guess I’ll have to pick up the pace from now on.”

Now that we know that the Kobold Lord has appeared, battle is inevitable.

That’s why I had to get a hidden job before that.

‘Spirit Master. I couldn’t get a necromancer in my previous life, so I got it a long time later, but not now.’

Based on his memories and abilities from his previous life, Jinhyeok achieved the job of becoming a necromancer on his own.

Normally, he would have had to spend years at the graveside and deal with corpses, but he achieved it very easily.

But Jinhyuk was not very happy.

Just as no one is happy about taking things for granted, it was natural for Jinhyuk to become a necromancer.

‘It’s enough to be happy after you get the Spirit Master.’

Spirit Master.

A hidden job hidden on the first floor.

Jinhyuk thought that it was enough to burst out toasts and congratulatory guns after obtaining them.

With that thought, Jinhyeok began to run through the forest with the two skeletons that followed him.

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