Absolute Necromancer Chapter 89

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All Master Necromancer Episode 89,

Floor 60.

Jinhyeok and his group were taking a sweet rest there, with less than half way to the 100th floor.

It’s as if I’m taking a break from all the things I haven’t been able to do for months.

“How many days have you had off already?”

“It’s three days.”

“okay? “Then I guess I’ll have to get ready to leave again soon.”

3 days.

After several months of long-distance racing, Jinhyuk sprinted hundreds of meters twice and only rested for three days.

And there was no one who denied it.

“Are you going to the auction house?”

“Well, a promise is a promise.”

After waking up on the 51st floor.

After sparring with Hendrick, Jinhyuk arrived on the 60th floor and washed his body in clean water.

After showering and bathing, he fell asleep for the day.

Months of climbing the tower, fighting against demon ships, absorbing demon energy, sparring with Hendrick, etc.

The main reason was that as a result of complex factors intertwined, fatigue accumulated that even Jinhyuk, who could be considered a superman, could not bear.

‘Still, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had three days off. I think this is the first time you’ve really rested without doing any training or anything like that.’

It may only be three days, but for Jinhyuk, who was always running, three days of resting and doing nothing was quite a big deal.

Of course, today was the last day of such rest.

“Let’s wake up, we need to get ready to go to the auction house.”

“Are we going to the black market?”

“Because there’s no place that sells things as authentically as there.”

“…Well, there’s no need to say anything since it’s a place that’s existed for hundreds of years. Okay, tell him to get ready.”

“thank you.”


who had asked Vulcan to inform the others of the end of the break, got up from the soft bed and started stretching.

Even after playing and eating for several days, Jinhyeok’s physical condition was close to optimal.

The feeling of all the muscles and the appearance of the muscles being split apart made it safe to say that he was a professional bodybuilder.

However, no one knew that the fundamental reason for all of this was not exercise, but various energies inherent in his body.

‘When I used Il-won and turned into a demon, I thought my body was completely destroyed, but after resting for a while, I was definitely fine. In fact, it seems like the recovery is faster than before.’

Even though he had such a body, he could not withstand the aftereffects of using [Characteristic: Ilwon] and the new [Body: Demonization].

The pain that felt like my whole body was being shattered was an added bonus.

Still, the recovery itself was quick, so he didn’t pay much attention to it, but Jinhyeok gave up the idea of using the power of ‘one won (一元)’ carelessly.

‘If necessary, I can use it as much as I want… but usually, I should only use it to briefly use unified energy. ‘If I overuse it, even ten bodies would not be enough.’

Obviously, the newly acquired strength was powerful and useful, but there was a high risk of damaging the body.

If the battle with Hendrick had not been a sparring battle and a battle for each other’s lives, I would have been rendered incapable of fighting and my throat would have been slit by climber 1 who was passing by.

‘…It’s a little creepy when you think about it that way.’

He is killed by a being that he would normally have easily subdued with a single finger.

There is nothing more shameful and horrifying than that.

Still, Jinhyeok, who had figured out a certain level of power through this battle, smiled with satisfaction.

‘At least it will be useful against strong enemies.’

Powerful beings like the Nine Stars and the Four Emperors.

It would be strange for me not to be satisfied since I had gained the ability to not easily lose even if I met them.

Of course, if I were to meet them right now, it would be a blood clot, but if I could buy just a little more time.

Climbers from the 500th to the 600th floor, if at least above the 300th floor.

Maybe it would be a good idea to have a one-on-one meeting with one of the Nine Stars.

With that thought in mind, Jinhyuk got up from his seat.

“…Let’s go to the auction house.”

Jinhyeok, who got up from his seat and erased the Nine Stars, the Four Emperors, and even the strength and body he had gained this time, began preparing to leave.

Auction house.

To be precise, prepare to go to an offline auction house called the black market.

“Brother, here.”

“Everyone came out first. But what about Hendrick and Hong Gil-dong?”

After getting ready, Jinhyuk came outside and could see Ha-ryu and Mi-ho waiting for him.

But two people are invisible.

Questions about Hendrick and Hong Gil-dong raised their heads.

Of course, they both had good reasons.

“Mr. Hendrick went to train, and Mr. Hong Gil-dong returned to Yuldo-guk.”

“…okay? Well, it can’t be helped. What’s the point of calling someone for something that isn’t even climbing the top? Above all, Hong Gil-dong hasn’t even officially joined the guild yet.”

“Yes. But you said that if something happens, it will appear like the wind?”

“…Sounds like him.”

As Hong Gil-dong came like the wind and disappeared like the wind, even the words he left behind were words he would have said, so Jinhyeok burst out laughing.

“It’s still a pity. “We spent a few days together, but he left without saying anything to me.”

“…It’s surprising that you say that.”

“…I have affection too, right? “I just… I got burned once, so I’m just being careful.”

Ha-Ryu smiled slightly at Jin-Hyuk, who was pouting his lips, and patted his shoulder.

“I understand. “It’s fortunate that even after going through something like that, you don’t completely distrust people.”



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…I did distrust you?

At the beginning of his reincarnation, Jinhyeok did not particularly trust people and was in a position of rejecting them.

However, as I climbed the tower and gained some access to the secrets of death, I realized that it was impossible to do it alone, so I chose people as carefully as possible.

From the beginning, it was not much different from the beginning of reincarnation, except for the people he had personally selected and put into the enclosure.

‘Hong Gil-dong was like that when I first met him. ‘I categorized it into whether I needed it or not, and then checked whether he was someone who could join my purpose.’

In particular, Hong Gil-dong, who was now saddened by his sudden departure, was one of these people who was extremely wary when they first met a few days ago.

Because he had great power and had his own pace, it was difficult to treat him as a colleague.

However, as he caught Yo-seon and Ma-seon together, they got to know each other to some extent, and as Hong Gil-dong became convinced that he could go with him, the treatment only changed.

“…Well, since everyone has come, shall we go?”

Take a moment to think about those who left and never came back.

After organizing his thoughts, Jinhyuk prepared to leave for the black market.

“yes! “It feels like I’m back to the old days after a long time.”

Ha-Ryu was also smiling at the thought of being able to be alone with Jin-Hyuk for the first time in a long time.

The cool, Raksha-like expression shown when entering battle was the same as that of a girl of her age.

Of course, contrary to what she said, it wasn’t completely the same as before.

“I have one too.”

“I see. “Miho wasn’t there on the first floor.”

“…As time passes, children are born.”

Jinhyuk nodded as he looked at Miho, who was raising her hand to express her confidence.

As she said, Miho was not there when she first met Ha-Ryu on the first floor.

But Ha-ryu muttered something ambiguous and rationalized it.

It is natural to have children.

Jinhyuk tilted his head at those words, but all that came back was a cough.

“greatness! Let’s go quickly. I’m really looking forward to what you’ll buy me today. “You can look forward to it, right?”

“me too! “I’m looking forward to it too, oppa!”

Ha-Ryu clears her throat but doesn’t hide her anticipation, and Mi-Ho jumps up and down while saying “oppa,” which she’s now used to.

It’s a rabbit, not a fox.

Jinhyeok looked at the two people and nodded as if it was natural.

“I have received a lot of gold and cards from Gold Rich Company, so don’t worry. “Because you can buy whatever you want.”

A lot of cash and even credit cards.

Jinhyuk, who was fully prepared, confidently headed towards the black market where the black market was being held.

Ha-ryu was wrapped around one of Jin-hyeok’s arms, and between the two as they headed towards the black market, Mi-ho looked around the city, her eyes sparkling.

Balkan looked at the happy family of three from a distance.

“I’m feeling a little edgy now. Looks good. Well, it looks nice.”

Balkan, who was nodding his head and intoxicated by the togetherness of the three, soon melted and disappeared.

It was to quietly chase after the three people.

It was his own consideration to not break the peace and harmony of the three people.

Jinhyeok, who received unwanted consideration from Balkan, arrived at the black market with Ha-ryu and Miho.

“…Is this a black market? I think there are a lot of interesting things. “There are a lot of things I’m seeing for the first time.”

Black market.

Seeing the scenery there for the first time, Haru also looked around with a surprised face like Miho.

“…There’s a lot to eat. What is that? “Can I go see that?”

“Okay, there’s still some time left until the Black Market opens anyway, so we can go and have a look. “Let’s go, go.”

Naturally, there was no way Miho could be fine when Ha-Ryu was like that.

Jinhyuk nodded at Miho’s request, her purple eyes sparkling as she looked around.

‘You can only enter the Black Market after a certain time, and you must have an invitation to enter, so there is no need to worry about running out of seats. I’ve been staying at the hotel for a few days, so I guess this kind of time will be fine.’

I feel sorry for the two people who went through all the hardships on the 51st floor without a proper place to wash because of me.

And since he had been resting and staying in the hotel ever since he got up to the 60th floor, Jinhyuk himself did not think going out was a bad thing.

“…it’s good!”

“Oh my, it’s really delicious. “Brother, please try it too.”

“You guys eat a lot. “I have no thoughts.”

A smile appeared on Jinhyeok’s face without realizing it as he watched the two people having fun buying snacks and skewers sold at various food stalls scattered throughout the black market.

‘Is this a refresh? ‘Not bad.’

Several months spent obsessed with battle, revenge, training, etc.

It wasn’t a bad time, but the time I was spending with the two of them wasn’t that bad either.

Rather, I could say it was okay.

“Didn’t I tell you? Rest is important.”

“…It looks like that.”

Jinhyeok nodded in agreement rather than shaking his head at the grunting of Vulcan, who had suddenly come up next to him.

This is because the words of the Balkans, who valued rest, did not seem to be entirely wrong.

But that break is short-lived.

Jinhyuk called the two people who were scattered.

“Time is up. “It’s time to go in.”

“it’s a shame.”

“Iknow, right.”

This was because the entry time there had already passed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re late by a few minutes, but if you’re late by more than that, you could be banned from entering, so even though it was disappointing, there was nothing we could do.

“You can stop by again later.”



“I think a proper rest would be quite helpful for my future plans, so I’ll give it some serious consideration.”

In the end, the two people, who managed to shake off their regrets when Jinhyuk said that he would make time for this in the future, approached Jinhyuk.

“Then shall we go?”


“Yes, of course.”

Ha-ryu gently wraps her arms around Jin-hyuk and Miho holds Ha-ryu’s hand.

So three people.

The four people headed to the Balkans towards the Black Market, where an offline auction would soon be held.

The last of this break.

For shopping at the black market.

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